Window shopping

It was a rainy Monday here in Tokyo, but I still did a little shopping before our workout. I went to Shinjuku. It was kind of similar to Ginza, where I went shopping yesterday.

To tell you the truth, a lot of the shopping around here looks the same to me. It seems like they have a lot of the same stores around the city. There’s a lot of American stores. There’s a lot of American stuff around here. But it was cool to walk around and see more stuff. There was a Ralph Lauren, and everything like that.

I did buy some Japanese souvenirs as gifts for people back home. I only bought Japanese stuff that you can’t buy back in the States. I got stuff for my family members.

Tonight, we’ll go out and eat some sushi and just check out some more sights with some of the guys. It’s our last night of eating dinner here and just being able to hang out.


We’ll just get ready for the game tomorrow. We’ll go to sleep, probably around midnight and get ready to do the daily grind of the 2008 season -? same routine.

I’m looking forward to the sushi. It’s very good here, it’s very fresh and really good. It comes right off the docks here. It’s great sushi. You’ve got to get as much as you can because you can’t find this kind of sushi in the States.

Just watching the Japanese people interact, they are very respectful when they speak to each other. When they speak to their elders, they bow a lot to them. That’s something that is sometimes lost in America but is a ritual here.

I also learned from Jeff Yamaguchi -? Oki’s translator -? about the 45-degree bow. That’s the most respect. I’ve gotten a lot of those. It seems like you get them all the time here. Jeff is older than me, so he says, “Give me the 45.” I don’t understand it all, but that’s what he said. The lower the bow, the more the respect.

We get back into game mode on Tuesday. I treat every game with a similar mindset. We’ll go out there knowing it’s a regular-season game and we have to win and it counts on our record. We have to come out, be focused, not worry and just play our game. If we play our game fundamentally sound, we’ll give ourselves the best chance to win every day. That’s all we’ve got to do. Play the way we usually do.

The exhibition games were good here because it got us used to the time change and got us acclimated. We’re used to having a crazy schedule. We get in late a lot of the time and it’s rough during the regular season. We’re very good at overcoming all obstacles. This is a little bit of an obstacle, but we’ll go out and play hard and not worry about the obstacles. We’ll worry about just playing a ballgame out of the 162.

OF course, the big story out here is going to be Dice-K pitching the opener in front of the Japanese fans. That will be wild and exciting. The fans here in Tokyo will be really excited to see him pitch and hopefully he can control his emotions. He’ll probably have his adrenaline going. If he can do that, he’ll be fine I think.

As far as the time change, I feel like I’m on Tokyo time right now. It’s kind of tough when you play in the Dome though because the sun doesn’t come in. It gets you a little off. But I think I’m acclimated. It’s getting back that they said is tough, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the swing soon after we get to Los Angeles. But I feel good now.



    glad u got to eat great sushi there. that is really great how the people in japan are very nice to each other, people in the STATES should learn from japan on that!!!! yes DICE-K is going to get the loudest ovation on opening night!!!!! youk, does the DOME up at all do u see when the nice weather comes, so they can be playing in the sun, like some domes in the STATES!!!! that is great that ur feeling good, takecare, GO SOX!!!!!!! also, wish the STATES streets would be clean like japan, as u know many streets in STATES are filthy!!!!!


    Man thats gotta be awesome to walk around Tokyo like that. it seems like such an interesting place. I’ve always wanted to go over to Japan. I can’t wait for the season to start. I’m over here in Tampa, FL and I’ll be up at 6:00am tomorrow to watch you guys take the field…I actually told my boss I’d be late for work Tuesday and Wednesday for “personal reasons” haha. Let’s go Sox!


    I lived in Japan when I was younger for a few years, and I absolutely loved it. Hope you guys are all having a great time there. We’re getting up early over here to support you guys, so I expect to see a good game! 😉 I know you can take the A’s down. Good luck!



    I’m here with 200+ other Red Sox Nation fans on the Red Sox Destination voyage and I ditto what Kevin has expressed. The dome is very cool, especially when you see our Sox on the field. Exhibition was great, but even more fun was being able to watch their practice today and experiencing how different (yet very cool) a Japanese venue is.

    During the exhibition game there is a cheering crowd in center field with the equivalent of a college marching band feeling (mostly drum beating and chants) — even straight through a player’s at bat — a local young fan with a Red Sox jersey yet clearly a local fan (~10 years) behind our seats was singing in unison to all their chants.

    Hopefully someone has a video to post as it was really very different from Fenway/US games.

    What’s clear is we have an amazing contingent of Red Sox Nation members in Tokyo — and tomorrow night is going to rock when our fellow Japanese bred players take the field along with all the other team members.

    GO SOX!



    Hey man good luck tuesday on the opener. It sounds like there are allot of Redsox fans over there in Japan. I even read about this bar that oki visited and the name of the bar was fenway park. We are having a big breakfast and watching the game tom morning… Breakfast and Baseball. Lets start this title defense off with a win.


    I just want to say GO REDSOX!!!!! and I’m very proud of the team of the way you all stuck up for the coaches.


    Go YOUK!!! Good luck in the 08′ season and Repeat-Feat! We’ll be up at 6 a.m. to watch you guys although the Beer and Hotdogs will probably taste a little strange that early in the morning.


    Bravo Youkkkkk,

    Hope you have a great game, and that you will bring home a lot of souvenirs and great emotions…love your game and your simple hugh human heart. Be safe,




    “YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUK!”… I think the Japanese equivalent is “BONZAI-KEVIN-SAN!” I’ll be one of the loyal New England fans up too early and late getting to work while I watch you guys play the season opener (I’m not too worried the boss will be off watching the game as well). Good luck man! GO SOX!!!!!


    hi wendy how ru doing? glad u r having a great time!!! can u please find out for me if the dome opens up, says in the paper today, the club told the players on their offday to walkin the sun, because yesterday during game BIG PAPI fell asleep during the atbat, doctor says redsox need the sunlight, so i think the red sox stayed out alot today to get the sun. thank u wendy, have fun, takecare, joe GO SOX!!!!!!


    i want everyone to please note that in japan, the count is STRIKE/ BALL/ NOT BALL/ STRIKE, so if count in states is 3 balls and 2 strikes, it would be 2 strikes, 3 balls in japan, just wanted to let everyone know watching the game on tuesday and wednesday from japan, GO SOX!!!!!!!!!


    I’m retired now, and have purchased “MLB Extra Innings” so that we can see every game possible. My Dad, Art Camp, pitched for the Red Sox in the 30’s so I’ve been a Fan forever. You are my favorite player and feel that you are destined to be one of the greatest Red Sox player’s. I’ll be following you vicariously and wishing you and the Sox the best injury free year …


    hi pwiner, i heard on espn the other day on tv if the yankees get off to a slow start this year, they will sign BARRY BONDS? pwiner what do u think of that, would u want barry bonds on the yankees or not, please let me know your opinion, takecare


    I just got back from Tokyo last weekend to get married and the jet lag is pretty tough coming back to the US. I’m worried about you guys coming back so soon and having to play, but at least you’re gonna be on the West coast and can ease back into US time. My father (from Boston) will be there with my family cheering you guys on so good luck! If you have time check out Shibuya in Tokyo and go to this crazy store called “Don Quote.” Enjoy your stay and see you on the tube tomorrow morning!


    Hey, Youk–loads of good luck to you and the boys in today/tomorrow/tonight/whatever’s game!!

    Have a blast and hit some pitches!



    I’m sorry that you did not find a good shopping area in Tokyo. If you have another chance…try Asakusa. You will find great traditional Japanese stuff–like you would expect from Samurai movies. Oedo-Tokyo Museum near Ryogoku has a nice museum shop that has a similar items and it will be one-stop shopping. Get there in A.M., then you can also visit near by Sumo stables, too. When you take a cab to get to these places, it will take forever–see if Jeff and you can sneak out via Subway or JR.

    Have a safe trip!


    CONGRATS on your opening day “W”
    Manny had a being manny moment.but wins the game with 2

    doubles oy yeah thanx mr.brown for that hot dog play in the 10th. only 161 more to go. good luck JON LESTER on your start tomorrow glad to see your healthy god bless bring on the yankees


    Hey, great game only 161 games untill the SOX have a perfect season.

    For those of you that missed the game… ESPN2 …(in San Diego NCnty that’s ch28) will be reruning the game at 2pm. Eastern Time Zone.

    Kevin was giving his all on every play.

    Hey Kevin, what is with the home plate umpire, he look’d biased or inept to me!?!



    I just could see a resume of the game, because I’m at work but great job Kevin, thanks…




    First, thanks for keeping up your blog!
    What a great ballgame and win for the Sox. I wondered how the first base line for foul balls would work out just as you went for one and banged your elbow going after it. Seems the team is comfortable playing and I’m glad other than the visible “OUCH” you made, your Okay!

    Key West had an early morning Red Sox Nation party at a local bar/restaurant with free breakfast and cocktails to start out our season as fans. Radio stations covered it and new RSN members were recruited.

    Oh, and as far as sushi goes, we have some of the BEST down here, I know you love Key West, let’s go fishing and have some on the boat!

    Have a great season, GO SOX!!

    The Southernmost Fans


    Hey Yoooouuuuukkk Great blog with interesting insights!
    Wish I could have travelled to Japan from the U.K. I (like many other overseas RSN members) had the consolation of the excellent MLB.TV coverage (started at 11:00 a.m. over here).

    Manny, Moss and Oki were awesome and that catch by Jacoby – phew!

    And hey Hockey 443 – I think the Yanks and Big Barry are a match made in heaven! Without Torre at the helm the evil ones will be no threat this season.

    By the way, can anybody tell me how the lovely city of Worcester is these days? I lived there for 1 year in the late 70’s (I went to Worcester East Middle School).



    did u see that awful goalie fight, patrick roy retired great hockey goalie, his son also a goalie beat up this other goalie senseless and stuck up his middle finger and only got a 7 game suspension, he has no class like his father!!!! suspension should be longer!!!!!!!!!


    I LOVE THE RED SOX!!!!!!! woohoo what a great opening game, a bit stressful but the sox are great at pulling it together!!! way to go youk and the whole team!


    hi carl.taylor how ru doing. i agree with u . i think barry bonds will be with yankees by june, i think, takecare, wasn’t that a awesome catch by ellsbury, power outage in my area so had to watch game on mlb gameday, pitch by pitch, tv now back on so when i get home from work, i can see game on tv wednesday moring, GO SOX!!!!!!!


    sorry, i didnot know that patrick roy is the coach of his son team and he told his son, to go down to the other end of the rink to fight the goalie on other team, espn says his son will have sanctions against him, that is great!!! he deserves that!!!!


    that’s a bummer that on your day off it rained…it was a miserable rain too! it’s too bad that you guys only have a short time here because there’s a lot of beautiful country outside of Tokyo as well. Oh, and if you get the chance, eat okonomiaki…it’s a pretty cool experience 🙂

  27. soxlodging

    youk you played great tonight! manny was amazing.
    i am so glad they removed the ortiz jersey from the new yankee stadium. i don’t know if you all are superstitious but maybe papi’s slump was connected to that jersey being stuck in the concrete? now that its out of there. papi’s free!

    the astrology lady


    Man thats got to be fun though! i used to live in yokota air base when i was younger, i know the feeling, i just wanted to let you know that i have been a huge fan since i was knee high, i used to live in maine and remember going to all the portland seadog games and going to fenway all the time, ever since i’ve joined the military it has been amazingly hard to keep up with ya’ll. i was in afghanistan when you guys broke the curse, and in germany in ’07. i just want you guys to know i miss fenway and the real Bosox nation. i live in alaska know and hope i can see you guys owning the season some what, good luck!