Keeping a good thing going

Betteryouk Just where we’ve come from, down 3-1 in the ALCS to up 2-0 in the World Series, has allowed us to gain confidence and momentum going into Colorado. We had the best-case scenario of winning two games here at our park and putting ourselves in a good position to go play out in Denver. We have an off-day tomorrow to rest up and get ready to play on Saturday.

We went out there with confidence and really didn’t want to settle for the split. We’re just trying to keep going with this. Our pitching is going to take us as far as we go. That’s the biggest thing right now. We have great pitching and our bats will come alive on some days. Then, some days like today, we just edged out with just enough. It doesn’t matter how you win. A win is a win.

You’d have to ask them about their psyche, but for us, to go
ahead 2-0 is huge. They haven’t lost too many games lately. Hopefully this keeps them down. For us, we just have to keep rolling because that’s a good team over there. At any time, if they start clicking, they have a great offense.

I think this team is always pretty confident. We’re just playing good ball right now. We’re doing everything well right now.

Schilling pitched great. Okajima was unbelievable. Papelbon pitched great. Pap’s pickoff was huge. You have a great hitter in Helton up.

Now we go to Denver. We played at Coors in ’04, so it’s not brand new to all of us. It’s something we haven’t done in a while. We’ll see when we get there. They just say to stay as hydrated as possible.



    Re altitude: I’m a Boston transplant and loyal Red Sox fan who lived at 8,300 feet in Colorado’s San Luis Valley (near the Sand Dunes) for years (where 3 of my 5 kids were born) I hiked the 14,000 foot mountains that were in our back yard all the time. For sure, keep up the water – steady intake throughout the day – and maybe go for a light jog at a higher elevation – like up at Estes Park or thereabouts to speed your altitude acclimation. I think the players should all sleep at higher altitudes and come down to Denver to play. Power up those lungs. I’m sure you’re staff has already thought of that.

    Aside: There is a baseball stadium in Fairplay Colorado (along Hwy 285) called “Two Mile High Baseball Stadium” – as is the elevation, of course. It’s a nice ride from Denver to Fairplay and beyond. It’s – very remote – no facilities, just wide open spaces. Maybe after game 4 you’ll all have some free time. 😉

    My family lives in Washington State now. We (my wife and I and our 5 kids) all follow the Sox closely. ( my youngest – age 4 – is trained to spot Yankees hats – he puts up the warning call )

    We didn’t lose faith for a moment when it was 3-1 with the Indians. Keep up the great work. You’re a favorite with us – especially with our #1 son. Enjoy those “flat” curve balls in the thin air. Send ’em for a good ride Youk.

  2. Jonathan

    Youk, where the heck did you find the time and concentration to sit at a computer and type all that between interviews, changing and heading off for the flight to Denver? That’s impressed me even more than all the great stuff you did on the field.
    I suppose being able to draw so many walks off great pitching in pressure situations develops your concentration so much that blogging anywhere, anytime is a piece of cake!


    Can’t say it enough – you guys are really putting on quite the show – keep it up! I live near the AAA Yankees affiliate and it is so nice to see the sox on the sports now instead of an update everytime Steinbrenner farts. Good Luck in Colorado and really – thanks for wrtiting this blog.


    Great job out there Youk! I really appreciate the sportsmanship from you and the other players, it makes a great impression on my kids. I have a 7 year old son and a 9 year old daughter and they think you guys are the best! Thank you for writing the blog and keep up the great work, we will be watching every game from NH!


    Im a transplant who now lives in Philly, I’m not bragging or apologizing, what I am doing is attempting to give Youk his props! Kevin, your intensity, patience, talent and integrity showed itself again last night. After Jimenez buzzed you with a 3-2 fastball right by your noggin, you didn’t lose your composure and kept focused. You showed more patience than my wife on our honeymoon. I don’t know how you got out of the way of that one. But I had to cheer for you again as the TV captured your reaction to Lugo getting buzzed by a curve ball to the coconut (you were none to pleased). You are a vocal, essential part of this team. You aren’t a clubhouse lawyer, but a true fan of the game (who just happens to be hitting the cover off the ball!) who inspires with the enjoyment and tenacity that you project.

    There is no way Francona can sit you in Colorado or Lowell for that matter. I appreciate Ortiz,nonetheless, you are the clear choice to start at first. Eventhough Ortiz is hurt(knee/shoulder), we need you at first. For example, look at that tag you laid down last night! Come on Kevin, that was sick, nice going! Lets hope that Colorado officials don’t put the baseballs in the humidifier, although I don’t think it will matter, not with the power you have shown lately! Allthough this might seem premature, (again a reference to my honeymoon) but I might be commenting on the blog of the World Series MVP!?! Keep it going. You can do it!—-Rat Boy


    Youk! The Sox pitching is great, but I am amazed the way you wear down the opposing pitchers, keeping your bat alive pitch after pitch, driving up the count. I have never seen this intense concentration and ability. I can’t wait for your at bats. Have a GREAT Time in Colorado!


    WOW! I am a transplated Bostonian – now in Tennessee. And I have cried, stomped, cheered, sang along and loved every minute of this wonder ride we as Red Sox DIE HARD FANS are on now! What a few years it has been. Boston will never be the same! What games guys. My family and are cheering loud and proud in the south for you to WIN the WORLD SERIES AGAIN! HOW GREAT IS IT TO BE FROM BOSTON? FABULOUS!!!


    Keep it going so good. Not really the home Detroit team but
    just keep it in the American

    League, Ya!


    I’m really glad you decided to start blogging this season because it’s nice to get a players perspective instead of the fans or even reporters. This time of year though, it amazes me that you can sit down at a computer and still think coherently! I’d be going nuts and my mind would be in a thousand different places right now. It just goes to show the mentality of you and your team.

    The way you approach each ball game is commendable, and for that alone, I think the Sox have a real chance at winning this series. Your ability to raise the pitch count of each pitcher so that they don’t last and then have the offense go out there swinging bats like there’s no tomorrow.

    It’s a great thing to be a Sox fan, especially this time of year! Keep it going Youk! =)


    All I have to say is Francona needs to keep you in the games in Colorado! Good luck! Youk can do it!!!


    Way to go, Youk! Thanks for sharing this experience with us. The Sox are fighting hard, and they just keep reminding us why we’re Sox fans! We love you guys. See you on Saturday!


    Have to say it…..LOVE YA!!!

    PAPELBON…couldn’t ask for a better closer.

    Congrats on win #2 keep up the butt kickin. I love watching the camera pans over to the Rockies dugout when they’re down.

    Keep up the good work.

    Hey, What am I supposed to do tonight? See ya Saturday!!!!


    kevin, so glad to watch you guys win last night. full moon and all. i guess i’m the astrology lady on this blog. well enjoy the trip out to colorado. i bet you all will win the world series out there. sending you my luck!






    Hi Kevin,

    The game was awesome last night! the Sox look incredibly tough.

    Question: Your batting stance is so unusual…did you always bat like that or did the batting coach tweak your stance. Do you move like that to get the most momentum…like a tennis player staying on their toes? (I play tennis) Just wonderin’.

    You play with such heart. I love watching you play! Good luck tomorrow night! Go Sox!!!!

    Cheers, Maria



    Nice job and keep it going. Two to go before we can get the Duck Boats out again!!


    Great game guys. Only 2 more. By the way America, next Tues. lunch is on Jacoby TACO Ellsbury.


    All I know is…I can’t wait to see Beckett do the dance with Pap – as he promised to do if the Sox win the WS.

    I watched the game amongst some really rowdy Rox fans last night – but even they were giving us props by the end of the game. Great job SOX…keep it up.




    “Champagne tastes just as good on the road” (even a mile above sea level and in the snow)

    I am in the same boat with everyone else. Papi is great! But the old addage is Offense wins games but defense wins championships!

    I do not think Papi will be able to bail out the infield the way Youk does.

    My opinion, if Terry is going to start Papi, if we are up by 2 or more after 5, put Youk in.

    Also, next season, Okie should be setting up Paps!

    From Quincy to Central Va … Im out!

    And Im not much of a drinker but I’ll take Sam Adams over Coors any day!



    Alright Sox fans, we’re up 2-0. Let’s not make the mistake that Cleveland made and think it’s over before the final out. I think there is probably still some life in this Rockies lineup. We’ve been hot for a while, so we’re bound to cool down at some point or another. The Rockies offense can be just as potent as ours (scored 6 less runs than the Sox over the regular season) and it has been stagnent almost the whole post season. The Sox still have their work cut out for them, we’re only halfway there. Let’s hope Dice-K can keep it in the yard Saturday and keep this Rockies offense in the cold. GO SOX!!!


    Great Game Youk and to the rest of the red sox team. Shill really picthed well and the pullpen once again demonstrated their abilty to dominate. Keep it up Youk and bring another championship back to boston


    Youk, It’s so fun to watch you guys win by one run or 12! The intensity, professionalism and fun team spirit from you and your teammates is amazing and very inspiring. I lived in Tahoe for a year, elevation about 5,000 feet along the lake. Definitely prepare for the effect of the elevation, as best you can, follow the expert advice you’ve been given about it and you’ll be fine. Play well, have fun. We love ya, Youk, here in Maine and everywhere!! Thanks for doing your blog. Bob G in Portland, ME.


    GREAT GAME last night Youk!
    I can not thank you enough for taking the time to write this blog. Your thoughts and insights into what is going on off and on the field is invaluable to a live and breathe Red Sox fan. We were at the park the night you hit the in the park home run, at Clay’s no hitter, and Beckett against the Yankees the end of september. The feeling in the park, and the circumstances that have surrounded each game this year is like destiny is knocking on the door. There is a very different feeling to the team and the park this year…WINNERS each step of the way! You play the game the way it should be played…heart and soul each time you step on the field. That is also obvious in this blog….thank you for that!

    You all make this post season FUN to watch! We are not sleep deprived, recovering from almost nervous break downs after the Yankee comeback, bleery eyed when you swept the Cardinals, and scared to death the curse would re-surface somewhere in Game 4 and we would be left “waiting till next year”.

    We all wish you guys the best of luck tomorrow…just one little thing though….let them win 2 out of 3 so you guys can win this World Series at home. We need Dirty Water and Tessie blarring, and Papelbon and you dancing in our beloved ballpark!!!!

    And what a fit ending….Schilling will be on the mound…Game 6 at Fenway…RED SOX WIN!!!…we could not ask for more!!!



    Youk! Keep up the great work in the series… We are enjoying the series out here in CO, excited to have it come to our backyard for us transplants…if there are good times to be had, there is a friendly Sox bar two blocks from the Field… East on Blake St. The Blake St. Tavern. Hope to see you and the boys there with the bubbly.


    Growing up in Maine, I remember watching Fisk wave the ball fair, the ball rolling between Buckner’s legs and all the other heart breaks Sox fans have endured. I yell at the balls called strikes, curse the pitchers that hit our guys and join in with the fans as they pound the wall, slap my hands with Papi (sorry, no spitting) as he steps up to the plate and cheer Youk when you come to the plate. My kids think I’m nuts but they never grew up with the Sox I did. The curse may be reversed but all those heart breaks are still in the back of my mind. Don’t lose your focus, win each pitch, at bat and out. Bring the title back to Boston, where it all began.


    Hey superman7292,you boston fans have a nice bought team.Well i guess its not a real team like the know they developed their talent you guys kind of went out and bought yours.for example,Schilling,Manny,lowell,ortiz,dice k,lugo,beckett,drew.Well than again Iguess those players don’t really help the team ot that much do they?Shoot you guys would not even of sniffed the playoffs without all of them.HAAA what a joke this so called team and baseball has become.LATER.GOROCKIes for baseballs sake


    Yoooooooooouuuuuuuuukkkkkkkk! Keep up the good work guy. I am really enjoying watching the Series. I’m a native Californian and a Giants fan, but I’m hoping the Sox take it all the way again. You guys are really on top of your game and it’s a pleasure watching such talented athletes who aren’t “Prima Donnas”!
    I’m impressed that you’re able to keep up the blog with all the other stuff that I’m sure is more importrant right now. I’m hoping you start out in Co., looking forward to more Youk home runs. Go Sox!


    Awesome job again last night! This time it was our pitchers who shone the brightest. Keep going hard and the series will be yours.
    All the best in Game 3!


    Sheiss22 I don’t think you can get a Boston fan to say we don’t have a high payroll. The talent we have on this team is awesome, that doesn’t mean we are gonna win we still have to play the game. I might remind you that we have a couple rookies playing for us right now that came up in our farm system, Dustin and Jacolby come to mind. I don’t think you can get a Boston fan to apologize for the payroll either. You need to get over yourself. If it took only payroll to win a championship then we would be watching the 2 New York teams. Both with the highest payroll for their respective leagues.


    Youkilis is just AWESOME he is just right up there…Wouldn’t expect anything less. GO SOX!!


    Hi, Kevin, and once again congratulations to all of you (especially your friends in the bullpen!) for another great win. Hey, you must have been quite pleasantly surprised when that pickoff throw arrived about a half-hour before that guy got back to the base…in all my (too many) years on this earth, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone picked off first base THAT badly.

    Don’t worry about Denver’s altitude, it’s no big deal. Here in Quito we are at almost double that altitude, and soccer teams (no disrespect, but that sport requires a lot more endurance than yours) whine about it, but they still play and have no trouble. Good luck from Red Sox Nation Latitude Zero!


    Sheiss22………………..If it bothers you so much that the sox a some high priced talent how can you even watch baseball??Boston is a city of tradition you know nothing about.We love our Sox and they happen to be in the American League east.The New York Yankees also happen to be in the A.L. east.Us Red Sox fans are certainly not going to be angry or feel like we bought something because the owners of the team are willing to write bigger checks for our players than the rockies are.


    Who will sit???

    Youk, You play right field, Papi plays first. Win, win. Go SOX!



    Gey your facts straight. Ortiz was not a HIGH $$$$ free agent when Minnesota failed to resign him. He blossomed in the Red Sox system.So, he doesnt count! Beckett and Lowell were dealt in the Hanley Ramirez trade. So that doesnt count either.

    C’mon man. Bring your “A” game if you’re going to try to match wits!

    And listen. Eric Byrnes and our good friends Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, who are driving the Colorado bandwagon, have been saying how the Rockies have been an elite team all season. If that is true why did they have to win 20 out of 21 games just to reach a play in game? And if they were so dominant why did they have to rely on the most overrated closer in baseball history, Trevor Hoffman, choking yet again. To reach the ALDS …

    There are plenty of teams who have high dollar players not performing. Dice K has been average, JD finally decided to bring his bat to the park and Gagne should be holding a clipboard and watching Okie set up Paps! Its not about how much you’re getting paid. It’s about what you do between the chalk! Youk has outplayed Helton. Pedroia has outplayed Matsui. Varitek has outplayed Torrelba. Paps has outplayed the entire Rockies pitching staff and in Game 4 THE REAL AL Comeback Player of the Year Jon Lester will outplay the Rockies!

    All of this payroll **** is a cop out for the Rockies not showing up. Colorado give me a break. You all can afford the players!!!! Look at your other sports teams. NON DRAFTED superstars from top to bottom. Can you say A.I and Champ Bailey?

    Give me a break!


    where to begin where to begin. I am a die hard red sox fan growing up in new york (not the city, buffalo) in an all yankees family. I have to thank you for giving me the amazing bragging rights lately. You alone have shut up every yankees fan i know. I have noticed an incredible decline in yankees hats being worn, and jerseys bought. What you and your fellow teammates have accomplished is outstanding. Congratulations couldnt have happened to a better group of guys. Thank You for that, it has been a much pleasant past couple of weeks.


    Your homerun that hit the soda bottle in fenway above the green monster is something i will always remember. What a blast… I wish you guys the best of luck and plan on keeping up my streak of never missing a televised red sox game. ill b pullin for you have fun in colorado. You and pedroia are the best 1-2 punches in any lineup this postseason, or regular season. Take Care, Good Luck and go get another championship for the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL

    GO SOX!!!!


    sheiss…What’s in your water? Beckett and Lowell, we obtained them by trading 2 of our highest minor league prospects…seems to be working out well for both sides. Papi was not a high priced free agent when we got our hands on him, Ron Jackson turned him into the hitter he is today.

    It is sooo not hard making you look like the village i-d-i-o-t. And guess what, your payroll argument still holds no weight at all. You look like the biggest m0r0n every time you post because you evidently know nothing about the game. Try checking some of your facts before you open up your fat jealous mouth. But go ahead and amuse me by posting in reply, you will just discredit yourself again and look like even more of jack ***. I look forward to it fool.


    well said youk.. well said.. LOVED the pick off.. that was niccce! everyones got to be lovin’ to be a New England sports fan this year… Red Sox in the world series… Pats are just totally AWSOME! and the Bruins are starting the season great..and BC is doing amazing.. well best of luck.. wont be able to post or whach all of the games.. will be in DC.. tomorrow.. but hope to come back to a world series CHAMP.


    Well, Youk, I remember back around the time we were down three games to one in the ALCS, and some guy responded to your blog with a recommendation about how and where you should stand when you’re holding a runner on first base. This guy realized that you had no idea how to hold a runner.

    Anyway, I forget exactly what he said, but I’m tickled to pieces that you remembered whatever he said, and were able to nail Holliday last night.

    Great game – keep it up!!


    Nice game Kev! I hope you skip over reading the negative comments on here from the unfaithful, the fans of baseball know it’s not about the money for the majority of you guys playing everyday! You demonstrate nicely in your blog that it’s the comaraderie and teamwork that win ballgames. I highly doubt you’re up they’re thinking about how much you’re getting paid to hit, or how much you earned making a play. You epitomize what it means to be a ball player, to want to do your very best for your teammates, for the fans, for the community, for the sheer pride of doing your best. The team that’s able to concentrate on baseball when in matters most and forget it about it, enjoy life, when it doesn’t goes the farthest. You boys have proven that you’re capable of both, both professional on the field and fun loving off. That’s the combo that will make us champs, not our payroll!! Keep up the great baseball and have fun guys! Sending you my prayers and love! Go Sox!!


    Just don’t stay hydrated with Coors Beer!! I am sticking to Boston’s Best SAM ADAMS (Light) during this series. Faithful Fans Rock!! Red Sox are #1!!! Keep up the great work!! BOSTON SPORTS FANS LOVE THE FALL!!! GO SOX!!!


    Looking forward to tomorrow night’s game! This has been the most amazing season of baseball from a team that I have followed for years. My kids and I have listened to practically every game this season on the radio and we add to the ‘yooooouk’ chant whenever you come up to bat. Sometimes our dog even howls with us!

    What I love about watching you play, is both that you take it seriously (each at bat is a thing of beauty), but also that you are playful–you seem to truly enjoy the game. It’s nice to root for a team that respects the game and the fans.

    Thank you!


    As a life long RedSox Fan who has followed the team as much as possible before cable tv and the internet, this team is the one that seems to be enjoying every day and every play. I love the way you play and the enthusiasm you bring to the team. Keep it up and bring us back another trophy.


    just to put it out there for the haters.. which im glad to say is going down but anyways…about the sox fans..

    I went to 4 games this year and yes at two of them (both times Yankee games) I was sitting near a fan who was unruly and used inapprorpriate language that was offensive to even the most grizzled fan. Both times it was a fan who had been to the beer concession 1 or 2 too many times.

    However these guys were the exception and not the rule and I have seen the exact same thing (if not worse) in other ballparks I have visited. To say these individuals represent all of Red Sox Nation is unfair. Quite simply THEY DON’T.

    by individuals i mean that when the “haters” say that we’re RSN are the worst fans in baseball.. that we dont know anything.. and also that you think we think we can say what ever we want just cause our teams doin good


    Congratulations on what has been an amazing post-season performance. I know you have yet to close the deal but this has trully been a heck of a ride.

    I was serving overseas in ’04 so I missed that incredible season. You have no idea how much it means to actually watch a live broadcast and see MY Red Sox in the WS.

    BTW, hope we find a way to get you plenty AT BATS while in COLORADO.

    PS. Please thank MR Ellsbury for the taco.


    With the need to sit a player at Coors Field, I wonder if Mike Lowell couldn’t play short stop. That would keep Lowell, Ortiz (at first), and you, Kevin Youkils in the game with your hot bats.


    Wish you, Papi and Lowell could all play in Denver! But it will be great to have one of your bats on the bench. I live in Denver but am a loyal Sox fan. Looking forward to seeing the Sox win it all in Denver!!!


    Dear Kevin;
    It was one of the best games I have watched in a while. Great pitching and great hussle!

    Someone asked me today if I thought the Red Sox would win the World Series. I said yes;

    then I told them why.

    When you have been a Red Sox fan all your life, you just know when the right team has come together. In the 40’s and 50’s we had some great players but the mix was such they could never put it together for the final victory. I’ve seen it all and this is a TEAM. A winning team!

    Best of Luck in Colorado. Please thank Ellsbury for the Taco. That was cool!


    Hey Kevin- we are still cheering very loudly down here in PA! Great game last night! I am actually heading out to Denver on Monday to visit my son and daughter who now live there. We tried to get tickets for Monday night’s game( if there is one) but couldn’t. I will be watching the game from a bar somewhere in Denver and will be cheering as loudly as I can for the Boston Red Sox!!!! Go Sox! We love you!!!!


    Good luck to the Red Sox, but I hope it goes 7 games. At least a few more to savor. I don’t think the Rockies are a fluke. That second game 2 to 1 proves both teams are good. And I remember in ’04 when you were down 3 to 0 against the yanks and everyone around me was laughing and saying, Well so much for that! And I said “all they have to do is win tonight” and they did 4 times in a row. That shut up the yanker crankers. Well just remember, The Rockies could do that too. I hope it goes to game 7 when the best team Will win. cheers! and congrats on a great season.


    Love reading your Blogs.

    I am a longtime Red Sox fan going back to…well nevermind. It is so great to see how this team has played all season long and doing it all together in the playoffs. Everyone has had their great moments. Loved the pickoff play last night…AWESOME!!!

    Keep the momentum going in Colorado. This is really a TEAM that you can tell enjoys playing and being around each other, and that along with all your talents will get the job done…Loking forward to a celebration in Boston…GO SOX!!!


    yo youk great job so far this year man. i love the way u play the game with every pitch meaning so much. i used that and it helps so much. hey get another ring so i can tell all the yankees fans 2 shut-up. 1 more thing u should look into getting a myspace that would b really cool. if u get 1 e-mail me and tell me. ill even help u set it all up. good luck and go SOX!!!


    I am really sorry you will not start on Saturday. One thing that you have shown all of us is that you are a team player. That you know what is best for the team. Here is the wish from your loyal fans in the Berkshires. That you will get the second half of the game.

    Go Sox!. Keep up your excellence Kevin.



    I just found out you aren’t starting tonight – NOOOO!! I love to watch you play!! OF course, that Papi guy isn’t bad either…. super pick off the other night and great great hitting and you help pump up the whole team – all of RSN for that matter!! Keep it up, Youk – we’ll be watching every minute of the game.

    Mary Ann in Florida


    Mr Youkilis,

    I work in a call center. No one ever tells me they enjoy watching me work. I envy you. It must be incredible doing what you love and to have other people love watching you do your job. I saw you last year in Seattle at a couple of Mariners games. It was so hot, we couldn’t sit in our seats. I’m sure you remember, as fluid flows from you like a rain forest shower. It was about 111 on one of the days. We’re transplants from Gloucester, MA. Just wanted to say Thanks. No matter what happens from here, we’ve really appreciated all you’ve done. Your intensity is magical.

    Donna in Vancouver, WA


    hey rob8569, your a joke just like your so called organizaton is(We buy our talent).the Boston red sox are a product of other organizations and you cannot deny it!!!!HA HA HA HA!!!your team is in the w.series and your arguing with me.!!!! HA HA I think I won this fight,you know if there was a salery cap it would be even odds for every TEAM in the MLB,But thats not the case, is it?your purchased, so called team has the advantage by far untill a salary cap is inforced.GO ROCKIES for baseballs sake!!


    I’m curious to know why the Sox don’t consider starting Drew in center and Youk in right? I love Elsbury but the choice to me is sitting him or Youk and that’s a no brainer. Save Els for the late D. Drew has played center and I’m Kev could handle the outfield.




    Hey Youk,

    Aside from the all the good wishes here …..remember like Nike says” Just do it” we all know you guys can plain and simple.

    Red Sox Nation stays united and focused…one game at a time.


    I can’t wait to see what the 100 millon $ man does tonight on the mound.for that money he better throw a no no!!RIGHT?


    Sit Youk? Don’t have to. Sit Ellsbury, Move Drew to center, put Youk in Right, Papi on first! Come on! Why didn’t coach do this?


    Hey rob8569,how did you guys get lugo,manny,schilling,dice k,drew.Oh yeah you bought them you half wit!!flat out when you can pay over 100 mil. for one player who doesn’t even play every day,ITS A JOKE!! your red sox will always have the advantage using the bussiness side of the game.That just disgusts me,it use to be just a game and now its turned into a bussiness for some organizations with the deep pockets. and you know root for your sox and shut up!!GO ROCKIES for baseballs sake!!


    Youk, ur the best and should play first base and Ortiz should be on the bench ready to pinch hit. Big Poppi isn’t hitting well now and u r red hot both hitting and fielding.
    It’s not a good idea to change the lineup and chemistry of a winning team- especially in the WS!


    Hey jazzcelebration1,why didn’t francona think of that?because he’s not used to coahing,he just sits back and lets 150mil. do what they do.”Me coach,Noooo!,i’ll just fool around with this huge wauud of junk in my mouth”.Haa


    Shess22 I think that your way of thinking has all but been addressed this post season, can’t you find something else to B**** about? Its the same thing with you every time. Beginning the think you are in high school and can’t think past your nose. YES WE HAVE A HIGH PAYROLL YES DICE-K IS GETTING PAID ALOT YES WE HAVE AN ADVANTAGE WE ARE UP 2 GAMES TO NONE SO THAT IS OUR ADVANTAGE, BECAUSE I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH YOU PAY SOMEONE THEY STILL HAVE TO PRODUCE AND WE STILL HAVE TO WIN. STOP BEING A NINNY. GROW UP LIFE ISN’T FAIR EITHER!


    I was in AZ when the Rockies swept the D’Backs and thought at the time “Get it out of your systems now, cuz the Sox are coming West!” And now you are, with a 2 game lead. Keep up the good work, guys!


    Just so you know you have a house full of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation red sox fans rooting you guys out here in colorado every game all season long. My daughter is six years old and wore her purple ramirez red sox shirt to school on wednesday despite all the rockies fans in her school (shes such a fan!) We love you guys!


    I keep send you postive waves, I wish see you in first base and good game of Dice-K, like last Sunday, Lets go Red Sox!!!, I love you


    Great game Thursday! Youk, way to put on a clinic on how to work a pitch count!

    Keep the amazing pitching coming and I’m sure the bats will come alive again soon! Can’t wait to see you boys play tonight – let’s make sure we take an early lead so we can put our favorite first baseman in the game! (And rest Papi’s knee)

    GO SOX!!


    The Nation rules!!!!
    Did you know that average attendance this year for Colorado was a measly

    28,000 fans??? 19th in the league!!!! Pathetic! Past years even worse!!

    Sox Nation lead the majors in both home and on-road attendance (%) take a look at the stats..

    Youk, I hope you get in the game quickly . Your bat has been wicked awesome!!

    GO SOX!!!!


    Youk, you are amazing. Unfortunately, because I do a radio show on the Albany, NY-based National Public Radio affiliate on Saturday nights (since 1982), I won’t even be able to watch the game until 10:30 ET. I have been a Red Sox fan since 1956 and still rooting. You and the rest of this team have given me terrific games this year–not always without its ups and downs, but that’s baseball. Here’s to all of you!


    Just heard you’re on the bench tonight Youk. Was hoping you’d be out there since you are ON FIRE lately. Gonna miss watching you bat. Hope to see you in Game 4! Have a good rest!


    Amazing job Kevin! Sounds like someone said you are not batting tonight though, you will be missed if that is true..hope we see you in game 4, you are definitely my favorite baseball player to watch and I am one of those girls who always said I hated sports, but I am a huge red sox fan!





    DONT KNOW WHO SENT IT TO ME,,LOL,,,sox may sweep,,weather getting to cold,,,,youk was dressed for the idiatrod,,lol,,,if they dont sweep,,we will have 1 more at fenway


    I was cracking up at Daisuke’s little hip shake the entire time he was pitching. Between him, the bullpen’s percussion performances, and Pap’s dancing the Sox are definitely the most hilarious team in the MLB.

    My (New) prediction: Sox in 5


    Fox screwed the Indians when they gave the beaners a artififial break last Friday and ruined the Indians Mo…..
    No way would the red ***** be playinying in the series without the help of fox….so ends anything good about Baseball…when was the last time there was a breake between game 4 and 5 of the ALCS?


    pwiner44 – and that has to do with baseball how……?

    Youk..great game tonight! Let’s finish it up tomorrow…GO SOX!


    Just can’t believe the way you guys are playing!!! Pedroia and Ellsbury are on fire in a situation where they should be all tense. I was sorry to see you in the dugout with your winter coat when the game started.

    Why didn’t you have your long sleeve shirt on when you did get on the field? Did you figure you would get warm enough making plays?

    I look for you and everyone else to CLINCH sunday night.

    A life long sox fan.


    My father, a lifelong Sox fan and a reporter for the Red Sox in the 70’s and 80’s, passed away in 2004, just 9 months before… well… you know.

    He would be so completely blown away by what you guys are doing now. At the end of every disappointing season he would say, “there’s always next year.”

    Well Youk – this year’s team seems to be the one he envisioned during all those long hard Octobers of past.

    You guys are all so immensely talented and have so much heart, that you have all, buoyed by the 2004 win, restored the heart of a nation.

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and from my entire family.

    -Christine Whitmarsh




    Hot ****, thank you Red Sox! Promise me you’ll go out there and cut the rug with Papelbohn.