Not getting ahead of ourselves

It’s a great feeling to be up 3-0. But tomorrow is another day and it’s not over until you win the fourth one. We can be excited all you want, but we have to come out and win one more.

We were up big early then they come back hard, but that showed the resiliency of this team. Those guys come back and score some runs, but we came back with some of our own and showed that we’d do what we needed to do. We did a good job tonight of playing the game the right way.

Dice-K pitched great, and also gave us a huge hit with his two-out, two-run single. He just got his pitch count up there in that one inning. You can’t ask for more than that: a two-out single and 5 1/3 strong innings.

People in the media mentioned that we’ve now won six games in a row, but we’re not even thinking about that. You can’t look at it that way. We just go day to day. These guys won 21 out of 22 and now they’ve lost three in a row. You can’t really go on the past. The playoffs is all about living for that day. It doesn’t matter what happens the day before. You’ve got to go out there and play.

Pedroia and Ellsbury did such a great job tonight. They’re rookies, but they’re going out and helping this team win every night. Jacoby’s double just fell in during that eighth-inning rally and that was probably one of the biggest plays of the game. We were able to get a little lead there for Papelbon.

I took in the first six innings or so from the bench and then replaced David Ortiz on defense for the rest of the game. It’s just one of those things where you know it’s coming and you have to deal with it and you try to stay loose and go in the game. This is not an easy place to come in late like that just because of the weather. It was so cold out there. It’s tough to come in there, but it was great.

We’re going to go home tonight and do the normal routines and come out tomorrow and get to the ballpark at the same time like we did today and go out and play the game like we always do. This team, whether we’re down three games or down two games or up three games, we go out and play the game the same way. We don’t take any day for granted.

Like I said when we were down 3-1 to the Indians, you play for the day, and today, we played really well. That’s the bottom line, you have to play each and every day as best you can.

We know the Rockies will come out and play hard, and play tough like they did tonight. Hopefully we can get ahead and stay ahead.

Jon Lester takes the ball for us in Game 4, and that will be a huge opportunity for Jon. I think the big thing is, if he keeps his composure and throws strikes, he’s going to be effective. He has great stuff. He looks strong and he’s been throwing the ball well. If he throws strikes, that will be huge.



    I agree with the people who are asking – Youk, how are you finding the time to write these wonderful blogs? πŸ™‚ And I say that as a professional ghostwriter. Is there a ghost of Youk?

    Seriously, a big THANK YOU to you and the entire team. I couldn’t be more proud to be a lifelong Red Sox fan. You guys make it worth it.

    -Christine Whitmarsh


    I am thrilled about last nights win. It looks as though the Rockies are trying too hard to win and the Sox are playing for the love of the game, relaxed and fun. I could see the tension of the crowd affect the teams differently. Thanks for this Blog, and have an awesome day!


    The one thing that makes this team so much better than any other is the way every man in the lineup contributes, from top to bottom. What a great team effort! I also love the way you are taking it one pitch, one at bat, one inning, one game at a time. Seeing you start the game on the bench – I knew it was a tough decision for Francona, but it was also terrific to have your bat available off the bench. It must have been tough coming into the game in the later innings after sitting in the cold and watching for so long. Have a wonderful day, and keep up what you guys are doing. It looks like you really love the game. Thanks for all you do.


    Yooooouuuuukkkkk!! Thanks for the great blog!! Game 3 was great to watch ~ you’re all awesome ballplayers!! It’s truly been a team effort and it’s so nice to see so many bats going and hits happening!! (I was jumping up and down in my living room last night over Dice K’s big hit too!!) We’re looking forward to game 4 tonight ~ stay warm out there ~ God bless and GO RED SOX!!!


    As a faithful follower of this team, I have to say that the class that is being shown by you and the team is refreshing. With so many sports figures only concerned about themselves, I am pleased to be a fan of a team that remembers there “is no I in team”. You have been an important part of the sucess of the team, and I thank-you for being a true “team” player. Lets go get them in game 4.


    We’re really proud of you guys, and Lowden’s right: you’re playing as a (awesome, fantastic, glorious) team, which makes it really fun for those of us playing at home! We’re proud of you and really happy for you all. GO SOX!


    Youukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Thanks for this Blog, we all appreciate your thoughts and detail of the game.I am so proud of this team and how classy you guys behave home and away. I wish I could be there tonight to watch this game, but my spirit will be with you all from my living room. Good luck and stay warm.


    You guys are playing some of the best baseball I have ever seen. Go get that trophy – and bring it to Portland for a visit!


    Portland, ME


    Hey there Youk, … Wow, all of you rock! When shoppong at Walmart yesterday in Lisbon, CT it was a sea of red and blue Red Sox apparel every where. We were all smiling and chatting with each other. We are all so proud of our team no matter what the outcome. But, I think that we all feel the electricity of another win for the trophy! Stay warm and GO SOX! God bless! (:


    Kevin…People are making a big deal about you sitting out and Ortiz playing last nights game but it just shows how you all play as a team and there are no crybabies in your club house. Remember in ’04 when Wakefield jumped into a reliever role. Every one of you has class and this team operates like a well oiled machine. No one deserves that championship more than you guys! Best of Luck tonight. New Hampshire and all of Red Sox Nation is ready to PARTY!


    Congrats Youk on the Game 3 win last night. We could not be more proud of our rookies as well. They continue to come up big!
    I always new Wake was a class act, but realizing that by giving the ball to Jon tonight it may be his time to shine, really proves the common thread of this team….The Red Sox PLAY as a TEAM!

    Faith and Believe have been the words of the Red Sox for 3 years, but FATE could be added when Lester takes the mound. Is this just another twist to an already magical season? Look what happened on September 1st when Wake was injured and Buckholz got his start…could this be Jon’s night? We all hope so, but with all the glory also comes the sad realization…the long winter for Sox fans could be just 27 outs away…GOOD LUCK tonight make us PROUD!!! Roll On Duck Boats, Roll On!


    I know some people who went their entire lives without seeing the Sox take home a WS trophy. Now I get to see two in a short timespan. I have been simply amazed at how you guys have played this season. My blue hat is off to you guys, thanks for the joy.

    P.S. you may want to dress warmer on the field tonight.



    I have to say what a team! I am so proud of the way you guys play together and aren’t trying to outshine each other for bragging rights, but you care more about the team than yourselves. That’s true teamwork there. As a longtime Sox Nation fan, all I can say is we are looking forward to the 4th win for our 2 championship in 4 years.


    kevin, you guys have mastered the retrograde energy and i know you will win the world series tonight! way to go to keep that humility which is so important to you guys success. sending you guys all my luck!!!!…



    WOW you are having a great year congrats. I’m a big fan of you and the RED SOX. Where on earth did you get that winter jacket you had on last night? I can’t find one online anywhere. Good luck on the rest of the series.



    Huge win last night. Pedroia and Ellsbury really set the pace of the game. Clinch it tonight!


    Hey Youk,
    Wow you guys rocked last night. Our two rookies really shined and loved that Dice-K had 2 RBI’s. But Youk I am most impressed by what a classy player you are and your unselfishness is such an inspiration. Your blog says it all! It is so refreshing to see a team that supports each other and will do what it takes to win as a team. Everytime the cameras were on you and Crip last night both of your facial expressions showed how much you were supporting your team from the bench. This is so unusual in todays professional sports (I wont even watch pro basketball anymore) and one of the biggest reason the Sox are one game away from winning the World Series! But my secret hope is that tonight when I turn on my t.v. I will see you at your rightful position at first base! Love you guys and best of luck tonight….GO SOX


    Fantastic job guys!! One more and all the hard work this team has put in this year comes to fruition. What an outstanding performance you all are making against the previously hot Colorado club. Goes to show how right your words ring true, the past means nothing other than the fact that it brought you to this point. Today it’s a 9 inning battle for all the marbles, and I have no doubt you boys will be in it from the first pitch to the last. Can’t wait until the champagne is flowing, thanks ahead of time for bringing us in on the celebration!! Way to dominate all year and through the post season, the best come out on top and it sure looks like the Sox will have that honor shortly!! One more game boys, go out there and give it your all, have fun and bring the championship home today!!!!! Go Sox!!!! (Special thanks to you Yooouuuuk for the blog, hats off on a job well done!! Guess you’ll be a writer when you hang up your cleats!!)


    i’m so overwhelmed on how each and every player of your team really care about the game. just a new red sox fan (obviously!) and i’m overwhelmed on how this team really can hook up anyone with their game…i’m not from the US and not a baseball fan either but the red sox really got me hooked up to watch as early as 8am before i go to work… πŸ™‚ go RED SOX! you are worth my sleepless days since i’m not in the US πŸ™‚ GO RED SOX!!!


    wow, you guys where awsome! that was a longgg game.. Youk, thanks soo much for everything you’ve done for this team.. also taking the time to write on your blog.. how do you find the time..? no one will ever know.. like what you said.. just go out there and play day-to-day. thats all you really can do! im soo blessed that ive been able to see you guys or the 04′ guys bring home a WS.. and now i might see another.. thats is soo great! im soo happy for all you guys..

    ❀ sarann

    PS loved the gloves that you had on last night! : )


    You guys are sitting pretty now . Great series Youk~ a real team player .
    In 04 my son was in Iraq and missed the whole thing . This year he’s back in Iraq but he gets to watch all the games but at 3:30 in the morning . Hope you guys finish it off tonight and maybe Youk just maybe you can give one a ride a mile high. Good Luck ~ GO SOX


    Youk, great job last night. I know you guys can go out there with the right mentality and put this series away. Although it was disappointing that Papi (despite the double), and Manny combined to go 1-8, we still produced runs. We can prove that even if our big boppers aren’t hitting so well at any particular time, even the little guy(s) can pull through. Congrats to Pedroia and Ellsbury. Let’s go out there tonight and win the WS!! Go Red Sox!


    Youk, what a great game – you are so right about how this TEAM comes together – Rookies and all. Not trying to get ahead of myself, my family have been Sox fans all our lives, and are the crazy superstitios fans too! In ’04 we watched the Series from the same seats in the same homes. My grandparents never saw you win a Series, my parents waited 60+ years to see it, and me and my husband waited 30+. To think we are on the cusp of getting our 2nd WS is remarkable. Thank you, Youk. Thank you to the whole Red Sox TEAM! Thank you, Theo! Get out there and bring another championship to Beantown!! Good Luck and GO SOX!!!!


    Youk, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how much you do for this team! Your selflessness is amazing. The Red Sox are a joy to watch for their passion, integrity and above all LOVE for each other and the game. Everyone pulls together and works for the same goal, Unlike any other team out there.I go to work every day wearing my favorite Sox hat and a feeling of pride and love for you guys!! Good Luck tonight, I know you guys will bring it home!! Polly πŸ™‚


    Hey Youk, first congratulations for the big game, and now, please help to Lester, tonight its a nice chance for make more history, and a a very good one.
    No matters the weather, de Red Sox still burning the series. Good luck, and lets go Red Sox!!!!!!



    It is great the way the team starts fresh every night with no thoughts of statistics, numbers, position~veteran or rookie! GOD BLESS!

    GO SOX!


    HATED seeing you in the dugout, but what an awesome game!! Javy Lopez scared me to death when I saw him warming up, and I was so afraid he was going to give Dice K’s lead away, but once again, you guys made it happen. Pedroia and Ellsbury – you guys just add so much fun to watching the game – Youk, you are a joy to watch, hopefully start tonight’s game, and it is feeling pretty hopeful… would love to clinch in Fenway, but who wants to lose two games?

    It looks like the men and the boys out there…

    As usual, ALCS seems like the real world series, and the WS looks like a division playoff set of games…. Love being in the AL….

    Best of luck, Youk, thanks for giving back to the fans…

    Take care and God bless.

    MA in Florida



    Those of us who watched every minute of every game know you carried the team on your back during the first part of the season to help it set the pace. Seems after some physical injuries and maybe some exhaustion because of the way you play, you have been recently a huge part of making the Red Sox look simply dominant again, as the team was during the first part of the year, instead of a team trying to hang on to first place, trying to beat those Indians and hanging on by our finger nails until Beckett and you stepped up and shouted in every way possible WE ARE NOT DONE when it was 3-1.

    Now bring it home baby, all the way home. This is no time to be nice, or relax, finish it, don’t just win, make it a game of no contest tonight.

    If it is even the slightest bit dissappointing, and it must be to not play in Denver all of the time (we know you, you want to be on that field every second, but won’t say it) do know this.

    You are the man; feel our strength and support wherever you are and share it with your teammates if you like because we feel the same way about them who have won their way into different quarters of our hearts.

    Finish it tonight.

    And if that last out lands in your glove…may I boldly suggest you hang on to it and then give the ball personally to John Henry on camera hopefully late tonight on the podium, on behalf of blue collar New England.

    And thank that white collar man with the head for numbers when you do, on behalf of blue collar New England, who stand with you and him united in the mission of excellence.

    Most can’t get a ticket to go to games, without taking out a loan, and some of us to that!

    But you are our guy and represent us so well, a unifying force by the way you play, grinding it out every pitch, every AB, every ground ball, every second as if your freaking life depended on it…..That’s how many of us feel about the Red Sox, whether we are professionals or working for minimum wage.

    The backbone of Red Sox Nation, is not with respect those people flying around to catch games, or movie stars, but they are welcome of course.

    It’s families gathered around the TV, or in Baah, with a cold one, or doing whatever it takes so we can see the game on TV if no tube is around, living with all of you and for many perhaps especially you on every pitch and trying to project to all of you our devotion to the sox….telepathically so that all of you might feel our support.

    Denver doesn’t understand. They just think it’s fun and exciting and like their team and its sucess.

    This isn’t entertainment, or some hot movie to be consumed to New Englanders. It is much more.

    This about after all those years coping with a psychosis of failure and dramas which might and did nearly break the soul of the place and hurt so deeply….

    This is about experiencing the joy of recovery, of Being Back, of believing all things are not only possible, but will happen, if one works a little harder and a little smarter.

    It’s way too much pressure on the Red Sox of course for us to live so much of our lives through all of you, but that’s what’s going on.

    We have several “favorites” on the team and affection for everybody. We don’t need the monitor to recite the names or places in the batting order!

    I want to say thank you should you read this blog….thank you YOUK.

    You are the man and we are with you, whether you’re trying to stay warm, grinding privately that you aren’t on the field, or maybe if god is good catching that last out.

    Press on. Take nothing for granted…provide no air for the “magical Rockies” to catch their breath. They are dangerous and need to be put to sleep.

    Maine loves the Red Sox


    Good luck tonight and stay warm…….I will be looking forward to returning to my normal bedtime……this is hard work staying up so late! Can I borrow those beautiful red gloves, I need to take my apple cake out of the oven!! Let’s finish this tonight!!!! Go Sox!!


    One word for this team – class. 2004 was great but this year is different for some reason. You all display an easy air about you that bellies the confident determination underneath. There is an enjoyment in watching you all out there like never before – a relaxed and confident enjoyment over the anxious and fateful stomach squirming of the past. Thanks to all of you for that and best of luck tonight. You will have the wishes and wills of tens of thousands of red sox nation citizenry with you! You have given me a bond with my son I will never, ever forget.
    GO SOX!


    Hated to see you in the dugout but wow what a great game!!!! I think we will win tonight without any problems and Lester will make HISTORY!!!! What a fantastic season it has been!!! GO SOX!!!!


    Youk–You and the rest of the team are simply amazing–team players all! Good to see you bundled up. Stay warm and don’t get hurt! (Yeah, yeah, this is like it’s your mother talking, because I am old enough to be your mother!) I have been a Red Sox fan for 51 years, and I’m looking forward to 51 more. Thanks for making this season a great one. And thanks for your blog!
    Wanda Fischer

    Schenectady, NY




    stop screaming hockey,,,no need for caps,,leaders of the pack are supposed to be quiet,,lol,,,,anyway youk,,,whats with the clothes,,lol,,was only 45


    Well I am pretty much a Yankee fan, I am not one of those it’s my team or no team guys though. I grew up in CT, half my family are Sox fans and Half are Yankees fans.

    Although I can’t stand Ortiz or Manny.. (Don’t hate me for that, I just can’t stand them, mostly Manny)

    This RedSox team is only getting better. These rookies are phenominal, and Youk, wow.. what I wouldn’t give for you to replace Giambi. *grins.

    Oh well, still really fun to watch.. you guys are amazing, offense and defense, but your patience .. my my .. unreal… keep it up and good luck tonight.

    I’ll tell you what would convert me to being a RedSox fan from a Yankee fan..

    Dropping the idiot Manny, and replacing him with Holiday from the Rockies.


    I have been rooting for Boston sports team (Celtics, Bruins, Patriots) for 3 decades.
    I became a Red Sox fan in ‘1986 while I was a New Yorker and Red Sox played against Mets. I have remained to be a loyal Red sox fan even now that I have moved to Fort Worth, Texas.

    Congratulations and wishing you God’s richest blessings.

    I always pray for Red Sox to win. I enjoy that all the players are “team players” and acknowledge God. I think that’s the reason for your success.


    For all of you Redsox fans who were excited about Dice-K’s 2-RBI hit, just think of how great the game is all the time without the worst rule in sports: the DH. If a guy can no longer field, I don’t care if he hits a homerun every at bat, he should not be playing. I would rather see new talent than provide a way to hang on to guys who are now over the hill. The game of Baseball is far superior to the game of Designated Hitter. Strategy vs. More Runs. Congrats to Youk on a great Post Season.


    Hey Youk,
    Just had to post one more time before game time. You have a huge fan base in Apple Valley California and 25 of them will be at our house tonight cheering you guys on. Lets put it away tonight so we can all enjoy our champagne. Best of luck tonight and God bless. Love all you guys.

    P.S. to Mike@poordog thanks for the best wishes tonight but as much as we like to convert Yankee fans to the Red Sox Nation we will not give up Manny for Holiday and Youk isn’t going anywhere! I have been a devout Red Sox fan since 1989 and even I get a bit frusteratd with Manny at times but hey you cant argue with his numbers, plus I love his personality. Ortiz and Manny are 2 huge pices of the Red Sox puzzle and without them it would not be complete. You need to hang with the Red Sox side of your family more often (lol). Its all in good fun..thanks for cheering the Sox on.


    What a sport you are! I knew you would handle it like a true champ when you didn’t start in game three. You’re awesome, Youk. And we fans love you!


    Youk–I was takling ot my son last night about which player(s) would not be wearing long sleeve under armor, and your name immediately came to mind. Your day-to-day energy and enthusiasm for the game has been inspiring, and we wish you a great game tonight as you bring home the hardware! Also, management is crazy if they do not sign Lowell. It’s a no brainer regardless of the $.


    This is the best edition of the Red Sox I’ve seen in 50 yrs of following them; even better than the 2004 Idiots. Take it to the limit, one more time. Go Sox!


    Just wanted to stop by and wish you guys good luck! Even though I am hoping you guys win tonight, I will definitely miss seeing you all play every day. It has been a most enjoyable summer! I remember feeling the same way during the ’04 season.

    Go bring that TROPHY back to the Nation! GO RED SOX!!!


    Seρor Youkilis, I’ve been rooting for you guys in the middle of SW Ohio and catching a lot of flak, but it’s been so worth it.

    You guys have been working tremendously hard. I look forward to watching tonight’s game and I hope you guys are having fun.




    One more game guys!! Go out there and do what you do. Play hard, play your hearts out and have fun. We’re rooting for you all over the country – keep making us fans proud! GO SOX!!!


    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!! WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Holy sh!t!! I couldn’t even breathe the last 2 innings – You guys are the greatest!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you


    CONGRATULATIONS! The championship is back where it belongs!

    I echo andinsean….Thank you!!!


    The good news: The Sox are the WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!

    The bad news: no more baseball this year. What am I supposed to do with myself?


    Youk& all the rest of the Boston Red Sox…. I am SOOOO..proud of you guys…THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH..What a Great Season..,.
    Congratulations to each& every one of you….I cant find the words…Enjoy it all& Thank You all…So Much..

    ’07 Boston Red Sox…World Series Champions…!!!!!

    I Love you guys… Thank you..thank you..thank you…

    PS:Attempt to sign:Curt Shilling

    RE-SIGN: Mike Lowell…..PLEASE

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE…TRY OR ATTEMPT TO SIGN A-ROD…He is NOT a guy you want on this team…Mike Lowell…is better player in post season…DO NOT let him get away….PLEASE!!!!!!

    Once again I’m So Happy for all of you..Thanks Terry,coaching staff..& everyone who did it on the diamond…you guys made my year…Thanks So Much…Take care of yourselves..enjoy your Victory…have a memorable off season..& look foreward to the spring…(theres a big hunk of ring waiting for you guys…:) ) Thanks again….Be well..stay healthy….Take care….till next season… THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH… Don M


    CONGRATULATIONS RED SOX!!!!!! WAY TO GO…THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! What an exciting game! I was on the edge of the couch the last two innings. I wish we could have been in Bean Town for this win! I love you guys so much and thanks for such an awesome season. Terry and all the coaching staff you guys did a terrific job! Terry I just have one request PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RE-SIGN MIKE LOWELL, he is worth every penny! And one more request PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO NOT SIGN A-ROD. Please tell the owner that would be a huge mistake. He would only bring this team down with his big ego, selfish attitude and greed for money. He is an “I TEAM” player and would not be a guy you would want on this TEAM. Its the only thing I am asking for for Christmas:-) Again thanks for such a wonderful season…enjoy your time off, stay healthy, take care…see you guys next spring- LOVE TO YOU ALL. Stacy P in AV


    Congrats on winning the WORLD SERIES! May you play your entire career in Boston!! Please tell all the guys CONGRATS FOR ME. I look forward to bringing my two girls to Fenway for the FIRST TIME EVER next year! When I bring my girls to FENWAY would it be possible to get all the players and coaches autographs??? That would be SO COOL! My youngest loves BIG PAPI! Everytime you guys play and I can watch on TV she goes “WHERE’S PAPI??”. Please help RED SOX NATION in getting MIKE LOWELL RE-SIGNED! HE IS WORTH THE MONEY! My Christmas wish is to keep ALL OF YOU TOGETHER! You guys have GREAT CHEMISTRY! Please tell Mike THANK YOU FROM THIS RED SOX FAN AND FROM RSN! Please let management know that signing A-ROD WOULD BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN THE HISTORY OF THE RED SOX! $27 TO 30 MIL A YEAR is way too much to waste on someone who CANNOT perform in the playoffs! A-rod will completely destroy the team! Enjoy the off season! Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR! MAY YOUR WEDDING DAY FOR YOU AND YOUR BRIDE-TO-BE BE THE MOST SPECIAL DAY OF YOUR LIVES!




    Youk You are one of my favorites players ,I suffer from 1970 I almost die in 86 but now am so proud and happy to see my RED SOX twice in my lifetime as World Champions from N.Jersey,I Follow every game MLB.TV and is my greatest privilege to see you players win and the Yankees be in such state of Denial Newspapers here in New York barely mention the series.good and even better team is ready for 08 thank U YOUK!!!! T. Ureta