Gaining momentum

The way this offense is clicking right now, it’s been an unbelievable experience. Guys are swinging the bats well and taking pitches and not swinging at bad pitches. That’s the biggest thing right now, is guys are going up there and being patient, but also being aggressive and putting together great at-bats. That’s the key right now is going out there and going pitch to pitch and not trying to do too much.

I think what we did against Cleveland really carried over and not having a lot of days off really helped. We got back in the swing of things tonight and we have to keep playing because this is a tough team across the way. The score tonight doesn’t say it all. This team is going to play a lot tougher the next couple of games and we’ve got to take advantage of our opportunities. We can’t look at the score. We just have to keep playing inning to inning and try to win each inning.


Dustin and I are both hitting at the top of the order and we’re just trying to get on base for the big guys behind us. We know if David and Manny are swinging the bat well — if we get on base, it just adds to the depth of our lineup and our team. When David and Manny are swinging the bat, this is hands down one of the best teams in baseball.

Even when we were up 13-1 tonight, the guys in the lineup were still grinding out at-bats and doing the best we could. We have guys that grind it out and keep at it and that’s how you score 13 runs.

What can you say about Josh? There were a couple of balls hit hard but he worked out of jams. He keeps doing it. Hopefully he doesn’t have to pitch again, but if we do see him again, we’ll be excited.

He’s throwing the ball so well and he has confidence and when Josh has all the confidence in the world out there, that’s when he’s at his best. He’s definitely been at his best and we want to keep him going at that rate. When he’s on, he’s the toughest pitcher in baseball.

The Rockies, I don’t think, looked that rusty. They swung the bats well. I think we just scored a bunch of runs and had timely hitting.

Game 2 is huge. We want to get a 2-0 lead. If we can get a 2-0 lead, maybe we’ll keep them  off guard. We don’t want to get them used to winning again because they can get hot quick and that’s not what we want.



    We love you Youk! You were awesome tonight. Wow what a game! You are hot hot hot so dont lose the momentum and keep the team fired up. I am on such a victory high right now I dont think I will be able to sleep tonight. I told my oldest daughter it was a tough decision…wathcing her under 18 soccer game or watching the Sox – thank goodness for TVO. Gotta love Lil mans homerun off the first pitch. Its a good sign that the Rockies had to go so deep in their bull pen. I love Kurt and I’m sure he will do great tomorrow. He is my age so I always say he make the 40 crowd proud! Cant wait for game 2 – would like a repeat of tonights game. If you could make that happen I would be much appreciative. Good luck to you and the rest of the team. GO SOX!


    YOOOUUUUUUUK!!! What a game yet again tonight. I completely agree with your statements about being patient and sitting on pitches. One thing I noticed from games 2-4 of the ALCS is that too many of the Sox hitters were biting at early offerings from Westbrook and Byrd. That not only gave Cleveland pitchers an edge by getting ahead in the count, but they also had lower pitch counts. Today was an offensive clinic…only swinging at pitches in the zone and waiting for good pitches to do productive things with. I think there were three bases loaded walks which pretty much backs up my statement about patience and smart hitting. You all adjusted to Montague’s wide strikezone and rocked the Colorado pitchers. Keep it up and as long as the Sox continue to hit like tonight then there is no realistic chance for the Rockies to climb back in…especially if our pitching stays consitent. Keep it up Youk and I’m ready for another championship. LET’S GO RED SOX!


    Congrats on the game tonight, it definately looked like you guys were having some fun out there regardless of the score, and it’s really nice to see.


    WHAT A GAME! Even with the early lead, I was the edge of my seat the whole game! I don’t know what you guys are eating for breakfast, but keep it up! I love seeing you guys at the top of your games.

    I’ve been a Red Sox fan my whole life, and my late father was a fan long before I was born. I feel, like most Red Sox fans; that we’re a part of the team – in some way. Though I don’t swing a bat or wear a glove (and honestly, can’t even afford to sit at a game), I’m an important part of the team. The “Red Sox Nation” isn’t just a sports club for me. It’s a big part of my idenity.

    So, thank you and the whole team for giving me a gr8 game, being such positive role models, playing (working) at your best, interacting so well together and lifting my spirits! We love our team!

    So, keep it up, all of it. And GO RED SOX!! Stomp over the Rockies.


    Do you think Ortiz will be at 1B in Colorado?

    Great Game last nite!

    Tim in Portland, Maine.


    Brother – SUCH a good game! I had to stay up and watch it all (and trust me that was hard, lots of pain meds for some surgery I had earlier in the day)…but it was worth it.

    That’s the thing, you guys make baseball fun. You bring back the game that it is. None of this “HGH”, “Steroids”, etc…you guys play baseball to play a sport you love…and we love you for it!

    Good luck tonight and don’t forget the Royal Rooters are behind you cheering all the way!


    Great game ? thanks for making it so worth getting up at 4am my time in Kuwait to watch the Red Sox live. It must have been an amazing feeling to have Yaz throw out the first pitch and have other Impossible Dream team members at the ballpark last night.

    When you?re hot, Youk, the team is hot. You are so focused on everything you do out there. It?s such fun youuuking for you along with the rest of the Nation. Thank you and the rest of the team for making this such a great season and a joy to watch. Good luck in the rest of the Series.




    Way to ride the retrograde energy! You all have such humility. Keep it up its the right way to be. You all were amazing last night and now the biggest decision for me is what kind of red sox jersey to get….beckett, youkilis, or ramirez? i might have to get all three!….. bright blessings,


    Yooouuuk!! Beautiful outing last night, you boys are clicking on all cylinders, keep it up. You and “RoY” look dialed in, sweet to have the plate setters for the Big Boys getting it done. Thanks also for the timely entries to give us fans a look into the mind of a baseball player, I thoroughly enjoy your thoughts on the fate of the team. I too write about every game so I understand the commitment it requires for you to continue this, especially considering the other more important requirements of your time. So a big thank you for taking a break from your busy schedule to share the magic with us. Love ya Kev, as well as all the other guys, go get ’em tonight. Let’s head out west with a couple of W’s on the board, what do ya say??!! Had you guys pegged as Champs at the start of the year, prove me right!! GO SOX!!!!



    Is it possible to get a customized jersey that says “Mrs Youk” on the back??? 🙂 Great game last night!


    Historic. Amazing. Dominating. Beautiful. Those are all words that can sum up last night’s game for Sox fans. Thank you all for going out there and playing hard, all the way through the ninth inning. That’s why it’s such a joy to watch you boys play – no matter what the score looks like, all of you always play like there’s no tomorrow. Three more wins to go – Let’s keep the bats going tonight for Curt!

    GO SOX!


    Youk, not that I’m ungrateful or anything, but could you guys not be so freakin over powering and ridiculously hot so tonight’s game will be at least somewhat exciting?


    Great Job guys!
    Keep up the great work and hopefully tonight will be well too with Shills on the mound!! Make me proud Youk!!


    Get game two and you guys are in like flint. Don’t take this team for granted and don’t let them off their knees. The last few years, the wild card has won the series, don’t let this happen to you. Youk, you were my pick for the All-Star game but you didn’t have a good second half at the bat. But what you’ve done so far in the post-season shows you are my pick for the Pete Rose award. Keep it up, you are a pleasure to watch play this game.


    You Red Sox fans are out of touch with reality! You are in your own little world thinking that your team is doing something great–they are supposed to win–they have the 2nd largest payroll in baseball and they are beating up on a team that is put together with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. It is no big accomplishment for the Red Sox team to win against the Rockies–when will you so called “Red Sox nation” get that through your heads! This is not a fair game and you know it but you keep cheering like your team is doing something great. Maybe instead of paying over 100 mill for that oriental pitcher your owner could put the money to good use helping the starving kids in your city or the disadvantaged. But he will probably sign A-Rod in the off season and you people will start cheering for him and wearing his shirt even though you hate him now. Money talks and you fans really do not care about the true, honest game of baseball and what it is like to put a team of “unknowns” together who earn every win by sheer talent and perserverence. No wonder the whole country wants the Rockies to win.


    hi albardakjy how ru doing? i agree with u, YOUK always gives 110% all the time!!! Youk WILL WIN PETE ROSE AWARD!!!! takecare




    so by whining wahoo41’s logic you dont need sheer talent if you have money? the higher payroll team is a superhuman baseball entity sent to the World Series to crush mortal players? Talk about out of touch with reality!
    This Sox team is a group of hard-working, never-say-die players that love to play the game- just like most every other player that makes the bigs. What team are you rooting for? and why are you not on their blog sharing your incredible insight?





    Get the broom. Yes, I’m the worst kinda Red Sox fan around right now….flame on jealous ones!!! Flame on!


    Can anyone tell me what Wahoo 41 is having for breakfast? The whole world wants the Rockies to win? Have you not witnessed Red Sox Nation? Have you not seen the Red Sox jerseys in opposing ballparks? The Red Sox sold out tickets weeks ago. The Rockies had 80,000 left on Monday! Your right, it’s money ball. But it’s money ball cause in order to get in, we have to spend. When you have the Yankees in your division it’s hard not to. But here’s a hint, the people driving the Sox right now, Pedroia, Youkilis, Ellsbury….pssst….not moneyball players. Take that to your baseball bank. God these people with no insight!


    You ever notice how when the Sox play away games – even THOSE games sell out??

    Sox Nation is everywhere…there are many of us…we will not be stopped.


    Fantastic job, you’re a run scoring machine. I loved the way you took a 1-2 count and drew a walk, seems you’ve written a new chapter in hitting patience. Just wanted you to know this Sox fan of 37 years (and my family) really appreciate the way you bust your hump for every game and have turned into a consumate pro. Well done!


    Ever try to get something done while watching a Sox game?******, this series is putting me way back on my paperwork! WooooHooo! Kevin, you ran your butt off last night, pumping those legs like lightning! Great effort! Keep it up!


    GOOD JOB YOOOUUKK! Keep it up, you as well everyone else in the amazing Red Sox…everyone is doing very very good but obviously this rockies team is no fluke so we got a series to play…GO GET EM’!!!


    wahoo41vm, have you ever heard the expression it takes money to make money ? The Sox management INVEST in a large payroll and they are REWARDED with a large profit. It’s simple economics really. We already went thru this yesterday with another bozo. The Rockies management is cheap, and that’s why they have a low payroll. Many of this years stars will be GONE next year. Those of us who live here in Colorado all realize this. Other teams who are willing to pay what a player is worth will come along and snatch them up just as they always have. You see, the Rox management care little about their fans (witness the WS ticket debaucle) and more about money.


    I just wanted to say thanks for getting such a huge lead so early on in the game that I was able to turn off the t.v. and get some much needed sleep before having to get up early to go to work! I felt very safe going to bed after the 5th inning! This team is amazing and focused, much like the Patriots! We definitely need the win tonight before we head West……the no DH thing has me on edge! Win big Yoooouuukkk!


    Hahaha, money can’t buy you wins. If that was all that mattered, then how did the Rockies make it to the WS this year? And why are the Yankees out in the first round? Face it, you’re jealouse, completely covered in Fenway green envy. And I’m still laughing at you.


    Great Game Youk. Its exciting to see every player on the red soxs relaxed and hitting well. wahoo41, are you on drugs? Didnt the Rockies make it to the WS with a small pay role? Yankees havent one in 7 years and they have the largest. The Red Sox win due to heart and ability. Youk and Dustin are under paid players and are making the most difference. Plus wahoo41, Time Wakefield, Curt Shilling, Papelbon, Timlin are only a few I know that spend a great deal in the communities. The organization itself prides itself on the amount it does. BUT I am guessing you dont live in New England so you prob wouldnt know. Next time you make pointless statements on a players blog, make sure you have your facts in check. Foolish people like you bring the sprirt of the game and the team down


    2007 Team Payrolls
    No. Team Payroll

    1. New York Yankees $ 189,639,045

    2. Boston Red Sox $ 143,026,214

    3. New York Mets $ 115,231,663

    4. Los Angeles Angels $ 109,251,333

    5. Chicago White Sox $ 108,671,833

    6. Los Angeles Dodgers $ 108,454,524

    7. Seattle Mariners $ 106,460,833

    8. Chicago Cubs $ 99,670,332

    9. Detroit Tigers $ 95,180,369

    10. Baltimore Orioles $ 93,554,808

    11. St. Louis Cardinals $ 90,286,823

    12. San Francisco Giants $ 90,219,056

    13. Philadelphia Phillies $ 89,428,213

    14. Houston Astros $ 87,759,000

    15. Atlanta Braves $ 87,290,833

    16. Toronto Blue Jays $ 81,942,800

    17. Oakland Athletics $ 79,366,940

    18. Minnesota Twins $ 71,439,500

    19. Milwaukee Brewers $ 70,986,500

    20. Cincinnati Reds $ 68,904,980

    21. Texas Rangers $ 68,318,675

    22. Kansas City Royals $ 67,116,500

    23. Cleveland Indians $ 61,673,267

    24. San Diego Padres $ 58,110,567

    25. Colorado Rockies $ 54,424,000

    26. Arizona Diamondbacks $ 52,067,546

    27. Pittsburgh Pirates $ 38,537,833

    28. Washington Nationals $ 37,347,500

    29. Florida Marlins $ 30,507,000

    30. Tampa Bay Devil Rays $ 24,123,500

    Posted by: | October 24, 2007 04:39 PM


    Congratulations Big Yoooouuuk, I agree, Rockies its a hard team, and today is the key for travel safe in Colorado.
    I expect to see you in the games in the Coors fields!!!!


    Why is it that all the sour grapes appear when the Red Sox make it to the World Series? It’s not like we’ve been there that often.

    We had a big payroll last year and didn’t make it. The Yankees have more money than God and look how they faired in the playoffs. As others have pointed out, many of the best teams this year didn’t have the biggest payrolls.

    The truth is you can’t buy heart, and this year’s Red Sox team has as much heart as any team I’ve ever seen. Some of our youngest players are some of the best, and future best, and they don’t make the big bucks.

    So cry in your beer, mlbfixed and wahoo41, and enjoy watching a team that is truly “a team” in the best sense of the word. These guys obviously love playing together. Leave the prima donas to the Yankees!!!

    Love you Youk and the rest of the team! You guys have given Red Sox Nation a reason to cheer this year.


    Con-Grats first of all Red Sox great game just 3 more to go. To all those that keep going back to our payroll, if that was all it took then the Yanks and the Mets would be in not us and not the Rockies. Yes we have a high payroll, but you also have to play the game. Just because we pay someone the big bucks that doesn’t mean they are gonna produce. Stop whinning and crying like babies, it is really unbecomming of a baseball fan…there is no crying in BASEBALL!


    Awesome game last night Youk. You and the boys came out hot and Josh was amazing. As a life long Sox fan of 40 yrs this is wonderful to watch.The 04 Championship seemed to be more about the fans waiting 86 yrs. This season is all about the TEAM and the players on it. Congrats on a great opening night and good luck the rest of the way….You guys deserve it!!!


    money buys talent
    talent wins championships

    When is the last time a team in the bottom half of salaries paid won the series?

    NEVER! Even if you win the Championship nobody will look at you as deserving champs except Boston.


    Hey rob8569 when are they going to tear down that out-lived fenway park,its really past its time 20 years ago,its a joke of a ballpark.MLB players should not be playing in that tiny idiotic excuse for a stadium.AND YOU KNOW IT.


    mlbfixed.. I think maybe your momma had you fixed and you’re bitter with the world..wah wah wah..BTW..who do you root for? Tampa? is that why? I’d be bitter too.. more feeding the negative energy..AWESOME game guys..I was wondering if it was a softball game going on out there…”Rock-tober is over” is our new motto…Sox Nation has has come to bring the prize home..where it belongs!! Boston ,MA baby!! Keep it up Youk..You and Dustin should get CO-MVPS’s this time around..everyone in that line up is feeding off your success…You’re awesome!!!


    mlb – we got rid of Damon and Pedro, they were expensive talent…but we cut them loose to make way for younger (cheaper) talent. We grow our talent and we hold on to them. Thanks Theo, you da man!!

    I wonder how many of the awesome Rockies will still be Rockies next year? Those guys probably consider the WS a great marketing opportunity to make it to one of those franchises with more money. But maybe…just maybe their teams need to shell out more cash, keep the talent and ultimately keep a$$es in their seats…thus upping their profits…thus being able to buy more & better guys later. It’s not that hard of a concept to grasp.

    Truth is, the cities with low payroll have undependable fans who don’t always go to games (unless they start winning)…so they can’t keep the good guys because there’s no guarantee they can pay them if there is not a huge, loyal and CONSISTENT fan base. So next year, when your team ***** and you don’t go to the games…just look in the mirror and blame yourself.


    Hey OTTEY,your right it is like playing a softball game in that tiny field.Also you boston fans don’t have a REAL team and u know it,thats whats sad.your money rich organization purchaced key players,ummmmm lets see





    6.Dice K



    All products of other organizations.One even from JAPAN!!!Hope your proud of that.HAA I know i wouldn’t be.LATER


    Ahhh..Haters..such a wonderful sight this time of year for baseball fans..Tiny field..big field..tee ball field..Jacobs field..Coors field…Who cares? we’ll play on a **** landing strip..we’ll still kick everyone’s *****…it’s not the field *****’s the HOTT Boston bats..the unstoppable force from MA is coming to the rocky mountains to bury what’s left of it… WOOOOO!!!! Keep hating..We’ll keep winning…YESSSS!!!


    I’l be hahaha-ing in a few days when my team is hoisting the World Series Trophy…don’t you know your words mean nothing? you probably don’t mean anything to anybody either and have to come in here for attention..loser!!!


    You didnt develope shiiit in your minor league.

    Would Boston fans be against a league-wide salary cap?


    Go back and look at who has won the world series over the last twenty years and see where they ranked in salary.

    You will notice a sad trend.

    You know if there was a salary cap your team would have no better chance at success than anyone else…and you dont want that.

    If there was asalary cap you would be able to keep 4 players from your team to pitch, hit, field.

    Myself and many others have been bombarding Selig with emails about this exact problem.

    We have also emailed writers with internet, magazines, sports shows to do stories on this subject to demand a change…otherwise baseball will flop in the near future. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Anyone who would like to email MLB/Selig about imposing a salary cap email:

    Its time that baseball join the rest of the sport world and make things fair to all cities, not cater to New York and Boston.


    First off some of you haters out there need to take spelling lessons, ie louwell is Lowell. Second the last World Series Champion from the bottom tier of the payroll scale was the Florida Marlins, remember them, they beat the Yankees 190mil payroll in 2003. Learn some baseball knowledge before you open your mouth. And finally Theo and the owners have done and are doing considerable things to keep from tearing down Fenway because it is a piece of history. Something allot of you seem to know nothing about. What I find you do know allot about is how to invade this blog with your unintelligent banter could this be because your team isn’t playing in the playoffs or maybe your team doesn’t have a blog of its own.


    First let me say this argument about higher payroll, buying championships, blah, blah, blah, is a bunch of ****. If that were the case the Yankees would be winning the World Series every year and in case you haven’t noticed that hasn’t happened since 2000 (snicker). As for your need of an explantion, seeing as how I am not part of the front office, therefore not involved in the decisions, I don’t have an explanation. Nor do I feel the need to provide one. It is what it is – DEAL WITH IT!!! Just take your petty jealousy and go peddle it elsewhere!

    GO SOX!!


    Yeah I’ll email Selig so we can have a good laugh about cry babies like mlbfixed and sheiss…


    The Red Sox haven’t developed any talent in their minor leagues???? Can you say Pedroia, Paplebon, Buchholz, Ellsbury, Youk, Lester…I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting. All of which have contributed (or still are contributing) to the Sox being where they are now. Check the facts before you speak.


    Thats right I am jealous.

    Not for long.

    Soon you will have the same payroll as EVERYONE ELSE.

    Then baseball will be fun for everyone again.


    First of all…YOUK, AMAZING, AWESOME AND UBNBELIEVABLE!!!! You are just a pure joy to watch, nothing but heart and soul goes into your game and that feeds the Boston Fans!!!

    I do not want to start a war on such a positive blog, but I would just like to say to …since you seem to have so much time on your hands to be so negative, here are some links for much more positive feelings, maybe be more productive in a postive way by checking them out…you stated Boston does not put good money to starving kids or disabled, children or adults of that nature. Brought to you by the man himself, Kevin Youkilis, is, Red Sox Nation brings you the Jimmy Fund, the Dana Farber Foundation, The Dimock Community Health Center, Red Sox Scholars, Youth baseball programs and many more…also check Timlin, Ortiz and other players for their chariies.

    The men of the Boston Red Sox are not only amazing and enjoyable to watch, they are nothing but heart when it comes to their community.

    World Series all the way!!!


    sheiss22, obviously you have never been to Fenway. It is the most beautiful place in the world if you love the game of baseball. Babe Ruth hit home runs here. Ted Williams hit home runs here. There is more baseball tradition in one square foot of Fenway than there is at all of the new mega stadiums combined. That is something that the new stadiums will ever have. It is a truly magical place where magical things happen. I would NEVER EVER want some new cheesy corporation named ball park to replace my beloved Fenway. Again, if you ever went there you would know. You walk out of the crowded, buzzing concourse to the most lush green field spread out before you, stare in awe at the monster, and get rocked by the crowd. So, no, I don’t know it. The Sox are the best team right now, and you’re still jealous. And I’m still laughing in your face for your Fenway Green Envy. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fool. And you know what m-o-r-o-n, since you keep bringing it up, I feel genuinely lucky that this ownership will shell out the bucks to win. Evidently, you are not as lucky as anyone who supports this Sox team. But I must reiterate, if money is all that counts, where are the Yankees again? Playing golf. That’s right. Golf. Where are the 25th place on the salary scale Rockies? They’re in the World Series. and I’m sure they’ll give the Sox a run for their money. Face it, your salary argument holds no water whatsoever.


    It’s ok eccalgal…these losers pull garbage out of where the sun don’t shine..they’re lonely..needy..attention hungry..let them cry while we celebrate..isn’t it that all that matters..hello?? 3 wins away baby!!!


    OH-OH,,,there goes the ”pete rose’ award,,,if youk had any chance,,,hockey u just jinxed it away,,,same as when u said YOUK was the MVP of the alcs
    lol,,,the sox fans in here r used to the comments of the ”losing team’ their so called fans who dont lose gracefully they have to use any excuse they can think of,,everything from salary,,to picking up expensive free agents,,,its a buisness and the purpose for management is to provide the best possible product to put on the field,,same as in any buisness wanting to give you the best product for your money,,so,,regardless how cheap or expensive,,they still have to perform,,,go,,give due where appropiate,,and that my friends is to the RED SOX


    Well said ottey75 – not everyone is as lucky as we are to SUPPORT a winning team! I’d probably be jealous too!


    Red Sox fans should be very thankful to finally have an ownership group that actually puts money back into the team to be competitive every year.


    That’s right rkulish, I remember the past owners who didn’t do too much to help the team win. Everybody be grateful.


    first of all, youk your awsome that game was great.. good luck tonight..

    now, the haters.. huummm.. yeah no one cares…

    your only here because the Red Sox have a high payroll and are doing great.. If we werent as good as we where this year you guys wouldnt even be here.. really no one cares… baseball is chance.. you cant prediket* it at all.. why do you think we play over 100 games a year? its not our falt the Sox are so good.. and the funny thing is is that you guys say we’re only here because their winning.. news flash.. RSN as been here for a long time.. just no one cared to hear about it cause the Sox well wont good at that time.. so **** it up and get over it..

    Thanks for everything you guys have done this year!!


    Youk.You and Pedroia are doing wonderful out there! I think Terry made the best decision on putting you two out at the plate first.If you two keep swinging the bats like you have been,everything will be perfect!Hit one over the Monster YOOOUUUKKK!!!


    Well I’m out…time to go home and get ready for another exciting game from our Sox! Hopefully we’ll be back here tomorrow halfway to a WS victory!

    GO RED SOX!!!


    I can’t believe everyone is on this trip about money who should be better and old ballparks, etc – arguing back and forth – those discussions are fine in other forums, and there are plenty out there, so move on if you don’t have anything productive to say here (I would be glad to join in on another forum, ‘cuz, like everyone else, I think I got something to say). But who’s freakin blog is this anyway? Its The official MLBlog of Boston Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis, not the unoffical rant of joe schmoe who wants to pump his chest.


    I don’t think they understand the backlash of demolishing Fenway. Fenway and Wrigley are really the only two classic ballparks left, and even though I’m not a Cubs fan I’d hate to see Wrigley go. Taking down Fenway would leave me inconsolable and would most likely have most of the true baseball community up in arms. If you like your superparks then keep ’em but attacking Fenway just leads down a bad road.


    Couldn’t be happier for you. When you were in Florence in ’99, I was your GM, keep it up. Email back if you have a chance sometime. Good luck!


    See what one shining example of the Red Sox Nation posted on Todd Helton’s blog today, unprovoked:

    Attention Rockies fans:

    The brooms are out,

    You WILL be swept!

    Your crappy little minor league team has NO chance. Just give us the rings. Your team isnt as good as the Indians and we pounded them, this series will be a cakewalk.

    The best part is that game 4 is at your field.Why is that good? So J-Pap and the rest of the Mighty Mighty Red Sox can dance all over your infield and rub it in your frostbitten faces.

    RedSoxNation cannot be stopped

    Manny will be MVP

    P.S. Todd Helton is a washed up peice of SHIIIIIT! He couldnt make batboy on our team, or most teams for that matter.

    We are gonna Dance Dance Dance all over your infield as the

    2007 MLB World Champions..again

    I guarentee by this weekend your fans will be crying about Salary difference just like the Indians fans did. But the fact is we will be champs and Rockies and Indians will be chumps!

    FU Rockies!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: | October 25, 2007 12:22 PM

    Unbelievable, but totally predictable. My favorite part: “Todd Helton is a washed up peice of SHIIIIIT!” Now that’s class.


    I have to admit, I have only scanned some of the rediculousness on this blog, so if this point has been brought up, sorry. Honestly, does any Rockies fans out there remember that it was an entire lifetime of some people before the Sox won a series? Seriously here – the stands were sold out every year even when most didn’t even dare to hope – People died waiting for a series win and were loyal to the end – that would be decades longer than the Rockies have been in existence, so get off the fair weather fan garbage – the only people I hear whining in here are the Rockies fans. You can’t blame the sox for going out with everything they have against a team you seem to constantly be reminding everyone that are somehow inferior because they don’t make as much money – this isn’t little league. They are in the WS because they earned their spot – BOTH teams earned their spot. Get off the computer and go read some baseball history.


    What an idiot, the Rox made an amazing run through the postseason, and the majority of us Sox fans have nothing but respect for them, but look around here. Your guys aren’t exactly the epitome of enlightenment either.


    Brian from Rhode Island here:

    Actually the Rockies hold the sell out streak over the Red Sox.

    And most of those fans in other parks for the Sox are people who moved away from Boston.

    Yes, most of the country wants the Rockies to win. Why does that make the new Evil Empire (Red Sox Nation) so insecure?

    You guys Red Sox Evil Empire have become the Yankees… with it.

    And also deal with a team from the NL that might just wake up pretty quickly.


    Hey Youk,
    I have an idea for game 3.

    You have been fantastic…so here is my you in right field ( since you can play left sometimes right won’t be that different ) and put Papi on first. That way both you and Papi can play. I hate to take Drew out but someone needs to come out since no DH for game 3. Good Luck and as always have fun! I am sure Terry has already thought of this but you know us fans are the best coaches. Red Sox Luv!!


    Youk! The West Coast is rooting for you! Can’t wait for tonight’s game. The Rockies won’t be as bad as they were yesterday. The layoff was in play, but now I’m sure they’re awake. I’m real interested in seeing how this Jimenez kid does on the big stage. He’s got some heat.

    Hopefully the Sox take it tonight and can head to Coors 2-0. Huge game! Go Sox!

    RSN West


    Hey Youk, Great Job in game 1, you guys are awesome. Hope and pray for a 2007 Championship for you and the Red Sox. Rich from Maine


    Youukkkkkkk, i couldn’t agree more with your statements, your all doing great and i would be surprised if you and the team didnt win it this year, you have a great group of fans supporting you and everyday i look forward to watching you guys play. just wanted to say good luck tonight GO RED SOX!
    -Brittany Hynes


    Red Sox Nation hits the REZ!!!
    I am a school-based physical therapist in New Mexico, working with kids on the Reservation and in Pueblo schools. Today I brought all of my RedSox gear, kids bats, ball, gloves,etc to a Pueblo school – and so many kids had their Red Sox shirts on – it was AWESOME!! They all love “that Navajo” – Jacoby!!! It is wonderful to see these kids re-energized about baseball, and about our beloved Red Sox!! So many kids on the “Rez” are overweight, sedintary and need a role model…tell Jacoby he fits the bill! Go SOX!!! Go Youk!!


    I don’t care about the green monster.It would be nice to see the red sox play in a ballpark were you really have to drive the ball to hit a HR to left or right field.not just hit a pop up,thats all i’m saying.have fun in the series.Go ROCKIES for baseballs sake


    THe rockies developed cLOSE to ALL their talent,through the draft and trades.the red sox bought MOST of their talent,with money.yeah bought!!!you guys win using the bussiness side of the game.the ROCKIES win using the baseball side of the game.Do you get that or is it to hard to understand ottey75,ha ha ha ha ha your team is a product of alot of other organizations.I hope BASEBALL beats Bussiness,Don’t you?All true fans of the game feel the same way!


    Forget the “garbage’ posted here guys- don’t jump on the bad kharma train with these dudes, remain focused, and take it one game at a time.
    Great game tonight guys, get some rest and go gettem’ in Colorado! We very proud of all of you.




    Youk: What more is there to say, you should have been WS MVP, and now your hotter that a pistol. Lay of the down and away, and a batting title is yours for the taking.


    YOUKKKKS! Dude you’re the greatest. I absolutely love watching your intensity on the game. By the way I’ve been studying your swing and I’ve never seen one as smooth as yours. Only Ken Griffey Jr. even comes close. Just so you know whenever I play on my team I ask myself WWYD(What Would Youkilis Do?) Anyway, goodluck on your next series, I wont be there to enjoy it, but I’ll be sure to tape it!