Soaking It In

We?ve been here in Tokyo a couple of days and the biggest thing when you get here is just trying to get back on schedule with the time.

Our first day here, we really didn?t have much planned other than just coming to the field. I walked around the Tokyo Dome yesterday, and checked out what it was like outside the stadium.

I had some sushi for lunch and came here to the park to have a workout. Last night was that Welcome banquet and basically I crashed hard at 9:30 because I was just tired.

Today, I just went and saw a little shrine right by the hotel. I took some pictures, there was a thing there to make a wish. I did that, and the last thing was, we went to where the government building was here, took a picture there and just went back to the hotel and then headed over here for our game today.

I feel pretty good now. The big thing is to try to stay up as late as possible tonight. That could be tough. I?ll make sure just to stay up as late as I can because we have to get ready to play those night games, starting on Sunday. That?s my focus now, is trying to stay up. I?ll just go around and check out Japan and look at stuff tonight, see some of the sights of Japan I haven?t seen yet, do a little shopping or whatever. Hopefully I?ll get some cool things.

On the flight over here, I made sure to only sleep for about two hours. I just took a little nap. Once we got here, I slept about four and a half hours. I took a little Ambien and got four and a half hours. I woke up and I was wide awake.

Some of my early thoughts from being here is that it?s very densely populated and very interesting. I heard there?s 14 million people that live here. The streets are very narrow, there are no big SUVs. The vans and stuff are even smaller. The trucks are small. But it?s definitely a city that has order and it?s cool to see.

It?s very americanized. There?s English everywhere, like the names of restaurants and stuff, so it?s pretty cool.

I went around with Hideki Okajima?s interpreter Jeff Yamaguchi this morning. We were just hanging out today. We had breakfast, and he was just like, Let?s take a quick walk?, so that was cool. It gave us something to do before we came over here. As we go on, I?ll probably just do some stuff and make sure I bring back presents for people.

I?ve heard that Japanese style baseball is very different, and we?ll see that in these exhibition games. But being a first baseman kind of stinks because I heard they bunt a lot so I have to move around a lot more than usual. There?s no Jason Giambi out here, where I?d have to play all the way back. But it should be fun, it should be interesting to see. It will be fun just to watch them as players. You never know, they?re could be a player over here that might come over to America and play at some point. It will be cool to see that.  It should be interesting.

Tokyo Dome reminds me of the Metrodome. It?s like being in Minnesota except for we?re not walking up all the steps to get on to the field like we do there, which is good. The dugout is interesting. There?s two rows. It will be very interesting because a lot of us guys, we like to stand up and look around. But we?re pretty good at adapting to our environment. I think we?ll be alright.

Of course, everyone is excited to see Dice-K and Okajima back here, but we?re treat
ed like celebrities here also.

I think once everyone on the team gets back on their schedules, this is going to be great, and a little easier. But we?re having fun. We?re enjoying it.

We?re going to make the most of it. As long as you have an open mind, it?s a lot easier out here. But if you come in negatively, you?re not going to have fun. I?m positive, I?m having fun. I?m excited just to be here and play and I?m going to make the most of my time here.



    Oh, man…every time I see that picture I feel tired.
    Listening to your game back in Boston on the radio. It’s great fun here; hope it is there, too.


    It is really cool to read about your time in Tokyo. Thanks for taking the time to write about it for us.


    If you have some time and you need a break from the crowds, there’s a great little garden just around the corner from Tokyo Dome.

    The name of the park is Koishikawa Korakuen (don’t confuse it for the Korakuen amusement park that is also near the dome), and if the weather works in your favor the huge weeping cherry tree that is right near the entrance will be in bloom (there’ll be lots of shutterbugs there, but it should empty out if you go a bit further into the park). I think the park is open from 10 to 4, and admission is around 400 yen.

    Koishikawa Korakuen was designed by a Chinese landscaper in the 17th century. Although it’s only a few acres in size, the trails are designed in such a way that it feels quite spacious. As you go walk the trails you’ll see a variety of landscaped scenes from famous places in China and Japan. It’s also a great place to eat if you pick up a boxed lunch (bento) and a bottle of green tea on your way to the park.

    Enjoy your time in Tokyo!


    Wow, it’s so interesting to read about the culture through your eyes, thanks so much for sharing!


    The sleep issue is gonna be a pain.. I already planned mine out to be awake for the first 2 games, EST. And picked up awesome seats for the first Yankee game on the 11th, great way to start the season.


    Brother…you sound so tired. I’m so glad your blogging again, but I feel like you’re rambling!! GET SOME SLEEP!!!

    Regardless, have a great time and enjoy it (but get some sleep)!


    glad ur having fun youk, that is all that matters. please tell the team HAPPY EASTER!!!!! wish i could be there, but way too expensive for me!! i have been to metrodome before youk, the stadium looks alot like it, as i see on the pics on the internet. takecare, GO SOX!!!!!


    Sounds like your having a great time. I appriciate you writing blogs for us fans. Hope you all have a nice Easter. I will be seeing you guys when you come down to play the Devil Rays in April. Can’t wait.


    have fun over there, make sure the sushi is prepared right, wouldn’t want anyone to get food poisioning you know!


    I know the time is different but why are you trying to stay up late when it is night time their?


    You gotta let us know how you’re gonna handle the time change especially when you get back. I go to Japan once a year and always get hit hard after I get home. Your trainers probably have ways to beat it huh?


    awwww,,,how loving is hockey

    ”’please” tell the team happy,,,he wishes he could be there,,,someone find him a boyfriend,,or girlfriend,,

    youk,,,how was the sushi?..r u gonna try that ‘deadly’ fish thats all the rave,,and live to tell about it,,they say its expensive,,,any readers here try it?..let me know


    It’s awesome that your over here. I’m stationed over here until july and will be going to both games against Oakland. While your here you need to check out Shinjuku or Roppongi area there are some nice Irish pubs


    Dear Kevin and the TEAM…
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you embark on this adventure…have fun and enjoy the views and people in Japan…this is such a wonderful opportunity for you all…We are all (including Emma and her parents) moving to Wyoming, OHIO (near Cincinnati) on April 14th…I’ll miss you all and hope to see you when you come to play the players in Cincinnati — BUT, I’ll be very happy to live in a small town, again. God Bless you… Love to you all, Mom (Lois)

    (Formerly Team “Mom” to the Boston Red Sox — 12th year — 2007)


    We got 7 inches of snow yesterday in Fargo, but I’m staying warm thinking of my Mother’s Day weekend tickets to see you guys at the Metrodome! Take care and make us proud. Red Sox Nation goes global!!


    i think that it is awesome that you take time out of your schedule to write about your time in japan. Good luck to you and the team and i am looking forward to seeing you back in action at fenway.

    Go Sox


    For all those saying Happy Easter: Isn’t Youk Jewish? If I’m correct in that, then Happy belated (I think) Passover. Otherwise, Happy belated Easter. Cheers!


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