A good cause

Join me on Saturday, November 10 at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT, for "Crackin’ it Up," a benefit for my Hits for Kids Charitable Organization, benefiting kids all around New England.

Mike O’Malley is emceeing the night, and some of my Red Sox teammates also will be on hand. Come enjoy some cocktails, dinner, and a great silent auction featuring sports memorabilia and jewelry.

Here’s the schedule for the night:
Pre-Game Report 6:00 PM – Silent Auction Preview
First Pitch 6:30 PM – Cocktail Reception
7th Inning Stretch 7:30 PM – Dinner
Extra Innings 8:30 PM – "Newlywed" Style Game Show

Tickets are $500 and you can purchase them at youkskids.org or at the box office at Mohegan Sun. Thanks for your support!


  1. soxfanny@gmail.com

    “Tickets are $500”

    Gee, Youk. Way to make if affordable for the average fan.

    I realize it is for charity, but you’d get a lot more takers if you made it accessible for the REAL fans, not just the ones who can afford to spend outrageous amounts of money on their team and their team’s charities.

  2. ultiman@gmail.com

    soxfanny, $500 is a great price for a charity event like this. Typically, tickets for charity events featuring MLB players and such run in the $2,000-$3,000 range (at least from what I’ve seen). It’s also most likely a safety net to allow mostly people with healthy amounts of money to attend the event, thus generating higher donation amounts and auction sale prices. Looks like it’s going to be a very fun night, and to me $500 is not much at all.

  3. chazbedlam@cableone.net


    I’m a Yankee fan, but I would like to say congrats on a fantastic season. Please pass along my thanks to your superiors for continuing to make our rivalry so compelling. I admire the way you play the game, and your intensity on the field. Hope to see you at the Mendoza line in the ALCS against us next season, LOL. Have a good one, Youk.

  4. lynnith28@yahoo.com

    Youk, how come I keep reading that Enza is you “significant other.” What does that mean? Girlfriend? Fiance? I’m just confused to why they would call her that…

  5. maria@mariafarina.com

    Hi Youk,

    When are you coming to Pittsburgh?! I’m a Red Sox fan, because, well, we have the Pirates! If you hosted a charity event here, I would pay the $500 just to say hello in person and of course to help the kids…..it’s all about the kids.

    The Bucs just introduced the new manager today. Don’t know much about him other than he’s been a journeyman. If you have any inside scoop, please let me know.

    Wish you were a free agent, the Pirates could use a great first baseman, and a second baseman, and a third…..well, you get my point.



  6. allyct277@hotmail.com

    Too much money for me Youk, but I’m glad that you have an event coming up and I’m all for that!!
    CONGRATS again, and you took enough time to party and also clean up your locker as well. Hope you have a great off-season!!

  7. jackiboyz@yahoo.com

    Sorry YOUK to much money for me!Is there somewhere I can send a small donation? Oh,by the way, Congrats. on the GOLD GLOVE,your the best 1st Baseman I’ve seen since the George “BOOMER” Scott. You’ll win plenty more.

  8. thegunzsh0w@yahoo.com

    Congrats on the Gold Glove… all it took was a 1.000 fielding percentage and Mark Teixeira getting traded to the NL… seriously though, I gotta believe this is just the first of many

  9. dakotaman83@yahoo.com

    YOOOK, you are the man. Congrats on the gold glove and the great season. Everyboby says that I look just like you. Enjoy the offseason you deserve it man!

  10. winnerawd@aol.com

    Hi Kevin
    We wanted to personally congratulate you on your most deserved Golden Glove award. You know what big Red Sox fans we are and this is a double treat for us with you being from Cincinnati. We also want to congratulate you on your second World Series ring. It doesn’t get any better than that – does it – unless of course #3 comes next year πŸ™‚

    Take care and GO RED SOX!

    The Mand’s

    Brian, Roberta, Brandon and Krystina

  11. rosebudhi@hawaii.rr.com


    Congrats on the WORLD SERIES win and now on your GOLD GLOVE!!! I’m so happy for you. Enjoy your off-season.

    aloha from red sox nation pacific,


  12. wanfischer@earthlink.net

    YOUUUUKKK! Congratulations on the Gold Glove and thanks for such a wonderful season. We could always count on you to hustle and play smart baseball. I certainly can’t come to your benefit–my job was recently eliminated, and I am among the unemployed right now (statistics R us in my house)–but here’s hoping for a successful event where you raise a lot of money for your terrific cause. And yes, add my voice to the chorus: SIGN MIKE LOWELL!!!

  13. ultiman@gmail.com

    Way to go on the Gold Glove, that’s amazing… Fourth year and you’ve already received a very prestigious reward! Best of luck on your continued success.

    Also, someone asked about sending donations to Youk’s charity. The address is listed on the charity’s website, youkskids.org under the ‘Donate/Volunteer’ tab.

  14. bosox20ky@aol.com

    Youkkkk,,,,1st of CONGRATS on gold glove,,hopefully you break garvey’s record next season and despite rumors I hope u stay with sox
    I also want to commend you for doing a big thing for children,,its AWESOME,,this event @ 500$ a pop will get mostly heavy hitters with xtra cash of hockey who has his communion money…anyway good luck with that and maybe have something the lesser folks can do something,,even 100$ wouldnt be bad and i think maybe a pic autograph session or something would be attractive for the tweenysomethings,,,again Kev,,,,CONGRATULATIONS ON GG

  15. steve.pfeifer@sbcglobal.net

    Congrats. Just read you won the gold glove. I didn’t realize you haad no errors. Impressive.

  16. flowerbudd@hotmail.com

    Youk! Gratz on the golden glove!!!! I want Lowell to come back too!
    My father will be there at the event with my Uncle Joe. Look for a little short polish man, Frank Rybczyk. Do me a favor and show him how to use his camera phone so I can get a picture of you and him all the way back here in Missouri pretty pretty please! *smiles*

    I can’t wait to hear who else will be there! I’m so jealous of my dad.

    Love my Boston Boys forever,


  17. ritan12@gmail.com

    Youk! Much props on your Gold Glove and getting Schilling back for another year. Always knew you were awesome.

    Rita from SanDiego, CA

  18. jerrmich@msn.com

    Congratulations on your well-deserved Gold Glove!! I’ve been saying all year that you were the best First Baseman in baseball. Glad that everyone else thought so too.

    Wakefield, Tavares, and now Schilling all back with you next year. That’s so great. Hope we’ll have the same good news about Mike Lowell, soon.

  19. washman1@adelphia.net

    Hey Youk,
    Congrats on the gold glove. They couldnt have picked a more deserving 1st base. This is the first of many I am sure. Hopefully we will hear some good news about Mike Lowell real soon. I read Big Papi had his knee surgery. Hope all went well for him and his recovery is fast. Stay happy and healthy Youk!!! Enjoy your new award!

  20. slwhitfo@hotmail.com

    I hope your benefit went well, Youk. Congrats on the Gold Glove! That is awesome. You totally deserved it. Can’t wait for ’08!

  21. scathrall@verizon.net

    It was such a pleasure to see your blog on here this morning…sure do miss it!

    Congratulations Youk on the Gold Glove! Thank goodness the investigation if you had NOT won will not have to take place!

    It’s been another week of great news for Sox fans…your much deserved award, Curt re-signed ( thank you to him and Theo), Papi’s surgery went well, and no talks happening at this time with A-Rod! Now Dustin’s Rookie of the Year award will be nice in coming, but for the Christmas package to be tied up with a big ribbon…your corner partner on the diamond back…RE-SIGNING MIKE LOWELL!!!!!!!!!

    We miss you guys already! Best of luck with the charity event, enjoy your off season, and we can’t wait until April’s Opening Day and the new ring!

  22. jrgs9262@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on your Gold Glove, Youk!!!

    Avenu Shalom Aleichem (Good Luck to you). πŸ™‚

    I hope your benefit went well. Thank you for everything.

  23. sarann0826@aol.com

    yeahh.. uhh.. to much money for mee.. but glad to see you helping kids out there.. i would love to go.. but oh well..

    Congrats on the gold glove! thats awsome! cant wait for next season! opening day is going to be great.. may be going! also really excited to see the new rings!!!

    well enjoy the off season!

    we, my family love you!!


  24. hockey443@hotmail.com


  25. tutygeorge@msn.com

    Hey Youk;
    Congratulations on the Gold Glove you desrve it and if you didn’t get it there would have been something wrong with the MLB. It is a nice thing that you are doing for the children. I work as a preschool teacher here in Western Mass. and I can tell you that sometimes I wish I can do for these kids but I have two kids of my own and on my salary I struggle just to get my kids coats and food. So I try to give the kids at work something that some don’t get at home wich is stability. Or when my kids clothes don’t fit them anymore I give it to the preschool so that they can distribute it to the different families in need.

    God Bless You!!

    and congrats again on the Gold Glove. Just one of the many to come. GO RED SOX.

  26. sarann0826@aol.com

    Youk, i saw you at the Celtics game! Wasnt it an awosme game? loved it..
    also.. tonight i saw on TV that Tito was there.. sweet..

    ❀ sarann

  27. dreid37@ahoo.com

    World Series, Gold Glove, what’s next? My dad’s a Yankee fan so, thank you again!!!! I live very close to the casino and would have loved to come to your event but, I’m a collge student so, small budget. Good luck, and enjoy your night! Dennis, Ledyard, CT.

  28. damurtha@sbcglobal.net

    Attended your dinner at MOhegan Sun Saturday night! It was a great time for some wonderful causes. I am anxious to see how much was raised that night for your charity! Your foundation put together a terrific event! The kids that matter will appreciate it the most!

  29. booneman11@comcast.net


    I saw you in Hartford, CT when you guys were bringing around the trophy from 2004 –I liked you then and I like you even better now. I couldn’t attend the function, but I wanted to say thanks for working hard for good causes both on and off the field.

  30. reach_deena@yahoo.com

    what’s up youk,

    i didn’t have $500 to get a ticket for the charity event (as my choices were either 1) no food for five months or 2) attend charity event) but i really hope it was a success and i would like to donate whatever i can otherwise. where can i do this? and congrats on the gold glove πŸ™‚



  31. bbdean2002@yahoo.com

    We love the clean shaven Youk!!!! Keep it that way for next season!

    Congrats on the Gold Glove, you definitely earned it!!!!!!

  32. sarann0826@aol.com

    lookin’ good Youk!

    Although i did love the hair.. you look better with no hair..

    ❀ sarann..

  33. hockey443@hotmail.com

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mike lowell to sign tuesday, 3 year 37.5 million dollar contract to stay with the RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO MIKE!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!! LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. pangelotti@cox.net

    Youk- I know you shaved your beard for charity. Please try to convince Manny to shave his head, both for charity and for the benefit of the Red Sox.

  35. tapadance@gmail.com

    So since the season is over and all. How about that foot race between you and Dustin?

    I was hoping we could see a race during the rolling rally, but no luck.

    Just the thing to do during the off season.

  36. bosox20ky@aol.com

    hey hockey,,,nobody reading these anymore,,and do you know what hannukah is?…lol,,didn’t think so..youk hiding from the trade rumors,,,,<><>

  37. bemlebel@verizon.net

    Hey Kevin-Congrats on the gold glove and being World Series Champs! I met some of your friends at Fore Play Sports Bar in Portland- LB makes some awsome drinks-when are you coming back!!! I’d love to buy you a drink!

  38. country_faerie@charter.net

    OMG!! YOUK!!! You have GOT to try to stop Theo from trading Jacoby!!! PLEASE!!! We have a great bullpen. Sure another starter would be awesome, but look at what happened with Gagne. Nice guy, I’m sure, but as awesome as he was in Texas, he ****** on the mound once he came to the Red Sox.

    Sadly, in the not too distant future, some of our mainstays on the team will be either too old for the Red Sox to re-sign, or they’ll be thinking about retirement or something. But Jacoby… he’s the future of the team. THINK, THEO!! USE YOUR HEAD!!!

    Check out sawxheads.com. 95% of the fans on that site are freaking out over the possibility of losing Jacoby. Please tell Theo he’d be making a huge mistake…

  39. brogers72@bellsouth.net

    Hey Yoouk – – any comment to the fact that Varitek appears in the mitchell report????? – just wondering what your take is. He’s the only Sox player that’s going to be named (current anyway)…. but Nixon’s on there too. Interesting reading,..and it’s not even out yet πŸ™‚

  40. papifan96@boston-redsox.net

    Yoooouuuuuuk! You are the MAN! Like every1 else said, congratulations on your Gold Glove. It’s definitely not the last 1 you’ll get. Just wondering, if you couldn’t be #20, what # would you be? Go Sox!

  41. bedbri@gmail.com

    Hey Youk, I know it’s the off season and all, but there is less then three weeks till pitchers and catchers report. Let’s hear some news from the golden glover.

  42. derek7275@comcast.net

    My fingers are crossed that you will make it through arbitration happy.I have been a big fan of yours since you first came up.I remember your first hr @ Fenway when your parents were in the stands.I kept hoping that the Sox would see how good you were and keep you up in the big leagues.I guess all that hoping paid off.I wish you the best this season!

  43. hockey443@hotmail.com

    hi derek how ru doing? youk will make lots of money because YOUK deservesit!!!!!no player has ever gone thru arbitration with the theo epstein era,and youk and sox willsettle on contract soon. youk will probably be making over 3 million dollars a year, hopefully for 3 or 4 year contract, talk soon, takecare and GO RED SOX!!!! only 69 more days for OPENING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. strangefire@rocketmail.com

    Dang it! Patriots lost to New York, of all cities! I need my Bosox to get back to it….

    Pitchers and Catchers in two weeks!

  45. mary.luning@ae.ge.com

    Yeah!!! Your coming home to play!!!Can’t wait to see you in cincy. So excited to be able to see you play in person again. Congrats on a great season , championship and of course the well deserved golden glove!!! We got a SHS kid with a Super Bowl ring!!! The ONLY time i have rooted for a new york team. Both of you are great examples what hard work can get you. Best always.

  46. srbell@erols.com


    Been a fan of yours since your AA days! Not to change the subject, but . . congrats on the new $3M contract! You deserve every nickel!

    Please let an old sage offer a suggestion: Don’t change your lifestyle at all. Live like you have been, and put every dime away this year. That will become a nest egg for your future. In case anything bad happens, you’ll be set for life.

    It’s a good philosophy to always live well below you means – regardless of how much you make.

    And . . . the Bible says whatever we get in this life comes to us from God; it’s His, not ours, He’s just letting us use it. That means we must be good stewards of his rewards!

    Way to go, Kevin!

  47. hockey443@hotmail.com

    kevin, u deserve longer than a 1 year contract, glad u got 3 million dollars, red sox should have signed u longer though, keep up the great work!!!!!

  48. bosox20ky@aol.com

    no jd,,,he just goes gaga over the youk,,he is not a dranged fan,,,he’s actually a decent guy,,maybe a tad overboard with things but he’s ok

  49. pwiner44@msn.com

    A brand new season and you’re as out of shape and as ugly as ever, Youk! What does your girlfriend see in you? Other than dollar signs?

  50. hockey443@hotmail.com

    that was very nice of u and the RED SOX to go visit the walter reed hospital in washington, dc, all players in sports should go to a hospital like that to cheer up the people who r less fortunate. that is why the RED SOX R A CLASS ORGANIZATION!!!!!! GO RED SOX GO!!!! only 40 more days to home opener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. hockey443@hotmail.com


  52. bosox20ky@aol.com

    guess hockey didn’t know youk hasn’t seen this blog since nov.,,,and look at him screaming in caps cause someone said something about youk,,,,pwiner is ready for ya hockey

  53. hockey443@hotmail.com

    youk does not do drugs bosox, even youk says if players do drugs they will be caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and youk does look at this sight from time to time. i know pwiner will think youk does drugs that is his opinion, everyone has their own opinion but the only one who knows the truth is youk and youk does not do drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. hockey443@hotmail.com

    bosox, i am a great guy and people have their own opinions, that is fine with me. everyone is entitled to their opinion, like youk says , he has a future ahead of him, and youk would not endanger hiself to drugs, and youk also says he would NEVER DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all natural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. pwiner44@msn.com

    Hey bosox and hockey! How are you guys? Ready for another season?

    No, I would never accuse Youk of juicing. I mean, look at him. Haha!

    Oh, and I don’t think he checks this page at all. The Sox probably pay some ******* to do this for him.

    Yankees in 08 baby!!!

  56. hockey443@hotmail.com

    hi pwiner how ru doing? youk does check this page pwiner. it is going to be an interesting year in baseball this year. ru going to yankees home opener, i am going to red sox home opener to see the red sox get their rings. also, pwiner, ru going to allstar game in new york this july? talk soon, takecare, joe

  57. naomideut@comcast.net

    Huge fan from Cincy living in Boston since ’78. Went to Walnut Hills (’69 grad)with Mike Youkilis (your Dad?)and followed your career. Always correcting people about the Greek God thing-love the Denis Leary piece on that.

    I’m a speaker’s coach/communication consultant-happy to be of pro-bono help with your charity events in preparing any speakers, etc. Good luck this season-caught your game today against Cincy! Naomi Deutscher (naomideut@comcast.net)

  58. pwiner44@msn.com

    Hey Youk,

    Tell your boy Beckett to stop his whining and play ball. He’s just trying to get out of the trip to Japan. He acts like a big tough guy on the mound but he can’t tough out a few back spasms?

  59. bosox20ky@aol.com

    hey pwiner,,,how has your winter gone?,,the big changes with the yanks gonna work,,lol,,,hockey seems to think youk reads this,,,I think we both know if he did there wouldve been at least some kind of posting,,lol,,,anyway lets get ready for baseball!!

  60. hockey443@hotmail.com

    hi bosox and pwiner how ru doing? i think youk will post something when they start the season in japan, that is what i think, i might be wrong, but this is my opinion, talk soon.

  61. hockey443@hotmail.com

    hi pwiner how ru doing? i believe joe torre will be in the hall of fame when he is done managing. joe torre is a great manager, it will be very hard for the yankees this year, we will see, it is very hard to replace a great manager like joe torre pwiner!!!!

  62. bosox20ky@aol.com

    wonder what hockey did for the youkster’s birthday…joe torre lost the reins in the yankee dugout a couple yrs ago,,joe had a lot of talent in his yrs and yes,,the yanks can’t replace him,,nobody can,,surprised hockey didnt say ”my friend JOE TORRE”,,,lol ,,,congrts to the dice man on his new baby boy

  63. hockey443@hotmail.com

    barring rainouts the red sox will tie and break the most consective sellout streak on sept 2 and 3 against baltimore, next home games after that are sept 8-10 against tampa bay!!!!! tehe red sox i believe will all come out of the dugout when message board indicates that the red sox NATION HAS BROKEN THE RECORD!!! YES HANK STEINBRENNER, THAT IS RIGHT RED SOX NATION!!!!!!!!!! and the red sox players will applaud the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. bosox20ky@aol.com

    please forgive HOCKEY if he drooled all over the page,,he just gets so excited when he mentions steinbrenner,,maybe on the flight to japan Youkie will read up on his site,anyway time to pay attention to the green,,,GO CELTS,,big one in houston

  65. pwiner44@msn.com

    What’s up guys? I think Youk may read this every once and awhile. Because last season I got a nasty e-mail from some clown after I made comments about Youk’s girlfriend. I thinkI hit a nerve with that one. You should have seen the profanity he used too. For all he knows, I could be some 13 year old boy goofing around.

    And Youk wonders why opposing pitchers throw at him often! Ha!

  66. pwiner44@msn.com

    Get on the plane you wimps! This is all just a poor excuse not to got to Japan. The players and coaches know full well that the trip to Japan plus the long West Coast road trip when then come back, is going to take it’s toll on this team. That’s baseball ladies! Get on the plane!