World Series champs!

We’re just soaking this all in right now. To do it with a sweep, it just shows how good this team is. We just stayed with the same mentality each day and kept coming out on top.

We’ve been here before, a lot of us. Some on other teams and some with us in 2004. This is great to win this and to be able to go home and celebrate it with all of our great fans.Youkblog

It’s a little different, the fact that it’s the second time around. You get used to it a little bit more and that’s a good thing. It’s exciting each time you win. In 2004, it was the most unbelievable thing and people were going crazy. It had been 86 years. Now you’re almost expected to do it.

Some people doubted us all year — people were worried about the Yankees and they should have just been enjoy our success of being in first place all year. But we had a lot of fans didn’t doubt us and they stayed with us and cheered us on, and this is awesome that they get to enjoy this.

To come back from 3-1 against Cleveland, it showed you that we’re both a resilient team and a great team. We’re the best team in baseball this year so we’re excited to pull this off. It’s unbelievable to win a World Series again.

We just went out and played this year from day one and had a great team all along. Every time you win it all, it takes a little bit of luck here and there. But it comes down to making the most of your opportunities and we did that.

Like I said all along, you just play for the day. Everything isn’t about the stats. When the postseason comes around, it doesn’t matter about anything but winning.

In October, we just played great ball and clicked on all cylinders and got good pitching. Good pitching leads you all the way. We also had timely hitting. We had a lot of guys who stepped up and had great years.

What can you say? We have the best team in baseball. We just can’t wait to go home and celebrate. This is what it’s all about!



    YEA!!!! Go Sox… what an amazing year… and an amazing team…Absolutely fantastic…


    Holy cow, Youk, the party’s barely started and you’re blogging already?!! I’m impressed! Seriously — thanks and congratulations to you and the team for the big win! It was awesome in ’04, and just as sweet today! From a Red Sox Nation couple partying in PA.


    Youk, what a season; what an October!! Thank you SO much for your hard work out there on the field, for playing every game with intensity and with your heart on your sleeve, and for sharing your love of the game with us fans on your blog. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


    Congrats on winning the WORLD SERIES! May you play your entire career in Boston!! Please tell all the guys CONGRATS FOR ME. I look forward to bringing my two girls to Fenway for the FIRST TIME EVER next year! When I bring my girls to FENWAY would it be possible to get all the players and coaches autographs??? That would be SO COOL! My youngest loves BIG PAPI! Everytime you guys play and I can watch on TV she goes “WHERE’S PAPI??”. Please help RED SOX NATION in getting MIKE LOWELL RE-SIGNED! HE IS WORTH THE MONEY! My Christmas wish is to keep ALL OF YOU TOGETHER! You guys have GREAT CHEMISTRY! Please tell Mike THANK YOU FROM THIS RED SOX FAN AND FROM RSN! Please let management know that signing A-ROD WOULD BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN THE HISTORY OF THE RED SOX! $27 TO 30 MIL A YEAR is way too much to waste on someone who CANNOT perform in the playoffs! A-rod will completely destroy the team! Enjoy the off season! Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR! MAY YOUR WEDDING DAY FOR YOU AND YOUR BRIDE-TO-BE BE THE MOST SPECIAL DAY OF YOUR LIVES! THANK YOU FROM GLENN IN LA!


    THANK YOU Youk and all the Red Sox!

    I think that being a Red Sox fan is less of a sports thing and more of a family thing for much of RSN. When you hear a member of RSN talk about the Red Sox, there seems to always be a familial reference: “I’m a third generation fan – my dad and grandfather”, “fourth generation”, “it hurts that my grandfather, uncle, father, etc. didn’t live to see them win”, “my favorite memory is taking my son to his first Sox game” or in my case, I wish my father had lived to witness the two teams he dreamed of for so many years.

    We really are a family and the patriarch is the Red Sox. The players may change, the front office may rotate and the park even evolves ? but the simple phrase, “The Red Sox” will always mean the same thing to us. It’s that member of your extended family that you don’t see for much of the year, but when the reunion occurs every spring – it’s as if you were never apart.

    In that way, tonight and the coming days are a celebratory farewell dinner with our favorite uncle, the Red Sox – but just for now. We’ll see him in the spring again… and it will be like we never parted.

    Thank you Red Sox!


    Congrats Youk!

    I’m impressed with the blogging along with all the partying!

    Kudos to you and all your fellow teammates. Great job on coming back from being down 3-1 and then sweeping the World Series 4-0!

    I’ve loved every at-bat you’ve had all season because every time, it’s been productive. You’re a player that loves the game before any of the other extraneous stuff in baseball, we as Red Sox fans and baseball fans love you for it.

    I can’t wait to see you next year, but as an angst-filled Red Sox fan, I want to see your fellow team mate Mike Lowell getting those outs at third!

    So, if you can do us Red Sox Nation a HUGE favor, can you get this petition out to as many people you know? Sounds like a silly request, but hey, I might as well try you know?

    Thank man! And congrats again! You deserve that World Series ring!

    See you next season!


    This is absolutely amazing! Your only doubters were not fans, and certainly not woth listening to! What a GREAT Year. You guys have made the Nation Strong. Proof is here, A new legacy is here. A Dynasty. You will be on top for many years to come. Thank You very, Very much for 2007. It was INCREDIBLE! Have a SUPER Party.


    Congratulations from a Sox fan all the way from Malaysia! 🙂

    Good thing I took the morning off from work. 🙂

    Thanks for a great season!


    Felcicitaions !!!!

    I’m a fench and I’m Red Sox fan … i saw all the World series game in live (start at 2 O’clock at the morning) …

    I’m very happy and congratulation ….

    MERCI pour cette saison


    kevin, i personally hold you responsible for losing my voice for like the fifth time this season… screaming “YOOOOOUUUK” is wicked taxing on the vocal cords… but you know what? Totally worth it. Thank you guys for another great year- GO SOX!!!


    oh my goshh.. this is amazing! congrats youk, and the rest of the team!! YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME!!! cangrats to Mikey Lowell on MVP! we love you guys sooo much! thanks for everything that you’ve done this year!! ive never been soo proud to be a Red Sox fan!!


    Congratulations Youk and all of the Red Sox Team !!! you guys are the greatest. What a Great World Series . Knew you would pull it off. Been a fan all my life, nothing can change my dedication to RSN . Looking forward to next year, the intensity, joy, sadness, and the love that pours out of your team. Thanks for the tears tonight ,it made me even prouder . For I was shedding tears myself, so I know they were of joy!!!! ….. Hey I pray we get to keep that other great player on the Sox team …..Mike Lowell, sure hate to see you guys have to go against him next year. He is also one of the RSN gems. Love to all of you guys, inculding Terry Francona, great insight on his part.


    Congratulations Youkilis and to all the Red Sox’s!! You guys played amazing this year and throughout the post season. I currently live in Guam so I didn’t get to see every game, but I got to see the big ones and when I couldn’t my brother’s were texting me the scores. It was great to see you guys do it again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my families. I look forward to next year and being able to be back in the States to watch you and the whole Red Sox team. Enjoy this moment!!!


    Congratulations to the Sox. Been an amazing year. Glad you wrapped it up last night. Don’t know how many nights I could have stayed up (but I would have) until midnight or later–have to be up at 4:45 for work. Enjoy the off season. May the Sox NOT sign A-Rod!!!


    Congratulations from the entire DeMasi family originally from Norwood. We are spread around the country but continue to be part of RSN. This was a great baseball year from opening day to last night. Have a great off season


    Congratulations Kev and all you boys. You did it, the hard work paid off, 177 games and you have earned the right to be called Champions!!! You are indeed the best in baseball and the fans thank you. I’ll be at the parade, making the 3 hour trip down from VT to soak up the excitement as we did in ’04 and I hope YOU are the one that brings the trophy up to our neck of the woods in the near future. What a year you had, the team had, the fans had. Hats off to mgmt but you boys deserve the credit, went out and got it done. And a special thanks to you Youk for keeping us in the loop, giving us a player’s perspective all year. You did a **** of a job!! Enjoy your success that you so richly deserve boys. 2007 World Champs!!!! How sweet it is!


    Congratulations to you and the rest of the World Champions. Thank-you for a great season. Looking forward to cheering my heart out again next year.


    Congratulations Youk and the amazing Boston Red Sox! I’ve been following this team all my life and it feels great to win again! Youk, love your “get dirty” style of play. Hard work does pay off. By the way, great job at first this year… you’re the best. Hope you have many more years in Boston! Enjoy the celebration!


    What a team! What a year! I’ve been with the team all the way suffering many night with little sleep but it was worth it! Maybe next year I’ll actually get to see a game. See you at Spring Training!!!!!


    Congrats Youk! All your hard work has payed off – again. Keep on sweatin’ !

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    Congratulations!!! What a terrific year. Thank you for giving that to the fans. Enjoy the celebration. Those of us living afar will have to settle with channeling our good wishes from a distance.


    Congratulations to best team EVER! I watched every game played this seaseon, and knew from the start; that we would be here in the end! You guys are truely the best, and you proved it. I cannot wait til april so we can do it all over again.Thank you Kevin Youkilis, for being the first base animal you are! Lets go Sox in 2008!!!!!


    Thank you so much. I live in Colorado and am a diehard red sox fan. I’m in 7th grade and sadly, everyone else in my grade seemed to want the Rockies to win. I took so much garbage from them it wasn’t even funny. But now it’s my turn to have a little fun and it’s all thanks to you and the rest of the team. Again, THANK YOU YOUUUUK!


    Congrats!!!!!!!!!! This has been a great year!!!!!!!!! Don’t sign A-Rod we want Mike back!


    kevin youkie you are my hero… if one day i ever meet you…. which i will…. it will be the greatest day of my life! so uhh… how about taking a trip to south florida sometime soon? :]


    Wow. A die-hard blogger on the best team in baseball. Now THAT rocks. You guys are amazing. Keep celebrating. You deserve it.



    It’s a sad day in professional sports when a bunch of overrated punks like the Red Sox win a championship!

    What an ugly bunch too!


    Hey guys Congratulations. Finally a new Dynasty has emerged to take center stage and we now can look forward to many more rings in the future. You showed that with heart, youth and veterans sprinkled all around, a team that can be very good for many more years to some. Enjoy this, but be aware that it won’t be your last one. Now is the time for the Redsox to dominate baseball. Chemistry always wins and you have a great chemistry over there. Keep it up.


    Please let Manny Delcarmen know that this is Steven, he coached me in Little league last season in Florida. Now we both have a Championship. I am so excited and so happy for him and you guys. Congrats.


    2004, October 27th I got the greatest Birthday present in the world! 2007 the day after my Birthday (technically two days) but close enough. You did it again. Congrats to you all. Words just can not express.

    Bask and enjoy!


    wow i didnt even know about these blogs, looks like i have alot of reading to do. YOUK! you’re a hero amongst men congrats man it brings me to tears thinking about the red soxs winning in 2004 and now in 2007. im such a die hard fan and so is my mother, and im so glad we got to see these world series wins in our lifetimes, especially my aunt.


    Kevin help a Vetern
    Red Sox! HELP 10-29-07

    To President Bush, NH governor Lynch, editors, Levenston and Dr Dan Potenza

    Written by Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

    The Red Sox last night won the World Series. The reason this game is even played is because young children give their lives and as a reward they become the unrecognized elite called VETERANS. I am going to ask that the Red Sox take a moment of their time to help a veteran in need. I do not want your money, your title. What I would like is a moment of your time to tell the people of the United States about veterans and what we are. We were the children that protected and defended this nations freedom so individuals could become baseball stars, Drs, Lawyers or anything else.

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    I thank you for your help

    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi


    YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I am SO happy for you guys! You all worked so hard and brought it home!! Everyone came together and made it happen. I am so proud of all of you! Congratulations on an awesome season and here’s to every seaon that follows!I LOVE you guys so much!! I was laughing, crying and jumping around like an idiot last night! 😉 (I am gearing up to go to work and just give a BIG SMILE to all the Yankee fans I am surrounded with at work with who have been downing me all season!!)I wish you all the BEST and may you ALL have a Blessed holiday season to celebrate with family and friends!!!I truly pray we see ALL of you together next season!! Blessed Be 🙂 Polly K.(Rabid Pennsylvania Red Sox Fan!!) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox


    Kevin, I am ridiculously overjoyed! Hooray!!!! You all did it! You deserve to br MVP of the World Series too. Congrats to Lowell as well. Way to go all of you for remaining humble. So long as that lasts you all will always be better than the Yankees!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!


    Fantastic run and well deserved to you and the team! If you don’t get a Gold Glove for the season, RSN will make heads roll! Pass on my congrats to the team and see you at the Rally!



    Each and every one of you made this happen.

    From April to October you guys never let up. As I sat last night and watched with tears of pride, I felt the energy drain from just holding my breath until that final strike out. NO ONE now could take this 2007 Championship away from this team! I can only imagine how you all must have felt last night as you realized the same thing. Seeing Tek, Papelbon, and Wake in tears after the game last night was the most touching moment of all this season…25 plus guys who started with 1 common goal, worked their butts off, and made their dreams, and ours, come true. You guys are CHAMPIONS in every way. You all played each and every game hard, never got down, and played with class like true champions! Though I have ALWAYS been proud to be a Sox fan, never more so than this morning.. You ARE the BEST TEAM in baseball, have been all year long, and hopefully ALL of you will be back next year to repeat.

    I can’t wait for you guys to bring that trophy home this afternoon, for our second Rolling Rally, and dance on our field of dreams…where dreams really do come true! Go dance you hearts out…Enjoy every moment of this coming week Youk…yes, I will miss the daily blogs…but THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!

    RED SOX ARE #1!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hey Youk, Congratulations to you and the entire Red Sox organization. What a year! You cant even begin to wipe the smile off my face especially since I live in NY with a lot of Yankee fans (hahaha). We are all so proud of you guys. What a game and celebration. Hey Youk, please send a message to the front office that we really need to sign Mike Lowell. He is the MVP and deserves a great contract. They just cant let him go now. Thanks for the blog all season long. I looked forward to it especially during the playoffs. How do you find the time? Best of luck in the offseason and enjoy your well deserved time off. See ya in spring training Youuuuuukkkkkkk.


    Thank You! It’s just as good the second time around. Celebrate as much as you can, and enjoy a well deserved off-season rest. Hope to see all of you back in the Spring!

    GO SOX!


    Duuuuude! Unbelievably excellent baseball…TEAM baseball, I should say! There are so many popular, big media storylines – Big Poppy’s clutch hitting, Mannny-being-Manny, Beckett’s dominance, Schilling adding to his post-season lore – that only Red Sox fans understood so much more about the entire picture.

    First, since it’s your blog, YOU(k) were never “surprisingly” unselfish about the “first base controversy” or hitting like a mad man. We knew you were (like V-tek and Lowell and Coco and the rest of the team) going to accept Francona’s ideas and moves because he’s that good and deserves a little trust. We also knew you could swing the bat a little and be exceedingly patient

    But throw in Lester’s triumphant return, the performance of Pedroia and Ellsbury as a testament to the farm system, my man JD doing his part by hitting well in the post season, Coco’s ALCS catch while taking the bang, Dice-K coming through and the bull pen (sometimes a little unsteady) anchored by Pap and we see the bigger story; the whole story! Kielty’s HR! Wow.

    These were the things that we saw, the stories we loved to see unfold and some of the additional highlights that won’t make the Sports Center reel. Add in the regular season with Clay’s no hitter and Hinske leveling Posada (a personal favorite even though he was out – sorry Jorge) and there was no end to the greatness of this TEAM. TEAMs win titles and you guys showed that sticking together, playing tough and never giving up = success. That’s a story that transcends (or maybe exemplifies) this sport. Can’t wait for next season but I think I’ll try to savor, for my part, this wonderful ending to this year’s marvelous season.

    BTW, was Beckett a throw-in for the Lowell deal…? KIDDING!!! Sorry, but I have a blasphemous streak! Still, I think there was only surprise about Mikey outside the team…

    Have a great off-season!


    Congrats Kevin and fellow Red Sox! Here’s a invite to celebrate with YOUK. On Nov 10, 2007 KEVIN YOUKILIS HIT’S FOR KIDS A Charitable Organization will be celebrating at Mohegan Suns. The details of the event can be found at click on News & Events. We would love to have you attend. The public and Red Sox Nation is invited!! Email with any questions.


    GO RED SOX!!!!


    I knew you could do it!

    Congrats and thank you from all of the Red Sox fans!




    Forget A Rod and Scott Boras … the biggest choker in MLB history is not the story! Your World Series Champs are!

    ARod, you better leave the AL, because you wont be seeing the Fall Classic from the field if you stay in this League!!!!

    To all of those who say the Sox didnt earn it because of their payroll. Get a *******’ clue!

    04,07,08,09 …. it starts today!

    My hat goess off to Mike Lowell and Jon Lester, but not because of their awesome performances, but because they beat something deadlier than the Angels, Indians and Rockies. For all of us who have either experienced cancer or known someone who has … Thank You!

    See you at the Hall boys!


    Hiya Youk!!!!

    Thank you SO much for the wonderful series. I live in Alberta Canada, but I grew up in Rhode Island. Since the age of 5 my Dad took me to Fenway park to watch the Bosox, and I grew up loving every single moment, and to this day am a huge fan. Dad passed away in January, but I know he was smiling down at you all and was loving every single moment you provided to us fans! You guys ROCK!!!!

    And by the way, YOU have a much nicer goatee than Helton….!!!! 🙂

    Congrats Sir Youkilis!!! You made us all proud!


    2 World Championships in my lifetime(62)!!!!
    My father lived to be 87 and he only had one (sorry dad, I’m one up on you on this).

    Kevin, I want to give you and your teamates a very BIG HIGH FIVE for the great season you guys gave us from the getgo.

    We’re all proud of the RED SOX!

    How Sweep it is!!

    Let see now, how many days left till spring training?



    Youk…man..I am ecstatic..overjoyed..proud to be a fan of one of the best, classy, gritty, hard working, never say die group of human beings as the 2007 BoSox..
    I had seen a shirt being sold in NYC that said 1918 2004 2090…

    well all I have to say to that is..WOW..another 86 years flew by so quickly we hardly aged a bit :] AWESOME!!

    this group is built to win..we’re the First team in the new century and this decade to win 2 Titles Youk..what an honor..what a guys are the defintion of TEAM…no matter who tried to steal your thunder and the spotlight..arrogance and selfishness never lead anywhere..I love Mike Lowell..he was my pick all along even though I wish there were more MVP many of you contributed in so many different ways..

    I am so so so Proud of our team..And here’s to more championships before 2010..the end of this decade..let’s sweep it all.. :]…can’t wait to see you guys back home!!!


    Mike Lowell is going to look sweet in pinstripes next year! While A-Rod will be wearing red socks for a long long time! Good luck with that!


    We love you guys in Vermont! You’ve created another fairy tale for school children across the Green Mountains – they are some of your biggest fans. Thank you for playing your hearts out!! Come visit us with the trophy … we can’t wait to celebrate with you!


    I am calling in sick tomorrow from my 6th grade teaching job to come up to boston. the drive from PA will be well worth in to bask in the real light of victory. But i could see it shining here all the way from Denver last night. My first period class thanks you all for my good mood and positive attitude for the past week, and honestly… all year!
    Well done… 6th grade at Wheatland Middle School loves you all, except for those pesky yankee fans.





    Yasher koach, Youk! Thanks for a great season and a great finish. Best team in baseball, no doubt about it. It’s good to be a Red Sox fan.


    You guys are awesome! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, and so proud to be a fan. Enjoy your celebration…you deserve it!


    Congrats Red Sox! It has been an amazing season and Youk…its fair to say now, you deserve the golden glove for 1st base. Its nice to bring another championship to Boston! Great Job team!


    Hey, PWiner; quit yer whining you low-life sack of horse-pucky. First, get a life; then, get used to your team wishing they could be as good as The Boston Red Sox. On the bright side, you have nowhere to go but up. 🙂


    We all are so proud of you guys!!! Great job! I never doubted it all season long! I just knew you were going all the way again!!! Thanks for all your hard work and for all the great games this season. New Hampshire loves you guys!!!


    youuuuk god u guys rocked!!!!
    make sure lowell stay in boston!

    we need him, we need schilling, the only play we dont need is a-rod. as red sox fan here in israel i stayed up to watch all of the games ( most of them started around 2 AM) except for 10 so keep up the heat and a repeat next year


    The Boston Red Sox have the 2nd highest payroll in baseball so it is no great achievement for them to win the World Series–everyone knows that so the nation is not celebrating with you or thinking this is something great. Watch out Red Sox fans–when the Yankees sign Beckett and Lowell don’t be surprised. Are you going to turn on them like you turned on Johnny Damon (Damon is a wonderful person who gave your team his all and you turned on him because he made a personal decision that was best for his family.) You can say what you want about Beckett when he leaves Boston to play for the Yankees, but don’t you dare turn on Mike Lowell–he is someone that everyone loves no matter what team we are supporting. Good job Mike!


    Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it’s pretty safe to assume this Youk entry was written by some Sox PR intern. That’s because I went to bed at two last night, while the Sox celebration was still ramping up. And we’ve seen these guys party. There’s no way – NO WAY – Youk partied, drank beer and champagne, smoked stogies, drunk-danced like an elf, and was still able to have a coherent blog online before 8 a.m. No way. Who can say anything – forget write – after a night like that? That is other than to mumble things like, “Whoa . . . oh god . . . my freakin head,” or “I’m going to puke,” or “Who are you?” Sure, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is what makes these guys professional athletes. Maybe their bodies are trained to such an extent, are in such top condition, that they can party like fiends at night and bounce back like nothing happened just hours later. But me? I’d need some serious HGH.



    Anyone who points to payroll and says this is no great achievement is a (m)oron (oh, no offense). In the late 90s, teams like the Orioles, Dodgers and Mets had the highest payrolls in the game outside of the Yanks, and how many titles did they win? The payroll certainly helps. But the team needs to be well-run. The Red Sox are winning now because they are smart about what they do.



    From Red Sox’s Nation in the south I feel I can speak on behalf of all Sox nation when I say we are all happy and excited to have our beloved Red Sox’s win their second World series in 4 years. Youk, you are a great player and an asset to the Rod Sox organization. Players such as yourself make us all proud to be fans of the Sox’s. Enjoy your championship and we look forward to you and the rest of the team defending it in 08. God bless the USA and God bless or Red Sox’s.


    I think that you are absolutely right fansofthefield. Youk doesn’t write entries for this blog. he probably doesn’t even read it. I think some idiot name KEVIN MCMAHON writes for Youk. He doesn’t post any messages on here but he e-mails me directly when he doesn’t like what I say. I think he has a man crush on Youk!


    Youk, Congratulations on a team winning WS victory. U and the team worked hard all year and it showed.
    Now nobody can say 2004 was a miracle or fluke. the Red sox are World Champs again and r 4 real! All the past suffering is gone.

    Thanks; From a Red Sox fan since 1950!


    Despite being a Yankee fan, I have to congratulate you and your teammates on a great job this season. You guys showed a lot of guts coming out of the 3-1 hole against Cleveland and kept it going during the series. Congrats again, and well get you next year.


    Congratulations Kevin! Thanks for the most enjoyable and exciting season of baseball I’ve ever seen. I’m so proud of all of you guys! Can’t wait til’ next season!


    As an overseas Indians fan in Israel I would like to congratulate Youk and the Red Sox as the best team in baseball this year and maybe a leader of an era. You beat everybody fair and square with a lot to spare. The Red Sox were my favorite in the World Series for a lot of reasons. Boston is a great city and I have a few good memories from there. My grandmother came from Mass. to Ohio and was a Red Sox fan. Francona’s father was a popular and good player with a mediocre Cleveland team in the 60’s when I was growing up. But more substantively, the Indians and the Red Sox have in common a team style and player development style combining science and humanity. The Red Sox, like the Indians, are a fine bunch of guys and I wish them well. I just hope our next playoff meeting turns out better for our side.


    Youk! You sexy 1st basemen you… I love reading your blogs. I wish I could have been there to celebrate. What a freaking game. What a freaking season!!

    I’ve seen you in person once, it was after the September 16th loss to the Yankees and you guys were getting on the bus. You walked out with the other two hottest players, Varitek, Lowell, and you. I almost passed out. While everyone was getting the rookies autographs, I was stuck staring at all you veterans. You guys need to make a 2008 hot sox player calender. Seriously. Preferably nude, but hey, I’ll take shirtless.


    Since 1985 (7 years old) I’ve watched the Red Sox because they were the underdog and bad things kept happening…. being so young I felt soooo bad for them!!! Now 29 and knowing the Sowx aren’t underdogs I still Love ’em just the same……. CONGRATS ON SHOWING SOMETIMES GOOD GUYS FINISH FIRST!!!


    Congratulations Youk! What a great season! The members of Red Sox Nation all over the world thank all of you for your class and your clutch play. Thank you for making us look forward to and not dread the fall classic. P.S. Help re-sign Mike Lowell.


    Congratulations! What an amazing victory sweeping the world series! I knew you guys could do it again. It’s been a great season. I really appreciate all your hard work and your heart. Thanks for another awesome year! YOUK, YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!


    YAH RED SOX!! I have been a big Red Sox fan since my uncles took me to my first game at Fenway in 1978. I now live in Nebraska but my heart is still with the RedSox. My children are all sox fans and my daughter now lives in Mass and goes to the games with her husband and friends. IT was great cheering with her on the phone as we watched all 4 games. When you guys won i think they might have heard me all the way to boston. I am very impressed with the way you guys are like family not just teammates. Heres to another great year!!! GO SOX


    YOOOUUUUKKKK!!! If 2004 was for all of my friends and family that were born and died from this world without seeing a red sox world championship—this one’s for all the naysayers (mostly ignorant NY Yankee) fans that said it would be another 86 years before it happenned again. Congrats, Youk–you’re a world champion. see ya at the parade in Boston!



    This championship means a lot to us fans, too. Like you said, ’04 was unbelievable and amazing–now we can die happy. But this one is special because it shows that it wasn’t a fluke, wasn’t a one-and-done, but a truly great team becoming a dynasty. We deserve to enjoy some winning years as much as any dynasty in baseball history, and I’m really happy to know that it’s gonna happen with players like you.

    It was especially great to see you, Dusty, Jacoby, Pap, Lester, and even Bobby Kielty play such key roles in the playoffs–we’re putting winning teams together the right way. A lot of people outside New England have been calling us the New Yankees, but they don’t get it–you all play as a team and I know you’ll always remain humble in your greatness. I hope you’ll be leading this new bunch of great players for years to come.

    Enjoy the off season, and I wish you all the best. We’ll see you in Ft. Myers!


    Living in Yankee land and being a RED SOX fan is so WORTH IT!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the sweetest victory!! YOUUUUUK you are a workhorse as everyone on that team. My dad asked me why are the RED SOX fans booing YOUK everytime he comes to the plate. He is a bit hard of hearing and doesn’t quite get the chant. I set him straight. I had to import some fans from MASSACHUSETTS and we soaked up every ounce of this victory. The one thing that is extraordinary about TEAM RED SOX is that they all put their ego aside and work like a true team not a single player didn’t contribute. It is the best of baseball. Just makes you love the game. And, get it straight, NO WAY, NO HOW, there is no room for A-ROD on this team. We don’t want him, we don’t need him and neither do the Yanks. IT’s like Christmas and the World Series Championship fell on the same day to find out he is getting dumped from the Yanks. KEEP LOWEL!!
    Thanks for giving all the fans the greatest season.


    Living in New York (husband teaching in the Bronx, and being a Die Hard Red Sox fan is the greatest thing in the world especially today!
    Spent over $200 to make sure we could see EVERY Sox game this season.

    Congratulations YOUK and the rest of the CLASSIEST TEAM IN BASEBALL! Thank you for all the great memories! Can’t wait till next year!


    The overrated Red Sox just bought….oops!! I mean, won a championship and I’m still getting under the skin of Red *** Nation. Ya gotta luv it baby!!!


    To the person who commented under the name “”: With all due respect, you are so wrong. Two of our most valued players were Rookies and Papelbon is home grown. Theo was smart and refused to pay the price for people like Johnny Damon and just focused on getting a good young team. Unlike the Yankees, this is a TEAM, not a bunch of individual egos trying to make themselves look good. This is why we won. I have no idea what your team preference is or what makes you feel the need to post something so nasty on Youk’s blog, but the whole point of sports is to have fun and distract us a little from the realities of life. My dad died this last year, and watching the Sox helped my family to smile and escape for a little bit when we wanted to cry. And if they hadn’t won, no way would I begrudge any team their victory enough to post something nasty on a blog. That’s called good sportsmanship, my friend.


    Hey Youk…let’s make it simple…..”you’re simply the best”

    All of us that have supported the team couldn’t be more proud – many thanks for rising to the top and proving the character and ability of this team.

    You guys rocked them all.

    Enjoy and savor every moment.


    youk , great job, it was team effort, you all won together ,im glad to be a sox fan, awsome job to all , lets get another next year, we have all the talent plus some , i think the world of baseball will see the redsox on top again soon, enjoy your victory


    Youk, thank you to you and your teammates for an incredible year. Enjoy the party, you earned it and deserve it. Can’t wait ’til April 2008! 🙂


    Hey Youk !! Congratulations to you and the rest of the team . NO SWEAT , right !! :-). Thanks for the blogs, the great season, and the fantastic finish . Mike Lowell has to stay here ..


    To, and all others blindly fixed on the Red Sox salary commitment for 2007 …

    Take a look at this article written by Ian Brown of ( He talks about the make up of the Sox, experienced players AND youth.

    BTW fellas … the youth of this team (Pedroia, Ellsbury, DelCarmen, Papelbon, Youkilis, Okajima, Lester, Kielty) are who not only put us over the top but were a MAJOR factor in getting us there … as well as carrying us through the post-season. None of these guys are making the millions of $$ you’re screaming about (ok — perhaps Okajima or Kielty are barely over $1M).

    One unaduterated fact remains that THE SUCCESS OF THE 2007 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOSTON RED SOX is because of the COMPLETE AND TOTAL TEAM EFFORT OF BOTH YOUTH AND EXPERIENCE – top to bottom, and all the way around. Let’s also not forget the wizardry of Terry Francona, Brad Mills, Dave Magadan, and John Harrel (Sorry if I spelled any of those wrong). It was Mills who made the call to pick off Holliday … it was Francona who made the call to put the bat in Kielty’s hands for the eventual game-winning long ball.

    Good grief fellas! Stop embarassing yourselves and just scream at the top of your lungs in support of YOUR OWN team. A die-hard fan for any team puts up with 86 years of heartbreak – and coming back the next year with hope!

    Pull up your drawers and get over yourselves!!! Baseball is baseball … and always will be!

    As for 2007, only 1 remains standing – the Boston Red Sox!



    Congratulations! The Red Sox are now the standard to which all teams aspire. We have the best organization and team in baseball. Look forward to a Gold Glove and enjoy the parade!




    Well done! Congratulations on a wonderful four game sweep against the Rockies. I live in Colorado also, but have been a Sox fan for 45 years. You guys beat a really good Rockies team. I have consoled them with our own version of disappointing losses!

    Watching this team win it all gives me such a great sense of joy and pride! Your unselfish attitude while sitting on the bench in games 3 and 4 was an awesome display of “TEAM” first!

    Enjoy your off season and we will see you in Denver next summer!


    Hey pwiner…you dont get under our skin, we just dont let foolish people write foolish comments without being acknowledged as foolish and whining children. Bottom Line, soxs are the best. I dont know if you watched any of the soxs series but every writer, commentator and network wouldnt stop discussing how well developed our minor league system is. I dont know if you know this but our AA and AAA teams have been great over the years. Plus…did you count how many minor league players who made an impact on this team this year? You dont get under our skin…you just make us realize how uneducated you really are and should just accept that the red soxs are the team to beat. Great Job Soxs!


    Youk, congratulations to you and your amazing Red Sox teammates!! You all had a fantastic year and deserved to end the season at the top of the heap! I sincerely hope that my two favorite infielders are in their usual spots at the corners next season – that’s you and Mike Lowell, of course!! 🙂 Congratulations again and enjoy the moment!!


    youk please tell the guys thaks for another world series win i had never been much of a baseball fan in 2004 i started watching and learning about baseball and i rember it like it was yesterday the last game of the 2004 world series i sat in my living room with my broom my kids thought i had gone mad lol well now its 2007 and now i know all about the game and the players ps still sat in my livingroom with my broom hey who knows maybe2008 i may even be able to see my very first game at fenway i would love that would love someday to be able to shake hands with the guys i have grown to love yeah well i can dream almost met jay one year he was in haverhill signing autographs but because i wasnt on the mailing list even after waiting hours in line i wasnt able to get that autograph please tell mike wtg on mvp i really hope they resign him my daughter ask me who my favoraite player i have to say all of them i could never choose just one i love you all wtg congratts again now ill be in redsoxs withdrawel till next spring. as for alex in the words of curt shilling for when we didnt get roger we dont need him hey i know this was a long blog sorry was my first one


    The Red Sox Rule and The Rockies Drool!! You guys had an amazing year! I’m just glad that I got to see it this time. Back in 2004 I had to work for each of the games and my boss wouldn’t let me have them off. So I didn’t get to see any of the Series then. This time I caught all the games and was thrilled to see The Sox sweep another Series.


    Dear Kevin;
    I have really enjoyed your writing and uplifting commments.

    I have been a life long fan and I can tell from reading the comments on your blog, I am really an old timer.I laugh at some of them. I was there in 1940 with my grandfather as a child for my first World Series and we lost. I was there for all the disappointments after as I grew into adulthood. 1967 was a great year. It was the beginning of hope and then came 2004. My grandfather had just died, his daughter, my Mom followed; both never saw the Red Sox finally win it all. Both said you will live to see it in your lifetime.

    They were right; I have kept the faith and have been rewarded, not once but twice. It feels sooooo goood!!!!

    This year I was so sure about this team, I placed a double bet in Vegas in June. Now I can collect.

    Congratulations to this Red Sox Team. Enjoy this. Rest during the off season and do it again in 2008.You have learned what other Red Sox teams never did; it is about team work, everyone contributing that get’s the job done.

    Thanks Youk for this happy memory; express this to your team mates too.


    To Youk and the rest of THE 2007 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX ( god that sounds so good) congratulations!!!! This is an awesome feeling for us I can only imagine what it feels like for you and the team. I have been a Red Sox fan all my life, I guess you could say I was born into it, quite literally. Oct 1,1967 at the exact moment Rico Petrocelli was catching the pop-up to send us to the World Series I was being born. My dad often tells me it was the greatest day of his life for two reasons, The Sox and Me. In 04 ,we were together for what I now consider one of the greatest day of my life. With each season since then you guys keep adding more and more pleasant memories for me to share with my kids and I am eternally great full to all of you. I am glad that the heartaches of yester-year are not happening anymore and the future is bright for You and the Red Sox organization. I love the team work displayed by this team and with that attitude and the Red Sox Nation behind you I’m sure we will continue to flourish. Again Thank You to You and the Guys and Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy the off season and we are all looking forward to the spring.


    I just wanted to say to all the Yankee fans who have posted congrats on this blog – thanks. I work with a few yankee fans now and unlike those I worked wiht in the past, these folks are much like “us” – they love and KNOW baseball (unlke some of the “winers” in here) The loud and obnoxious fans of any team are annoying, but one thing about the ALEast, most of us are baseball fans first and live and die by our team. We can “talk” baseball, history, etc. and be objective without being personal. Thanks again, Youk and Varitek and Lowe and the rookies and all of the team. What an awesome year, what an awesome team.


    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND!!!!!! thank you guys for make me so happy, and repeat de next year!! go sox!!!! saludos from venezuela


    Kevin, you have been an inspiration all year. All of you have.

    Thank you all for the incredible season. and congratulations for the well deserved victory last night!!

    JimBentz, Saugus, MA


    Thank you Youk and all the sox!! We are all just ecstatic right now. I was extremely fortunate to be there in Denver to watch you make history. I’m going to celebrate some more by going to your brother’s reastaurant out here in SF. 🙂 Thanks again for an amazing year and for sharing with us. It’s very much appreciated.


    Kevin, congrats to you and the rest of your teammates on a positively great series.I believed and in my previous blogs told you that it was possible being down to the tribe may have jumpstarted you guys and you played game to game which is what you and the SOX do best great patience at the plate , the whole team is the MVP as far as im concerned hey RED SOX NATION we are NO 1 AGAIN !!!! and Youk, if you do read this tell em to get lowell signed It would be the right thing to do NOW WE JUST HAVE tO GO BACK TO BACK woooh yeah baby TO THE Yankees fans hoping to see a good team soon um not gonna happen you are in deep 6be$$$$$ haha see you in 08 KEVIN sdh in NH..


    Youk, the man with the best batting stance in baseball. Congrats! Thank you for the memories! My fiance and I especially enjoyed watching you hitting the coke bottle the other night in Fenway! Peace! Have a great offseason! Now it to kick back someplace warm!


    Congrats!!!!! you guys rock . Thanks for a GREAT!! season. We knew you guys had it in ya. Much Luv from Oregon!!!


    Thanks for this great and fabulous season, enjoy the victory,funny things,fans, trophy, friends, and all things make special this championship. I love you all members of the Red Sox!!!


    Great job Yooooouuuuukkkkk! You and the rest of the boys were great. You deserved to win!

    The Indians and Rockies played hard and fair but came up short. Thank you both for a competitive ALCS and WS.


    P Winer – the name says it all. The “h” just happens to be missing, because he can’t spell.




    Red Sox details 10-30-07
    Written by Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

    I wrote a letter to the Red Sox blog yesterday. The response has been out standing. I even appreciate the people that complained about my ?whining?. Veterans gave our lives just so people that do not care about others can live a great life here in the U. S. For your information I was not ?whining? I asked base ball if they would help a disabled veteran make the facts of this case known. I silently volunteered helping others since I returned in 1974 from the Vietnam Conflict. I volunteer out of respect for those veterans that never returned from our many conflicts and wars. I volunteer thousands of hours a year to make life better for others. The news has censored the truth that my Veterans medical care has been stopped for political self gain. This is an illegal act. I am a no-body. I received three injuries while serving. Two came during separate combat support missions. I can not forget my time over there, you see I have flash backs of my first kill every day. I am not whining. I am proud of my actions as a United States Marine. What I did may not have been morally correct but I did it for my country. (YOU)

    In 1999 a family from Madbury NH called me out of the ?blue?. They had read a letter to the editor that I wrote. The Madbury selectmen use government powers to force families that the selectmen do not like out of their town. I as a America citizen could not allow this so I volunteered to help this family. Judge Peter Fauver violated the law to protect these selectmen. The NH Supreme Court refused to hear a case that questioned the integrity of the courts. The NH governor used the state police to harass my family at work and home. I got arrested under the Patriot Act as a terrorist. I lost my freedom for 6 months before the bogus charges were dropped. NH Congress woman Shea-Porter did not like a letter to the editor so she filed a false police complaint against me. I was arrested until the complaint was determined to be false. The Dover and Lee NH police refuse to allow me to file a complaint against anyone. She then had a VA Dr file a commitment order with out merit to take my freedom. Now the NH VA director Levenston stops my VA medical for injuries received in the line of duty. I volunteer to help American citizens and judges and government officials use medical care to stop my volunteer help. From President Bush down to the lowest political official all refuse to help me. News Papers censor the truth. Where do I go.

    Base ball as well as those that say I am a ?whinier? have your freedom because our children risked their lives to become Veterans. Is it so much that I ask base ball to just ask publicly why the State of New Hampshire has allowed these criminal acts to be criminally inflicted on a disabled veteran. The State of NH is wrong for what they are doing and I am Proud to stand up to my death to help this Madbury NH family. This is why I wrote the Red Sox blog letter.

    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi


    YOUK!!!!!, First off, I know it’s late but kudos to you for becoming a great first baseman. It’s really been cool to see you do so well. Thanks to each and every one of you guys. You are the best and Boston is fortunate to call you their own. Say thanks to Papi, Manny, Beckett and the rest of the boys and we’ll be awaiting next year.. Tell management to re-sign Mike Lowell (a “throw-in” for the Beckett deal?.. That rocks). Thanks again, we love you guys.


    p.s. to jetfan28, that was classy, thanks and may the greatest rivalry in sports be just as hot in 2008. Peace.


    Hey jburke,

    Good for you and your farm system. Why don’t the Sox just call up rookies at every position and see if they can win with a team full of kids.

    We’ll see if the Sox are the team to beat. What did they do after winning it all in 2004? They got swept by the White Sox in the 1st round in 2005. Then the Yankees whooped them big time in 2006 by sweeping a 5 game series at Fenway. They were toast after that! Trust me, I’m not worried.

    Oh, and the fact that you and anyone else is acknowledging me, means that you don’t like what I have to say. Hense, I am getting under your skin and I love it!


    Thanks for a great year, was in Baltimore, and got a little nervous……..been to 14 games this year, and enjoyed everyone on them, and the rest on TV……..hope you guys enjoy your time off and the parade today……….hope all of you are with us next year!!resign lowell!!


    Hi Kevin!

    Thank you for such a wonderful season! And congratulations!! You guys really did it again! Yay!!!

    The Boston Red Sox always justify my love! World Champions baby! 😉





    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you and the rest of the team for a great year! It has been so much fun to be a Red Sox fan and a sports fan in Boston. You guys have a great team. Someone different has been the hero every night. Its been so much fun to watch. Thanks again! Get some rest in this off season and get ready to do it again next year!


    DUDE!!!!! HUGE congratulations!!!

    Get in touch anytime you’re out west!!!!

    Amazing stuff, you killed it all post season!!!

    I know you’re livin it up large.

    Cheers, Cory D!!!

    cincy pride!!! syc’97


    Dear YOUK, all i want for christmas is a worl series title. You made that dream a reality, thank you. I grew up in Boston, but now reside in New Orleans. I have always followed the red sox since 78′ and love what the future holds for us all. Thanks to all the Red Sox, lets do it againn real soon. Dean


    First, huge congrats on being such an important part of the 2007 World Series Champs!!!

    I am a teacher at The Greenhouse School in Salem, MA and have been teaching my students the art of master pumpkin carving the entire month of October. Well, being a life-long member of Red Sox Nation, and having recently moved to the North Shore, I could think of nothing better to carve on my pumpkin than the Sox logo that we all know and love! And winning the Series just gave me a bit more to add!

    I’ve had quite a few people tell me I should offer the pumpkin to the team – so here are some photos!

    My next project? The faces of all the current players!


    Thanks for an awesome year!! I freely admit I will feel a sense of loss about 7:05 each night for a while, but there is where my dvr comes in!!

    Thanks for a super season, for being such a team player, for caring enough for fans to fill us in via your blog.

    You earned your time off – and I am sure you need it. Enjoy it, get healed, bask in the joy and contentment of an amazing success and achievement. You have helped make an awful lot of people happy and I thank you…

    Mary Ann,

    Jax Beach, Florida


    don’t worry, pwiner; your Yankees will be back in a few years, so don’t be jealous of Boston’s hot streak. BTW, don’t I hear your Mommy calling you?


    Congrats Youk!….you guys did a great job….all of Red Sox Nation is proud of all of you and thankful to be Sox fans.


    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    Congratulations on an amazing year and thank you so much for another championship.


    In case nobody noticed, pwhiner told everybody the best way to make him go away: just ignore it. Even if he doesn’t go away, if you ignore him, it will tick him off that nobody id responding to his ludicrous delusional rantings. Just ignore, ignore, ignore. He’s a complete joke anyways, so why would you let anything he saysget to you? WE are the champions, we don’t have anything to worry about from jealous fans like whiner until next season. Just ignore the ignorant.


    What a treat it was to see you at the parade today. Thanks for an amazing season, from the bottom of my Red-Sox-loving heart. This year, you bet I believed! Congratulations on winning it all. You earned it, every single day, and we love ya for it.


    Dear Mr. Youkilis,
    Thank you! Thank you for an exciting season, a thrilling postseason and another championship! I hope you enjoy some well-deserved time off and savor this victory. Thank you with all of my heart.

    Very Sincerely,

    Dija Selimi


    hey youk,you had one of the finest postseasons in the history of the game.if you don’t mind i would like to change your name to “the clutch hammer”because of an inspirational display of hitting prowess. my dad had a bad stroke a month ago and one of the things we enjoyed was watching the games on the t.v. at the hospital.
    it really kept him going,thanks youk,



    Youk, you are such a committed team player, it’s great. The Sox are fortunate to have you. Way to come up super large in the play-offs. Many of my friends and family thought that the ALCS and WS MVP awards could have just as easily gone to you. No swipe at Beckett or Lowell, who each played great. But you were amazing! I hope to watch you in that uniform for many years to come.


    Hey rob8569,

    Are you reading this message right now? Thought you were going to ignore me? HAHAHA!!!

    You had the right idea but you’re still an idiot!


    Man, what a great year Youk! It was awesome to see you play so well at firstbase..I can’t wait until next year — These next few months are gonna go by so slow! haha

    anyways, i’m gonna miss seeing you in the dugout with the humongous red leather gloves 😛 — hope you’re enjoying this right now. and get enough rest in the offseason to come back and be awesome again next year 🙂


    Okay, pwiner (your name says it all, doesn’t it?), I have been a Red Sox fan since 1956, and during that time, there were times when the only team they were ahead of in the standings were the Washington Senators. I have been in Fenway Park when there were only 2,000 or so people in the stands, when the Red Sox couldn’t give tickets away. I didn’t have a father or a grandfather or an uncle who loved baseball, but somehow, I did. I have always actually enjoyed the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees, because, frankly, it’s usually very good baseball, and that’s what I love. I hate the “YANKEES ****” cheer, and I hate it when people just sling insults back and forth. Aren’t we supposed to love the game? Team loyalty is instilled in me, because when I began watching this game, you picked your team and you stuck with it. That’s why so many old-timers still can’t get over the fact that the Dodgers left Brooklyn lo those many years ago. The Red Sox played some mighty fine baseball to get to where they were, especially with the Yankees breathing down their necks at the end of the season this year. That’s what made it exciting–watching the fans breathe a sigh of relief when the Yankees lost or a sigh of disbelief when the Red Sox lost and the Yankees won. If you recall, the Red Sox were way ahead before the All-Star break, and the Yankees mounted a comeback attempt. It was exciting to watch, from my perspective, as a BASEBALL LOVER. Now, do you love baseball or do you just love to sling insults? Personally, I’d be just as happy if the Red Sox would outlaw the “Yankees ****” cheer at Fenway, but I’d also like to get my hands on the person who called my daughter a “Red Sox *****” at Yankee stadium in 2006 when she attended a Red Sox-Yankee game there. There is NO REASON for this crass, below-the-belt stuff. It serves no purpose. Again, do you love baseball or not? If so, you saw some great games, especially the Cleveland games. And you saw the Yankee management give Joe Torre, whom I really respect, a very raw deal at the end of the year. So if you want to insult people, please go elsewhere–get your own damned blog. Let us bask in our Red Sox for a while. After all, pretty soon you will be shoving the number “26” in our faces again.


    I’m with you 100% wanfischer. The trouble with the person you “straightened out” is that these kinds are everywhere on the internet. They’re probably lonely and angry and this is the way they “act out”. Best thing to do is ignore and move on.
    BTW, I read in the paper today that Curt’s a free agent. I talked today to a guy I work with who lives in the same town as Curt and this guy says that Curt’s house has been on the market for a week.



    I hope you’re reading these comments, Youk! You’ve been my favorite player all year long!!! CONGRATS!!!!


    In regards to your number “26” comment…you’re absolutely right…7 down for the Red Sox and only 19 more to go to catch the Yankees.

    And before anyone starts using the word “dynasty” when talking about the Red Sox, the Yankees won 4 World Series’ in 5 years between 1996 and 2000. Including 3 in a row.

    2 in 4 years….not quite there yet but keep trying!


    Guess you never answered my question–do you love baseball, pwiner, or do you just love to sling insults? And it’s spelled “straightening,” not “straitening.” “Straight” means not crooked; “strait” has the connotation of a place, as in “dire straits,” meaning being in a tough spot, or the Straits of Gibraltor. Look it up.


    Let’s get back to why we all love our team.
    The thing that impressed me the most was that each and every player contributed to the championship which for all baseball fans represents the sport at the highest level. I enjoy everyone’s perspective on this WS’2007, so tell me the player and the moment all of you felt was critical to winning the series. There were so many unbelieveable plays. I’ll start it off with

    1. Jacoby Ellsbury, 4th game against the Rockies, caught the ball for the second out bottom of the ninth.


    hey youk,
    man ur awesome. I cant believe they sat u, u were hot as ****. ANyways great series and great year. i hope u spend ur hole career in boston. Thx so much,

    Yondi KAdosh


    Ok, meglaces, good idea! Coco Crisp, making that catch running into the center field wall for the last out in the closest game at Fenway!


    Absolutely!! My dad liked that catch by Crisp, too. When you see the highlights of the WS, you just marvel at all these incredible plays. It was the best baseball a team could play. Here is another, after stuggling for awhile, JD DREW’S Grand Slam. Total redemption!!


    How about Paps pick off of Holliday at first…awesome!!! Kind of took the wind out of their sails.


    YEAH!!!! that was a good one and timely as it was in the eighth inning!!! I need to see that again!!!


    hi pwiner, the red sox r doing great!!! that is great that they won 2 world series in the past 4 years and the RED SOX have so much young talent on the team, that all the newspapers around the country say that the RED SOX have a GREAT CHANCE TO WIN MORE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS IN THE YEARS TO COME!!!!!!! we may not equal yankees 4 in 5 years but the RED SOX HAVE A GREAT TEAM!!!! LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!! HERE WE GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOOOOOOUUUUUUKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!


    congrats for the year you had in boston. once a red sox always a red sox.




    Hi Kevin,

    I just wanted to drop a quick note of congratulations from WI–What an amazing season! Bet of luck in the off-season and in ’08.


    Kevin Youk, Congratulations on your baseball victory! Please email me back and send me a picture of you.
    From your friend,

    Anne Pellegrini


    so good, just the hitting and
    bunting–just like the old days

    but with more broken bats!!







    I knew when my seven year old son lost a tooth at Fenway on his birthday on a cold, rainy May game night that this was going to be a special season! Thanks for bringing me and my boy a lot of happiness – we’ve enjoyed every inning! Congratulations to you and the team on a tremendous season!


    joe torre just signed a 3 year deal with the la dodgers look for don mattingly to be hitting coach with dodgers too.


    Hey Youk, I had a baseball coach in high school, near Boston, doesn’t matter where, whose main message was always HUSTLE. Didn’t matter what we were doing or where we were, just HUSTLE. That was all that mattered to him. So we HUSTLED everywhere, even on a walk we RAN down to first. But you know what? When I watch you, I finally understand what he meant. You are Mr. Hustle, no matter where you are, and it is what makes you great. Maybe if I had hustled more, I could have played for the Sox, too. Oh well. Frank


    Ok hockey,,,I think we all knew long b4 u posted about joe torre,,,question is,,WHO CARES,,LOL,,,calm down on the praising so ya dont jinx the sox like ur old friend says,,youk2020@MSN,,anyway our buddy pwiner is right about some things,,,maybe in our lifetime the sox will equal the yankees of past,,which is a very tall order for any orginization,,whats with the..YOOOOUUUKKK,,,<>



    Also, your blog was invaluable in getting us through the highs and the lows of the post-season.

    I sincerely hope you keep your blog going during the post-season and give us updates on trades, Florida…anything…the only thing wrong with baseball is that it doesn’t last for 365 days a year!

    Much love and regards,



    What a job by you and the rest of the Sox. Congratulations on your championship and thanks for doing your job so well. You’re a great player on the field and seem like a very nice guy off as well. I’m a third generation Sox fan and have been a fan for 24 years. If you don’t get a Gold Glove then it’s going to be a crying shame because you’ve been rock solid in defense. Believe it or not I’d compare you to the guy over at the other hot corner, Mike Lowell. You both are very solid defensively and put together good at bats. Guys like you, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Okijima and Papelbon really stepped it up. It’s good to see the young guys come through, great job this season. Again, thanks for all you do on and off the field.



    Im just getting back to normal here. Can we have any longer games?? 🙂 Youk what a great year. Thanks for always playing hard and with heart. It’s been a real treat to be a fan this year. Being a life long fan some years that is not so easy to say. Great Job and cant wait to see you all go for it again next year. I dont know about you but hope Papelbon doesnt hurt himself in the off season…dancing and parting to much! That boy could be the poster boy for FRAT houses 🙂 It’s been fun watching it all.


    Congrats Youk et al!! Sox rule!!

    To all the apologists for the Red Sox well earned championship, we have nothing to apologize for. This was simply the best team, playing World Class baseball, especially in the post-season.

    We have every reason to be proud, as members of Red Sox Nation. Our team came through in a big way, and not just the highly paid members of that team. This was a total team effort. Everyone contributed and everyone should be proud of his effort.

    As Adam White of the Bennington Banner so aptly put it: “Sox fans shouldn’t feel guilty about being world champions…..Like I said, this is a franchise that makes money, and lots of it. The fact that ownership puts so much of it back into the team – as opposed to categorizing it under bogus “operating costs” like stadium depreciation and simply pocketing it, as most other franchises do – is nothing to be ashamed of. Were these same belly-aching fans to demand higher accountability from the owners and force these crooks to funnel more revenue back into their teams, there would be a lot fewer World Series sweeps and much less of a disparity in talent than exists today. In that regard, the Sox are guilty of only one thing – having owners rich enough to not have to steal from their fans, or at least steal as much…. we had watched as the Sox put together a juggernaut of a team, captured the division (finally!) and, after an LCS hiccup, found their stride and steamrolled to the title. The pitchers got the outs they needed to get, the batters got hits in key spots and the team won, like it was supposed to. It wasn’t weird at all; it was normal. Good teams – even in Red Sox uniforms – are set up to win games. Even big, pressure-packed games like these.”

    So revel in the championship Red Sox and Red Sox Nation. We all deserve it!! Thanks for a great season and a great blog, Youk!! See you in the spring. Go Sox!!!!!!


    Merci !!!!
    I was there in Boston for the last 2 weeks, thank You for all these great emotions and games.

    See you next year…

    Anne from Beer/Chocolate Kingdom


    Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to make my first trip to Fenway next summer!!! Have a great off-season and I wish you and your soon-to-be wife the best! Keep up the great work!!


    Sorry I bothered you at the dry cleaners for a picture in the rain – but you really made my day! 🙂


    Way to go Youk! Take some time off and relax. We (Red Sox Nation) are already for next year! So rest up and get ready……….your a class act, and I got quite a kick out of your mittens… nice and warm looking!
    Thanks again for all of your hard work.

    Krista MM

    P.S. I think Michael August should be blogging. After all he is the captain of the bullpen band!!!!!


    Hey Youk, Hope you are enjoying some time off and relaxing. Is there any way you could find the time to blog in the offseason periodically? Im going through baseball withdrawals already. You could tell us what you have been up to and keep us updated on the status of some players or anything else you feel would interest us. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. As you can tell your blog is a great success. We love hearing from you. I hope you are enjoying yourself and I look forward to spring training and the 2008 baseball season. Thanks for the great memories this year.


    Hey Youk, Congratulations for a job well done. When you talk to Theo tell him the following: Give Francona a raise, do whatever it takes to keep Lowell at third and last but not least…DON’T EVEN TALK TO THAT MONEY GRUBBING PUNK A-ROD!!!!! We have the World Series MVP at third. Enjoy your off season while you can, but come back ready to defend the title. GO REDSOX…..oh yeah, hey Damon how do you like New York now. Maybe you can caddy for A-ROD this winter!!!!


    Youk! I really hope you read this.
    Great season, great series and man, you are a great player. Unselfish and team first. I love it! Congratulations to you AND the whole Red Sox organization!

    I am a coach, and when I try to explain what I think makes a player great, I often point to you and tell the kids,

    “Youkilis embodies everything in my definition of “great.” He is “THE” team player. He plays anywhere the team needs him and you rarely hear anything coming out of his mouth without the word “team” in it. Along with that is a clearly evident desire to win. No doubt he is a smash you in the mouth competitor but that never comes across as arrogant or negative. That is why I think he is great.”

    I hope everyone knows just how lucky the Sox are to have a player like you on board.

    Thank you for being such a great player, teammate and example for all of us.

    See you in 2008!


    Hi there and congratulations on a great season from a Red Sox fan from Scotland. I’ve been following the team since my first visit to Fenway Park in 2001 and I had the very good fortune to get to a couple of games this season when over again in July. You guys have been superb this year and the foundations are there for more success in the future I’m sure. I’m looking forward to 2008 already – even more so if Theo & co can please, please re-sign Mike Lowell!!


    And here’s one from up in northwestern Canada, adding to all these fabulous postings. (You can always judge a plogger by the quality of the postings that he generates.) BRAVO, Youk, to you and the team! It has been a delight for me (and now my wife, who’s hooked) to follow you all from the first pitch of the season to the last. I haven’t had this much fun rooting for a team since I was a kid, but this is better. Hope you get that gold glove. You are a consommate team guy, and we wish you a great off-season. See you in 2008!


    Hi Kevin and all of the fantastic Red Sox team:

    You have made an English BoSox fan very, very happy…We stay up until 3/4/5 a.m. (whatever it takes) to watch our team and this season sleep seemed even more dispensible than ever!! Even when we were 3-1 down in the ALCS I still had faith in you and Tito’s army!

    Roll on 2008 as a Torre-less Yanks collapse and the Red Sox walk to the AL East title and, ultimately, another World Series crown!!!

    Thanks for the memories Kevin and all the best to my fellow RSN friends…


    Hey Youk! As you mentioned, I was one of the die hards that always believed. After several years of disappointment, it was FABULOUS to be a Sox fan in 2004 – even with all the nail biting in the post season. This year I was still sure you’d all make a come back (as I told all my Yankee fan friends all year) even when Cleveland seemed to have the upper hand with a 3-1 lead. But I knew that I knew, that I knew you’d be back! Every time we were down with 2 outs, I was sure that, as usual, you guys would do your best work because you don’t let the pressure get to you-you just play ball. (I on the other hand experienced palpitations every inning of every game! :-)) We spent the entire season being SOOOO proud of all the hard work that the team did for the fans & each other. It’s great to be a part of Boston sports everyday, because here, we have teams – not stuck up stars! Keep up the great work on and off the field!




    Yah, Go youk!
    I have been a redsox fan forever! I just knew you guys would do it this year, congratz on the gold glove! I wouldnt be suprised if you guys won again in ’08 after ’04 and this past season.I wish i couldve gone to a game more that year but i only could one time.


    Hey Youk, Tony Townsend here. Just wanted to congradulate you on all your success. Man…. A Gold Glove? 2 Rings? When are you going to Disney Land? Its been a lot of fun watching you and the boys dethrone the yanks of their dynasty status. Keep up the hard work and keep playing this great game the way you always did…..With a lot of heart. Best wishes.



    As a Cleveland Indians fan, I congratulate Red Sox Nation for a fine season. You were the better team and I’m not afraid to admit it. You deserved this victory as World Champs. Best hopes for a rematch in 2008. I also respect the fans of Red Sox Nation, including the ones who gave props to the Indians on Ryan Garko’s blog for a fine season. As for the Sox fans (you all know who you are or were) who posted nasty junk on Garko’s blog bashing my Tribe, I believe there’s a saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.” Those Sox fans apparently are still sour grapes because John Kerry wasn’t elected president in 2004. Don’t blame Indians fans because Kerry lost Ohio in the 2004 Presidential Election to “Dubya.” They have nothing to do with that. Blame dirty politics from right wing New Englanders like Ann Coulter and the Swift Boat Vets, both who were hired hands by “Bush’s Brain” Karl Rove. Just leave the Indians organization and its fans alone. Post comments on Red Sox not Indians blogs. I come in peace and you won’t hear from me again. Best wishes to Red Sox Nation in 2008 and beyond. You are a great team.


    youuuuuuuuuk need a little help. here i am to save the day! your blog is awesome, but i can help you grab more headlines with “ride the lightning” focus and strong writing. i am a news professional.. as well as a huge fan.. email me if you’re interested in making your blog a destination for red sox nation, and beyond.


    YOUK – you’ve come a long ways from playing Third Base for the Sea Dogs.




    I want to thank you and all the guys for a great season. I have been a Red Sox fan since my Dad took me to my 1st game in 1957. I wish he had lived long enough to see both the 2004 & 2007 championships. My Yankee friends are suddenly quiet. No more 1918 and curse of the Bambino!!!


    Hey Kevin!!! Great Blog! Congrats on all your successes. The Sycamore family is so proud of you. Your success is a true testament to how hard work, dedication to the dream and belief in yourself can payoff. That applies to both you AND your team. Keep on representing yourself as the quality guy you are! Still the die hard Reds fan but enjoy cheering you and the Red Sox on. Heard you all will be in Cincy next year. We will definitly be there if that is the case. Congrats again to you and your teammates! Lorinda Ottaway



    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the entire Red Sox organization for accomplishing a feat that no one ever seemed possible. Who would have thought that it would take 86 years for a team to win a World Championship, and then go onto win another one 4 years later?????

    Also, congratulations on your 1st ever Gold Glove award!!!!!!


    As I look over the many clippings from this sason, Kevin, I will file many to share with my grandchildren some day. I will tell them about the 07 Sox and how they were number 1 on and off the field and how they always managed to win. They are doers and not quitters. Yes I have a box of keep sakes but this year and this team will apways be near the top of our list. Thanks for so many wonderful nights watching you guys play. Now if only we could get tickets to see you in person next season, well that is another story.
    God Bless you all.


    Congratulations on the win and please stay humble. I counted 40 times so far that you publicly said “best team in baseball” and that is just arrogant. You know Yaz would not say such a thing or feel right about a teammate saying arrogant things like that.

    Have a great off-season, you deserve it and we’ll see you again in a shortened spring training 2008 🙂



    connerjets, it’s not arrogant to say you’re the best team in baseball after you have just won the World Series. If you and your team can pull off such a feat, you are truly worthy of saying such things, at least until next season. The whole point of winning the World Series is to prove who the best team in baseball is.


    Yo bro… Have a great season this year. I know you will! Don’t shave that goatee and keep sweatin’ all over your helmet.. Us fans are supersticious too. shalom!!!

    Nick D