Red Sox ready for September


Last year, my first full season, we fell behind and kind of knocked ourselves out of the playoff race. So being in a playoff race heading into September is kind of new for me. We have the best record in baseball, so I think the key is to go out each day, play our game and do our best not to put too much pressure on ourselves.

We have a lead in our division, even after losing the series in New York, so our fate is in our own hands. That?s exciting. We don?t have to concern ourselves with what another club is doing or root for another club to help us out. If we do things right, we don?t need any of that.  Ideally, we?ll be able to increase our lead a little and give a few guys some time off. Maybe some guys who are really aching can sit down and take a break before the postseason.

Looking at our season to this point, everyone in our clubhouse has contributed. More than that really because it?s bigger than just the 25 guys on the roster at any given time. Guys have done a great job coming in to fill roles when necessary, too.

It?s a team effort and no one guy is ever going to carry a team by himself, even the biggest of superstars can?t do that. Each role is important. That?s why depth and a strong farm system are hallmarks of great teams. Guys are going to have ups and downs throughout the season and there are going to be injuries. It?s up to everyone on the club has to step in and pick up another guy once in a while.

Mike Lowell and Dustin Pedroia have had really strong seasons for us this year. Across the room, Papi?s home run numbers may be down because he?s been banged up but if you look at the rest of his numbers, he?s had a great year. Any one of us in here would take his numbers any day of the week, but people sometimes expect more from him because he?s a superstar and he?s accomplished so much.

I?ve gone through a tough stretch recently. It?s frustrating when it seems like you?re not putting the ball in play then, when you do finally square up, you hit a line drive at someone. It happens in all the time in baseball, though. You just have to keep playing the best way you know how and have confidence you?ll come out of it  all right on the other end. You can?t worry about your statistics.

Sure my average has gone down in the second half but I take some comfort in all of the players who?ve come up and offered encouragement, just basically saying, ??Don?t worry about it, you?re still having a good year.??  I thought about it and they were right. I looked at Derek Jeter?s numbers yesterday. He?s a great player and he?s batting .320 or with nine home runs and 59 RBIs. I said to myself, ??You know, he might be hitting .320 but I still have more home runs and more RBIs. You?re still having a good year and it?s not over yet.??

But I?d be lying if I told you that it?s easy to watch your batting average drop like mine did, considering it was pretty high at one point. My job is to help this team win and I want to do that job consistently as possible. I am very hard on myself. I?ve always carried a chip on my shoulder. This game is so competitive I?ve never been in position to feel real security. But, really, I think I?ve actually learned something from this experience and I?m a better player now.

You have to stop listening to all of the people on the outside who think they know what you?re doing or what you should be doing. I needed to block that stuff out and do my job. I know I’m one of the nine guys out here every night and I have a job to do and prepare for every night. There’s no time to look back on last night’s game or even your previous at-bat.

Going back to Tampa Bay, I was hitting the ball hard and driving the ball well. But balls were just getting caught before I got to Chicago. So I knew I was doing the right things. It’s a good sign for me is when I’m having long at-bats, getting in hitters? counts and not chasing pitches. I also know I?m doing the right things at the plate if I’m hitting the ball hard, getting walks and hitting to all fields. When I’m rolling over pitches and hitting everything to the left side, that?s a bad sign.

Now I just want to finish strong, win games and get in the playoffs. By September, everyone is a little worn down, battling some soreness or tightness somewhere in his body. But you put that out of your mind for nine innings every night and do everything in your power to try to win a ballgame. Hopefully, like I said, we can get enough of a lead to give a few guys a breather.


Our fans give us a lot of energy, though. Even the road games feel like home games with our fanbase. Nobody’s surprised anymore when we get a big crowd of Red Sox fans on the road. Nobody’s saying, "Oh my God do you see how many fans we have!" I don’t want to say we expect it, but it happens more often than not and it’s kind of nice to get that kind of support in August when you’re on the road.


  1. Cyn

    Good on you for taking the high-road against the Yankees!

    And good for you for ignoring the ridiculous media around here.

    Kick some butt in September, Youk!


    As always, you are a class act. Don’t ever lose your enthusiasm. Whether you are hitting 300 ball or not, I believe you are the best defensive first baseman out there. Keep up the good work and keep on dodging those “wild” pitches (keep your head down). You were robbed at third base yesterday. That was some great base running. You are always a joy to watch. Keep on being Yooooouuuuukkkkk!!!!!


    That 3rd base call was baloney, but take solace in the fact that you didn’t “slap” his glove and knock the ball loose (like others in your situation have done)! Nice HR by the way two nights ago.


    I love you guys. Boston is my favorite team. I am disappointed in your performance against NY Yankees. You guys are ten times better than the Yankees. But that is over now. You start playing Baltimore tonight. Kick butt and go on a long winning streak okay. You guys are facing Baltimore, Toronto, Baltimore again, then Tampa Bay followed by the Yankees again. Then you finish off the season against Toronto, Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Minnesota. I see you guys having a long 22 game winning streak. How about it. Let’s go for it.



    I’ve been a Sox fan since 1966 and wanted to let you know the following:

    (1) The umpires were right — you were out going to third base;

    (2) The umpires were right to eject Chamberlin for throwing over/at your head; and

    (3) The Sox put on their usual performance against the Yankees, i.e., chocked, played scared, unnerved, without confidence, expecting to lose.

    Why do the Sox come undone against the Yankees? (With the grand exception of the 2004 championship series.)

    The very best of luck in September! I’m hoping for a first place finish, but I fear the worst.


    Great Straight-Talking Blog! I love your honest assessment of the situation. Time for you guys to bump up your roster & get some of you starters a little break here & there. I’m looking forward to finally seeing Chris Carter get a well-deserved call-up–>a very hard-working & bright young man who’ll give you all he’s got when he’s in there. (But then again, what else would you expect from a Stanford & DeLaSalle Graduate.) Go BoSox!!!


    hi kevin how ru doing?joe, also, thank u baseball 54, i have been trying to email u, but it says i can;t, it failed, thank u fot the kind words, i meet many people wherever i go and the people know i am a nice guy just by talking with them, thank u once again baseball 54, kevin knows i am a nice guy and ur right baseball , the redsox r lucky to have me as a fan, because the redsox appreciate nice guys like me, joe, , the yankee pitcher got suspended for 2 games for throwing at kevin, glad he got suspended, GO SOX!!!!


    Hey Kevin,

    I like the straight talk but it was a little bit sugar coated. Sure you are a solid player whose attributes fit nicely to hit in the #2 slot of the batting order. My main concern for the Redsox going into September is the very simple fact that we don’t have enough offensive to be competitive. The greatest example of this being the 3 game ******** at the hands of the Yankees where our lineup looked as if anyone throwing the ball over 80mph could no hit us. In seasons past the Redsox could get away with a lineup made up of most defensive players but that was during a time when both Ortiz and Manny were bashing 40 HR’s each. During the last 5 months of the regular season this much is crystal clear: 1. Crisp will never be a leadoff hitter. 2. Drew is the worst right fielder in Redsox history and 3. Julio Lugo, no matter how hard he tries can’t hit the ball out of the infield. You add those three factors together with the probability of Manny going on the 15 day DL and what you get is sinking ship. The Redsox are in a DESPERATE need of a ROSTER shake up. DREW and HINSKE need to be RELEASED asap. CRISP and LUGO need to be BENCHED. I would rather see the SOX forfiet an out and play a garbage pail in RF than DREW.



    You are having a great year! You have come though for the team in both defense and offense. You should not be so hard on yourself. I know that its easier said then done! All of your Maine fans are so very proud of you. We all enjoyed watching you play for the Sea Dogs and we love watching you play for the Red Soxs. Your Blogs are so well written and to the point. I hope you hav a great rest of the season. We will be cheering you on from the stands!! Go YOUK!!!


    Hey, Kevin – It’s been a rough few days and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was concerned. I just want you to know that I appreciate your tireless efforts. You are the true “dirt dog” and hopefully you guys will get it done. I think the call-ups today will help a lot. I’m looking forward to watching Jacoby come into his own. Also, Buchholtz is fun to watch as well. You often mention that you have never felt completely “safe” in your spot. I guess that feeling may be a motivator, but I think you can rest assured that you will be a part of the starting nine for a long time to come!! I’ve been a Red Sox nut case for 60 years and have suffered through the ups and downs forever. You are a treat to watch and I’m pulling for all of you! GO SOX.


    Kevin, when you get hit by a pitch, take a lesson from some of the veterans on your team and around the league. Head down, follow the white line to first base. You are on base.


    Hey Kevin –
    Wow. Crazy couple of games with the Yankees, huh?

    It’s definitely noticeable (to me anyway) that you seem frustrated at bat. Your numbers are down, but down let it get in your head!! You’ve got such great heart – it’s evident in everything you do out there. So easy for me to say “relax, it will come” – because who am I really? Not a proball player whos’ got the pressures of playing in the toughest market in the USA for this sport; and, I’m a chick. But, I think if you just relax and enjoy playing again you’ll find your groove again. You guys always do. 🙂


    I’m a firm believer that Chamberlain wouldnt throw at your head. And what sense does that make?
    Also, by the way, you dont have the best record in baseball.


    Chamberlain did throw at your head…anyone who can throw the way he can —- does not do that by accident.
    That last comment must be from a yankee fan….


    Wow so you have more home runs and rbi tha Jeter. You are a 1st baseman you are supposed to have better power numbers than a shortstop who’s not a power hitter. And where do you get off comparing yourself to Derek Jeter. You are better off comparing yourself to the yankees second baseman–oh wait never mind all of his numbers are better than yours.


    I agree with Only a “Stankee Fan” would post a comment like that! Youk, you are a great player and such fun to watch. The long stretch is here and you guys just need to keep your heads up and play ball like you have been doing all season. You have the benefit of the expanded roster ahead and you guys can get a little rest in the later innings if you just get out in front early in the game. Sometimes tough to do…but from all accounts this is your year. Let’s see and end to this freak losing steak and get onto October!! Go Sox!



    You shouldn’t compare yourself to Jeter because, afterall, he’s not a power hitter and you have about 35 pounds on him, so you should always have more home runs/RBI than him. Measure Jeter or anyone who bats second by his runs scored which dwarf yours 89 to 76. Also, he’s a CAREER 320 hitter over 12 seasons and you’ve been in the league for what? 3 seasons? You’re a good player with potential but Jeter is a future hall of famer. You should compare youself to someone younger like Cano because, unfortunately you’re really not in Jeter’s league yet.



    Geez, I’m just a chick, but I thought fan sites were for FANS…I wouldn’t even dream of signing in to other team sites to cut down their players. Not even to point out that ***-Rod is the JINX of the MLB. I have better things to do. Every man who is a professional baseball player is a good player, by definition. Every one goes through slumps, and only a very few get in the record books. The one stat that is important to me, a FAN of the Red Sox, is how well my TEAM does. Playing with integrity, being a leader, consistently contributing to the TEAM’s success and not individual stats are what makes a player great to me. There isn’t any doubt that Youk is one of those guys. Now, since I have a life, I’m going outside to get some work done so I can relax and watch the game tonight. Go Sox!


    our favorite word to yell at the tv when you’re playing is “Youkalistic” but we have no idea what to yell when Pedroia is batting, any hints on a nickname? also are there clubhouse fines for taking a third strike with RISP ? It seems as if someone could make a small fortune…


    Sorry to have to say this but you dogs are doing what people expect you to do at this time of the season and the word is CHOCKING. I love the RED SOX but you guys seem to choke at the end of the season especially against the yankees.Getting Hinske and Drew were tremendous mistakes. Both of them have seen their best playing days a long time ago.I don’t think the yankees will need the wild card because you guys are going to let them win the division. You guys better start playing better so maybe you will have a chance for the wild card.This has not been easy to say but atleast someone needs to be honest here. The Red Sox only play 3/4 of the season and that’s how you should be paid. Oh don’t say you guys are tired because you don’t know what it’s like to work for a living and get tired. Excuse some of the grammar but it’s still better than the baseball you guys are attempting to play.


    Youk–I know it must be hard to find time in the season to blog. Thank you! You’ve been my favorite player since your Sea Dogs days, and it’s been fun to watch your progress as a Red Sox (and it’s really fun to hear all the “Yooouuuks”, even at away games). Five games in front of the Yankees on September 1? Ask any fan on April 1 if that would be okay with them. I’ll happily take it!


    We love you Youk for your balls to the wall play. Your a perfect example for my son as he grows in baseball of that never say die attitude. Screw the doubters man, I know you guys will take the division and kick some yankee @$$ back in Fenway. Get em Youk!!!


    Youk, you seem to be quite the target out there of late. Maybe you should wear an armor suit in the box, medieval style…haha.


    Awesome blog! Thanks for taking the time to post! I am so proud of all you Red Sox players. My heart broke for you all after the loss to the Yankees…BUT YOU ARE STILL WINNING on the standings! That’s what really counts in the end anyway. As long as you continue to learn from your mistakes and come out smiling and ready to play each new game you’ll do fine and be our favorite red sox team. Can I make one small suggestion??? How about more first pitch hits?? RED SOX are #1 keep playing like you love to play.. from your favorite fan in OHIO


    You were the only one who actually showed any enthusiasm and fire in the NY series. The team looked flat and almost disinterested at times. It looked as if the team went through the motions. NY looked like the 1st place team and the team ready to enter the post-season. I hope you guys can turn it around soon. If you keep playing like you did in NY, the post-season won’t be a concern of yours.


    Lets start off by saying- LETS GO YANKEES!!!! Everyone, including Red Sox fans, counted the Yankees out for the longest time. The fact of the matter is that the Yankees are coming for FIRST PLACE, not just the Wild Card.
    One other thing, STOP CRYING YOUK….you were out at third base and you know it. Chaberlain was sending you Red Sox fans a message….

    We’re coming for you……



    You guys have had a tremendous season up to this point, keep it up. Saw you drop two in NY, Yankees fans reminded me how great it is to be a Red Sox fan. Screw NYY, you guys are a team not a collection of overpriced talent and inflated egos. Good Luck.


    great job throwing that temper tantrum in ny. you have to run in the baseline or you’re out!then to come back and cry to the umpire about chamberlin shows what a wuss you really are! you are a sore loser


    Hi Kevin;

    Just want to say we enjoyed seeing our Sox in Anaheim recently. I was blown away by the amount of Red Sox fans in attendance. I came out from Mass. to California in 1962 and have always been a Red Sox fan. Over the years it has been hard; but this year in Anaheim I felt like I was back at Fenway.

    I was disappointed in the Yankee series but the September series will be different. The 10th player, the Boston Fan will make the difference.

    I want to thank you for giving it all you have all the time. Relay that message to others on the team like Dustin, Big Papi, Mike Lowell. I know for Papi it must be hard to play hurt but when he gives us that big smile that’s praise enough.

    You are on a special team with emphasis on team. Everyone seems to be pulling for each other and you all seem confident.

    September and October is finally here and now the real test comes. Keep the attitude one day at a time and ONE WIN AT A TIME.Everyone needs to take a deep breath before batting and wait for his pitch. Pitchers need to get strikes one and three over.

    Have fun and best of luck for a dramatic ending.


    Dear Kevin;
    Read some of the other comments after I posted mine. Looks like some Yankee fans got their licks in.

    Yankee fans are for the most part in the class of no class.

    The greatest fans in the world are Red Sox fans. We know baseball and love a good contest. Ted Williams said it best; if you give them your best they’ll support you in good times and bad but if you don’t give your best you’ll hear about. He spoke from experience.

    So just ignore the Yankee fan’s comments; listen to Fenway when she speaks.

    Good Luck.


    I am a Yankee fan and I say it proudly! The Sox aren’t playing like a first place team and that is the awful truth. The first half they looked outstanding in both offense and defense but it has been quite a different story as of late. The Yankees had a tough first half and have improved ten fold. I enjoy the rivalry just like everyone else does -the days to come will be filled with excitement. Bottom line…Yankees vs. Red Sox is great for baseball…I love this game.


    From 2 comments ago:
    “Yankee fans are for the most part in the class of no class.”

    Get over yourself. Are there some classless fans out there? Of course! But NOT “most.” There are plenty of Red Sox fans with no class as well.

    Kevin – I’m sorry you felt that Joba was throwing at your head, but it makes NO SENSE! He’s just 21 and came up from single-A in one year. He’s going to be wild at some point. You say he meant to do it because of his great control. If he had perfect control, and tried to throw at you, he would have hit you! As it was, you didn’t even have to leave your feet – the balls were so high.

    The ump was WRONG to eject Chamberlain, and the suspension is a complete joke. There were NO WARNINGS given, even after the first wild pitch. TWO different pitchers actually DID hit you last night – did either one of them get ejected or suspended? MLB is high.

    Pitchers (Red Sox and other teams) have been gunning for Alex and Derek for years, and they get hit all the time. Stop being a baby and accept Chamberlain’s explanation for what it was – accidental.


    Yankees aren’t gonna win our division b/c they are going to hit another losing streak before the end of the season and if the M’s start winning they won’t even make the playoffs. Good luck this season Youk.


    My comment is for all of those that think the Yanks are gonna win the Division, don’t hold your breath they aren’t. True the Red Sox have been through a tough time but when the Yanks seem to be gaining ground, we always find a way to gain ground on them, yes it would have been nice if we had already put them to bed, but we haven’t so we have to get out there and play as hard as we can. By the way Kevin love the way you play!


    I’m curious!! Don’t Yankee fans have a blog of their own to write to? Maybe we, in Red Sox Nation, could come up with a few!! Youk, you can hold your head up, if the Yankees stop throwing at it, because you have more heart than any player on the Yankees. Keep up the good work and ignore the Yankee Whiners.


    Hahaha! I thought for a second you said Yankee Whiners. Nobody whines more than the Red Sox. Chamberlain himself said he loves the way Youk plays the game, and that he respects him too much to throw at him intentionally. Kevin, the balls were not that close to your head – stop trying to pump this incident up to cover for your team’s bad play during the series.




    i know that you prob. not really caring about the yankees fans posting but its really bothering me so i thought i would say… Don’t listen to thoughs stupid people! All they care about is making all Red Sox fans… and player feel like ****! I know that there is a so called “Rivaly” between us.. but i mean common.. Do you really think TRUE! Red Sox fans care about that ****? i know i don’t! And why do the yankees fans have to post on the Red Sox blogs? you have your own! Go make people feel like **** on there! and also.. i do have prspect for the Yankees they have great players and everything!! and i give them cretet their a great team but go make some new rivarys! PLESE! im tired of hearing of all you yankee fans!! but really just leave us alone! and leave YOUK alone what the H*ll did he do?? go post that **** somewhere else! And we are goin to win 1st place! Just like the Yanks had their bad streke we’re goin to have ours! and yeah youk wrote that we have the best record before the angles tided us! GET OVER IT! YOUK.. cant you like block those dumb Yankee fan? PLESE do!! Anyways! YOUK! i love you soo much your soo awsome! and you where safe at 3rd! Don AND Remy have replay and it shows that you where safe! SO HA! lol.. now with some really bad calls this year im starting to think that we should get replay in BASEBALL! i mean those games where the calls where over turned more then once! common stay with what you said! GOSH! and when JD got that HOMER and they didnt give it to him! that makes me mad! i think JD will.. if we keep him will have a better year next year! Hes juat having one of those years that all players have at some point! and what the ****! whats wrong with Hinkey?? hes playing great! hes a bench player! hes doin awsome! YOUK plese tell him hes awsome for me! and i know that he want to ARKANSAS STATE! my cousin goes there and so did my mom and dad! their From ARKANSAS! and well im from Tenesse! but have always been a Red Sox Fan! ok well Can’t wait to see you MOn. yes im goin to the game! ill be right behind where Coco plays!! its my b-day gift! : ]!!! oh and Buchholzs no-no was amazing! my whole family was yelling and screaming!! lol

    redsoxgirl! yeah i said GIRL!


    Sorry but Yanks will be in the playoffs. Mariners stink. Yanks top 3 can hang with any top 3. Let’s wait and see, but we’re in for a good rest of the season.

    Youk: I think you’re a good player, but I have 1 criticism of you. You complain to the umpires more than any player in the league today. Everytime I turn on NESN, I see you mouthing off to the umpires. In some respects, you remind me of Rasheed Wallace, who has never committed a foul in his life. Come on Youk, don’t you think you’ve looked at a legitimate strike 3 at least once in your life? The play with A-Rod, you were mouthing off to the ump and crying and whining. If Joba was trying to scare you, I’d think that was the reason why.




    You’re having a great year. The ‘Sox are having a great year. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a clown (or Yankee fan) who cannot be taken seriously.

    Reading some of the retarded comments by the fringe group of anti-Red Sox Nationites causes me much amusement as I roll on the floor and laugh my buttocks off. One guy had serious grammatical errors and another needs to take a remedial spelling course, re:”CHOCKING”(?)

    Give me a break. Keep in mind that Yankee fans are mentally ill and have trouble discerning the difference between a bat and a doorknob.


    The long season is being felt by youk with 4 k’s today,,maybe tito can give him some time off to rest up and recharge,,toronto is playing good right now and I’m sure they would’nt mind sticking to us,,lets hope the dice pitches a gem,,a quik hey to joe of ‘hockey443’


    youk may win the gold glove,,,the only competition I hear is Millar who has only 1 error,,that would add to a great season youk is having,,


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, kevin should win the Gold Glove this year because kevin has been great all year and kevin is a great guy too. met kevin’s father, cousin and other family members saturday before NO HIT GAME, they r great just like kevin!!!! thank u kevin for everything u have done for me, ur the greatest and the seattle mariners have lost 10 straight games, playing the yankees next 3 games, they r bound to win atleast 1 game against the Yankees!!! talk with u later kevin, takecare, yer bud ,joe


    hi kevin, joe, sorry about that, seattle has lost 9 games in a row, still they r bound to win atleast 1 game in NY< takecare, yer bud, joe


    Hopefully the mariners can get their heads out of their butts and play, if they had just won 2 of the 9 they would lead the wild card race. Good luck against the blue jays Youk.


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, hi mphamrod, ur absolutely correct!!!!! hopefuuly sox take 2 of 3 or more against blue jays, GO SOX< yer bud, joe


    hi kevin, joe, sorry about that, should be mphamod, i read it wrong, GO SOX< joe, going wednesday game, joe against blue jays, takecare


    Glad to see more Red Sox Nation and less of the lost Yankee Whiners Nation. Go get your own blog, Yankers!! Loved the No-No yesterday and the Red Sox Kids again today. Another exciting slice of the future of the Red Sox. Love those talented kids. Keep up the good work Youk, et al!! Get some sleep Clay!!


    youuuuk!!!! i got faith the faith man…let’s do this!!!!!! and i’m working on your theme song…Okie can’t be the only one. Haha…go get em son!!!


    youuuuuk!!!!!!great homer a few nights ago!! forget about almost being hit in the head twice!!! they were just scared. how about that no-hitter!! with pitchers like that you have the world series. good luck


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, that is great seattle broke their losing streak against the yankees today, hopefully seattle can win atleast 1 more against yankees, the yankees i think played so hard against the RED SOX< it took alot of steam out of them and the Yankees can never climb above that big mountain to catch the RED SOX!!!! the Red Sox will win the division and hopefully World Series!!! GO Sox, takecare kevin, talk soon, yer bud , joe


    Yankees lost again, Mariners finally won so if the Red Sox can hold onto what was a 10-1 lead the Yankees will be down 7 games, hopefully the sox don’t blow it.


    I’m so sick of checking this site to see what my favorite Red Sox player has to say and having to read ignorant comments obviously written by Yankee fans (and if you aren’t a Red Sox fan than why are you reading a blog by a Red Sox player? Are you a closet Red Sox fan? Yes that must be it! Don’t be embarrased by it – Red Sox fans are the best!
    Youk – you are a true class act, an excellent baseball player, the best 1st baseman and hottest bald headed man around! Keep up the good work!!


    Hi again YOOOOUK!
    I’m with kkelly, I love it….so all these negative yankee comments are CLOSET RED SOX FANS!!!! why else would they be reading your blog? I can never get enough of you red sox players and I can’t wait for the yankee games to start up in Boston and even us up! YOU CAN DO IT! oooops…wait you’re already doing it! big time ahead of the yanks in the standings no argument there!


    good smash youk,,,glad to see a day off gave ya some rest,,still alot of baseball left and post season included,,yanks r fighting for their life now and as kelly says the closet fans check in here to see what its like to be on top,,looks like joe is gonna get jealous,,heh heh,,,as he has his signature sign off,,yer bud joe,,LOL..they were bashing the poor guy in the red sox chats,,he is harmless,,has a passion for his home teams,,and like us,,enjoys YOUK!!


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, just getting ready to leave work, great homerun, i will be there wednesday game, also, thank u bosox for the kind words, talk with u later kevin, see u tonite, joe


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, u definetly deserve the HEART AND HUSTLE AWARD KEVIN, u hustle all the time and give 110% all the time and ur the heart of the team, hopefully u will win that award, u deseve it kevin!!!see u later today, joe


    Youk, personally I think that you’re a big cry baby. Everytime a strike is called when you’re in the box or a play doesn’t go your way, you do nothing but make faces and complain. I’m sure there was a good reason why Joba Chamberlain threw at you last week. Speculation is that you yelled something at A-Rod after the reversed call at 3rd base.

    Say what you want, the Red Sox are highly overrated. On paper, you may have the best record in baseball but you are not the best team in baseball. You proved that by getting swept in New York. There is no clear cut favorite to win the World Series this year. It’s anybody’s game. And if the Yankees get in the post season, you had better watch out! Because they have proven that they can beat your starting pitching, Which, is also highly overrated.



    It can’t be easy to bat with the weight of the nation on your shoulders. And that’s what all of you do every night. You have our faith and belief win or lose, home run or strike out. Keep your eye on the ball since we all know your eye is one of the best in the MLB.

    My son says if it will help he will send you a picture like the one he gave you to deliver to Julio, it seemed to work for him. Just remember Red Sox Nation is behind each and everyone of you.

    We believe!

    The Saunders Family


    Hey pwiner go read your own players blogs, Youk is not a cry baby all you yankee fans do is say youre the best your team ***** and isnt even going to win the wild card and even if they do another nobody team (or the angels) is going to beat them they have no pitchin, and the sox lost b/c they were worn out from kicking the **** out of the white sox P.S.: way to lose a series to the D-Rays


    hi kevin how ru doing? glad to see u got 2 hits sofar tonight!!! CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN, ON GETTING ANOTHER RECORD!!! 122 games at first base without an error, u should kevin get the GOLD GLOVE, NOONE DESERVES IT MORE THAN U KEVIN!!!!! takecare, yer bud, joe


    Good game out there Youk, the people on the other blog are tearing you guys up man if you guys dont produce they’ll be talking about it, no one likes JD Drew anymore but the same thing happened to Renteria when he played for the sox, he was bad then the sox got rid of him and he started producing I think we should at least give Drew one more year and if he is still bad then get rid of him, actually maybe just half a year.


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, u set the american league record in a single season mark of 122 games without an error at first base, and also u tied mike hegan record of 178 games without an error in 2 seasons, going back to july 4, 2006, ur very close to the ALL TIME RECORD in BASEBALL KEVIN< AND U SHOULD GET THAT RECORD TOO< U SHOULD WIN THE GOLD GLOVE KEVIN< BECAUSE UR SETTING SO MANY RECORDS THIS SEASON AT FIRST BASE< KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK KEVIN, JOE


    hi kevin how ru doing?joe, that was a great grab of a play in the second inning kevin, keep up the great play kevin, joe


    Kevin, Maybe those pitches from Chamberlain wouldn’t have looked so close if your head wasn’t so big.


    great story today in Boston Globe newspaper about u kevin, i agree with everything u said, keep up the great work, GO SOX!!!!!


    Hey rkulish you probably think you’re pretty funny huh, well maybe you’d be talking about those pitches within a week they happened if you weren’t retarded, why bring that up when it happened 9 days ago. Nice diving stop Youk keep playing like that and you’ll win Gold Glove without a challenge.


    Hey Youk, I don’t know who’s a bigger cry baby, you or Pedroia. It’s no wonder why opposing teams throw at you girls.


    great stop of an errant throw by curt schilling kevin!!! u should win the gold glove!!! GO SOX!!!


    Great play Youk on that throw from Cora, what a play by Crisp to catch that and then immediately throw it in, tough loss though.
    Hey pwiner get a life why do you write in about stuff like that do you even watch Jeter my God he is a big baby too. Youk if you think the ump made a bad call argue your *** off, pwiner again i say get a life.


    yo,,,nice fielding Kev,,,our fans in here dont mean to point fingers ‘and name names on the throws,,,just the good defensive efforts our boy puts in…now he maybe tried and achy as season winds down but he battles,,,maybe once they clicnch a few days off will do him good,,rest up for playoffs,,the hunt for october is in full gear,,good for u youk taking the off day this week to chill with da lady,


    Youk, you better get your big head out of the way when Joba comes in to game this weekend. If he hits you, your dome is going to swell up to the size of a beachball!


    Great triple Youk and great job pulling off that comeback, Pwiner why do you not have any friends or something to do other than attempt to offend a guy who has accomplished more in his life than you or your family has or ever will.


    Hey mphamod, you should talk. Kevin Youkilis doesn’t even read this blog and judging from how well it’s written, he doesn’t write this blog either. I only post on here to get at you sorry souls in Red Sox Nation and apparently it’s working.

    Youkilis has you people fooled into thinking that he actually cares what you have to say. Just like the Red Sox have you fooled into thinking they’re going to win it all this year. NOT WITH THAT ROTATION THEY’RE NOT!!! Sabathia and Carmona will make quick work of the Sox.

    Cleveland in 4!!!


    Best of luck this weekend, We have faith in you all! Keep doing what you’re doing and send the Yankees home to lick their wounds!
    We love YOUK!


    hi pwiner, kevin youkilis does read his blogs, i can assure of that, and kevin does care what people say, but only the people who like him, not like u pwiner, he is a great guy and player.


    Yeah pwiner u r just mad cause im right ur family has done nothing compared to this guy and u hatin on him just shows that u r jealous of his (and the rest of the teams) talent.
    PS that was a great comeback, our bullpen was great good job by big papi to hit 2 HR and 5 RBI’s.


    Yo mphamod, my family has done nothing compared to big head Youk? What has your family done? Do you have any pro athletes in your family? I HIGHLY doubt it.

    You’re right, I’m jealous of a guy with a huge head, who sweats like a pig and who’s batting average has dropped off significantly during the second half of the season for the past two years. Learn something about baseball first before getting all ga-ga over an overrated pro athlete.

    PS…get some starting pitchers who can make it past the 3rd inning while you’re at it!

    GO YANKEES!!!!


    the REDSOX will try to return the favor and SWEEP THE YANKEES OUT OF ANY CHANCE OF COMING IN FIRST PLACE!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!


    well,,,no sweep,,,hate hearing those footsteps..kind of 78 again,,yanks have always been to close for comfort,,we need manny back and josh to pitch his best game 2day,,,I WOULDNT GIVE PWINER THE SATISACTION of responding to him,,he is on the outside looking in,,and yes the blog does get read if u look u can see dates he wrote in,,the guy after all has a job to do,,so what he only gets to write 3-4x’s a season,,the over rated comment about youk means he us so lost on who is who in basebaLL,,,YOUK IS A hustler,,,a guy who needs to work to get results[thats sweat pwiner],he is a great value for any team,,,remember he has more hrs and rbi’s than jeter,,of course jeter is a superstar,,but youk is just plain STAR!!!


    hi kevin , i hope yer wrist is doing better!!! the redsox need u, hope u will be able to play sunday or monday, takecare


    OUCH,,,WHTACHA DO HOCKEY,,RUN RIGHT TO COMPUTER,,lol,,,reports state just a bruise,,,day to day,,prob miss toro series,,gives ellsworth more playing time so not all that bad,,youk can use the rest,,,and hockey,,by the time kev reads this,,his wrist will be just fine,,,lol


    kevin let yer wrist heal to make sure, we need u healthy for the post season!!!! takecare and GO SOX!!!!!


    pwiner, you think it’s funny when someone gets hurt? What if it was your own Jeter? Why are you in this blog anyway? Won’t the other Yankees fans let you into any of their blogs? We’re all pretty sick of your input here!! The only thing worse than a Yankee is a Yankee fan like you!! If you want to bash Red Sox players, do it in your blogs!!




    Josh Beckett pretty much took the cy young award after beating the Yankees, Wang is now pretty much out of it.


    anyone going to fenway park to watch a redsox game should be aware of security guard who watches the cars for redsox, his name is ty, he takes advantage of people and steals. not a nice guy, i am a nice guy not ty!!!!


    be careful there hockey,,,slander is not a good thing to be doing on the internet,,this ‘TY’ guy can sue you whether right or wrong the accusation can be costly to you,,this isn’t a place to air your gripes,,I dont think kevin wants people slandered on his blog,,so,,,lets cheer the team and leave personal issues elsewhere



    First to “Pwiner”: To wish or be happy that any player is hurt to improve your chances at winning the pennant just shows why the Yankees organization has deteriorated in class to the point where no one but **** bags like yourself support them. You probably have a poster of Alex Rodriguez above your bed where you idolize this piece of stool and his unprofessional, sand-lot tactics to win ball games. What you don’t realize you **** bag, is that you destroy the heart and soul of a great game that has already been battered enough by scandal and poor sportsmanship. Get your head out of your rectum.


    Sorry guys, had to give my .02 to that lil’ p. Now then. Okay… here we are hold FIRST PLACE in the entire league since TAX DAY. NOW, after tonight, we’re just 3.5 ahead of the Yankees and their schedule looks like slam dunks to me. We arrive in TOR and have our butts handed to us in game one. We’re likely to have trouble against Kazmir this weekend too, so guess where that leaves us? Dangerously close to blowing it all after all this time. Not that any of the team has time to read Kevin’s blog, but if they did, I’d like to say, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?” You cannot come out and play mediocre ball, because no one else is. Play mediocre ball and you’ll find our team in the WILD CARD RACE not the Yankees. I am getting sick of shedding tears over these kinds of roller coaster rides. PLEASE do not make us shed anymore because of a blown pennant in the last two weeks.


    Hey Praca43,

    Youk being out of the Sox lineup doesn’t improve the Yankees chances of winning a pennant because Youk is horrible! I’d much rather see him in the lineup so he cna kill rally after rally.

    As far you go, I can tell you’re one of those telephone tough guys. Only this e-mail instead. You’re also probably one of the manny idiots at Fenway that act all hard once they have a little liquid courage in them. Have another one tough guy!


    the name says it all,,,,,,,,”winer’,,,the rivalry for the most part is a good 1,,seems to me u think u r the tough guy,,,why else would ya come in here than to stir the pot,,,not even in a friendly way,,and in defense of youk,,he be starting in the yankee lineup every day,,,mientickiewck,,,ha,,,be civil,,,we all enjoy a rivalry and tease yankees fans when they tease us,,no biggie no reason to get the hairs on your back up!!,,or go to a yankee blog and ”whine!


    ur right bosox, kevin would be in the starting lineup for any team he plays on, because he always hustles all the time and gives 110% all the time!!!! hopefully kevin heals his wrist soon and gets back in the lineup because the REDSOX need kevin!!! GO SOX!!!!!


    No, I think I’m going to stay right here. It’s obvious I’m getting under the skin of Red *** Nation. If you thi8nk this is bad, just wait until you get bounced in the first round. That’s if you even make the playoffs!



    Actually, I’m going to go over to Schilling’s blog and rile those people up for awhile. I’ll be back in about a week when the Sox lose the division.

    PS…does Pedroia have a blog? He’s another cry baby who’s highly overrated

    See ya!


    Ok winer,,,lets see who gets bounced 1st,,,how about a lil wager,,,we go further,,,u have to wear a red sox hat for 3 days,,and send a pic to prove it,,lol,,,but if yanks get angels,,,its bye bye,,,hopefully we get yanks cause it wont be tasty without beating them to win it like 2004,,,perdroia is a rookie,,look at that lunkhead rookie who wrote ******’ in a 10-yr-olds autograph book,,and pedroia whines>?? ROOKIE OF THE YEAR BUDDY


    Kevin, so your batting numbers are down some from where they were a few weeks ago; as you wrote, even Papi’s numbers are down right now! Who does that NOT happen to??? Winners aren’t perfect — they just keep giving it all they’ve got! And you are SO reliable at first base!! Just keep doing your job to the best of your ability. Take care of that wrist and think positive.


    hopefully yer wrist will heal by the weekend friday kevin, the redsox need yer bat and yer great defense in the lineup. try to stay positive and GO SOX!!!!!!!


    what is ”’yer”’,,,lol
    youk use the time to recharge the battery while the wrist heals rather u at 100% for the post season,,,better than reinjuring a sensitive area,,rest it up


    kevin that is very nice of u to help out kids in many ways HIT FOR KIDS, u do so many things for the redsox kevin on and off the field!!!! u should be congrulated for being a very nice friendly guy and also a great guy!!! GO SOX< HEAL SOON KEVIN< REDSOX NEED U!!!!


    i will be joining yer mailing list kevin and donating some money for the ” HITS FOR KIDS” !!!! the redsox should be glad that they have a great player on and off the field who helps out the redsox fans and kids in new england


    well you rub his wrist hockey
    we will write to ty about kevin being a very nice friendly guy,,,btw,,,ty gonna let u open the gate anymore<><>


    i will not be going to see redsox when they come in to park their cars anymore because i donot want to get ripped off anymore i will see players inside park


    What an idiot pwiner is!!! I hate to say it … but give the Yanks their due for playing outstanding ball these last two months … even a Sox fan can’t deny that … but jerks like pwiner need to take a long walk off a short pier … by the way, pwiner, take A-Rod (aka shame-rod, cheat-rod) with you when you plunge!

    I’ve been a Sox man/Sox fan all my life (49) but geesh … oly 1.5 games up now ??? I don’t think anyone in RSN is very pleased right now — it would be at least 2.5 if Gagne (aka Gag me) didn’t come in Tuesday. I know all the players are focused on trying to lift each other up, encourage when they’ve hit a wall (offense or defense) … but come on fellas! We need HAPPY BATS! Our pitching is about where it’s been all year long … why couldn’t we hit against the Jays? Where’s our bats? We start 3 with the Rays tomorrow night with Beck on the hill … Wally and I will be perched in front of my laptop ( subscription) rootin’, yellin’, eating wangs … GO SOX!


    What an idiot pwiner is!!! I hate to say it … but give the Yanks their due for playing outstanding ball these last two months … even a Sox fan can’t deny that … but jerks like pwiner need to take a long walk off a short pier … by the way, pwiner, take A-Rod (aka shame-rod, cheat-rod) with you when you plunge!

    I’ve been a Sox man/Sox fan all my life (49) but geesh … oly 1.5 games up now ??? I don’t think anyone in RSN is very pleased right now — it would be at least 2.5 if Gagne (aka Gag me) didn’t come in Tuesday. I know all the players are focused on trying to lift each other up, encourage when they’ve hit a wall (offense or defense) … but come on fellas! We need HAPPY BATS! Our pitching is about where it’s been all year long … why couldn’t we hit against the Jays? Where’s our bats? We start 3 with the Rays tomorrow night with Beck on the hill … Wally and I will be perched in front of my laptop ( subscription) rootin’, yellin’, eating wangs … GO SOX!


    Sorry for the duplicate post … IE returned an error when I clicked the post button, so I clicked it again … now it’s there twice … Good job BG!


    Hey Youk,

    What’s up your teammate Manny?? Lester could have defeated cancer in the time that it has taken for Manny to come back from his mystery olbique ailment. What gives?? Jeter hurt and you don’t see him taking a vacation…no he just plays through it and wins ball games. I saw you get hit in the forearm and don’t blame you for taking some time off but please hurry back. Our offense is so bad that it is embarrassing. Lugo, Varitek, Coco, Drew, Cora, Cash etc..etc.. can’t hit whatsoever.. Terrible yesterday’s loss on 9/19 let me speechless. This is one Redsox fan who is hoping you can be a leader in that club house and somehow motivate this team to do something more that win the wild card only to be sent home after the opening series. Good luck!


    i should be able to do what makes me happy by seeing redsox coming in at parking lot and in park, but because this guy ripped me off, i can’t, this is not right


    come on ”hockey” this isn’t to air your gripes,,,let it go my friend,,think of the good things,,plus nobody can stop u from watching anything at fenway,,its a public place,,stay away from that ”guy and u be fine


    glad yer wrist is not fractured kevin, hope u will be in lineup by tuesday or wednesday!!! BIG WIN LAST NIGHT!!! GO SOX!!!! takecare




    yankees bullpen is very tired and worn out after 14 innings last night, and it is showing today, plus yankee fans do not like farnworth, maybe toronto can hang on to beat tired yankees, GO BLUE JAYS!!!!!!!


    extra innings again, GO BLUE JAYS< YANKEES AND BLUE JAYS TIRED< hope blue jays find somehow to beat yankees!!!


    hockey,,,shhh,,,hold off on the jinx words,,,relax dude,,,you write 5x’s in 2 mins,,,yankees win?…noone in here whats to hear that HOCKEY,,ya better stop chasing ty guys and keep head in game my friend



    I am proud to say I saw you play in Pawtucket before you came to Boston and key to your success was maintaining being yourself as a player these last couple of years in result you have grown to be a great player and a great asset to the team. As long time red sox fan I just say to you and the rest of the team keep up the good work and lets hope the results will be postive in October when everything is all said and done.


    hopefully the redsox can do some “HOME COOKIN” the last week of season to hold off the yankees. hopefully kevin will be in lineup tuesday and wednesday and manny too, because we need our guys who are hurt to get better so we can WIN A WORLD SERIES AGAIN!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!


    congrats to the team for making the playoffs,,,the guys who r hurt can rest up a bit more…hockey,,,will ya let youk heal b4 u keep wishing him back,,,we dont need him hurt and on the bench playoff time,,,so let him rest and heal NOW,,or u still looking for that BAT,,,lol


    Yankees lose 4-1!!! yeah!!! sox lead by 2 games with 6 to play!!! thank u, blue jays, GO SOX!!!!!!!!!


    I don’t like you.(lol) just joking. Anyway, good luck-bad luck it makes no difference to me. All I can say is, if you get to the WS, I hope you lose. I’m NL all the way baby! Real baseball.
    Anyway, great player, great team, you guys tore up my team (the Braves) for the most part. So best of luck ‘cuz I hate the Yankees.

    Go kill ’em for me will ya?



    hope the healing is going good for ya,,I agree with you that the fans who follow u to hotels,restaurants and stalk r a lil scary,,,I know even the ones who asked you for a home address,,,lol,,,weird,,just tell them,,,yawkey way,,lol,,ya gotta have a personal life youk without worrying some fan popping up where u live,,,anyway for now lets worry about the playoffs and getting the wrist strong


    i see on the news that manny is ready to play and healthy and kevin will be playing on wednesday. glad both r healthy again, because we need everyone healthy so we can win a world series again!!! GO SOX!!!!


    kevin i heard from bosox club that u reinjured yourself, redsox need u, get your rest this weekend, hopefully u can play when playoffs start. we need u healthy and strong for the PLAYOFF RUN!!! GO SOX!!!!!


    Hockey, get a grip, you’re going to jinx it for the Sox & Youk. Back off and give him some space. We know you’re his friend, and a fan, but do you really think he wants you to have his address, you won’t leave him alone for a second. We know you’re a huge Sox fan, so save your money and go see them at spring training, it’s the best place to see the guys! They are all happy and upbeat, the best place for a fan like you to go!


    A division title means absolutely nothing if you don’t win the championship. So, enjoy this while it last because you haven’t seen the last of the Yankees this season.

    And Youkilis couldn’t hit a beach ball if it were sitting on a tee.


    Amazing that people can’t at least try to be positive. Youk–note below is meant to help(it’s pasted from the “Fun Weekend” string”)

    . . . has anyone suggested that you back off the plate 6 inches? I know it’s hard coming back after being out, but even before you were hit, it seemed like pitchers had begun to realize they could beat you by going inside. Let’s face it, even when you’re hitting the ball, it’s coming off the handle. Move off the plate, and let them beat you by getting the outside corner. In the meantime, you’ll have more time to get in front of the inside pitches, and I think it will help you see the ball better. It will take a little getting used to. But at least give it a try during BP and see if it helps. And don’t take my word for it–get some film of George Brett, and even Lowell. Where are they standing? It’s just easier(and safer) to make pitchers beat you on the outside of the plate. (While you’re watching Brett, at least think about the advantage of a level swing, too)


    hi youk2020, i am sorry that i have not gave kevin space, i will do that, i donot want to lose kevin as a friend, he has been very nice to me and my favorite player on team. i didnot mean any harm to kevin.


    Hockey,,,dont get all babyish now,,,like youk2020 u r a fan to him,,these guys have their ‘own friends’ and the rest of us r fans I dont think youk2020 meant anything bad my friend just trying to tell u not to go obsessive stalkiing,,lol,,by now all who writes in the blog know u r passionate in your loyalty to youk!!,,now,,lets go sox


    Way to go Kevin, I’ve been a MLB fan for over 40 yr.s and a student of the game. Kev you should try getting your hands a little lower and your body about on inch more away from the plate. Love you hustle a rare sight these days.


    hey Pwhiner,,,do u want a division champion hat?,,,the indians r gonna show ur boys the door,,,then u can come to our side,,
    now time to congratulate the SOX,,,who just might have a rookie of the yr,,,a cy young winner,,,and a gold glove 1st baseman!!


    maybe even get Lowell a MVP,,since he came thru with more clutch,,timely hits than a-rod,,,we know lowell had the better glove and hit for higher avg.,,after all 40 hrs 100+ rbi’s is ”expected” from a-rod who hit more meaningless hr’s than timely ones,,srry pwhiner but thats what the stats say


    congratulations kevin on having a great year and u should win the GOLD GLOVE!!! u deserve it!!!! GO SOX!!!!!


    Oh, bosox20! You crack me up! You may win the Cy Young and the rookie of the year but Mike Lowell has not chance at winning the MVP. BUT he might be wearing pinstripes next season. Then we’ll see how big of a Lowell fan you are.

    Go ahead and will Cleveland to victory over the Yankees. You know you don’t want to see us in the ALCS. 10-8 against the Sox this season and they erased a 14 1/2 game lead faster than Youk lost his hair!



    uhh.. youkilis is jewish.. so yeah it was be dancing ***.. not greek.. : ] just thought id let u know.. Now for the red sox! ANMAZING! everyone knew from the get go we would win the division but i didnt think it would be that close.. nor great.. i dont think that game.. and celeibration could have been any better.. my dad was sayin the wished it had been right after the game.. but i i liked the way it turned out.. it just goes to show that Rivra is human and cant pitch under preser : p! but really it was great.. who would have thought that he would have bunted! i sure didnt! i was whaching NESN on TV and whaching the yankees game on the computer! Red Sox fans are TRUE fans! they proved it at the game.. staying over in hour after just to see if we where the division camps.. i did wish JD was there.. ive NEVER seen him smile! i would have loved to she im smiling and having a good time.. but i understand his wife is pregent and his son just had sugary… so good luck to the sox in octber.. ill be whaching it from afar but very much enjoying to no matter what happens…
    love ya YOUK! awsome dance.. and pap made my night.. crazy i tell ya! lol

    ❤ red sox girl for life<3


    mike lowell will be resigned by the redsox because he is a great player and it would save the redsox lots of money, arod costs too much, and mike lowell is a better player, arod got more homeruns but overall, mike lowell is a better player. when it comes down to playing the yankees if they win over cleveland, the redsox will beat the yankees, because the yankees have not won anything since 2000!!!!!!! the redsox pitching and hitting will beat the yankees and mariona rivera is not the same pitcher he once was, he is beatable now!!!!! GO SOX!!!!


    hey pwiner, it is not what is on top of your head but inside that counts most. kevin is a very friendly caring guy , who helps out the redsox on and off the field in many ways, that is what counts the most. i doubt arod will never have a charity like kevin’s.


    ahhh,,,first a couple of things for PWHINER,,,we would love to beat the yankees in playoffs,,makes it sweeter,,,secondly lowell was in pinstripes ,,i like him there and at the marlins where he beat the yanks in WS,,now gettong to HOCKEY about charity,,,sorry to say hock,,A -ROD IS A HUGE CONTRIBUTOR TO BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS,,,BUT DONT FORGET,,HE MAKES ZILLIONS,,,YOUK IS STILL A THOUSANDAIRE,,LOL,,AND SARA,,,YOUK IS GREEK,,,ALL GREEK




    bosox20, given your e-mail address, it seems to me you have a little man crush on the on old big head. You have a giant sized Youkilis poster in your bedroom, don’t you?


    when the redsox resign mike lowell, the redsox can sign BIG PAPI”S friend torii hunter, torii, loves boston and the fans here, and we would love to have torii climb aboard our ship!!!! kevin youkilis is jewish bosox, GO SOX!!!!!


    Hockey,,,,that wasn’t a ”dance”,,that was just basic clowning,,,ya need to get to some night clubs to see dancing,,,even pap said on the tube it was ”jousting,,lol,,,go sox
    sox dont need hunter,,they wont sign him AND lowell,,,,lets keep lowell,,hunter’s prob way out of the money zone for us


    ummm you can be jewish and Greek at the same time like you can be german and jewish at the same time. BTW what does religion have to do with hitting 95 mph fastball.


    isee that the fans r having a great time at city hall and game 1 starts at 637 wednesday and it will be great outside, GO SOX!!!!


    religion doent have anything to do with it.. i was just sayin.. cuz hes not greek… but i really dont care… all that matters is that hes a great baseball player… and dancer! : ]

    ❤ red sox girl for life<3


    ok well y dont we just ask him! if you where whaching the games last year.. they had a big thing about this saying hes the greek god of walks.. but they *tena* and the crew later found out he was jewish not greek.. they said it on the ultimit red sox show… ok now lets just drop it…

    ❤ red sox girl for life ❤


    ok well y dont we just ask him! if you where whaching the games last year.. they had a big thing about this saying hes the greek god of walks.. but they *tena* and the crew later found out he was jewish not greek.. they said it on the ultimit red sox show… ok now lets just drop it…

    ❤ red sox girl for life ❤


    Hey Youk, you are an awesome player and you can tell how much you love your team. It would be a dream come true to meet you someday as you are so handsome and I love the way you shave your head. I am a hairdresser on Cape Cod and I just think that is so hot. Hope you continue to do so extremely well, and have a great winter off!


    One Nation

    Boston Red Sox is where its at

    They are the good ol’ boys at bat

    Wally stays right by their side

    Cheering on their every stride

    Red Sox Nation is proud and strong

    The boys hit ’em far & hit ’em long

    Red, white & blue are the colors so proud

    Throw in some green to help out the crowd

    The Green Monster is a special place

    It’s a threat in the penant race

    Come to Fenway & see the team

    They will make your day & make you scream

    Patty Guilmette

    Chicopee MA


    Hey Youk,

    Do you think this can become the official poem of your team? Honestly, what did you think? I’d love to read it for you guys. Maybe even see it in a program. Wouldn’t that be a dream, but amy dream will do. You have to reach for those stars. Western Mass loves the Sox. Go Youuuuuuuuuuuuk!


    Hi Youuuuuuuuk! I love the way you keep the faith. We in Red Sox Nation really try to keep the faith but it is not easy. I’ve been a Red Sox fan since 1967, the Impossible Dream year so I know that anythings possible especially what happened in 2004!