Something Ill never forget

4lm9kkcsTo hit a home run in my first at-bat of my first playoff start was definitely a huge adrenaline rush. I was worried it was going to hit off the wall, so I started sprinting around first base and then I saw it go out. For me, it was just an unbelievable feeling. It’s something I’ll always remember for the rest of my life. For my first hit in the playoffs to be a home run is an unbelievable thing.

Just to get ahead in the ballgame was the biggest thing, knowing that we got a run for Josh Beckett. Lo and behold, it wound up being enough to win the game, although we did end up winning, 4-0.

To be honest, the day leading up to the game felt like a normal day. I did everything like I normally do. I tried to take a nap for like 20 minutes or so at home. I was on the same schedule and I didn’t feel really that nervous.

Once the game started and all the craziness, I felt a little bit of nerves, but for the most part, I felt pretty calm. For me, it caught me off-guard. Usually, I get so amped up. I felt pretty calm and just played it like a normal game, and it’s probably just due to the postseasons I’ve watched for so many years, especially when I was on our bench in 2004 and 2005. I think that helped out a lot.

As far as the home run I hit, it was on a 2-1 fastball. I was just trying to put a good swing on it and not try to do too much, and that’s when you hit the ball the best sometimes, when you try no to do too much and just try to hit the ball solid. I got a good part of the wood on it and it traveled over the fence. It’s not easy hitting them out to left-center sometimes. It was just great — a great feeling overall.

It was a good way to start, but I told myself, "Hey, don’t try to do too much. Stay with your approach and get on top of the ball." Sometimes when you hit a home run in your first at-bat, you think you can hit a home run every time. So for me, I just need to stay on top of the ball, and my next at-bat, I got a curveball that was over the plate and I put a good swing on it and I got a double.

The big story tonight was Josh. It was unbelievable just to watch him out there. You never knew when we were going to take him out or if we wouldn’t. And we didn’t. It just shows you how great Josh is, and for me, it doesn’t surprise me any time he pitches like that.

Someone asked me, "Do you think he can throw a no-hitter?" I was like, "Yeah, there’s a good chance he might be able to."  It’s unbelievable how good he is. You just have to tip your cap to what a great game he pitched. We’re excited to have him. Hopefully we don’t have to see him again this series.

But we’re not going to get too high over this one win. For us, it’s just a matter of enjoying it, but also waking up tomorrow and saying, "Hey, we have work to do and we still have a bunch more games to play."

We have Game 2 Friday night; we have to be ready for that. That’s a big game for us. If we win that game, it sets us up for just having to win one out of three games. For us, coming out in Game 2 and trying not to look past that is the biggest thing for us.

We’ll be facing Kelvim Escobar. He’s a great pitcher — you just have to lay off some of his splitties and make him work. I think for us, the key is trying to make him work and get good pitches that are in our zone and take advantage of some mistakes. If he can make mistakes, that’s the key to getting to Escobar.

Dice-K Matsuzaka gets the ball for us. We have confidence in Dice-K and all of our pitchers every time they go out. For us, we’re just excited to have our pitchers go out there and pitch. If our pitchers pitch well, we’ll go a long way. We’ll throw any of our guys out there.

That’s all for tonight. Talk to you all again after Game 2.



    Great job out there tonight! I jumped out of my seat and started screaming “Yooouuuk” when I watched you hit that homerun on TV. Hope we can keep up this momentum and take it all the way to winning another world series. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts about the game on your blog – keep us all updated!


    You guys were all on fire tonight, offense and defense. That’s the team me know and love, and I’m sure you helped a great deal by getting things going with your hit. Great job! I’m looking forward to Friday’s game!


    Kevin, you were amazing tonight, as was Josh and the rest of the team. You guys looked great tonight. I can’t wait to see you go all the way!!


    I was so happy to be able to read Kevin’s blog about tonight’s game. It helped to make me feel as though I wasn’t so far away! Even all the way out here in Hawaii, Red Sox nation fans are excited. Excited to see Kevin come back from that awful hand/wrist injury (I can still hear that ‘thwap’ when the ball hit and he went down) and excited to see the team as a whole firing on all cylinders. It’s amazing to watch! Good luck and keep up the good work! We’re rooting for the BoSox out in the land of aloha — Yooouuuuuk!


    AMAZING!!! What a wonderful first game to watch, I was glued to the TV and on the phone with my sister in NH and didn’t miss a move. Your homerun was perfect and you made it look sooo easy. I’m a huge fan thanks for playing so well and having fun Youk, keep up the good work.
    Janet…..a fan in Ohio


    Yay, Youk! Hard to believe that this was only your first playoff start. Loved your hr, Beckett’s pitching, and Coco and Ellsbury’s great catches.


    CONGRATS for your first play-off “hit” !

    nice way to start this series and your own post-season career.

    i am very happy that you came back in time (that HBP looked nasty) and hope you will enjoy this oct. as much as we will do : )

    greetings from the Sox fans in Darmstadt, germany.

    we will root for you and the Sox every single AB and thx to and a little help from Red Bull we will not miss any.


    I was watching the game from my apartment in Philadelphia and my roommates had just got back from Citizen’s Bank park after the Phillies lost their first game. Let’s just say they weren’t too happy about me shouting YYOOOOUUUKKK!!! You’re the man, Kev! Keep it up.

    -Kevin in Philadelphia


    Great game Youk. Not sure if you read the comments or not but I was wondering about your reactions to called strike 3s. You were justified last night, but I was wonering if you ever go back and look at the video after a game? Or does that make you expand the zone when you get up next time knowing that the plate is 26 inches long now? Great game though! You set the pace and the team followed!


    Youk, you were a star on Wednesday night! Congratulations on a superb game. We’re really proud of you. YOOOOUUUK!


    Kev, you get a day to relish that tater! It was excellent to watch, good luck tomorrow!


    Cheap homerun. That’s a routine fly ball in a real ballpark. And those Pesky Pole homeruns, give me a break! There’s a reason why your team’s offensive numbers are much better at home than on the road. You play 81 games on a little league field.


    hey pwiner, that was not a cheap homreun, that was a SMASH!!!! fenway park is the most beloved park in baseball!!! we SELLOUT ALL THE GAMES AND GOING TO BREAK THE RECORD NEXT YEAR FOR CONSECTIVE SELLOUTS!!!!


    got your auto couple years ago i knew you would rip and be a big part of this team. keep it up


    First of all, congratulations on a wonderful season. Record setting for a first baseman, at least!! Your hit sent a thrill through us all. What a way to start a playoff! best of luck to the team and look forward to a phenomenal finish to an outstanding year!!


    congratulations on making it to post season and for your first post-season homerun! My roommate kept thinking i was boo-ing the game, and i had to explain that i was actually YOUK-ing…
    keep having fun out there, the personalities and talent on the team are shining more than ever this year!

    -biggest fan from Madison, WI πŸ™‚



    I live in RI and have gone to countless PawSox Games. I have followed your career and I always knew you were a “gamer”. You play smart and you exhibit a passion that bleeds Red Sox. Thanks for a great year and keep climbing the mountain to the World Championship.

    Bill Trabulsie


    To all the RED SOX
    Here is my take on the awards.

    1) Josh B. AL Cy Young

    2) Dustin P. AL Rookie of the Year (Hands Down)

    3) YOUK Mr Gold Glove

    The 2004 team was awsome and awinspiring to watch (The Loveable Idiots)

    This year though, you guys seem to have a different attitude. I have really never seen a team that looks like they are having fun, not all business, although I know you are, but you guys seem to remeber first and foremost, this is a game. I am about to be a daddy for the first time, and regardless if it is a boy or a girl, my wife and I are about to bring another RED SOX fan to Texas.

    Keep up the awsome playing and to quote from 2004




    Awesome performance by you and the team last night! I yelled so loudly when you hit the long ball that my cat ran out of the room and hid for the rest of the game!


    Youk!! way to go buddy!! I just got a Youk T-shirt and I took off my red sox sweatshirt to show everyone and right as i did that you went deep. keep up the good work! go sox!!


    Kev,,,,,great game at the plate,,,you were poised each at bat,,glad to see you fighting thru any wrist pain ,,you survive on adrenaline these games,,keep the faith,,,,lets hope the diceman follows josh’s beauty


    Hey, Youk. I remember you hitting a home run in your very first AB in a Red Sox uniform, so is this a pattern? If so, keepo it up, ‘cuz I’ll be looking forward to your first AB in the ALCs and the World Series!


    Way to go Youk! I was ready for the game all day on Wednesday, because I went to my job as a math tutor at a Boston area college with my red sox cap and my Youkilis jersey. Needless to say, I’ll be wearing it Friday too! Keep on setting the course.


    dear kevin-congratulations on your home run. i can’t wait until we face each other again. pease watch your head. regards, joba chamberlain


    Awesome job last night. Way to pick up the team all year with your defense and last night with your offense. Keep it up and I hope you can face New York, because getting to the World Series wouldnt be the same if we didnt beat New York to get there.



    Great job in your first post-season at bat. Made my day. I was watching with my 2-year-old son. It was the first playoff game he’s gotten to watch. Thanks for making it special.


    Everytime you do something great, which is more and more frequent, people around me (I live in NY) say, “Why are they booing that guy?” All I can do is smile and laugh and reply, “Yoooooouuuuuuuuukkks!!!” Great game buddy.


    Youk! Great stuff. Thanks for writing. If you can get Dice K to throw strike 1 on his first pitch, you’ll be heading to Anaheim up 2-0. Go Sox! Go Dice K. Go Youk!


    awsome game last night! I was soo nervous before the 1st 2 endings! but now that we have game on in the bag i think i can relax alittle.. That game was soo awsome to whach! When you got your homer i was screaming, YOUK GOT A HOMER over a million times.. my dad came running down and was like whats wrong? i was like youk got a homer! my dad got a HUGE smile on his face and gave me a high-five and was like we’re goin to win this game… i was pretty sweet! Me and my dad are really close and are really BIG youkilis fans! We love you youk! good luck on Fri. ill be waching and enjoying every min. of it good or bad!

    Red Sox Nation


    ps.. can u believe i saw a yankee fan using we believe!!??

    <3Red Sox Girl<3


    Great game team, and keep up the good work, go get them DICE-k!!

    (I’m glad i wore my youk shirt yesterday!)


    Mr. Youkilis,
    Great game! Can’t wait to see more. I wanted to ask, what’s up with your Bengals (I am a fan as well) Did you watch Mon. night? That was awful. Maybe when the postseason is over, you can fill in at lineback. I miss Odell Thurman and David Pollack. Just had to send you a letter because I am huge Red SOx and Bengals fan.


    Hey, Youk, I was proud of you man, when you hit the homerun. Now do us all Boston fans and take out LA. Let’s hope that Cleveland takes NY so you guys can face NY for the American league Championship.

    Go for it Boston and go all the way. You are the best. Don’t forget it.



    Congratulations to the city of Boston, the organization, yourself, Mr. Beckett(I hate him in a fan friendly way) and the Red Sox Fans. As a Yankee fan(If you haven’t guessed already), I have nothing but respect for the best rivalry in sports between us and the Red team. I am pulling for the Sox because I don’t think it would be baseball without the Sox and the 26 time World Champs battling for the right to the World Series. Not to look past the Indians, but I think we are headed that way. I look forward to what lies ahead. I see #27 in sight, but it will be a daunting task to get through 3 great teams to get there. Take care and Good Luck to you until the next series(LOL!).



    I take it back, you stink and so does Boston. You are not worthy of wearing Yankee pinstipes and never will be. Stay in Boston and enjoy another 86 years os misery. LETS GO YANKEES!


    Yogi Berra



    Im back for the last time. I was obviously kidding with the last post. I just expected more flack from the Sox fans. Thought I’d stir the pot a little. All kidding aside, congrats on a great year. You should know you were on my fantasy team this year. You can imagine how painful it was for a Yankee fanatic to have a Red Sox guy on his team. May the best team lay stake to the

    Championship (Yankees)


    Here are some mottos for you BoSox fans:

    Fenway… where pop flys to left field turn into HR’s.


    The Green Monster, turning losers into heroes since 1912.

    Time to rip it out and play fair with the rest of the league.


    hi dwight how ru doing? that is what makes fenway park so unique!!! every ballpark has their moments and unique stuff!!! that is why fenway park is the most beloved park in baseball. u should come to fenway park and see for yourself, what a great ballpark it is!!!!!


    Hi, Kevin, and congratulations to you and all the Sox on your great win. For some reason, there don’t seem to be a lot of citizens of Red Sox nation where I happen to live (Quito, Ecuador). I told everyone at work all about the game, but most gave back blank stares. Oh well.

    I know not all the playoff games will be as smooth and nearly perfect as last night’s. But the cliches are true–take things one game, one inning, one pitch at a time, and know that all (well, at least a small portion) of South America is rooting for you all the way!




    great game youk! home-runs are an excellent thing! we’re all hoping you’ll come up big again. you will. as for the monster…both teams competing in a baseball game at fenway park get to swing at the same fences don’t they?
    go sox!


    hi nesefamily how ru doing? ur so right, they both have to hit at the same place and fences!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!


    I am studying in Denmark and I don’t think anyone has any idea how great it is to come home at 2 in the morning and hear the BoSox whipping up on the Angels. To a point I wonder how much these players know what they are doing for everyone…in my case, each time I can hear a broadcast it brings me back home…if only for a few hours. Not to add more pressure but keep it up! Youk and Beckett, you keep me sane over here!!!


    Congrats Youk! That was a sick game. Even my mom’s parrot was screaming “YOOOUUUUK” after you hit that HR. Keep it up.

    As for all the Yankees fans that keep posting comments, don’t listen to them Youk. I’m watching the NYY/CLE game right now and the Yanks are struggling.

    Anyways, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but keep doing what you’re doing, take it one game at a time, ignore the pain, keep the passion, and I will see you at the parade when it’s all over.

    GO SOX!


    Congrats Youk! Way to get the team and the fans rolling. It was good to see you put the Sox in the lead. Now, go 2 for 2 and put one over on Friday!


    Yeah, I wonder if those Yankee’s fans have any comments about Jacob’s Field – the Indians have 4 homers already – is that a little league field to?

    Great game by the way YOUK! And it was great to see Beckett smoke ’em after we were at the park for his last start which was one night before the big PARTY Sorry I missed it but it was fun watching you guys let loose and celebrate after all your hard work.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and we’ll all be pulling for you and the team up here in Vermont.


    Your HR sure got me pumped up Youk…I jumped out of my chair and started clapping and yelling haha hopefully you guys can be just as successful on Friday…and I like your attitude about if you guys can win game 2, you just have to take 1 of 3 after that…totally doable, especially for you guys.

    GO SOX!!!


    How about those Yankees – 12-3 LOSERS tonight.
    Go Red Sox. Good luck, Youk. Bash another one Friday.


    Fabulous to see your talent, spirit and intensity pay off in the most visible way last night, Youk! Great to see you and your teammates handle yourselves with class, and respect for the game and your opposition. From some of your fans up in Canada, take nuttin’ for granted, take no prisoners, and go the distance, Sox!


    I think most baseball,fans would love to see a sox yanks ALCS,,,BUT they both have to win there way there,,I myself being an avid sox fan think it would make it that much sweeter beating yankees then winning world series,,cubs and phils seem to be going down so dreams of sox-cubbies series dies with them,,dice K will follow beck with a gem!!


    After the previous blog, I thought the Yankee-interlopers were gone. Obviously, they got tired of watching the Yankees get trounced by Cleveland!! They can make fun of Fenway and the Red Sox, but last night, a truly great team showed everyone why Red Sox Nation exists. You guys were awesome!! Great pitching, great hitting, great fielding!! How about that, Yankee fans??


    in ’04 i had to watch the playoffs from our belgian apt at 3 in the morning, and i missed all the celebrations. now that im back in brookline, i want to be a part of it. you (and beckett) got us the 1st of eleven, and best of luck for dicek tonite


    In a game back in June, I watched your reaction, while you were standing on first, as Travis Hafner made the turn, you yelled something like “COME ON MANNY”, because he just misplayed a ball that allowed Hafner to reach first. Calling a guy out for screwing up no matter who he is. For me, I saw for the first time, your intensity and have been applauding your attitude and approach ever since. As your home run left my screen, I was happy for the SOX, myself, and more importantly for YOUK. Nice job. Keep the boys hyped up and end this soon.


    Oh, you better hope Dice-K pitches a gem tonight. If not, you Red Sox fans are going to be sorry!


    Youk, I love reading your blog and have been an avid reader.

    Way to kick off the post-season! You and the rest of the boys definitely sent a message to the rest of the league- that the Boston Red Sox deserve the 2007 title. I moved to outside New York City recently and I have to admit, being a Sox fan in enemey territory isn’t easy. With wins like Wednesday night, it brings a smile to my face to see Yankee fans bite their tongues.

    Good luck tonight and here’s to a healthy and successful remainder of October!


    Red Sox Nation…the best fans in the world!!! Until you lose a game. Then you all panic. They’ll be a lot of Sox fans jumping off the Tobin Bridge if the Sox don’t bring home a championship.


    way to go youk!!!!!!!! first at-bat bomb!!!!!! you guys have this all wraped up! Dice-K on the hill, its over!! good luck!!


    hopefully kevin u and the red sox win tonight!!! keep it going YOUK!!! one game at a time, stay focused!!!! great weather for a ballgame tonight, like summer out there tonight!!!! hope everyday YOUK your wrist gets better and GO SOX!!!!


    AWwww,,,how sweet hockey,,,u hope kevin AND the red sox win?,,,I’m not sure one can lose and the other ”win’,,,pucker up><
    I see when sox r winning others complain about our ”small park”,,,it’s small for other teams also,,,lol


    Youk!!!!!!!! Well the 2nd game is just starting so time to watch. I am a tad lonely in yankee land here (Northern NJ) but I know there are lots of fans out there… 1 pitch at a time….focus on the ball, not the pitcher and all of those things your mom always told you! You guys are great!!!


    Yooooouuuuukkkkk!!!! A couple of K’s and an error at first base. I see you’re back to normal.


    great game youk!
    nice grab at first!

    who, in their right mind, would ever walk the #3 hitter to get the “chance” to pitch to the cleanup hitter? ever? the angels did it repeatedly. whoops! i have to think manny was so pissed off that if he saw a pitch middle in, he was just gonna take it on home…

    no reason not to. get your pitch, hit your pitch. go sox!

    okajima looked great! dice-k will pitch again.


    Great job on the homer Youk, I knew you would be a huge part of this team after watching you play your first full season last year. That was a great swing you put on the ball, good approach. Im just glad the sox finally gave you a chance to play full time last year. Keep up the hard work and keep playing the game the way you do, the right way.


    dude, that was HUGE!! i was jumping up and down and people around me had to tell me to be quiet (there was a baby sleeping in our house). i was NOT quiet, the baby woke up and in my little way, thats his “born into it moment”