This blog is off and running


Maybe we can finally put all of this ?Kevin Youkilis can?t run? stuff to rest now.

Ever since I was drafted I?ve been labeled as someone who can?t run well and I?ve been determined to prove that I can get around the bases. Now, after hitting my first inside-the-park home run last night, maybe the doubters out there will have second thoughts.

I knew I?d hit the ball well and I knew the wind was blowing out toward right field a little. Then I saw Grady Sizemore running after it and, knowing the way Grady Sizemore plays, I half expected he?d make a miraculous catch by diving for it or something.

But as I was rounding first it kicked off that little triangle-cut wall in center field and I figured I better get moving. I thought if I could get going pretty good I might have a shot at an inside-the-park home run. I picked up DeMarlo Hale, our third base coach, and took off from there.

It was pure adrenaline — and a little bit of exhaustion — by the time I reached home plate. The score was just 3-1 at the time, so the run was important. It was my first inside-the-park home run ever, at least since I?ve been playing on fields with fences.

I?m not a fast starter. I?m not usually too quick the first 30 feet or so when I try to steal a base, for example. But once I get going, I?m OK the rest of the way. I?m usually pretty good going from first to third or first to home. Even in school I was always had better times in the 60-yard dash than the 40-yard dash. I just need to get a head of steam.

So it was great. It showed the doubters out there that I can run a little bit. Even the doubters on my own team.

Dustin Pedroia, pictured here below, thinks he?s faster than me but I think we put that to rest last night with the inside-the-park home run, too. He?s just not as fast as me.

On the road trip before this one there was a big debate on the club about who was faster -? Dustin or me. We had a lot of fun with it. It was all a big joke, really. Julio Lugo was in the middle of it in the dugout, saying, ?I?m picking Dustin. He?s definitely faster than you.?

Dustin_pedroiaBut last night after my home run, Julio seemed to change his mind. He told Pedroia, ?You?ve got no chance. Youkilis is definitely faster than you.?

It?s a good time to be a player on the Red Sox right now. Winning makes everything a lot more fun as a player. Everybody gets along great when you?re winning. There are a lot of positive things happening with our club at this point.

The joking around about who?s faster was great for guys like Dustin and myself who haven?t been around all that long. It pulls us in and helps bring everyone together as a team. It?s all good humor and we?re enjoying what we do.

As far as I?m concerned, I?ve already proven I?m faster than Dustin but, who knows, maybe we can have a race for charity sometime. It couldn?t be during the season ?- in case one of us ever tweaked a hamstring or something -? but maybe we could do it in the offseason. It would be fun.

Personally, I?ve enjoyed flying under the radar but I?ve been hitting well recently and  don?t know how much longer I can do that. Batting in front of David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez in the order, I get pitched to more often. Pitchers want to get me out, so I see more pitches. Knowing they don?t want to fall behind allows me to be a little more aggressive.

I always felt I could hit if I go out and play every day and gain that confidence. But I?m not playing this game to become a superstar or win awards. I just want to have fun, do the best I can each season and hopefully have a long career.

The only goal that matters is winning a championship.

Name this blog

I noticed that Geoff Jenkins was asking fans to help name his blog and I think that’s a pretty good idea. So Red Sox fans, let’s hear some of your thoughts about what we should call this blog and we’ll have some fun with it.


Posted by during BP on Youk’s behalf…he had to run



    I like “Yooooouuuukkkk.” About the best blog name there could be. It’s better than, “He’s rounding third and…rounding third….still rounding third….”


    My seats in LF grandstand last night provided a great view to watch Kevin churn up the base path. A nice win to start off the homestand.

    Kevin, what suggestions would you give a guy who may soon become a novice blogger?

    Suggested Name for Blog: Three-Unassisted


    **** I thought Pokey Reese was wearing number 20 last haha. Nice job bro. Great game all around but you lookin like the Flash takes the cake haha. Good job bro and goodluck the rest of the season.

    You should leave the Blog YOOOUUUKK. That name is to tight to change.


    WOOOOOOOHOOOOO we’re on a roll keep it up red sox!!!!!!! Youk has been under the radar for awhile but his bat is really starting to get some pop, and has come up big in some key situations.He deserves a big round of applause for his contributions to the team. The only question I have i how long can we keep this pace? Would it be to inconcievable to scale down alittle bit? When August comes around will our players be tired to continue at the pace right now?
    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    haha whats up youk? big time bosox fan here from PA. name your blog- youkihalion, trust me just pick this one


    whats up youk? i gota go with “yooooouuukkk” like DOG E TODD it would just fit right. just keep killing the ball. GO SOX!!!!


    Youk, you are the man, and now you have shown your stuff as a all around player. After that Insider the “parkah” (get used to it sir) you have shown so many people what you can and what the Red Sox can really achieve.

    As for naming your blog, I couldn’t really begin to think of what a good blog name should be. Personally, Youuuuuukkkk sums it up, it would be silly to change your call name, bro.

    Take care, and go Sox!


    Yoooouuuuukkkk, we love you in New Jersey! That’s right, diehard Redsox fans in the bowels of Yankeedom. Your blog sounded a little like Damon a couple of years ago,so be careful and follow your tongue— we need you in Boston. Lets call the blog “Youk-Call-It”


    YOOOOOUUUK! You are making Red Sox nation prouder day by day. Your drive and spirit are unmatched- It’s nice to see all of your hard work paying off. Can’t wait to see you play next week in PHX. As for a name I like Duckdog’s suggestion with a little extra- Youk-calls-it :>


    you should name this blog… Youk’s Scoop
    keep up the good work…cheers

    Tom C. Sausalito, CA (by way of Cape Cod)


    you’ll be YOOOUUUKKK until you end your career many, many years down the road with the Red Sox i hope. stick with YOOOUUUKKK or YOUKNATION


    How about something like “obviously first is faster than second” or like a pun on the fact that youk plays 1st and pedroia is 2nd?


    Hey Youk, nice HR yesterday.. keep it up all season Youk

    Anyways, I think “Youuuuk” or something similar is the best name for it.

    Something like “The Bearded Blog” or something would be cool too, that beard of yours is an enigma.


    Youk – I was very impressed with your run around the bases on the inside the park homer last night – one of the best and strongest finishes I’ve ever seen on that play. Great season and effort so far – best wishes for continued success for you and the team the rest of the way.

    The blog name is obvious:

    “Greek God of Walks Talks”


    I Think that Yooouukk would be good or anything about a local landmark since you’re from around here. We love you here in RI… After last nights homerun (you looked soooo tired.) I have to admit there is a little crush there…. Good luck tonight.. Will be watching to see what else you can do… Love from the ocean state..


    Youk- I hope you can keep on this roll. It is fun to watch. I have always admired your attitude toward the game, but be careful. It you keep hitting like this you won’t be under any radars.


    watch out manny watch out david here comes youk!! i like youk calls it. 4 your blog.


    It’s pretty awesome you having a blog now. Now there are two Sox players with blogs.. you and Curt.

    Very interesting stuff to read..

    Congrats on that Inside the Park Homer..

    And I’m sure you’re faster than Dustin.. your legs are longer.

    Ok..that was a cheap shot.


    hey youk, funny story. i was at the game last night and i was getting pissed off at this guy, who seemed like a Sox fan, that was hoping you’d go 0 for 4 last night. The reason: the guy he’s going against in fantasy baseball this week has you on his team. Needless to say, it made it that much sweeter to watch you hit that inside-the-park homerun so I could laugh in his face and remind him that his loyalties should remain to the Sox and not his computer. What a tool.

    Anyway, I know you’re not Greek, even though people call you the Greek God of Walks, but how bout this for a blog title? “The Greek God of Blogs”. I think it has a nice ring to it.


    I like Youks Corner or just Yooouukk!! Keep on hitting the ball like you are now; your attitude towards the game is incredible. I am so glad you are a aprt of the Sox. You looked pretty fast on Sportscenter!!!


    Youk, what a season so far,keep it up bro! As far as the naming of the blog goes it should be “THE GREEK GOD OF WALKS NO MORE” GO SOX!!


    The Greek god thing is going to follow you the rest of your life. Why fight it? Call it “The Greek God of Blogs.”


    Kevin – if you’ve ever watched a long hitting streak on TV, on sportscenter, etc., you know how every fan in the game (except possibly Yankee fans) roots for you to continue the hitting streak. Keep it going into the 30’s, and you’ll have the world on your side. You can do it Youk, you can break the record! (Rob Schneider voice)

    For the name, I would have to go with “The Guy faster than Dustin Blog”

    You gotta keep rubbing it in. I was hoping that in Dustin’s next AB, he would hit one to the same spot, and we could really have a test.


    Greetings from florida! Congrats on your season so far. Been a big sox fan all my life, so i know the history. This year looks good. you’ve got the pieces in place.

    I wish this year’s all star game was in an A.L. park. You’re having an all star year. Papi’s a household name and let’s face it, a team without him in the lineup just isn’t the best we could put out there. You should both be on the ballot. I wrote you in on my first ballot. (sorry Papi)

    How ’bout a contest for your blog? Pick the name and the winner gets an all expenses paid trip for two to Fenway for a weekend series against, say, i don’t know… the yankees (hisssss) in, let’s say… october! (just a suggestion).

    Put me down for YoukSoup.

    Congrats again and GoSox!


    Ever since the beginning of your career i knew you’d be great! I am a diehard red sox fan living in new york (which all of my friends USED to rag on me for before 2004) KEEP IT UP YOU’RE MY FAVORITE RED SOX PLAYER BY FAR. GREEK GOD OF WALKS? MORE LIKE GREEK GOD OF 21 GAME HITTING STREAKS (as of now im watching the game i just saw your RBI double off the monstah)

    GO SOX


    Youk: First and foremost you are a beast… and im pretty sure you could do some sort of ultimate fighting…secondly name the blog “yooooouuukkk” and third if you dont make the all star team someone should get beat. I love Ortiz as much as everyone else but it’s time he gets a year off and you deserve a spot on that team.


    Youk, hi, from Guatemala(thats central america by the way). ure a great player, i like your approach to the game, congrats on this great year ur havin, even better than last year in which i think you did a great job. Nice thing you have a blog now!
    On the blog name YOUUUUUUUUKKK! or YOUK CALLS IT.

    Continue the good work.


    Youkan’t Catch me
    Youkan do it (ala waterboy)

    Youkan’t get enough of me

    Guess who’s on First? Kevin Youkilis! (ala Leary)


    I remember back when people weren’t sure whether you’d be enough as our everyday first baseman… ha. Thanks for all your hard work and great energy you bring to the field. One of the best games was when you hustled out that infield hit last year on Patriots Day so Loretta could hit that walkoff. Keep Yooouuukkk as the blog name. Have you seen the movie ‘300?’ Comical how they call you the “Greek God of Walks” (even though you’re not Greek) and then you go and grow a goatee just like the Spartan King from ‘300’… I’ll be at the game tomorrow night to see you extend it to 22.


    YOUK! i have to say man, you are on a tear (if you didnt already know) Im from new jersey, so all of my friends are yankees fans, but my dad steered me in the right direction. whenever you guys are intown at the stadium, i make atleast one trip out to watch the game (perfect record when im at the games)
    I picked you up on my fantasy team during the drafts, adn everyone said it was a wasted pick. look whose laughing now.

    but i think you should call it Fast Times at Fenway Park

    stay hot



    Congrats Kev – Awesome start to the season! For the blog – how about “Yuks with the Youk!”


    In pahk homah… wicked awesome!











    You should name it “Youk is faster”

    Great start this season Kevin, I hope you continue and I think the red sox will definetly make a great run at the championship


    EVERYONE even though Kevin isn’t on the all star ballots you can still vote for him by putting his name in!
    Come on guys lets get Youk to the all star game which is where he belongs!


    YOOOOUUUUK! You are my favorite player. After Nomar left, I needed a favorite player, and I saw you warming up in the first spring training game. I picked you out as my favorite player and you have been the man. You are a great hustler and thats why I have always liked you. Keep up the awesome start!

    Name for the blog: Youks Union



    Hey Kevin, congrats on the 21 game hit streak. keep it up! im a sox fan from NY.hard to catch all the games but do the best i can with sportscenter and xm radio. i would go with “YOOOOOUUUUKKKKK!”. I think it suits fans and you the best.Good luck with the season and your blog. GO SOX!!


    I’ve followed you and Dustin from the PawSox days and still having a good time watching you up in the majors. (he’s a fast little guy, but that inside the park was b-e-a-utiful) I was at the game last night and it was so amazing (my first Red Sox win at Fenway too, which was awesome!)

    as for a name: they’ve said it many times. YOOOUUUUKK!

    it’s priceless. :]


    hello kevin, first off i am a die hard redsox fan from missoula, montana. congrats on the hitting streak, and just so you know, you are one of the best firstbasemen in the mlb. i have tickets to see you guys in seattle on the 25th and the 26th and that will be the only time i get to see the sox this year. i am pretty excited about it and as for the name, i really like youkscoop and if not that, just yooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkk keep up the good work


    How about calling it “Youk’s Nook”?

    Great job last night with the inside-the-park home run–stand up, to boot! Not sure I’ve ever seen one without a slide or dive before. Congrats on the hit streak, too!


    Hey Kevin, big fans in NY here. We made it to Fenway on April 14th only to find out you weren’t playing that day. 😦 Not to miss out, my 3-yr old daughter decided to try out her “Youuuukkkk” while in the concourse…she was greeted back with quite a few “Yoouuukks”. And both she and her 5-yr old brother know when you are up to bat and always “Yoouuukkk” for you whether we’re listening on the radio or fortunate enough to pick up a game on tv. Name for your blog…how about “Running at the mouth”? 😉 Keep up the good work amd we can’t wait until we’re talking about your 50-game hit streak. 🙂


    we miss hearing from you over at DOKY Kevin! congrats on a great season so far and i definitely think you should stick with “YOOOUUUKKKK”


    hey kevin great job last night, keep it up with the hitting and does anyone else besides some people at ESPN realize that you havent made an error in the field since last july? anyways what about Youk’s News… yeah its a little cheesy but its a blog


    I think the blog should be called Kevin’s Corner. Just kidding, obviously it has to be “YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKK” or something of the like. Keep up the hot stick! May your slumps be short! YES! YOU JUST HOMERED OVER THE MONSTAH! JUST AS I WAS TYPING THIS! You rule


    By the way, you’re definitely my write-in vote for the all star game, it would be hard to keep you off the all star team if you keep up the current pace, even if you aren’t on the ballot.


    “Yooouking (Play on yucking) it up with Kevin”

    Cheers — keep up the great work!


    Hi Kevin. Lifelong Sox fan, and I’m glad to see the success you and the rest of the boys are having this season. I hope you can bring home another World Series. Good luck to all of you. By the way, I’d stick with Yooooouuuuukkkkk on the blog name.


    Another DOKY child here… I agree with the majority of naming the blog YOOOOUUUUUUKKK! (I try to be the loudest longest “Youk”er in my section (sore throat today to prove it)Some other Blog name suggestions:
    Talk Youk

    I am not a Walker – I am a Runner!

    Youk Scoop

    Youk’s Nation

    Blog from the Beard

    Good Luck naming the blog and keep kicking a$%!!!!


    Two nights in a row with a home run your doin sick keep up the good work!…..If you have any news regarding the “Lil Youks” program please post it. I am a patient at Mass General and it truely would be a once in a lifetime thing to be apart of. The nurses there told me all about last year and ive been anxious to see if it was going to happen again…”YOUUUUUUUK” is a solid choice I think for the name of this blog, its short and to the point….GO SOX BABY!!


    This is a suggestion for naming your blog:


    Get it? Ukulele (the little guitar they use in Hawaii)…


    Congrats on the inside-the-parker! Great hustle! Go Sox!


    Youk! I have two, it can go either way:

    Youk’s Yak


    Tales from the Youk


    I never miss a game you are doing great. My 3 year old loves the game and watches with me it’s our quiet time. I think you should name the blog running diamonds around Pedroia it has a nice ring to it. My son was born on my birthday which is this Sunday he turns 4 hit a homer for us and stomp on those Yanks!!!!!


    Howdy! I just saw you hit yet another one out. Amazing!!

    How about “Like Youk Sees ‘Em” as in “You’ve gotta call ’em like you see ’em”? Maybe a bit too long or not immediately recognizable as part of the phrase..

    Anyway…what’s up with the Red Sox and hair/facial hair? I’ve been wondering this for a few years now. Is it a reaction to the strictly imposed tidiness of the Yankees? Does everyone have to do something with their hair or facial hair? Is it a rule? Even Curt Schilling appeared to get into the Kevin Millar bleach a few years ago…

    I mean no disrespect, of course. I’m quite entertained by it all. It’s just been gnawing at me.

    Anyway, you are all playing brilliantly and there is nothing more Red Sox fans can ask of you. For once, we have absolutely nothing to complain about (imagine that). Thanks to you all for playing so well. You look like you’re having a great time and as 2004 proved, that’s the best way to play.

    Be well!


    Homer into the Monstah! Nice job Youk!
    “Yooooooouuuuuuuuuukkkkk” Is a perfect name for the blog. Although, I did like Youk’s Yakkings too.

    You rock Youk.


    I kept waiting for the theme from “Chariot’s of Fire” to start playing when you were rounding second. As a lifelong Sox fan, I believe you and Trot Nixon are one and the same in spirit. You both play as if you’d break through a wall to make a play at any second.
    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’!

    I’d stay with YOOUUUUK!


    It’s a lot if fun to be a fan right now, especially since I (we all) have paid many a pennance being one since Day One. Can’t imagine how enjoyable it must be as a player these days!

    How about “Youk & Yous”? Kind of a Baahstan thing.


    you have been a really fun player to watch coming up through the red sox. I love watching you play. You’re a great inspiration to me!! Keep up the EXCELLENT job man. go for it all.

    how about 20 Yooouukkk:The Word for the blog name


    Youk, we are currently discussing the who’s faster debate over at, we’d be honored if you came and discussed your opinion:

    My money is on you, man, although I think you should both race, pole to pole, at the All-star game, just like Charles Barkley and **** Bevetta at the NBA all-star game:

    Please come join the discussion at Baseball-fever, we’d be absolutly honored to have you



    I have 2 suggestions.

    1) Youkspace

    (slightly corny, but hey!)


    (based on an earlier suggestion, with a little twist.) I really like this one.


    I second previous name idea “Three-Unassisted.”

    I hope you make the All-Star game, you totally deserve it and hopefully the fans/coach will recognize your hard work.

    Best of luck the rest of the season, go Sox!


    Totally awesome !!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUK ! How about…..


    i love the fact you started this blog i love the redsox and where im from you dont get alot of redsox games so i have to rely on the web. you should just stick with yooouuukkkkk as the name. you guys rock


    I wish we had more players like you in Professional sports. Just like you proudly wear the RED SOX uniform, we are proud to be your fans. KEEP IT UP


    Red Sox fan here from the ‘nati. Any suggestions on where we could catch Sox games on TV here? Besides Arroyo’s house?


    I gotta say i like the sound of “The Greek God of Blogs”


    You think it’s fair to have a foot race against some one with legs so tiny? Also, someone should tell the littleputian to adopt a bagwellian batting stance, that’s a fruitflys strike zone he could have right there!

    how about Youkilhouse? …ok, i tried.


    GO ******* SAWX!!!! You guys are wicked awesome! how bout- Yoooooouuuk- Greek God of running. stuck out in ND, send me some signals for some games eh? someone, pleaase! keep it up youk! you rock man!!


    Kevin, I’m a life long Red Sox fan and a retired Army soldier. The Sox are blessed to have such a fine player as you, not with just your glove but also with your bat. I have tickets to see you and the team in Tampa on Sat. and Sun, July 28/29. Wishing you the very best the rest of the year. GO SOX!!!!!
    Blog: Youk’s Nation



    My Jewish friend suggested that you call the blog “Motzah Blog Soup.”

    Also, it’s all in the beard. Just like Action Hank. Don’t you dare shave that thing.


    Hey Kevin,
    You’ve basically been my favorite player ever since playing all those games in 2004 when Bill Mueller was out. Since last season, you made me look like a genius for predicting you’d be an amazing player. When it comes to suggesting blog names, I would love to selfishly recommend my username on the Red Sox website I moderate at: Youk of the Nation. A nice play on a song title and a little reminder that you’re one of the best players out there in the eyes of ‘Red Sox Nation’. Keep raking, man, and try not to leg out too many inside-the-parkers if you can help it. I dont want you to hurt yourself!—Derek


    For your brother and his pals, please call the Blog:

    “Youk Enjoy Myself”


    I’m one of ur biggest fans, but I still have to say I think Old Dusty would beat you in a race around the ballpark. Nice HR today it was a lined shot. Batting .358 and a 21 game hitting streak, (In Borat Voice) Very nice… Very Nice..


    Hey YOOOOUK! You are truly on fire man .358? WOW! I was watching yesterday and when that ball hit off the wall in the triangle I knew you’d hustle all the way around. You are gonna have a big year Youk. I don’t wanna jinx u, but if you continue on this tear, u could.. or not could–WILL win the AL batting title. U are having an all-star season man. KEEP IT UP!!!!


    Hey great job so far this season!! I really hope to see you at the all-star game, you deserve it. From now on you shall be called the “The Greek God of Inside the Parkers” but I gotta say “The Greek God of Blogs” Here’s a pretty good suggestion: “Blog of the Youkilis”


    Hey Youk great job your doing ,I always liked you as a player and knew you were a player with great potential ,And man am I glad I get to witness you play everyday. I never miss a Red Sox game and have my own blog too. I think you ahould name your blog Youk’s Jukes. Check mine out sometime and leave a comment:


    Definately YOUUUUUUUUUUUK would be my vote !! Kevin. keep up the pace! Big year for you and we are loving it out here in Red Sox Nation!! As you hustled around the bases last night, I was ****** wind right along with ya!!


    How about calling the blog:
    “Youk heard it here first!”?

    A few years ago, Youk stayed an extra year of seasoning at Pawtucket to get more at bats (and to learn first base). This spring, I thought we should have kept Loretta one more year to do the same seasoning for Dustin, but he’s proved to me now that he belongs in the bigs. Congrats to you both!


    I’d go with Yooooouuuuukkkkk, THe Greek God of Blogs, Kevin Jewkilis(represent), bostondirtdog4life, or Motzah blog soup. PS. keep up the hard work.


    OOPs Youk I was having a Dislecsic moment there my blog address is


    hey youk-nice streak, and nice homers, both in the park and out of it. how about youk yaks? everybody seems to like the idea of ‘yooouuuuk,’ but for some reason the idea of using one’s own hometown cheer as a blog title seems a tad sophomoric. ah well.

    again, thanks for all you’re doing this incredibly season.


    God you guys are on fire. That makes me and my kids so happy. It only adds to my joy that the evil empire is soooo bad this year. As for the blog name I like “View form the 1st baseline.
    Thanks for playing so hard this year millions appriciate it. Lets get the title back to Boston where it belongs.


    Hey Youk great job your doing ,I always liked you as a player and knew you were a player with great potential ,And man am I glad I get to witness you play everyday. I never miss a Red Sox game and have my own blog too. I think you ahould name your blog Youk’s Jukes. Check mine out sometime and leave a comment:

    I am really messing up tonight putting in my blog address this one is right


    I play high school ball in PA and you’re my favorite player. Go figure i’m a right handed first baseman who has played some spot time at third this year. I also wear the number 20 and love da sox. Keep the hot streak going it’s great to see you up there ripping. How about You-Kan Run.


    Youk, I’ve been a fan of yours since the SeaDogs and then the Red Sox cruise. Congratulations on a great beginning to the 2007 season and now your own blog. You are definitely known as Youuuuuk. Maybe you can call your blog: “You Can Call Me Youuuuuk…Just Don’t Call Me Out!” All the best in 2007 and beyond. Soxcruiser

  84. catherine

    Great job Youk! We love ya!

    As for the blog name how about

    “The Gospel According to Youk”


    First of all…LOVED the in the park homerun! Wow! You can move! Thrilled with your success and how you have made such an impact on our team! Woooooooo hoooooooooo! Second. My idea for the blog name…Youk’s Bull Session is my vote!!


    “Youk can Do it!”

    Love ya, Youk. Especially when they cut to you messing with someone in the dugout… the antics crack me up.

    Keep it up all-star!


    How bout naming the blog: Circling the bases with Youk.


    The Greek God of Blogs


    I’m so excited about this blog! You guys are so much fun! My 2 boys and my niece are keeping track of where the Sox stand and the Yankees! They were arguing over what place the Yanks were in and finally we told them, it doesn’t matter…we’re #1!!! Keep it up! As for a blog name I like “Yooouuukkkk!”, “You Can Call Me Youuuuuk…Just Don’t Call Me Out!”, and for us ladies……”Youkilicious!”


    Youk da man! Ok, that was cheesy, but I do consider you a great asset to this team, Kev’! Some of us wondered how you would perform early on, back when you were shuttling back and forth from Pawtucket to Boston. Needless to say, you answered many a Sox fans prayers. You’re doing an exceptional job! As for a Blog Name, I can’t seem to get ABSOYOUK (instead of Absolute) out of my mind. Maybe it’s because vodka is my vice? HA! Absolute Youk would also suffice. Hope this finds you well, and pumped! Go, SOX!


    You should call your Blog : YOUK’S HOT CORNER.

    Always have loved the way you play the game… Keep raking YOUK!!!

    D.P. wishes he had your speed!


    My vote:

    Grinding it out with Youk!

    Good to read ya Kevin!

    PS. are you really greek, I thought Loretta mentioned in an interview last year you were not!


    I think your Blog should be called “YOUKISMS”! Great hustle and keep swinging the bat well! RedSox nation loves it!

    Steve Baker

    Mililani Hi


    i think you should leave it as yoouuukkk!!!

    your my favorite player and your doing great!!!awesome glove and keep up the good hitting.


    A name- Youk Movement.


    John Meter-Perel was saying on Dennis and Callahan this morning- “Youk is going to break Dimaggio’s record”, some Joe Dimaggio relative called up and tried to make a bet that you would’nt.

    Don’t worry about it, just have fun. That’s what I do.


    I have two suggestions for naming your Blog – either “Youk’s Musings,” or, in honor of your prominent feature in Michael Lewis’ book, you could go with “Moneyblog.”
    Congrats on your in-the-parker, because I have no life I just watched it over and over on MLB tv. Keep rocking the RedSox


    Lets see how many people can be in this club with me….I can say honestly and I have the ticket stubs to prove it I’ve seen Youk hit his first MLB HR in Toronto(my buddies and I took a roadtrip) and I was sitting in the 3rd base Loge section to watch Youk motor around 3rd for his 1st MLB in-the-park HR!! I’ve follow Kevin for a few years back to the minors I always knew this kid was going to be a special ball player….I’m happy to gloat and say I’m RIGHT!! Keep up the good work KEV-NICE!!


    Keep the name what it is…perfect. Last weekend I had a “Best at Each Position” conversation with friend of mine at work. For first base in the AL, I named you, of course. I told my friend how worried I was when you kept going up and down to the Pawsox that you’d go to some other team so you could play every day. Thanks for stickin with the Sox. Man, you’re doing what we all knew you would. Thanks for doing what you do and proving to my friend that, for once, I actually know what I’m talking about.

    Great insidetheparkah buddy, keep it up.


    I agree YOOOOOOUUUUUUK is definately a good choice for the blog
    anyways i wanna say how awesome you’ve been dude, i got you on my fantasy team so i’ve been keeping track of you and so far so good – keep it up. Also, just to let you kno, you got a lot of fans out on the west coast too – i’ve been keeping my bosox pride out here

    Keep it up dude we’re goin all the way this year

    – sunofagun


    Hi there Youk. You are a thrilling player and a fitting Boston Red Sock.
    California Fire Captain Sox fan here (since 1967) with a 10 y/o boy who loves the Sox too!

    We’ll be seein’ yuze guys in Phoenix, San Diego and Anaheim. Those will all be home games for the Sox, I promise.

    Blog name? Youkalippedus? Nah

    Youkilingus? Too risque

    YOUK…Walks & Talks Sox? Maybe.

    Your hustle is inspiring. You lead a great nation.

    Jim Townsend

    Red Sox Nation

    Southern California Battalion


    There are two names that come to mind…. the first is The Greek God of Blogs and the second is Youkipedia…

    Tim Brooks

    Dallas, Texas


    You are my favorite player after Dwight Evans.If you keep playing like you have been that may change.Hope your career with the Sox is as long as Dewey’s

    was!As for your blog I would like to see you name it



    hey there youk!

    Liked your blog. If I had a name, i would suggest…

    “…from the Greek God of Blogs.”

    …unfortunately it’s the best I can come up with at this time. You’re doing great out there Youk! Keep it up.



    hey rabbi youkilis–yeah, we know u can hit, but how much can ya bench??
    anyhoo, i would name your blog “the youk testament” (sort of like the “new testament”, except it has a goatee). shabat shalom!


    We love ya, and the Sox, up here in northwestern Canada, Youk! Great to see you and the team pulling out all the stops. Keep up the PHENOMENAL work.

    Keep your blog name as it is; it’s perfect and unique. But if you need another suggestion, how about…

    “The Fountain of Youk”

  105. Dana

    Having lost Trot you are THE OFFICIAL DIRT DOG still standing (and panting!). Also, it’s about time more people thought of you and a gold glove in the same breath. You are doing tremendous Youk! We know it’s not easy. You’ve earned the respect of Redsox Nation! Now….about that $10,000,000 per year contract!


    Keep up the numbers and hopfully we will see you on the All Star team.

    Here’s our name suggestions:

    The Greek God of Walks’, Talks


    God of Walks’ Talk


    That was ludicrous speed! Or should I say Youkicrous speed. Save some of that pep for October, and I’ll be watching on the webcast out here in West Australia with my morning coffee. Yes the nation has expanded down under. For your blog how bout “Youkyak” or “lumbah yahd”


    yea youk my man its good that we have you we released trot and millar our other first baseman but hey who needs them when we got you ha well my man ill be looking forward to seeing you on that all star team and in october and hey keep it up your doing great go sox YANKEES ****


    Youkk, down here in the Boogie Down, we call you “Hit-Dog”. I teach in the BX (w/former pawsox lefty joe clausi) and we enjoy being the only red sox fans among a sea of jeter-heads. Thanks. You should be on the all star team. Peace out.


    Cheezy, but how about (and pardon the length):

    Youk-ity Yak: Youk Talks Back

    anyone else LOVE where the yanks are right now? CELLAR!


    we love ya in Miami youk… therez a bunch of RedSox fans down here, we’re trying to gather up a group and go to FENWAY to show some support.. maybie the redsox will lookout for us a bit.. hope to see you guys soon!!


    love the blog! keep up the good work on the field and in cyberspace.

    inside the park hime run was priceless. you never cease to amaze me.


    Youk… ever since u came up into the majors me and my cousin have had a youkilis jersey. You are definitely my favorite player in the league because of your grit and ability to do the little things. I’ve tried to emulate the way u play for a couple years now and the greatest compliment i’ve ever gotten was the first day of my college baseball practice when a player and my head coach said my stance and swing looked a lot like yours. Keep it up and keep winning. Go Sox.


    YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUKKKK your in the park hr had me jumping up and down in my living room screaming at my tv. That was great! I hope your ready for the All Star game, you’ve earned it. As for naming the blog i think 20-Something would be a cool name. For your number and kinda a joke with your youth. Keep it up. U DAH MAN! GO SOX


    The name should be YOUKISM! YOUKISM, the SOX need a walk? There’s a YOUKISM, you walk. The Sox need a hit? There’s a YOUKISM! You hit the ball where they ain’t. You need a baserunner, a YOUKISM happens and a routine ground ball to the shortstop turns into a hit. Anytime you need a baserunner and maybe someone gets hit by a pitch…YOUKISM. A runner on second and single to right…YOUKISM. BUT THEN AGAIN I love the the show on Discovery “Deadliest Catch”, Maybe the blog should be named “The Deadliest Catch…SON”. You seem to be a the most difficult man to catch right now… What do you think?


    “Youkitman’s Peninsula”! you heard it here first.

    All I have to say is that I did call that u would have a remarkable season. All those critics prediting the Sox wouldnt even make the playoffs and that what…..the yanks would be in first? can use your time to fill out Burger King applications. Foulke will help spellcheck ur application.

    Although baseball is for us the fans, Mr. Kevin Youkilis pronounced by the opposition as (“You-kill-US!”)thanks for making our redsoxnation stronger than ever. A recommendation, u need a signature move like Ozzie Smith. Since you dont do backflips,we should put a blog on here with suggestions for your youkilized signature move!


    First of all, Congrats on your first inside the park Home Run. I am happy that you have come into your own. Secondly, Kev, of all the players that I’ve waited to emerge you haven’t dissapointed me or the Red Sox nation. Keep smilin, Keep sweating,Just don’t stop being Youk. Go Red Sox!!! I’m writing you in at First for the AllStar game. Good Luck!



    Thanks for starting the blog. It’s great for us in Red Sox Nation Chicago to get a chance to interact with you somewhat! The inside the parker last night was just fabulous! What a way to keep the streak going huh? I live 3 blocks from Wrigley Field and proudly wear my Red Sox gear around the neighborhood and listen to all the Cubs fans go on about how great the Red Sox are. Anyways, your perserverance and willingness to go back and forth from Pawtucket to Boston the years leading up to being on the big team full time has paid off. Wake, Tek, Garciaparra, Nixon….you are well on your way to Red Sox “legend-dom” like those before you.

    Oh yeah, your blog should be entitled:

    “The Greek’s Blog of Talk”

    Mark in Chicago



    Thanks for doing the blog. You have made a wonderful start of the season and you’ve proven to be a fantastic ballplayer. Living in The Netherlands it’s hard to see your and the Red Sox’s incredible games. I have to stay up late to see you guys (I have cable but the time difference *****). Anyway just saying that even in Europe you got fans. fans that love to see you guys play and hope you keep playing like this! Go Red Sox!

    Arlan Dautzenberg, The Netherlands


    Hey Youk, I don’t normally comment on player blogs, but just wanted to say thanks for starting one! I’ve been a huge fan of you and your approach at the plate since seeing a handful of games at Lowell back in ’01. Congratulations on a great start to this season, and though you mentioned that a championship is the only goal, it must be nice to start getting recognized as one of the key players on this team.

    As for the blog name, a Moneyball reference is definitely necessary here. I liked the previous recommendations of The Greek God of Blogs or Moneyblog.



    Hey Kevin. I was at your major league debut in Toronto on May 15th, 2004. You hit a home run and when you got to the dugout no one was there to greet you at the steps. What did you do? You gave air high fives to your imaginary teammates waiting for you. It remains to this day one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen at a baseball game.

    And actually, I was in Detroit as well when you hit your game winning home run in the 9th inning on June 2nd. It was great cause those Detroit fans were really giving me a hard time all game long. I just kept telling them, “it’s not over yet” even when there were 2 outs in the 9th. When you came up to bat, I even turned to my Dad and told him, “Youk’s been a really good clutch hitter this year.” I didn’t call a home run or anything but you’ve done great things when I’ve been in the stands.

    I just wanted to say that I REALLY appreciate the professional at bats you put together. I wrote an article on you before this season began ( explaining about how you’re arguably the most underrated player on the Sox. One thing I actually referred to was your good baserunning abilities. According to the Bill James Handbook, you were the best baserunner on the Red Sox last year. You can tell you teammates that next time they give you a hard time.

    As for a name for the blog, I was thinking “A God Of More Than Walks”. I’m sure your teammates would love that one.

    Sincerely, Mike Edelman


    We saw you Sunday in Texas. Great game, and way to mash the ball.

    As far as the blog, keep it simple and just stick with YOOOOUUUKKKK!!! It was fun yelling that at the game, and it would never get old. I even had my 22 month old son yelling it.


    It looks like the “YOOOOUUUUUKKK” might stick… but I’d recommend “Youkilis… Shook me all night long!” Yeah. Blatant AC/DC rip. Props for that one go out to my ex and her friend.


    Sitting here getting ready for work after another great night. SOX’S win, and YANK’S LOSS. All is well in the Nation. My Wife and I have a suggetion foe the blog.
    Yacking with Youk! Just a thought, good luck on Wednesday night and Bring on the Evil Empire.


    Kevin, you are one of the smartest and most patient of players in the game, and we are lucky to have you playing on our BOSOX. You certainly belong on the All Star Team and hopefully your fans will get you there 1 way or another. My suggestion for your blog is “Kevin’s Kvetchings” 🙂 Best of luck for the rest of the season!!


    How about YOUK’S YAK ? Sounds’s you yakking! And thanks for is always fun for us life long fans to know a little of the in house happenings. Thanks Youk! As Always, thrilled to have you on the team.


    I was about to suggest that you name the blog “Yooooouuuukkkkk”. But I see you;ve already done that. That’s the name, man. It’s perfect! I am psyched about the blog! Keep up the good work on and off the field!


    how about Youk Can Do It!!
    Keep it up Youk your my favorite player in baseball!


    You are making the other teams sick with envy how about “YOUKS PUKE” Kevin your a joy to watch play keep it up !!!!!


    I think it should be called “Youk can Run”.. Keep up the great work..We all LOVE YA !!!!


    How about YOUK’S Yodel? Your my eighth favorite player in baseball. The hit streak is pretty sweet. my top eight are Dwight Evans, Bo Jackson, Jim Rice, Nolan Ryan, Wake, Manny and Papi. Hope you don’t feel the bottom of the barrel?



    What could be a better name than just “Yoooooouuuuuukkkkk!” The cheesy ideas abound: “Youk Can Do It!”

    I’m so glad you’re blogging now. My blog,, frequently posts pictures of “Youk being awesome.” I’m glad to be able to find more of them here.

    Hmm. “Youk Being Awesome.” That’s another good name.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing?joe innocenti lynn,mass. how about bigthickgoatee, have always liked u, go to 15 or more games a year, the first game of double header against tigers i sat in front row of tigers on deck circle, i yelled out to u, yoouukk, u turned around and looked at me, ur a great guy kevin, wenttuesday night against trot nixon, made sign for mr. trot nixon, it said welcome kcab mr. trot nixon#33, trot signed sign, shook hand with me and got great pic with trot, can;t wait to meret u in person, ur awesome kevin, hope u rember me, takecare,joe

  134. Noni

    Welcome to MLBLOGS, I love reading what the ball players have to say, and now finally one of our own is blogging on MLB.(Red Sox).
    How about “Yoouukk on First”?


    How about “Running with Youk”??? I think that’s an appropriate blog name!


    hi kevin going to game tonight, section 14, grandstand row 3, taking many pics of u, ur a great guy to put this blog for me plus ur a great guy to do charity and help out people, like jason varitek and tim wakefield, i applaud u for helping me people, always knew u were a great guy, keep up the great hitting, see u tonite, takecare,joe


    Great job this year. You’ve become a team leader.
    Since you’re such a role model your blog should be called:



    Okay. How about: “The Gospel According to Youk.” It’s got class. It’s got history. Hmmm…the Yankees could be the Philistines, etc., etc.


    I, too like “Yooooouuuuukkkkk”
    or perhaps “The Youkilis Report”. I’ve enjoyed watching Youk play. I was fortunate enough to see him play with AAA Pawtucket in Buffalo multiple times. Being that I work EMS at Bison’s games, BP was always a treat! Thanks Youk!!!


    Anyone up for a write-in campaign to send Youkilis to the All-Star Game? If you really want to send Ortiz as well, remember Youk can play third base and also did some time in the outfield last year.



    I’m a New Englander dissplaced to Cleveland for the past 30 years. When I started following the Sox, they had a first baseman named Pete Runnels winning multiple batting titles. Maybe we have another one now?!?!?! What do you think?

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if 2 RedSox first basemen made the All-Star team this year! The way you guys are playing, it will be interesting to watch Jim Leyland struggle with not including pretty much the whole team — several starters and relievers, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, LF, catcher,DH/1st base…and who knows who will be next to catch fire!

    After marrying a Cleveland girl I met in law school and staying out here, I started taking my family to Indians games when the Sox were in town. While I cheered madly for the Sox, my three family members would look at me as if I were mentally irregular. Now, both of our daughters have graduated from college in Boston (yes, both went to my alma mater, BU, where it is impossible not to catch Sox Fever), and now I’m afraid my wife is all alone in our family as a non-Sox supporter.

    It was great that the last couple of nights were against Cleveland, as I got to watch both games on local tv, including your motoring around the bases on Monday night. If winning is as much fun as you say it is, I only hope that you guys continue to have a blast all year.

    As for the name of your blog, I think you already have a lot of good choices.


    “Youuuuuukkkk Can Run!”
    A… possible Blog title? And here’s to 21 more (Game Hitting Streak), and then some…

    ~jon Lyndon

    Melbourne, Australia


    Hey, How about “Running the Distance”..thats a good name 🙂


    I think “Who are yooouuu” will be a better name for this blog. It will remind me Pedro. “Who are you? Who are you Gxxxx Gxxxx?”
    Anyway, nice job and keep going!


    Yooooouuuukkkk!!!! I love that for a title. We don’t get to see a whole lot of the Red Sox down here in Alabama (being in Braves “territory”), but the XM radio is awesome to listen to the games. Keep up the amazing work!


    From the first time I saw you come up Youk I said “with a little mahzal we will be witnessing another name that will be enjoined in the halls of Sox hero worship”. Williams, Yaz and YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK!


    I love to be at the game and see you up to bat or playing first base, because I know that you will give a 110% at everything you do for this team.You are seriously a local/fan favorite and we all love you.

    Congrads on your success but we already knew how great you are but now so does the rest of MLB.

    Good luck on the rest of your carreer and many more years with the SOX.

    Blog name “Yooooouuuuukkkkk”

    And thanks for the Blog it’s nice as a fan to be able to read about our players from our players.

    Thank you for bringing the fans into your world.


    I know I posted this last night, but for anyone posting today…my Blog Name of choice is for us ladies….Youkilicious!


    Youuuuk!!! I love that you’re blogging and what great pics are up here already!

    We really miss you at DoKY but at least you can control the inane teenybopper trolls (no offense to any teenagers here)!

    Congrats on your smokin’ year so far and keep it up!!



    Holy Cow Youk, keep it going. Does a heart good to feel so confident when your up and theres baserunners. I was rolling with that inside the parker. There could have only been one better, Dougie getting an inside the parker LOL.

    I think the name should stay Yoooouuuuuk, it fits.

    Now off to check in on 38pitches.

    Final thought tho….still wish Trot was here.


    Ok Youk do you miss playing 3rd? Coming up the Sox’s had you in line to take over 3rd when they thought you were ready and then they pick up Lowell. Mike is top notch 3rd basemen. Probably one of the top 5 in my opinion. So they put you at first where you have become a possible gold glove candidate. Do you miss 3rd base and is first your now true fielding home?


    Kevin…its great to watch you. Thx for making the season a fun one so far…Ok blog name suggestion–

    The Youkilis View Of This


    Kevin, I think the best name is Youkless information. Keep up the gret hitting!


    Keep it up. I’m so excited you’ve found your groove. The bat compliments the great defense, and I’m sure I speak for the rest of the Red Sox Nation when I say that we love watching you play.

    Blog Names:

    Beard Envy

    The Greek God of Blogs


    knyuck’n it up – Youkilis Style. “Knyuck Knyuck” – as in the 3 Stooges. I was waiting for you to trip over thrid base and crawl to the plate. Nice going!


    hey A.L. M.V.P of 2007, how about Y”20″UKIL HUSTLE as the name of your blog??



    With the common media bias and their temptations to sell drama rather than report fact, I appreciate anyone with some amount of fame to directly report on their experiences. Kudos to you and to Curt for making your perspectives known. I’ve been following you since AAA, and it’s nice to see you hitting the baseball after the pitcher throws it towards you.


    You have no idea how happy you just made me with the discovery of this blog. You are one of my two favorite Sox (the other being Mike Lowell). If you listen carefully, you can probably hear me cheering for you all the way from Florida! =)

    Oh & I happen to think you couldn’t have a better name for your blog.


    I think Youkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is perfect.

    I think you and Dustin should settle the score with a 60 yard or 100 yard dash. or better yet a race around the bases, you go one way, he goes the other.


    hey youk,
    new blog name: “I have a huge goatee and I’m awesome”. keep up the good work man, we may have lost trot nixon but you took over his dirt dog style of play. ONLY 36 more games with a hit to break the record


    How can you not go with “The Youlog”? It would be a good play on the Yule Log (see plus the fact that this is a different kind of log (blog). Either way just keep doing what you’re doing out there buddy.

    PS: To all fans: write-in Youk on the all star ballots!!!


    Youklinian, Youkston, Ellas Youk… running out of ideas at this time.

    Keep it up Youk. You’re making us proud.


    SO I don’t know if you even read these… I have no clue whether you do or not. I’m a Red Sox fan living in Jupiter, FLorida. I was born and raised in Bristol Rhode Island, and this is going to sound kind of crazy. I remember when you first got drafted by the Sox you sent me an instant message on AIM or AOL, and said that you were looking at my profile and your name was Kevin Youkilis, we chatted for a bit but I didn’t really know if I believed you. And when I tried to look you up on Google or something nothing came up. I watch you on TV now and kick myself saying… wow… I spoke to him on AOL. haha… funny thought… if it was you…
    I saw the in the park homer and I was standing up screaming in my house waving my arms like the third base coach… I’m sure I speak for the whole Red Sox Nation when I say I admire your passion for the game and your enthusiasum.

    Watching in Florida….



    Personally I think “Youk’s Yak” is a great name for your blog. I think a great charity run would be Youk, Pedroia, Manny and Ortiz. I would pay good money to see that race and donate the oxygen tanks for the finish line.


    Youk your numbers are unreal this year – you and Pap are so underpaid – but that wont last long. 🙂
    For a Blog name:

    Youuuuuk it up!



    How about this for a name: I don’t think my beard is goofy


    Ive been telling all my buddies since 2004 that Youk is going to be one of the greats once he gets settled in.What an attribute to the team he is! He can play and bat in any position and he makes it look easy.I just wanted to say its a pleasure to see him play.I think the blog should be be called”YOUKS SCOOP”


    YoukTube! That’s the name you’re looking for. Their lawyers won’t mind too much. Keep on hitting buddy!

  169. Amy


    This is sweet… first Curt, now you, who’s next? Dustin needs to do one to keep up 😉 Anyway just wanted to congratulate you on a kick-*** season thus far.


    I like Youk but I think you should play on the first to third speed as well as your move from third to first base defensively. You are obviously dedicated to making this team better if you can give up your spot to Lowell and play a completely new position, never mind that your defense is excellent at first as well.

    I think you’re blog should be “Third to First” or “Third to First to Third”


    For no real reason other than I’m listening to Public Enemy right now, I’d go with, “Youkillin’ ‘Em.”


    Great first post. I’m excited about getting more Sox news straight from the source.

    I like the “Greek God” naming suggestions. If I were you, I might go for “Greek God of Everything” for the comedic value. That’d probably give you the reputation of being arrogant, but I think it’d be hilarious. And let’s face it, you don’t get enough credit for your defense. Maybe “Greek God of Goaties?”

    I also like the current name, Yooooouuuuukkkkk.


    Congrats on a great season so far from a transplanted fan now in AZ. Look forward to seeing the Sox beat the D-Backs in a couple weeks.
    How about: “Youkin’ round”



    You have worked hard in getting to here you are. You have the hitting streak and think you deserve the spot on the All-Star roster!

    Good name for the blog is:

    #20 – Youk’s Baseball Talk


    Keep running, big fella!

    Here’s a few choices for blog names:







    –Russ Kelly, Juneau, Alaska


    How about calling it “Youk Said It!”
    I am loving watching you guys this season. Its a fun and exciting team. Way to go!


    You rule, man. Yooooouuuuukkkkk is the best name for a blog ever and you MUST NOT CHANGE IT!!!! 😀


    Never thought we’d attach this tag to you but after the in-the-parker….Yes, Youk is the RoadRunner. Funny how the Sox always seem to find the Jim Rice, The Trot Nixon, now Youk. Play your heart out – enjoy the adulation – everyone loves ya, RoadRunnner. You’re a fan fav here in SoCal


    This is crazy! Sox players are everywhere ? YES! I can’t wait for Manny and Julian’s wedding announcement website to go online.(I’m ready to drop a good penny once they open their registry account at Spencer Gifts!)

    Here’s my ideas for a blog name:

    “Millar? He couldn’t carry my J-strap”, or, “Youkiliscious, on the field and off”, or, “No pork, no bull, just Youk”, or seriousily, just a tiny change to Jpashain’s above me, “Youkin round the bases”

    -have fun.


    AWESOME JOB YOUK… MANNY AND PAPI BEWARE.. I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU GUYS ARE 14.5 games ahead of the Yanks.. gotta just love it.. I think this is going to be our year..


    I’ve been a passionate Sox Fan since ’67’. The Red Sox are in a new era- “The Golden Years” Other than 1967 there hasn’t been a better time to be part of Red Sox Nation.

    Youk, You are on fire man!

    Thanks for playing your heart out! Keep having a ball!

    How about- “Inside Fun”


    I think you should name your blog “Touching Youk.” It’s sort of from the “Sweet Caroline” they play in the eigth at fenway:
    Hands…. Touching Hands.

    Reaching out.

    Touching me – Touching Youk.



    Congrats to a great start this year,,, don’t stop. As far as naming this blog page,,,, how’s Youk’s Scoop?



    I wrote you in for my 25 votes on the All-Star ballot and I hope everybody else here does too. No offense to Papi, of course, but you are the Sox 1B and you deserve the recognition! Papi gets enough press as it is!


    I love the fact the you have launched this Blog. I agree with the earlier commenter that you cannot improve on “Yooooouuuuukkkk” It works and capture the feel of what it is like at Fenway – and on the road – when fans acknowledge you. Keep up the good work – on the field and in the Blogsphere!

    I was at Monday’s game. As soon as I saw the trajectory of the ball, I turned to my friend and said: “We are about to witness a rare inside-the-park homerun!” Thanks for another great Fenway Park memory!


    I could not be more pleased with the start of this blog. Easily my favorite Red Sock since you were brought up. I think we were all frustrated you weren’t given more time to develop in the majors.

    As for your running, I tend to scream “YOUK IS F*CKIN CHUGGING!!!” when you circle those bases legging out a double.

    I think I found my daily morning read.


    You should call your blog “Youkilis:The Greek God of Blogging”


    I’ve got the name for the blog…

    “Youk’s Head of Steam”

    (or “Inside Youk’s Head of Steam”)

    (or just “Faster than Dustin”)

    Keep up the good work, Youklis! Or should we call you Player of the Month!


    If you do not stay with Boston until you retire I will smother a puppy.


    I was heartbroken when we lost Trot, not for his skill, but for his heart and the way he played every game to the fullest. Lucky for me, I’ve found a replacement for my favorite player!! Great playing Youk, all you need is hard work and a good attitude and Boston will always love you! As for your Blog…?
    “Youk’s on First” is my suggestion!


    “Id love to see you batting 5th behind Papi and Manny.”

    If he bat’s 2 or 3 behind any #1 slugger on a team he’s good for a .330 average every year. He’s an amazing hitter with a great eye. I really hope they lock him up for a long term contract early.


    Oh yeah, and Youk, nobody who’s seen that highlight of you beating out a throw to first and running so hard your helmet flies off would think you’re slow.

    Hey, at least you slide better than Papi.


    Possible names:

    Kev’s Korner

    Youk’s Backyard Blog

    Keep playing hard. It’s great to watch.


    Possible name, how about,

    “Green Monster Musings”

    Keep it up! You are an inspiration to us all!


    Hey Youk, I think now you should trash talk Schill about being a better blogger ;).


    I must admit, I like “The Fountain of Youk” and “The Youkilist”.

    How about these two?

    “The Greek God of Squalks”

    (yeah, I know you’re not actually Greek)

    “The Ohio Player”


    “The Youkilist” would be great…if not that how about “A Hitter’s Pitch”?


    Blog name = YoukDog 20/20 – A real maddog player that never quits and plays his heart out every minute. And for anyone familiar with Maddog 20/20, it has a big bite, an agressive buzz, and it seems to keep on going well after the lights go out….Youk for president.



    Keep swinging. You’re a joy to watch play the game.

    As for the blog title, I think you should name it 38pitches. Oh, that’s already been taken? My bad!

    How about “I’m Faster than Dustin.”



  200. John

    Keep up the good work my man…

    If you want to reach the biggest audience: “The Greek God of Blogs” is good (Moneyball is well known)

    If you want to reach the ladies, how bout “Youk-a-licious”

    But my fav is “Youk’s Corner” – which covers you at first & third…

    By the way, how many stolen bases does Pedroia have? Case closed.



    Keep swingin’. It’s a joy to watch you play.

    As far as the blog title, here are some suggestions:

    1) 38pitches (Oh, this one has been taken? My bad!)

    2) I’m Faster Than Dustin




    I’ve got 3:

    1. Youk’s yak.

    2. Youk Chews the Fat.

    3. The Bearded Wonder.


    The Chronicles of Yoooouk!


    The State of Red Sox Nation According to Yooouk!

    Keep it up, Kevin!

    GO SOX!


    How about Youk’s Hot Sauce? Oh wait, you already have something with that name. Squirrel Chin’s Musings?


    the blog should be called

    this would clear the air that once and for all YOU ARE NOT GREEK and that Billy Beane was wrong.

    in the meantime, hit up!


    I’m diggin, “Youk’n It Up” and “The Fountain of Youk”

    Yackety Youk

    but sincerely…Yoooouuuuuuuk! does say it all!

    Way to be! Go Sox!


    K-Dowg, you’re really coming into your own this season bo$$! I have two for ya:

    1. Youkilis 120% Locked In

    2. Youkilis, seriously, you’re killin’ us!



    Hey Youk, I reside in Moorpark, Ca and watch every game with my MLB package. I am flying out and meetin y dad on July 1 against the Rangers so I will expect another inside that park homah!

    I got the name baby…….Youk’s Yackin’!

    cu soon!



    On Saturday, April 7, which was opening night for the Texas Rangers, my family and I were seated a few rows above the visitors dugout. When you came to bat, the “Yooouuuuuuukkkkk” chants were loud and clear. A guy next to me, sporting a Rangers cap says to my family and I, all clad in our Red Sox gear, “You people are idiots. Why do you boo your own players! HaHa!” he kept laughing.
    Great season Youk…we are loving it in North Texas!!!


    I was at the game on May 28, 2007. It was my girlfriends first Fenway game. She now loves the YOOOOOOOUUUUK!


    go with a reference from “the waterboy”.

    “Youk can do it. Youk can do it alll niiight long.”


    Kevin, two options for your blog name…..
    Youklear Reaction or


    Do I win a prize??

    YOU ARE THE MAN! GL down the stretch!


    It’s too bad this is so obviously ghost-written. The pieces are taken from things he’s said in interviews throughout the week. I’d like to hear what he actually thinks, but that’s hoping too much for an MLB blog.

    And why would he link to the All-Star Ballot? Thanks to Ortiz he isn’t even on it.


    One word says it all YOOOOOUUUUUUKKKKKK!!!!! Why mess with perfection. Greetings from SE MASS. We are really glad to see our favorite former PAWSOX doing so well! We have been voting every chance we can for you! Good luck!!


    I love the title as it is! But, if I must decide on another one, I’d do something like:

    “Tearing It Up”: As in how you are tearing up the league right now, or how you have also torn up your ticket on the Boston Pawtucket Shuttle!

    “Youk: From C-Town to Beantown” Honoring your Ohio roots, and your route to Boston


    Hey Youk, It’s great to see you and the team playing so well! I’m a long time sox fan now living in VA.

    This is the best team we have had in a very long time.

    My suggestion for your blog name is : Round’in Third and Head’n For Home

    Keep it going Red Sox!


    Hi Kevin, I have been a Red Sox Fan for over 55+ years and you are one of the “BEST” players the Sox have had! I only get to see the you guys play live when the team comes to Baltimore’s Camden Yards otherwise know as “Fenway South” because the majority of fans are from Red Sox Nation. As for a name for your blog, there have been many excellent suggestions, but since your knickname has already been established by Red Sox Nation and identified by the Media, why change it! Go with the majority of fans who already know you as YOOOOUUUUKKKK! Signed: A Red Sox fan from Maryland



    You should name your blog “Kevin Blogilis”.

    Congratulations on a fantastic start to 2007!

  219. Anthony


    I am really not a Red Sox fan, but glad to see you have joined the dark side on the ‘net….

    Just kidding.

    Hope you have fun with your blog, and I’ll checking in though I am a O’s fan.

    I like the blog name as is, but you definitely have to do something off a play of your name.

    Take care,



    Love “NoYoukForYou” – not for a blog name necessarily, just as a good laugh! thanks! GO SOX!


    At the beginning of this season while shopping for new game jerseys I asked my 11 year old son who his favorite player is. He said “Youk”. When I asked him why he said, “because he works hard to be the best player”. Kevin, there aren’t enough guys like you, kids need role models that prove hard work and determination pay off. Thanks and congratulations on a stellar start to this season.


    Keep the name as it is…

    Keep hitting like you are….

    Keep playing like you do…

    And keep telling these people that you are not Greek….


    Thanks for playing the game the right way. You are one of the reasons I love being a Sawx fan. This has been an amazing season so far.

    For the blog name, I like an obvious choice such as:

    YOUK – The Greek God of Blogs


    Love the blog! Any other teamates thinking of starting one? I like yyyyooouuuukkkk!!!! for the name. Keep the hits and the wins comnming!


    Yakking with Youk


    The Youk Yakk

    I don’t even want to hear this Texeira talk. Who needs a downgrade? Unless of course he can DH while Ortiz is on vacation…


    what about 5-15-04 the date of your 1st HR. i saw it from a bar in Gloucester.


    How about, “I’m not a crybaby, I’m just really passionate.” That would be a good name. But seriously, I am so glad you are starting now…I used to yell at my TV screen that you needed “to be out there every night. No more of this up and down ****!” This year I can relax…and just enjoy watching you play. Keep it up man. You’re truly great.



    Yooooouuuuouououououououououk is too easy to misspell in a browser window.

    I win – now how about some tix to the next Sox game?


    “Youk Tube”

    I’m sure I’m not the first with the idea but I had to put it out there.


    Youk, sweet playing lately! For the name of the blog, how about Sox Squawk?


    Hi Kevin,

    I was born in Newburyport, MA, but was displaced to Washington State as a child when my folks moved out here. Just want you and the rest of the guys to know that Red Sox Nation is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest!

    I subscribed to Extra Innings, so I get to see almost all of the games, but I don’t get any of the pre- or post-game stuff, so your and Curt’s blogs are wonderful things! Getting inside of you guys’ heads is truly a marvel of modern technology!

    There is joy in Red Sox Nation this year – what a delight in watching our ‘boys’ run circles around the All Star team…. I mean, the Bronx Bummers…

    I must agree with most of the comments that “Youuuuuuuk!” is the way to go. If you’re planning to keep the chin hair, how about “Weird Beard’s View”? 😉


    Major Red Sox fan from england here, yes that right england!!
    I gotta say Kev you are on fire!! Keep this streak up mate! And grats on you first inside homer!!

    But i have to say, i still think that Dustin is faster, allthough you got your insider you havent proved that your faster, you’ve just proved that you hit better, if he was given the chance im sure he would run the bases just as fast if not faster, but he couldnt hit a 21 game streak, ever.

    As for the blog name if think Youk Tube is awsome!!

    Keep it up Youk!!

    And GO SOX!!




    i think you should call ur blog name “Youkiliog” cuz its original and it sounds funny. GO SOX


    Keep the name of the blog Yoooouuuuukkkkk. It’s the best name possible.

    Glad to see you’re blogging, too. Between you and Shilling, and maybe a couple of other latent Sox bloggers, fans are getting and can continue to get a really great feel of another side of the game. Blog on!


    what about … “The Youk Files” or something … i dunno just a suggestion, i’ve seen some other ones that are pretty good. and YOOUUKK would always fit well too anyway!
    keep up the great gameplay kevin i was at the games in Texas some great base running and hitting by you.


    Go Sox!


    I would love to see you name your blog “YOUKIE’S DOOKIES”, whenever you want to drop us a nugget. Thanks!


    Hey Youk,I think the blog name is great as is. Youk tube isn’t a bad one either. We gotta get you on the all-star ballot. the big man is awesome, but he doesn’t play first. I dare anyone to argue that there is a first baseman having a better year. Keep up the good work. Go sox! P.S. please show Manny how to hustle down the line – Brian B. Cape Cod


    The first thing that came to my mind was “Youk Had To Be There.” But I like some of the suggestins here too — particularly “The Greek God of Blogs!” Tee Hee!


    Yoooooouuukkk, You da man kid, keep up the hustle, and keep dirt-doggin it in Trots absence, you def are the new Dirt Dog in town. We appreciate the hustle and effort…..and by the way what kind of rims you gonna put on those wheels of yours?



    I like YoukBlog! Just a simple bosox fan in Utah…! Loved the in the park homerun! Thank goodness for modern technology and I can watch the games on NESN….
    Go Kevin…keep up the great job!!!



    Keep up the great hitting! No question – you have the right name – Youuuukkkk!


    CONGRATS YOUK!!! not one pitcher can seem to throw you something you cant hit. and congrats on the inside the park homer…that should put that little debate you and pedroia have about who is faster


    Great to see your Blog! as for a title the name, it came to me as
    “Youk’s Yacks”.


    oh and for the blog name…it may be lame but i found it somewhat funny. how about “Youk got mail”


    Great game last night. You are definately a gifted player. Your hard work is definately paying off… How about “You-Blog” pretty basic but it might work?



    Wow Youks – what a player you’re becoming…really fun and exciting to watch! Congrats on the insider! Name for blog – “The little Train that Could.” Just kidding – how about – “YOUKS CAN DO IT”


    I like some of the names that were posted:
    “Kevin’s Kwickie”, “Kevin’s Korner”, and “Youk Got Mail” are a few of the really good suggestions, but I really think you should stick with the fan favorite!


    Congratulations on the hitting streak, and I’d love to see an off season footrace between you and Dustin Pedroia!


    Youkilis, great job so far. Im glad you finally showed everyone what you are capable of. keep ur hitting streak alive and hope u set the all-time record lol. well anyway, i agree with everyone else. keep ur blog name as “YOUUUK”. take care, and the best of luck the rest of the season. keep up the hard work!…oh yea, and u are deffinately faster than dustin pedroia after that inside the park homerun lol.


    I definitely say stay with Yooooouuukkkk (totally got the number of o’s, u’s and k’s wrong, but ya know…)

    When I flip on the radio in the middle of a game (after doing pesky things like eating dinner) and in the background hear Yoooouuuu (since the K’s seem to get left off… :)) I know that something just went right for the Red Sox.

    You rock Youk!!


    Way to walk softly and carry a big stick, Youk. You and Mike Lowell are carrying on the Dirt Dog torch.

    Blog name:

    Youk This, Motherf-!

    or for the kiddies,

    Kevin Youkilis’ Big Blog of Milk & Cookies


    Man, that is some great baseball playing you have going there. It’s just fun to watch(tiring at times, but fun). Thank you and your team for rekindling my interest in baseball. Here’s hoping the Red Sox dominate both baseball and blogspace equally. 🙂

    Wow, lots of good names here, YOOOOUUUUUKKKK!!! great if nothing else works.

    Other ideas:

    Youk know(what I mean)

    Youk’s Beard’s Blog

    Youk said it.

    Lots of good ideas already though.

    I just noticed that the AL doesn’t really have a good candidate for 2B on the All Star ballot. Hey Youk, you played second before, IIRC, how bout it?


    Youk’s Blog Name:

    1. Super Fast Flintstones


    2. Breakneck Blog


    While http://www.youk.(com/net/org) are all taken, this is available:

    Also, I’d recommend having Curt’s geeks hook you up with your own domain and WordPress setup, and getting out from under the thumb of mlbblogs.

    Amazing play from you now for a season-and-a-half, Kevin. It’s nice to see that Trot’s mantle has been picked up and carried by a true gamer.

    -Nate Francis


    I’ll throw in “Can’t Get Enough of Youk” as a blog title, but I also like the current simplistic “Yooooouuuuukkkkk”.


    Your doing awesome….but brag much? jesus all you do is talk about yourself take a minute and look it schilling’s blog and learn how to be humble.


    Your doing awesome….but brag much? But all you do is talk about yourself take a minute and look it schilling’s blog and learn how to be humble.


    I like the name how it is Youk. You’re killing these guys this year at the plate, and its been a lot of fun watching you. Get some big hits this weekend against the Yankees for all of your Sox fans on the West Coast.


    Amen to that, keep up the good work guys!! As for the blog name, how about “The Greek God of Blogs” ?


    That was an awesome game. I’ve never seen you run so fast. Great job Kevin. Sox gonna to the Series!!!!!


    YOUUUUUKKK!! Ha ha. We love ya Kevin. Keep the blog name as it is right now. It is perfect.

    I look forward to reading your stories.

    Awesome job at the plate and at 1B this year. Keep it goin!


    How about “20 Answers” (Instead of 20 Questions). Get it? You’re number 20, get it? Its an awesome idea. You know it is.


    Youk, Red Sox Nation loves you. What a great role model you are for all the kids and fantastic idol for all the wannabees. If you can’t keep the hitting up, that’s ok. You’re our hero anyway. Of course, good luck and keep wackin’ them!! Oh, and Yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuk is perfect. That’s what we call ya’.


    How about Youk’s on First (instead of who’s on first)


    Kevin, I like what you initially called it. Yooooouuuuuukkkkkk!!! (Not sure I counted all the letters.) I’m a long-time Red Sox fan who has lived in Texas all my life and will finally make the pilgrimage to a game at Fenway Park this July. We’re coming to see the Rangers play y’all July1 and 2. Of course, I will be cheering Red Sox. It is so cool to go to games in Texas and hear at least half of the crowd cheer “Yooooouuuuuuukkkkk!!” when you come up to bat. Even the television announcers have begun to call it, I think, the “Youk-o-meter” or something like that, as a gauge of how many Red Sox fans are in the opponent’s ballpark. You have certainly earned a place in my heart over the past few years on this Red Sox team. Keep up the great playing, Youk! Sincerely, Jeff


    Love you Kevin!

    I think a great name for your blog would be “The Youk Scoop”. It’s kind of cheesy but catchy 😉

    Keep up the AWESOME effort! Go SOX!!


    i have to admit i adore you Youk! … i’ve seen your potential for years, and you’re finally running in those shoes! you’re the new “cowboy up ” BOOT that the team has needed….

    as for your blog, ( and i’m thrilled you’ve created one ), think about “Youk’s Wicked Awesome Words” ….

    and know that i look forward to reading ’em… ~laura


    I think you should stick with Yooooouuuuuuuuuk.

    I’m so superstitious that I hate even talking about how far ahead you guys are and how well you’re doing, but it’s starting to become unbearable and I’ve taken to evil chortling and chanting “14.5 games, baby” every time I see someone in Yankees gear. Of course, I then have to turn around three times, throw salt over my shoulder, go outside and spit – I don’t want to tempt the wrath of the baseball gods. But holy jeez. This is SO. FREAKING. COOL!!


    Here are a few suggestions:
    1.”Boston God of Blogs”

    2.”The Blog of the Youkilis”

    3.”The Bearded One”


    You are the Derek Jeter of Boston with the effort you put in everyday. I have so much respect for you, your ability, and what you do for the team. Your reminding all those guys who dog it every game what the game of baseball is really about. Thank you.

    As for the name of this blog, the first thing that came to mind was: “The Youk Files”…

    Good luck and bring home another championship, it means so much to the city.


    Hey Youk
    Since they used to call you the Greek God of Walks, how about, the Greek God of Speed, aka Hermes.

    Keep up the great job you’re doing! See you in November.


    one more Youk, it just came to me…. ” Spillin’ the Beans ” ….stories of the boys from Beantown …..
    the only thing better than THAT, is YOU…. uh, i mean YOUK …….!~ laura


    Hi, Youk!
    Greetings from sunny So. CA! Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the Dream Team that is the ’07 Red Sox when you arrive to play the Padres for the first time! It should be a great series, we are all pulling for you. And a big congratulations to your excellent start of the season…if any player deserves to shine, it’s yooouuuuuu! LET’S GO, RED SOX, LET’S GO! All the best for continued success, The Dowdy Family ( a.k.a. lifetime members of West Coast Red Sox Nation!) P.S. Love the goatee!


    how about naming this “Youk yaks” “Youk talk” “Kevin’s Korner”



    You don’t need to change the name of the blog. Period.

    My brother and I went Batsh!t when you got that homer last night. Nicely done Sir!

    Keep up the great work, we love you man. You realize that you and Lowell and putting up tandem numbers like Manny & Papi?

    Hope you get the write in vote for the all star game. Dirtdogs have made the call, I’m sure the Nation will respond.


    Tickets to a Red Sox game: $14
    Red Sox baseball cap: 25$

    Having Youk as a first basebaseman on the Red Sox: Priceless.

    Your doing great Mr. .358 hitter. Say high to Ortiz for me. Thanks

    I would go with “beatin jeter in the batting race” for your blog name.


    No doubt brotha, the name of this blog should be Yooooouuuuukkkkk!


    Yooooooooooooouuuukk. I’m reluctant to name you my “Favorite Red Sox” because in the past (Nomar & Damon) my favorites have left. i like the before mentioned

    as your title


    Kevin, you rock. I am out here in the middle of Cardinal Country and I think the Red Sox are the greatest. I can’t wait to see the Red Sox take on the White Sox in August. As for the blog how about “You Kill Us” with Kevin. Stupid, I know.


    hope you make the All-Star game … so you can eat at your brother’s restaurant in the Mission!!!!!




    How about YOUK THE DUKE OF BASEBALL!!! Thanks for letting me enjoy every game with the great job your doing! Keep it up!


    you know how you got the nickname “The Greek God of Walks”

    you should call this site

    “The Greek Blog of Walks.”


    This Maryland based Red Sox fan will have to go with Yooouukk or Youks Corner.


    Hey, Youk, the first time I saw you throw from third to first at Coady Field I said, “Whooee, that’s a ballplayer.” Those skeptics who said, “Nah, he’s not built like a ballplayer,” never saw your hustle. We are so pleased to see you up there! Froggy brags on ya all the time. Come see the new field!


    Athough it seems like a cliche, an interesting name for your blog would be: “Who’s On First?” Ok, I know you don’t always play first…. Yoooouuuukkkk works, too. Thanks for all the hits! I live 3,000 miles away from Boston, watching you(k) and the boys makes me feel at home. See you in Oakland next week!


    Awesome year so far Youk!!! Hit a couple of homers against the Yanks this weekend!!!



    Youk, you need to race Pedroia to settle the speed debate once and for all. Great season so far. Let’s keep it up. Go Sox!!


    Great blog, I’m looking forward to more…as for a name, maybe it’s just because I’ve been watching too much of the SciFi channel, but I think the Youks Files could be good…


    Great Blog, even better year so far! I like yoooooouuuuukkkk but if you really want to change it I say “Youk who’s talking now”


    First off, you are a hero to every true redsox fan. Your game and personality speak for themselves….

    Youk’s Truths would be a cool name…

    or simply “Kevin Youkilis is the man and this is his blog, let us enjoy…” That would be a great title.

    Keep up the great work, and stay a class act


    Kevin , Keep up the good work, and keep the guys spirits up too.

    I concerned about Dice K.. By that I mean, transition period aside, is he gonna be worth all the money, expectations, and hoop la that srrounds him? Believe me I hope so, But I am getting concerned………..


    ‘Sweating with Youk’ would be a humorous one, but only in the ironic sense because you sweat like no other ballplayer I’ve ever seen. An even funnier one would be ‘Greek God of Blogs’, but, in all seriousness, how’s about ‘First Base Put Outs’. You could even add ‘…with Kevin Youkilis’ for effect. Regardless, good luck the rest of the way, Kevin. I hope you maintain your twenty-something Boggs-like average and OBP.


    I’m just glad to see you have your own blog, thats all the improving I need right now. Glad to see your proving the nay-sayers wrong, but theres alot that have seen the potiential also.
    Congrats Youk


    Hey, its gotta be Youks on First. i mean it ties in everything, you be the greek god of walks and all. and you play 1b too.


    Hey Youk, hello from Florida via Rhode Island. Just call it YOUK. It’s simple, and every Sox fan knows who you you are.

    And from me, it was great to watch you play in Pawtucket (P-tukit it Rhode Islandese)and then see you in Boston 2 weeks later back in April-May 2004. Unfortunately I had to see you win the Series via satellite in Iraq that year, but that was a morale boost that carried me through my deployment.

    Great blog. And awesome work out on the field–I could tell that from your Pawsox days.


    man are you seeing the ball well. great at bats working the count. im from long island n.y. in yankee land and you should here all the about kyouk and the bosox boys.anyway dont let the evil empire rise from the ashes. this is the motivation that they need to make yet another front page story in n. y. keep your spikes on there throat and dont stop until there buried and dead. take all three games this weekend and send a message. people here say the red sox are like azaelae bushes every year they bloom early but then die out by mid summer. oh by the way even though you struck out to end the game on thursday when you came back to the dugout you got pissed and slammed down your bat. awesome dude.


    Thanks for bringing the working man’s mentality to the ballpark every day, Kevin. We appreciate it!

    Everyone likes honesty but it’s better not to shoot from the hip too much like that other Sox blogger — it only creates unnecessary controversy.

    Good luck and God bless.


    The blog should be named the “Youtility”. We all know Youk is a great utility player so why not.

    Keep it up Sox!!


    Seeing as how Curt has 38pitches, how about 20hits? Keep up the great ball play!


    Greek God of Blogs?



    (equals phonetic version of GGOW — Greek God of Walks)


    I definitely go with the name “yoooouuuuk”. That is your redefining name. I attended a game at Fenway last year, and loved hearing that! By the way, I am from NY, and totally adore the Red Sox!!!


    possible names for this blog:

    Youk’s POOP, Youk’s Soup. Youk’s Loop, Youk’s Toup,

    Youk’s Bloop



    I’m a huge fan of yours from Tiverton, RI. My dad and I were cheering for you that lonely night in Pawtucket when you tried to break the consecutive-games-getting-on-base streak and ended up going 0-4 on a couple questionable strike calls. We knew you’d hang in there, man. Congratulations on the great streak you’ve got going now. I’m proud to wear your jersey all over the Notre Dame campus and have people yell at me across the quad: “YOOOOOOOOOUUUUK”

    Keep up the great work–you’re an inspiration to us all.


    kevin, i propose you call this blog:
    kevin “i have pretty sweet facial hair” youkilis’ blog

    simple and to the point. what do you think?


    Four choices:

    1.) Red Sox Youniverse

    2.) The Youkatan

    3.) The Youkraine

    4.) The Youkelele


    I would like to call (and have been calling) him
    Youk the Duke

    to me he is Pat


    How about “Youk can’t touch this”!

    Because you’re fast you see!


    Please, please, PLEASE settle the running debate with Dustin with a 60-yard dash, or a timed run around the bases. I would love to see that.

    As for the blog name, I think it’s great the way it is right now, but “Faster than Dustin” is pretty funny too.

    Keep the hitting streak going!! (Or are we not supposed to mention that, kinda like a no-hitter? ****, if the streak ends tonight it’s going to be my fault!!)


    Hey Youk, way to work and stay hot. you got my vote for All-Star. My thought for your blog name should be “Youk’s Truths”


    That’s easy…Yakkin’ with Youk

    (season ticket holder since 1987….35/7/1-2


    Hi Youk, I’m another Red Sox Fan from Guatemala, congratulations on your achievements, keep it up, the thing i like is your attitud i remember the last year during our slomp you were the one making things positive and helping the team have a positive attitud, i hope you play in Boston all your carrer and be an inspiration for kids, like Nomar was an inspiration to me wen he was in our uniform, thanks for wath you have done with my team,



    bliss: Archaic. a cause of great joy or happiness.

    This is what you are to RSN man..keep up the great work!


    instead of the young and the restless; The Youk and The Red Sox.******* red sox.


    I have been watching you since you started with the Red Sox. I was thrilled to watch in the in park home run. Keep up the good work. I have every faith in you!!!!! the blog should be called YoooooouuuuuuuuuK , its perfect.


    Youk, YOU ROCK

    My family has been rooting for you since your early days in Pawtucket, and you deserve all the accolades you can get. way to go, Kevin, keep up the good work.

    I Like the Blog to be



    “Youk talking to me?” or “If loving Youk is wrong I don’t want to be right”


    After hearing me cry out “Yoooooouuukkkk” when you come to bat as we listen to the game on our Red Sox Porch my 16 month old daughter has picked up on it and will “yooooouuuuukkk!” along with me and when you hit that in the park homer she even did the home run dance with me!


    totally has to be “Yooooooooouuukkkkk”

    you rock, kevin

    although i do like “youka-holics”



    your doing a great job but the reality is your a 275 hitter who is having a hot streak. When it comes contract time the sox will trade you.


    You are definitely one of the hardest working hitters in the game and deserve consideration as an all-star. Keep up the good work. How about “You don’t killis”
    as your blog name. No, Youuuuuuuuuuuk! is definitely better.



    You joined us on the Red Sox cruise before. We had a blast!!!! Are you going to join us next year?

    Anyone else interested can call 1-877-SOX N SUN.


    Red Sox’s player’s like Kevin Youkilis are the best of baseball, Unlike the cry babie’s of the NYY’s. Cheap shot player’s like A. Rod, snot nose jerks like Giambi who used and/or use’s drug’s to enhance they god givin talants, should be banned from the game for life. I can’t tell you how good it is to watch this red sox team, that enjoy playing and have fun, joking around as they do. And no one on the TEAM deserve is much credit as youkilis, who’s appears as Hard working, fun loving is anyone ever in the game. Good luck and bury the yankee’s ****.


    I’m the “guy” that has you on “his” fantasy team. Only problem is…I’m not a guy!! But hey Youk thanks for the RIDICULOUS fantasy points lately! I wish nothing but the best for you, you’ve waiting long enough and you deserve it. Keep it up… seriously..I’m in 2nd place, how ’bout another in the park HR?! Ha!

    Thanks again! -L


    Call it “The Greek God of Blogs”. Even though we all know you’re not greek.


    I think you should call this blog “Rantings from the BIG CHIN”….because I noticed when they had Trot Nixon miked-up pregame the other night that’s what he called you and me and my husband have been calling you that for a couple of years.I guess we’re in good company. Also, has anyone noticed that Youk looks like the actor on Seinfeld that called Jerry a “phony”. I think I watch too much t.v.!!


    “Rantings from the BIG CHIN” – I was gonna say something else, but nope, that’s it. That’s the blogname for me. Congratulations on a great start to the season.


    Yooouuukkk should be the name.
    What a start to the season for you, Youk, and the Red Sox. WOW! Keep it up.

    You are the best.


    Yoooouuukkkk should be the name. Or go with Yooouuukkk FanNation. Trust me, I’m the biggest Red Sox fan in the USA. Three rooms of my house are dedicated to the Red Sox of different eras. I do wish you were on the ballot for the All-Star voting though, B/C you REALLY deserve it!!!!!!!!


    If you arent going to change it from yooooouuuuuuk then id go with either the greek god of blogs or the greek god of walks talks
    even tough your not greek…


    oh and Youk, btw, u r freakin raking big man… keep it up, awesome season so far. GO SOX! GO YOUK!


    The blog can only be called Yoooooouk! What a team this year….and this is the year Youk becomes a superstar.


    Great start to the season Youk! For a name for your blog either YOOOUUUKKK! or Kevin Rocket Youkilis


    Hey Youk – thanks for making this such a fun season. I read a quote once by terry francona about you that said something like “just give him a glove, he’ll play anywhere”, I love watching the passion and intensity you bring to everything you do. Btw – I do agree with papi – time to lose the beard and think of this…you’ll be even faster w/o the added weight… 🙂


    Kevin- I love the Blog. I also love the name, Yooooooooouuuuuukkkkkkkk, since that is what is said when you are up at bat! Keep up the great work, and beat those dammn Yankees!!


    Hey Youk!
    You have just been consistently getting better and better. You are a key player to the Sox. Keep up the good work. How about

    “yoogle” for the blog or “yoooooogle”

    something like that!!


    Hey Youk,
    With all due respect to Papi, I agree with Casey and the others- we need to start a grassroots movement to write you into the All-Star game. Maybe kind of like the old KeepManny website?

    -another BoSox fan stuck in Cleveland


    Youuuuk!! You are amazing!!! Thank you for making us Red Sox fans smile ear to ear! All the best! GO SOX!!!!


    You deserve all the success in the world, man. Stay healthy, don’t party too much. Nice to have some real dudes on the team. As to the name “Gotta Run” is catchy, contemporaneous, and gives you that perfect sign-off every time around…

    Also, wanted to give you a heads up on an exciting new IPO chant going up this weekend for Benedict Arnold a.k.a. Johnny “The Knees” Damon; I am kinda proud of it, should get broken out by my buddy on Sunday (can’t be there myself)– so when they’re asking “What are they chanting?” in the dugout, you can be The Man,(yet again), and without hesitation, say, “What are you guys, slow? It’s Geico!” (Works well, kinda like “Balco”, has real potential to bother him deeply, incredible likeness, wondering why they haven’t asked him for a cameo…) It’ll be to the tune of the old standby “Raaahhhhh-gerrrrrr”… sure we’ll be hearing that one soon enough…

    As a lifelong, passionate, and dedicated Sox fan who somehow ended up in New York, thank you, just, thank-&*#%$@!-you for crushing the ball, for the hustle, and the good spirit… you should read the papers down here… I used to call the front office with updates from the belly of the beast, made people laugh there at the End of the Dark Times. I even called with an undercover report on Trot and I believe it was The Captain, back in ’01, just before 9/11 actually; they were on the subway, going down to the hotel (many props to pro ball players who use the subway), and anyway, they were talking solely about fantasy football– I don’t think they believed I was a fan, either; it was late, we were all tired– it IS the subway– maybe they thought I thought they were yankees– it was just funny, I wonder if Jason remembers that;(if he does, tell him my wife just wanted to say hi…) it was the tenth of September, lousy night, vs. Clemens,season was over… it was funny… anyway, kick some butt this weekend, have fun gettin’ to 57, and thanks again for making this a great start to the season. Try not to break our hearts down the road when they come for you, bro. You’re the real thing. You’re a Real Red Sock, man. If Henry ever tries to stiff you, just tell us straightaway. We’ll shut the city down… thanks again for bringing some joy into our lives… make us proud this weekend, don’t let up your guard…

    GO SOX!!!


    Kevin, I was born and raised outside of Boston and still visit family there often but I currently raise the Red Sox Nation banner here in eastern PA. Watching your latest tear at the plate has been an added treat to what has been an incredible season so far. Best of luck to you and the boys as the ‘dog days’ approach. Keep up the great work and keep shoveling dirt on the AL East graves.

    As for your blog, a catchy name will certainly draw some attention but, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words…. so I have a slightly different suggestion for you – think ‘recruiting poster’.

    Imagine, if you will, a picture of an all-American, head-turning woman, decked out in an Uncle Sam costume, pointing directly at the viewer with the caption “I WANT YOUK!”

    The possibilities are endless. Someone wants to add a link from their site to your blog? “I WANT YOUK!” Write-in campaign for the All-Star game? “I WANT YOUK!” Time for MVP balloting? “I WANT YOUK!” I can just see it on the big screen at Fenway when you’re stepping into the batter’s box….


    There is no better name for this blog than Yooooouuuuukkkkk!
    We love you here in The Netherlands, keep up the good work!! And btw; I think you’re way faster than Dustin 😉

    GO SOX!!!


    Hi from Australia Youk! Great start to the season! For a name, how about Youkan Run (but Youkan’t hide) or just Youkan Run. Keep up the great work!




    Hello from Charleston, SC. You have all of my write in votes to be in the all star game! Thanks for all the hustle with none of the show boat stuff. I think your blog should be simply called “Youk’s Place”. To me, it sounds like an unpretentious little blue collar neighborhood bar in the South End of Boston where friends get together and share the good and bad times. Keep swingin’ and chugin’ round those bases! We luv ya!!


    Hey Youk, we love you here in New Hampshire!! My husband actually told me I wasn’t allowed to say “Youkilis” anymore! I told him last year you were going to be a great player, and he was not a believer, he is now!!!!
    Way to go, keep it up!!!

    NH Sox Gal


    with your goatee making your chin look ginormous, i’d go with CHIN MUSIC




    Hey my name is Neil Kelly, I just literally 2 and 1/2 hours ago finished my junior year at Sycamore High School. I know this has nothing to do with naming your blog, but if I think of one while I’m typing I’ll add it too. Well anyways, I am a big fan of yours I have been following you for the last couple years. I stroll past the trophy case in our school and gaze at the picture of you jumping up and down after the World Series. And that day you were at our school, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself, but you were talking to Shrimpton and I had to go back to class,***** classes. Anyways I just wanted to congratulate you on your inside-the-parker and your 22-game hit streak, keep it up man. And if you still talk to Shrimpton mention me, I’m the voice of Aviators Varsity Baseball. My real email address is Good luck, keep up the great year 20.


    My thought for the blg name is “YOUKan Say What You Want”
    Hope you leave the Yanks deep in the cellar this weekend. Put them away for the year and have fun doing it!

    It is great to watching you guys enjoying yourselves, almost as much as it is to see the Yanks looking mad at the world and themselves.

    Best of Luck the rest of the way!


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? talked with u couple of days ago, i was on tv at 717 pm when trot nixon came up to bat in first inning wednesday, made a great sign for mr. trot nixon, i am one of yer biggest fan kevin, ur the mvp of the team kevin, i will be at natick mall june 28 to seeu, i will be there real early to be first in line to see u, i have a 500$ camera that takes great pic, i have many great pics of u, i will bring 2, i will talk with u later kevin, takecare, yer friend joe innocenti, lynn,mass.


    10:10 PM – YEAH!! The hitting streak is alive and I didn’t jinx it with my last comment. GO YOOOOUUUUKKK!!!


    i cannot believe that futhermucker just threw at your head……give ’em ****, youk!!!! what did posada say???? who cares??? they **** rocks!!!!!!


    Yooooouuuuuukkkkkk!! Roxxxxx!!
    Yankees (in Ron White Dialect) Suu-uu-uu-uu-uucccccckkkkkkkk!!

    After Proctor threw at your chin I popped up off the couch faster than you charged the flea-bitten Puke who threw at Youk.

    Maybe you and I should have the speed contest.

    Thanks for standing up for the Nation!!

    You lead a great Nation!!


    Jimmy the Fireman


    Hi Kevin,

    Best wishes on your great year, remember you well from “Sea Dog” days.

    How bout “You Kill Us” for a blog name.

    Oh, and get back at the Yankees by hitting 3 or 4 hits tonight along with a homer or two.


    Tom in Arkansas






    Kevin,great response to the pitch-up last night. I – admire this current bunch of guys you play with-they are professionals and do it on the field-that’s it!I support the sox for many reasons. The most important is that you- all play the game RIGHT as Tito says. Play well-stay healthy.


    Hey Youk….how about Youk’s Yak? Although I have to agree with most of the folks above that Youk is good enough. thanks for all of your hard works and contributions to the Sox ever since you came on board! You put your heart and soul into every play of every game and believe me, as fans, we all appreciate it. Thanks for everything.


    Kevin!!! I’m putting in my 2 cents to keep the name of the blog as “YOOOOOUUUKKKKKKK”- or the “Greek God of Blogs”. Whatever you pick I’m psyched that you are going to have the blog and put your comments on the game and the team out there. You’ve been my favorite Red Sox since you came up to the majors, and I knew that someday you would get all the praise and respect that you deserve!!! You and the Sox keep up the winning- it makes it that much easier to be a Red Sox fan in NY state when you guys keep kickin’ *** and the Yankees keep scraping the bottom of the barrel- Go Sox and go Yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuukkkk!


    After seeing you blaze around the diamond in the 8th tonight Dustin is going to have to show us something. Thanks for another hard played game and here’s to starting a new streak Sunday -CHEERS!


    Great Blog Mr.Baserunner !
    Leave the name as is

    not something lame like

    Kevin’s Korner



    Honestly you should name it

    “Rolling on 20’s”

    Because your SO FAST and your number is 20 🙂


    Excuse me-

    “Rolling on Dubs”

    Dubs – 20inch rims

    Has a better ring to it


    Dear Mr. Youkilis,
    WOW, what a terrific following you have! This is my 1st time on ANY blog, but I was reading about the game and saw that you had joined the world of 21st century technology, so if it’s good enough for Youk, it’s good enough for me. Anyway, I’ve been a Red Sox Fan for way more years than I like to even admit I’ve been alive. My Dad used to take me to see Ted Williams, as he was a friend of our neighbors and introduced us. Now, my neice’s boyfriend has been drafted by the Sox. We are so proud of him AND YOU!!! Not to mention the rest of OUR team. Please keep in mind you are reading the rantings of an old lady here, but I’d like you and your team-mates to know, once you have become a “beloved” member of OUR team, you will ALWAYS be a Red Sox in your heart and ours. Oh, sure, once in a while there are a few fans who will call me a liar, but I still love to watch ALL of our BOYS and take an interest in their careers forever!! Even Johnny and Roger and Pedro!!!!You are almost like our children to us older fans, and we know that sometimes the “movers and shakers” don’t agree with the fans on who should stay or go, and sometimes the players just have to look out for their best interests if something has made them unhappy here in Boston. But the REAL Red Sox fans will always see you as one of their own, and the REAL Red Sox players will always be Red Sox in their hearts as well.

    Now that I’ve said that, please put in a good word for Mike Chambers! Gabe Kapler is coaching him in the minors for the Red Sox right now. Sure would like to see him sitting on the bench beside you one day soon! He played for the Spinners last year with Jonathan Papelbon’s younger brother. They are both great players; worthy of Red Sox Nation recognition!

    You don’t need me to tell you what a great season you and our team (especially Tek and Lowell)are having this year. So, thanks to all of you for your hard work and keeping us fans entertained and IN the game.

    I’ve read all these many many entries you have from your fans, and I must say, the only blog name that makes any sense to me is “Youks’ on First”.

    A loyal fan to the end! Karen


    Hey Youkilis-
    As part of your charity race with Dustin, if you win, Manny should have to shave his head. If Dustin wins- see if Tito will shave his. Or something like that. I just want Manny to get a haircut, he looks like the Predator out there tossing A-Rod out at second. Nice to see you playing so well, and the team as well. I haven’t seen a start to a season like this in 27 years, it’s refreshing.



    how about this. . .

    great start to the season YOUK.

    Mirabelli has got to be slower than either one of you, right?


    Super great start youuuuuuuuuuuuuk stay hot all season I think if you keep up the hitting & fielding I see A gold glve & maybe A batting title also. As for A name for your blog “YAK IT UP WITH SPEEDY YOUUUUUUUUUUUK”


    youk youk youk.

    you’re an outstanding player man. all around greatness. awesome inside the parker too.

    noticed you sweat a bit from the bald head too haha.. a friend and i have come up with the idea that you should sell your sweat and name it “Youkerade” haha.

    keep up the good work. play on.


    Hi Kevin,

    Just wanted to tell you how proud you make a European fan with this great season start.

    I can not follow all the games but I keep myself informed. I usualy try to come to Boston ones a year for a game or 2. This yeat my vacation are in october.

    The name of the blog is great,..

    Youk’en play in Boston


    Anne from Belgium


    When I saw you trucking around third base, running to home on Saturday, I thought of a great nickname for you. How about “Truck”, because you look like a Mack truck now with your goatee, and you are full of hustle. Funny thing is that it rhymes with Chuck, as in Charley Hustle, and I know you are from Cincy, too, just like Chuck Hustle is.

    Keep on Truckin’ !!!


    Yo Yooooouuuuuk! Good luck out west. First west coast swing of the year and you guys have 2 of em this month. Who do you see representing the NL in the World Series this year? Nice “stand-up” inside da parker the other night!
    -Keith from Connecticut


    Youk, I’ll see you guys in Oakland, I’m from MA but live in CA now. Got tics behind visitor dugout, love you guys. GO SOX!!!


    Proud of you – Connecticut Fan – you are a credit to the team, baseball, the sport and most of all, yourself.

    Keep it up Youk.



    We got to finally get to a RedSox game in Dallas on May 27th with the grandkids. What a great day and my grandkids got to see grandpa’s favorite RedSox Yooouuuk! God Bless Nebraska RedSox fan.


    Hey, Youk. I posted this over the Daughters of Kevin Youkilis group (despite being in fact, a son) hoping that you still checked the group from time-to-time. Since you have a blog now, no reason why I can’t post it here:

    “I just want to say I’m certainly glad I started rooting for you after my childhood hero John Olerud retired as you constantly keep gving me reason to cheer (I played 1st and 3rd my whole life, so I seem to feel obligated to back the corner men – Haha). Unfortunately, as a 20-year old living here in Newfoundland (Canada), I’ve yet to be able to take in one of your games at the mecca that is Fenway (or anywhere else for that matter). My last Jays’ trip was 04, so maybe I’ll catch you guys there in Sept. In the meantime, all the best to you and the Sox.”

    As for the name of the blog, I unfortunately have no creativity left in me today. I’m sure one of the die-hards here will come up with something.


    how about Youk heard it here first its just weird enough to get your attention


    Hey Youk, nice blog.
    Congrats on the ITPHR, it was thrilling to see. However, in regard to the issue of speed, don’t let it go to your head–I saw Bengie Molina hit a triple last year…



    YOUK can eat my DUSTin..and no matter what people say,dont shave off the goatee!!


    Just spent the last hour sitting here in Scotland reading through some of the comments on your blog.It is fantastic the support you have and we all could be witnessing the start of a legend being born.With all this talk of the Greek God and the presence you have when you enter a game I think you should simply name this blog THE NAME IS……YOUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOK.


    This year has just been so much fun to watch. For a blog name how about Kevin’s Watercooler aka The Fountain of Youkilis


    YOUK! Love the beard! My husband and I come to Boston every year without the kids and go to Sox games. I feel the Sox keeps our marriage strong–its something to talk about when we can’t agree on anything else! And I think you should keep it YOUUUUOOOOOK.


    YOUK – my husband and I love watching you play! Before last season I had read Stephen King’s book about the 2004 season and all he talked about was how awesome this kid Youk was. You are a GREAT player and such an inspiration.

    Stick with YOUUUUOOOKKK for the name of your blog – it’s perfect.


    Hey Kevin congrats on a great to start to this season. You are a real professional and people should take notice. Whats up with the All Star Ballots ?? Hopefully Jimmy Leyland will be smart and pick you as a reserve because you are clearly having the best season of any American League Firstbasemen. I have season tix in section 11 and I was there the night you hit the inside the parkah at Fenway whoever says you can’t run is crazy cuz you sure flew around the bases and 1 more thing if you and Pedroia had a race I got you winning by a good two yahds, keep up the good work and I’ll be watching.

    Matty from Burlington



    I think you could have scored on Papi’s double in Oakland the other night instead of getting thrown out by 30 feet like Dustin. That would have settled who’s faster.

  383. Kim

    Youk the Duke of Red Sox Nation!!

    Kevin, you are a awesome player and I feel that you play from the heart which is important. I hope you fulfill your wish and many fans dreams of another championship for Boston. Keep up the good work.


    Thanks for playing so well and helping the Sox kick so much butt this season! Take it to the A’s tonight, OK? (They’ve always been a thorn in the Sox’ side) It’s great having the Sox do so well this season as I am overseas with my unit from Melrose, MA. We all love the Sox and I actually have a Sox flag flying on my barracks.

    Keep up the good work and no matter what happens, you’re an all-star to Sox fans!




    Because everyone wants a Greek theme to your blog, go with:

    From the Beard of Youk.

    Let’s get you in the all-star game where you belong. Keep up the hard work.



    We’re following every game this year and are excited about the great start you and the Sox are having.Continued success!!

    The Kirschner’s


    I like the Greek theme going on…last year I started calling you Youchilles (as in rhymes with Achilles…phonetically You-kill-ees) and the name stuck with my family and friends! Though I’ve been I Red Sox fan my entire life, I’ve never been to Fenway, so my sister got me tickets for my birthday this year, so see you June 13th; hit one out towards the stands for me!


    Congrats on a great season so far, Youk (what we called your Dad as kids)!

    Kevin, Mike and I are the same age, grew up on the same street in Cincy, Towanda Terrace, went to same local, public schools – including UC, and are the same age!

    It has not suprised me at all to read about your pro ball abilities (for the last few years), given your Dad’s athletic abilities that were evident to my family from an early age!

    I hope to meet you and your family (and share stories about your Dad, his two bros, and growing up in Cincy together) sometime soon!

    See you at a game…my entire family would love to see you play in Chicago, New York or D.C. where we are currently scattered. When are the Red Sox’s playing in Chicago?

    Mazel Tov on your great season and early career, your Boston team (the Red Sox’s are my wife Carolyn’s favorite team of youth), and very bright, future prospects!

    Brian Zakem

    Flossmoor, Illinois


    Man, I have to admit that I was really bummed to see Millar go. He was such a big part of the attitude that won us the title. Plus, I just loved saying it – Milaaaaaaaaah. But his memory quickly began to fade when you clocked that Hentgen pitch. Hello Youuuuuuukilis. Now you are such a huge part of this team’s attitude. And there is no way to overstate the value that you bring with your OBP – they HAVE to pitch to you. I hope to watch you here for many years to come. Including those title years!

    Hey, how about Youuuuu Tube? Or, as Francona might call your blog, “Greek God of Nothing”.


    “YOUK – The Blog of an Everyday Hero”

    There could be no better name than that. With everything that goes on in the world itself and in the baseball world as well there isn’t a man more deserving of the title hero. I’m proud to say that my son and I have followed “YOOOOUUUKK” since you were a yo-yo between major and minor leagues and you were his hero then and continue to be his hero now. I couldn’t ask for a better person for him to look up to.

    We wish you continued success in all you do and know that all of us (Youk fans of the world united) are behind you 110%. Ethan and I will see you on June 28th at the Natick signing.

    Beth and Ethan Saunders

    Westfield, MA


    Awesome game last night, gotta feel for Curt tho. The ace came up big. I also Like the Youkkkk name for the blog. It’s a good thing your not up agianst Scutaro in that race…lol. Nice to see the mini slump end, and the National league is up next! Youk, thanx for a wonderful season so far, it’s nice to see such hard work and hussle from the team and yourself. We as fans appreciate it. Go-sox-go-Beckett! (Tonight’s Pitcher)


    Hey! I just found this blog! Wish I found it sooner. 🙂

    I think a fun name for your blog would be “Youk Says”.

    Eh, but what do I know? 🙂

    If you’re ever “bored” and feel like blog surfing, visit me at

    Great job so far this season. Really good stuff…


    I just want you to know, that being at that game, was the best!! I got to enjoy it with my 11yr old son from the Monster and seeing everything happen from up there was like sitting on top of the world looking down on greatness!! You rock Youk!! Wish you the best~


    I just want you to know, that being at that game, was the best!! I got to enjoy it with my 11yr old son from the Monster and seeing everything happen from up there was like sitting on top of the world looking down on greatness!! You rock Youk!! Wish you the best~


    Yakking with the Youk or Youkking it up. I also like Yoooouuk. They boys had a little slide in CA but have put the bats back on the ball and are looking good.

    Keep up the fantastic work.


    Youk, Your the best. Name the site “faster than Dustin” You are obviously faster than he is. If you and Dustin were running neck and neck you would beat him, by a whisker, literally! But because of the beard and the way you’ve been cranking the lumber around lately we’ve been calling you Paul Bunyan at our house! : )
    Keep up the great work!


    Congrats on a terrific start to the season!! You play with such heart and soul…keep it up! Much love and support from Andover, MA…




    Hi Kevin, I have been wanting to e mail you to tell you, that one, I am a Yankee fan, and two, how you handled the situation when Scott Proctor hit you with such class !! … Kevin, you are a class act and when I read your comments in the sports news on the following days, I thought, “Kevin Youkalis you are ten feet tall”. … I wish you the best of everything you deserve it. I think alot of you. I hope you and your teamates stay healthy. God Bless all of you. Sincerely, Betty


    Great to see you playing so well!

    Regarding the blog, when’s your next installment coming???


    Youk! Wow you’re on a tear. Congrats on your success so far, and that inside the parker was a hoot, way to go! I can’t wait to see you and the boys next week in Atlanta. I’m hoping for a sweep like last year. Take care, Mike “temporarily” living in Summerville, SC


    Youk – You are the man! Keep up the great work. An idea for the blog title: YoukTube.
    I like how you and Dustin have that “Who’s faster” thing going…very funny. Great blog so far! Finally someone who can show Schilling how it’s supposed to be done.


    Hey Youk,
    You rock baby!

    You are doing great and we are delighted to have you in Boston. Thanks for your great playing.



    Hi Kevin,
    I watch every pitch of every game the Red Sox play, and you are by far my favorite. You play with such determination every at bat and also on the field. Keep up the good work. We love you in Boston.



    Hi Kevin, Just wanted to thank you for a great year, My twin sister and I saw your in the park homerun. First time there at Fenway, have been trying to see a game since 1967. Thanks for so much fun and a dream come true, Shirley


    Hi Kevin, Thanks again for a great time at Fenway, my twin sister and I have been trying to catch a game since, 1967. Great game, you are the best, Shirley


    Twins I can understand but, both of you named Shirley is just too much.


    You are absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite player! Whenever you have a particularly great game my students coming running up to me to make sure I saw it. I was at Fenway two weeks ago, and stood behind the dugout waiting for you to come out. Of course when you did, I was speechless. So, instead of getting a picture or an autograph or wishing you luck, instead the entire national anthem played while I tried to shake of my nervousness and say your name. I think I was finally able to form words again when I was back in my seat. Anyway, I love the blog name as it is right now. I’m looking forward to seeing you play again this Friday, where I’ll again stand behind the dugout wide-eyed waiting for you.


    I STILL say the title of this blog should be “The Fountain of Youuuuk”.


    Call it YOUUUUUUUUK **********!!!!!!……hahaha…..i clearly got that chant going at the Stadium….8.5 baby…now one can stop the Yanks right now….woooooooo


    Kevin, Keep up the great work you guys have been doing on the field. However, an 8 1/2 game lead is unacceptable (it was just 14 1/2!) . Please tell the other guys to get it in gear because us Sox fans will never hear the end of it if they catch up to us. If you guys can keep the bats alive, we’ll be fine. Good luck!


    Wow, another classy comment by a Yankees fan. What are you 13? Show a little respect for someone batting .338, becuase as I recall, the Yankees have one player batting over .330 right now when with what they pay, the whole team should. Chump. Keep up the good work Youk as I will continue to bring signs to the game in your support.


    1. I guarantee you Youk hits right around .300 by end of season 2. Lets not make fun of payrolls w/ players like your 100+million iffy pitcher 3. Baseball games arent WWE Raw shows…dont bring signs!! What are you 13??


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing?joe, lynn,mass. i was at game wednesday, u saw me with sign saying todd helton #1 fan in lynn,mass and when many offans left after 6th inning, i was only 1 in row, i am one of yer biggest fan kevin, when i see u june 28 in natick i am giving u in yer name to the jimmy fund 100$ money order to help out, my father died in 1974, he had 8 heart attacks from 69-74, my mother died on easter morning april 16, 2006, also of heart attack, going friday night against barry bonds to game, i will see u when i get in park, made a sign for u, hopefully i get to talk with u, also paid 90$ to get 3 autographs from u in natick, got them blown up 8 x 10 pic, ur my favorite player on team, see u friday takecare joe innocenti lynn,mass.


    hey “youk”, i just wanted to tell you how much i HATE your team…dont get your hopes up too high for a playoff run. yankees are doing WAYY better than you guys are doing.. you know the saddest part is? it is that tyler clippard can hit better than julio lugo!!
    GOOOO YANKEES!!!!!! 27 in 07!


    Kevin: I think Lugo, Crisp, Drew, Marabelli, Henske, Pena are all automatic outs. You have to stop taking the first pitch its the best one you see at bat. You are the only hitter, with Lowell; that teams fear. Manny can’t hit the cheese no more. Can you and Lowell carry this team all year?


    Kevin, you take too many over the plate pitches and swing at low and away. Your strikes outs with runner on are growing, you have to hit the other way, with outside pitches. You’ll never hit fifty diggers, so go for avg. and rbi’s. Good Luck


    Hey YOOOOOOUUUUKKKK!!! hope u make the all-star team this year! i voted for u by putting your name in the write-in option! just imagine, both you and Big Papi making the AL All-Star team!Priceless! REPRESENT THE BOSOX!!!!!


    eres uno de los mejore itabien el mani y el dabi y predoida ke sienpre por ustede ganan el juego


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti lynn,mass. thank u kevin for waving to me while u pulled up with yer car in sox parking lot on friday, i always knew u were a great guy kevin and a great player, u will make the allstar team this year kevin, u deserve it!!!!!! going to work in 1 hour it is 805pm,can’t wait to see u on june 28. i will show u pics of me from 1969 when i was playing little league ball with my father the manager that year, just before he got his 8 heart attacks, he kept going back and forth to hospitals, my father died just after in graduated junior high school, i will talk with u later kevin takecare , yer bud joe, i work the night shift 11pm-730am.


    hey, Mr. Youkilis. Im Matt Clark from Dunmore, PA. I love the Sox and have been following you since ’04 when u won the championship. My Birthdays coming up and nothin would be better than autographed something. PLEASE! I’m soon to be 12 and have always been a fan.

    Matt Clark

    1608 Adams Ave.

    Dunmore, PA.



    Hey Kevin,

    Like your blog! It’s great to get some inside poop on how you guys mix it up in the dugout and enjoy a spirit of friendly competition. Let me know if you want a copy of my book, “A Million Reasons (Why I Fought for the Rights of the Disabled)” and I’ll send you an autographed copy.


    – Alan –


    A couple of years ago I went to a Sea Dogs game and my best friend Jordan Bean (who was in the little leauge world seris from Portsmouth NH told me to make sure I got your autograph because you would soon be a starting 3B man. To tell you the truth I did not really belive him but I got your singnature anyway. One day I was watching NESN and then I heard your name and they said that you were now on the roster and I could not belive it. Have fun with the Red Sox. The best name would have to be “YOUKKK” but don’t make it to confusing with 5 “O” 7 “U” and 6 “K”



    To Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield,

    Curt: I applaud you and your career, and your accomplishments with the Red Sox. I’ve been an avid Red Sox fan for over 50 years now, but I’m not going to blow and sunshine up your ***. IT’S TIME, to RETIRE! Go out on top. Don’t pull a Mohammad Ali. Your hurting us right now. And take Tim Wakefield with you.You two can play Golf, work your charities, assist, teach, coach, What ever, but it’s time for you two to retire. Pard me for being so blunt, I don’t mean to hurt anyones feelings, but please look at the overall picture. You two are healthy and can’t even find any excuses for your performances of late. There is back up to cover you guys. Perfect time time to throw your caps to the ground…..

    Mr. Simon…New London, CT


    As usual, Tim Wakefield strikes again. Got as far as the 1st inning before my stomach turned while watching Tim pitch, and checked at the end of the game only to find out the inevetable, We lose with Wakefield. Tim your day has come and gone, you were good once, but please give us a break. We’d like to see the post season, and you and Curt are killing us. RETIRE !!

    Mr. Simon………New London, CT

  425. imozeson@yahoo./com

    Brother Youk,

    I’m in exile in NJ, but you bring me much joy. You and the team that has put the N.Y. Junkies ten games behind again.

    It bothers me that a player of your talent has to sit sometimes against the NL. Now that we know that you’re faster than Lugo and Pedroia, please try to play some shortstop or second base.

    No lineup card should be Youk-less, Isaac


    5 years ago at spring training you were the first player to sign my new hat! while a lot of other players opted to stay out of the hot sun you were signing autographs even though you were late to pick up a friend at the airport. I lost the hat in the post W.S. win while celebrating with the masses that flocked to Fenway that night. Although the hat is gone its great to see you be such an important part of THE Team ! Now with the blog it shows that you are not only out for your own stats but also a Big part of Red Sopx Nation.



    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti lynn,mass. keep up the great work kevin, ur doing awesome!!! can’t wait to see u this thursday at natick mall, ur a great guy and hitter plus u do many things for the redsox carity the jimmy fund, talk with u later kevin, takecare and i will see u thursday, yer bud joe


    Hi Mr. Youkilis. I recently attended a game at Fenway and made a day out of it in Boston. I watched the players drive into the park and also leave the game afterwards (nice VW by the way but Papelbon tops the cake with his Aston Martin). Anyway… While watching you guys after the game there were two kids next to me (no older than 7 or 8) yelling your name and just asking for a waive to make there day (there is no way you couldn’t hear them). You completely igored them and it was very upsetting to me seeing the disappointment on there faces. I spent the next few minutes listening to there parents come up with an explanaition as to why there favorite player didn’t waive to them. I know it must get sickening to you hearing everyone yell your name all the time but I also know it doesn’t take much of an effort to just give the crowd a waive on your way out the ballpark and make a few kids happy… I’m sure there parents spent alot of money to come see you.
    Anyway… Keep up the great play. You guys are making alot of Red Sox Nation members proud. Thanks!


    Hi Kevin,
    What a great idea a blog! I think you are such an inspiration that hard work is in fact rewarded. I so look forward to you success as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

    Good luck to you! Go Sox!

    I think that a good name for your blog YOOOUUUUKKKK!!!


    Hey Dude:
    Like its time to say good-bye to Wakefield, Timlin and get those young arms going. Lester is good to go, and so are others. Lugo belongs in the minors, to learn to hit. Wake and Timlin golden days are now in darkness. We don’t need a life time .500% pitcher, not when we want to win the pennant and beyond. Do you ever answer these or even read them. A lot of good



    Hi Kevin,
    I do so enjoy watching you play. I LOVE the SOX, total die hard fan I am (even during the worst years!) I remember your first day at the plate….I said to my husband, “this guy is going to be so great for this team!” Keep up the awesome playing! Love this blog too.

    Peace Out


    Youk, you rule Bro!!!! You are on my Fantasy team and you are tearing up the whole deal! Other teams have been tryin to trade for you but no way! They tried to trade me A-Rod, No way! Tried Damon, nope! Only Ortiz might make me give you up! but thats it! I’m a real Sox fan! My whole Fantasy team is mostly Red Sox!


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti lynn,mass. thank u kevin for yer publicist to get back to me, ur a great guy and player kevin. i will see u tonite at natick, u should make the allstar team and keep up the great play kevin and u will win a gold glove at first base this year. talk with u tonite kevin, takecare, joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti lynn,mass. thank u kevin very much for being very nice to me tonite. ur a great guy and player plus what i told u tonite that u will make the allstar team and win the gold glove at first, noone in the league is playing better first base than ur kevin, how can jim leyand leave u off the twam, u deserve kevin to be on the allstar team kevin!!!! i am going to game friday like i told u, hopefully i can get a bat from u, i try to help out many people in my life kevin espcially the jimmy fund, went to the scooperbowl, while u were away to help out the jimmy fund, i try to be nice to everyone but sometimes kevin some people take advatage of me. i will see u kevin friday going to bed now and takecare kevin, glad that u were great to me tonite, yer bud joe innocenti, left my email and telephone number on the 100$ money order i gave u tonite for the jimmy fund, i am glad that u thought it was very nice for me to do that. my address is joe innocenti 171 eutaw ave lynn,mass. 01902 incase u could not read my writing.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti lynn,mass. thank u for waving to me when u came into park , parking yer car friday, kevin u WILL BE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO as an ALLSTAR,, u and enza will be going , because kevin u deserve it!!! i have watched u play since u came to redsox, u always hustle all the time, especially like last night, u run real fast kevin and that was great of u to score the winning run before the out, that is why u deserve to go to allstar game, because ur having an awesome year kevin!!! also, no paper including the boston globe and boston herald got the pic of jonatan papelon making the out i 9th inning, i have pic that proves kenny lofton was OUT!!!! i paid 500$ for my camera and i take great pics like u saw when i saw u on thursday when u signed the pics i took of u, also kevin, the way u r playing kevin, u will win the gold glove, i assure u of that, noone else in the league has no errors at first base like u. i will be going to redsox games this tuesday- thursday against tampa bay devil rays, all 3 games, met some players on rays i have talked to and r nice to me kevin, ty wiggington, jamie shields, scott cursi, bullpen catcher and jamie shields. i will be with my friends pat and christin manfredo of peperrell, mass. they got voted in this past february to tampa bay devil rays wall of fame. they r very nice to me. i will be still cheering on for u and the redsox kevin. also i am going to faith hill- tim mcgraw concert next friday at td banknorth garden, have my seat on the floor. i will talk with u later kevin, at 4pm on sunday, u will be going to san francisco to allstar game, being shown on tv selection show. yer bud joe innocenti, hopefully u can get back to me, because kevin u asked for my email when i met u this past thursday and hopefully i can get a bat from u, takecare kevin, yer bud joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, sorry about putting jamie shields 2 times, should have been former teammate from last year dustan mohr, dustan is nice to me too, kevin, takecare, joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilishow rudoing? joeinnocenti, that is not right that ur not in allstar game, u got snubbed. u deserve to be in allstargame kevin,iwillsee u tuesday when u drive in with yer car, takecare, joe


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? i am sorry that ur not going to san francisco, u deserve it kevin, baseball does not know what they r doing and jim leyland made a big mistake by not putting u on the team!!! kevin u have made no errors at first base, hitting for great average , what else do they want, u should be going to allstar game, glad that ur a great guy and player plus ur nice to me, talk with u later, also still have a 10 and half game lead, joe innocenti


    youk …. you are a fantastic player … I cannot believe you were not voted to play at the all star game … i would pick you over that lazy bum ramirez any day of the week.sorry man …… keep up the good work . …. players like you win games and pennants .. and …….sorry dont want to jinx it


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti lynn,mass. i am not doing good today, somehow lost my creditcard friday when i went to redsox game near kenmore square, someone charged my card 86.00, glad i found out today, they r bad people out there, cancelled my card and not liable for money, everyone i talk with at work agrees with me kevin that u deserve to be in ALLSTAR GAME!!!!! i will talk with u later, and i hope i have a better day, takecare, joe


    Hi Mr. Youkilis,
    We were one of the folks on line for your autograph signing. I’m sure it was irritating to have to deal with that on your day off, but from the mom of your number #1 fan, namely my 8 year old son who told you that you were his “all time favorite player ever!”, you made his day. The photo of you guys together is a treasure of his he has shared with anyone and everyone. Have a fantastic season, we’re all rooting for our Sox.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how is yer quadriceps doing? hopefully kevin u will be in lineup tonite, going to all 3 devil rays game in section 15 grandstand, near dugout. joe innocenti lynn,mass. i hope u can play tonite kevin, the redsox need u kevin to be healthy kevin, because ur a great player. talk with u later, takecare of that quadricep, joe


    hey Youk,
    I met you in San Diego during your reception for the sox fans. Just want to tell you how much of class act you are and that I’m sooo proud and happy to rout for a guy like you…keep up the great hitting and wish you were on the All-Star team…you deserved to be on the team!!


    Hey Youk, Happy 4th of July. Great game last night-now watching todays came-you guys are currently ahead. Keep up the great work. your an awesome first baseman!!!


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how is yer quadricep doing? joe innocenti, i hope ur doing great kevin, ur a classy guy and great player, glad that u have been great to me, i will see u when u drive in to parking lot today, hopefully i can get a bat from u, i will be sitting in loge box 127, section 19 behind homeplate tonite, dustan mohr and ty wiggington of tampa bat has been nice to me during the last 2 days, glad that both of them, r great to me like u kevin, talk later and takecare,joe


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how r yer quadriceps doing? joe innocenti, i was interviwed by mike dowling of channel 5 sports outside fenway park on thursday, on tv at 5pm news, mike asked me how many times did i vote for okjima for last player.peole saw me on tv from work. did u talk with mr. todd jones of tigers, i am todd’s friend, todd has been very nice to me kevin, todd is a great classy guy like u. i asked mr. todd jones to talk with u about me. i am now known as fenway joe at fenway park, because i know many security guarfds around homeplate, 1 of which i work with plus i wentt to faith hill-tim mcraw concert friday at garden, the guards from fenway were also there, they said to me, ur here too, i have to have much fun as i can kevin, because i donot know when i will be gone. thank u once again kevin for being a classy guy to me, i appreciate that very much, yer bud , joe innocenti, i sat on the floor of garden, 20 feet from stage, my friends’s daughter sat in 1st row of stage, tim mcgraw held her hand, i will send u pics of concert kevin, yer bud,joe


    Hi Kevin, i went to the Tampa game on 7/3 & met Joe Innocenti (who is in touch with you alot)as we were anxiously awaiting the players to arrive prior to the game! We saw you arrive, however you were preoccupied on a phone call. Joe mentioned that he got a autographed signed baseball bat from you & i was wondering if i might have the same honor. It was so great knowing you were going to be in the line-up that night as you are truly a great outstanding player. I watch all the games including last nights 7/7 that went 13 innings. I’m a huge Red Sox Fan & sports buff. I hope your quad gets better soon. I know what it’s like to be out of the line-up as i myself have been on the DL for our softball team. Hope to hear from ya & enjoy the All-Star break. I was hoping that you would have been voted in this yr. Take care! ~ Jill


    hi mr. kevin youkilis i hope yer quadercips r getting better kevin. also i hope u and enza r having a great couple of days off. glad that u have been nice to me, i appreciate that alot kevin. i will talk with u later kevin, have a great time off and takecare of that left quadricep, yer bud joe innocenti




    Gotta laugh at the posts from the Yankee fans. If they hate the Sox so much, what are they doing on a Red Sox blog??? Guess they must be pretty bored with those **** Yankees too! Youk, you da man! Love your die hard attitude and the 110% you give every night. Used to see you in Portland, great to see your career rocket. Keep up the great work!!!


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how is yer left quadriceps doing?joe innocenti, i will be going this saturday to see u and team bowl in milford, taking commuter rail from boston, getting to forge park at 820am, then taking taxicab, 40$ to see u bowl ,made a sign for u levin, ur a great guy and player kevin, can’t wait to see u bowl, i am a good bowler wish i could afford that much money to bowl with u, i would love that kevin, i will talk with u later and takecare of yer quadricep kevin, redsox need u kevin and u do a lot of things for the redsox communities. i am applauding u kevin for all the stuff u do for REDSOX NATION!!!!!!! that is very nice of u kevin to spend time with the fans as u do. takecare and all the best, yer bud joe innocenti, see u saturday!!!!!


    Could use an autographed ball from Youk for our Golf Tourn. to Benefit Prostate Cancer Research. He’s and Lowell have carried the team. Any ideas


    hi mr. kevin youkilis, joe innocenti, i see ur playing in pain, take it easy kevin, redsox need u and i don’t want u to get hurt any worse. that is great of u kevin to hustle as u always do in the 3rd inning to get to first base, but i could see on yer face that ur hurting, ur my favorite redsox player, , i hope yer quadricep gets better kevin. i will see saturday morning, takecare , kevin, yer bud joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, THANK U KEVIN FOR BEING GREAT TO ME AGAIN THIS MORNING, UR THE GREATEST!!!!!! glad that ur a great guy and player kevin plus ur very nice to me, i appreciate that alot!!!! great to help out people for the bowling for charity. i will talk with u later kevin, takecae of yer yer quadricep kevin, yer bud joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how is yer quadricep doing? joe innocenti, that was very nice of mike lowell and u kevin to help out the youngsters yesterday at fenway park, kevin that is very nice that u go to many redsox communities to help out and see REDSOX nation fans like u do!!! that was a great article i read what u said kevin in that column. ur the greatest to me kevin, because ur very nice to me and i appreciate that alot , kevin, i mean that kevin, the redsox should give u an award this year kevin for being a very nice guy to go visit redsox communities. glad i got to meet kevin to know ur a great guy and player. i am going to pawtucket redsox game on thursday afternoon, sitting 2 rows behind sox dugout, i will see u kevin saturday for game at 4pm, i will talk with u later and takecare of yer quadricep kevin, yer bud joe innocenti


    Kevin: It’s time to say good bye to Willy Mo Strikeout(can’t hit a breaking pitch and the whole league knows it) Eric Hinske ( a wasted talent, gone bad) Tim Wakefield, 500% winner and loser. If we are goinng to beat the Yankee’s we have to get real, and build a bench. My grandmother could hit better than Willy Mo Strikeout. It now or never for this team, a lot of people are not going to be here next year. We need a bench that people fear. Kevin, if you don’t mind; you can catch Wakefield and sent Marabelli back to SD.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how is yer quadricep doing? joe innocenti, just got yer email about sox trying to trade u, i hope the redsox donot trade u kevin, ur a great guy and player plus u do so many things for the team to meet with the fans like me, the redsox would be making a big mistake kevin if they get trade u kevin. i hope that does not happen kevin. , i hope ur still with the redsox kevin, that would not be nice for the redsox to trade u kevin, talk with u later, takecare kevin and try not to think about it, yer bud joe innocenti


    Hi Kevin, went to game last night & i totally felt your frustration with that out after you “dug” it out running to 1st base. another bad call earlier in the game when they called Pedroia out too!! That probably cost us the game……because you all certainly were hitting well last night. I hope that you don’t get traded either, they would be making a huge mistake. We haven’t had a good 1st baseman like yourself in long while. Get rid of Willy Mo & Hinske if anyone It’s great to hear that you do a lot in the “community”, you’re a classy guy! i hope your quad is doing better too!! Take care & good luck w/the White Sox series.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how is yer quadricep doing? joe innocenti, went to pawtucket redsox game today, had a great time where u kevin used to play. that is a nice ballpark kevin. i will be going this saturday for the 4pm start of game, i will see u at the park kevin, glad that ur a great guy and player plus great to me, iappreciate that alot kevin, talkwith u later, kevin u will be getting home late tonight because late start of game tonight, takecare kevin, yer bud joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how is yer quadricep doing? joe innocenti, i will be going to the Boston Billiards in september to play pool with u and everybody there, i am not that good, but that does not matter. it is for a great cause for the Jimmy FUnd. like i told u kevin, i try to help out the Jimmy Fund alot, i donot know yet how much it is to play , but i will pay the money to help out the kids for the Jimmy Fund, u can count on me kevin. ur a great player and a great guy kevin, talk with u later and takecare yer bud joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, thank u kevin for turning around and waving to me after i said how ru doing today, ur a great guy and player. glad ur very nice to me, i appreciatethat alot, glad the redsox have won the last 2 games, i will talk with u later and takecare kevin, yer bud, joe innocenti


    Hi Kevin you are a great ball player and I just want to thank you so much for signing a baseball for me at spring training this past February. You are really classy guy Kevin. Keep up the great season OK Kevin. You are really cool!!!!!. I will be at spring training next February and I hope I can talk to you and get to see you. Here is my trademark DUDE!!!!!!!

    From, Jeff Riley


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, that was a great play u made kevin in the seventh inning to keep yer foot on the bag for the final out of the inning, ur playing great kevin, keep ur the great work!!!!!!ur a great guy and player kevin, talk with u later and take care kevin, GO SOX !!!!! joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, that was a great homerun u hit kevin friday night!!!! i will see u next wenesday, keep up the great work, glad to see that yer quadricep is doing great kevin. talk with u later, takecare kevin, yer bud, joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, that was a great clutch hit u got tonight kevin, glad u got the big hit tonight, ur a great guy kevin and player, talk with u later and takecare yer bud, joe


    Hey Kevin, I, just for the first time read your blog and wondered why the **** havn’t i read it sooner.I think it is a great job you are doing for the Sox. Being in Sweden it is difficult to follow the team in any detail. But between the clubs web site and your blog i think i am right up to speed. Thanks so much for the hard work and great play in making this a very successful season so far for the Sox. I also think the blogs name “Yooooouuuuukkkkk” is perfect. From George in Sweden


    Hi Kevin: Just want to add another name for your blog– call it Y Tales.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you and the team next week at Angels’ stadium. The Red Sox Nation there is very active and it looks like three sellouts. My husband and I have seats in right field field boxes. I’ll help you and Drew out when you are going for foul balls as we are in the first row.I’ll have a big Papi shirt on Monday and then Pap and yours. My husband is an Angel fan so it will be family fued night for us. In fact he seats directly behind me for the three games because my voice really carries. I’m a retired teacher and I can really project. We are looking forward to a great series. Please tell Willy Mo to be more patient at the plate. The Angels have a lot of pitchers who can throw the fast ball and with patience a batter who is really thinking can hit them out of the park. I think your teammate Willy Mo has the strength but he needs patience at each at bat. That’s something you have and I’m so proud of your work ethic and the desire on your part to always improve.

    They say we Red Sox fans expect too much at times: I don’t agree with our critics; I think all we want of our team is to give us their best. We like to see hustle, good work ethic and most of all good character. When we boo anybody we are sending a message that you are not meeting our standards. Keep up the good work. Have a great road trip.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing?joe innocenti, hopefully redsox win tonight and start another winning streak and have a great road trip kevin. ur a great guy and player kevin, i think ur getting closer to another Redsox record kevin, for most putouts without an error, i know ur getting closer to that record, u deserve to win the Gold Glove this year kevin, ur playing Great defense!!! i will talk with u later and takecare, yer friend joe


    youk you r the best!!!!! I’m going to Baltimore on the 10th with friends. I really ca’t wait to see you at first. I play first so i always watch and try to learn more. Baseball is my life!!
    See you in Baltimore!!1


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, that was a great article u wrote about yer brother, eric gagne and the celtics. ur the greatest kevin, ur a great guy and player plus ur very nice to me kevin, i appreciate that alot, talk with u later, and hopefully u win tonite and finish off the road trip well,. i donot like the yankees catching up to the redsox kevin, hopefully u and team kevin will hold off the yankees, talk with u later, takecare, kevin, yer friend, joe innocenti


    Kevin: Your head is getting bigger than your Batting Average. Start swinging at the first pitch, 9 out 10 times its a strike down the middle. your wasting your time looking for the perfect pitch with two strikes on you. Ted Williams was the only red sox that could do that. Try and help the team. Your rbi total is as sick as Varitecs!


    P.S. Is Joe Innocenti related to you? If he stopped writing, maybe you would respond to some of your blogs.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN on getting a new REDSOX record u set the other night for most putouts without an error!!! u should win the GOLD GLOVE this year kevin, talk with u later, have a great series in baltimore, yer friend joe, takecare


    The gold glove is one of the stupidest awards. Only because it never goes to the right guy. No one is more deserving then YOUK! Which means he is a long shot to get it. It usually goes to a guy w/ a reputation for a slick glove, but has no range. Kevin you have wicked awesome range and DP ability. good luck. I hope I’m wrong!


    p.s. this joe innocenti guy is an annoying kiss ***, and takes up a ton of space.


    Youk i am coming to a game at fenway on august 18 i was wondering when the best time and place is to get autographs. I live in PA and ive been a sox fan for about 4 or 5 years.


    Hey Youk – thanks for inviting me to your “space” on the internet but my email won’t let me in – I visited you at uc’s new hall of fame (taking my last kid down for orientation)-nice pic of you, gets me a little misty eyed on how well you have done for yourself – I get on the website often to check on your stats and goings on, GOLDEN GLOVE!! comments, great batting avg and fielding percentage but that’s what Boston should expect from a ballplayer from the ‘nati! I was even a fan of Boston back in the Big Red Machine days – loved Fred Lynn -That in the park homer was great but not sure we would put you on the “wheels of the team” list just yet! Love your hustle and team loyalty and from what I read Boston loves you too – Keep those **** Yankees at bay, they **** – someday I’ll get to watch you in person – my coaching seasons get in the way! – look forward to seeing you back here in the off season – hit that weight room and keep the injuries away!!!


    Hey Youk,
    Love the Blog and the name is perfect. Congradulations on a great season so far, keep it up and we’ll go all the way. I gotta say, I am a lifetime Red Sox fan ( was born when Rico Petrocelli caught the last out in the 67 ALCS) and have watched many players come and go, I hope you plan on being here awhile because I for one enjoy the way you play the game. While my fav. is Tech. you are right behind him. You have shown you deserve to wear the uniform everyday. There is a great tradition in Boston, as I’m sure you know by now, and you are making us all proud. Good luck and tell the guys we here in Carolina are all rooting for you’s to go all the way.

    P.S. Dont worry about them Yanks, their pitching staff is nowhere near aas good as ours.


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, thank u kevin for accknowleding me during innings of game on wednesday afternoon, ur the greatest!!!! i will see u saturday at square one mall. i hope u and the team hold off the yankees and the Tigers beat the yankees in the next 11 days. tigers play yankees 8 games during that time, hope they beat them. talk with u later, takecare kevin, yer bud, joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, that was a great dive to the bag in the 6th inning today, kevin, ur playing great defense, u should win the GOLD GLOVE!!!!! see u saturday yer bud, joe innocenti


    hi mr. kevin youkilis how ru doing? joe innocenti, thank u very much today, kevin for being very nice to me, glad that , ur a great guy and player. nice to know that my favorite player is is a real greaat guy. i appreciate everything u have done for me kevin, ur a classy guy!!!!! talk with u later, takecare, yer bud joe innocenti


    Hey Yoooouuuukkkk!!!! Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE what you are doing in Beantown and I really like the fact that you’re blogging. Wish more players would do it. It’s too bad though that the candy-arsed, crybaby Yankturd fans have to come on here and TRY to diminish the blog. They’re just frustrated, whiny, little biotches that are jealous of the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL and they have RSN envy! Pretty sad that Steinbrenner pays three times the bucks to stack a team and they STILL can’t break .570! I am sure I don’t need to tell you to disregard all of the idiotic Yankturd posts on here. You guys are number one for a reason. They will never catch us despite cheaters like Alex Rodriguez pulling dirty, unprofessional stunts to cheat their way to a victory and they know it. Keep playing clean baseball and make it better each day. See you at the W.S. celebration party! RED SOX RULE THE MLB!!


    I think people need to leave Joe Innocenti alone. My son & I went to the signing at Square One Mall Saturday, and after arriving at 9 am, found out we were 2nd in line after Joe, whom we nick-named “Superfan”
    He’s just a big Youk fan, and has the right to write in this blog as many times as he likes…we may not be quite at Joe’s fan level, but just leave him alone!

    Thanks Kevin for being friendly & making my 12 year olds day- he is showing his signed bat to everyone we know! Keep up the good work…


    Hey Kev

    Good smash in tampa,,,inches from a homer,,wish u the best vs the other sox


    Hey jenn from saugus

    I dont think any1 means to pick on this guy Joe,,,I mean some may think he is just a love struck obsessed fan,,,but if he was a great guy why didnt he let your 12yr old be 1st,,lol,dont want to mock or insult anyone but maybe he’s a lonely guy with nothing to do but chase a ball player,,,wouldnt be surprised if he is a lonely soul ,,but man he should ease up on this mr kevin youkilis joe here,,lol,,I purposely didnt use his last name as he freely does,,,hg1 all


    hi kevin how ru doing? i would like to talk with bosox, i have gone thru many problems bud, my father died in 1974, my mother in 2006, i ham friends with many sport players, nfl, hockey and baseball, i am a nice guy and these players see that, i am not an obsesed fan, these players including kevin youkilis likes me and cares about me. i bet u bud, bosox, still have both of yer parents, the players like meand they see that i am a nice guy. takecare, kevin, joe


    Am I the bosox u r asking Joe?
    since I prob am I’ll answer,,I never had a Dad,,left when I was 1,,mother died in 1992,,so that is a common thing in life hopefully many of us live long after our parents have gone,,there is a difference with being ”friends’ a nice guy or a obssessed fan,,,Im sure u r a great fan,,no doubting there but u dont say ur age and I dont know much about u just what i see u bombarding youk’s blog,,lol anyway I have no prob what u do,,,and I;ll bet u others think u r a obsessed fan,,Joe,,its what u make people see even if u r as u say a nice guy,,cant u see why others think its strange how u write in here,,lol,,,have a good 1


    hi kevin how ru doing/ if kevin thought i was an obsessed fan or guy he would completely ignore me and kevin does not do that, kevin knows i am a nice guy and i told kevin about myself, kevin is a great guy and i donot mind that kevin lives and dies on every at bat, because kevin wants to do great every time up to bat, just like everyone else in baseball. i try to be great in everything i do to. takecare kevin, joe


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, ur doing great, looks like the YANKEES R RUNNING OUT OF GAS!!!!!!! sox had a great week and yankees didn’t , THIS IS OUR YEAR, NOT THE YANKEES!!!! GO SOX, takecare, joe


    hi kevin how ru doing?joe, i think there is something wrong with philadelphia phillies pitcher mike meyers, last year in boston, he had an incident then on saturday, he really lost it when he went after a reporter, someone should talk with mike, i think., joe, takecare kevin


    well looky here,,who is saying that mike needs to talk to someone>?,,,the famous 1st line in this blog has been voted and here mit is

    hi kevin how ru doing joe[then he goes to answer question him self],,lol u r doing great,,and ahh,,by the way Joe,,Mike Meyers pitched for the white sox this weekend


    hi kevin how ru doing? joe, sorry about that, meant to say brett meyers, by the way, u know what i meant bosox, so i made a mistake, no big deal, takecare kevin, joe, everyone makes alot of mistakes, no one is perfect!!!!!!


    hi kevin how ru doing?joe, taking the grehound buss down to new york thursday morning to see u and the redsox play the yankees, sitting behind homeplate in tier reserved section, then taking bus back home later that night, GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!, takecare, kevin, joe


    well,,we need to let joe know this is a ”blog”,,lol not a personal notebook,,come on joe,,write in,,we keep seeing the …”’hi kevin how ru doing?joe
    lol,,ouchhhh,,gave up my tix for the 3 game series,,turns out its not a big thing anymore,,but,,sox will play as if it is,,maybe Manny gets his 500th b4 end of season,,youk is back ova .290,,yeah


    Youk: the only thing you do better then sweat, is stike out.All season long you take the best pitch, your a ****** for low and away, and you bail out on curve balls over the plate. We have to win a championship this year, the team will not be the same next year. This is it, I can’t wait another 86 years to see it happen. If you can’t get it done, let someoneelse play, don’t hurt the team, with your strikeouts.


    bud106,,,what basebnall r you watching??,,red sox won in 2004,and in defense of youk,,he is among team leader in hits,,he is agressive and very fiesty with his at bats,,so,,go back to sleep for 86years,,lol,,,he is the best fielder they have at 1st base,and by the way,,he was over .300 all season just recently dropped to .290,,


    Youk’s batting these days is diappointing. I wonder whether he needs eye glasses (I’m serious– he doesn’t seem to see the ball)


    the big difference in this years sox besides pitching has been the big four lowe,pedroia, crisp and you. keep it up


    What kind of fan am I, over sixty years of watching the sox. Youk strikes out more then he drives in runs, no body questions his fielding, I never have. It’s is lack of timely hitting since the all star break, I refer to.******** for the low and away pitch, with two strikes on him. Review some tapes, and learn the real game. Like I said its this year or a long wait, again.


    My 10 year old daughter visited Fenway for the first time (from Tampa) to see Youk! Check out the picure at the Chick-Fil-A website called show us the cow . com! Search “Fenway”!!




    YOUK: 99 strike outs, second to varitek. I hope you get your act together and kick those yankee’s ***’s. You are suppose to be a hit for average and make contact hitter, but you wave at the ball, more than you make contact. Get back to the first half form, we all loved, before the all-star break. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    Another year, another choke, another disappointment. Manny has not heart, every year, come august or Sept. he’s on the bench with some aliment. Varitik should be release, with Maribelli, Hinske,Drew and Cora, Timlin, Wakefield. Let’s start anew, with youth. Hope your back in the line up,soon.


    This is more of a question; I would like to know what those “leather-looking” necklaces that numerous players wear? Pedroia, Beckett …and co. wear them. What exactly are they, and what is the significance if any? Thansks very much for the info.


    John,,those necklaces r supposed to be some kind of ‘karma’ thing the beckett and okajima started earlier in the year,,okie was 1st to adorn one and it went from there,,the significance is ”unity


    Hey Youk. Get your head out of your *** and start hitting the ball. If you don’t, then at least stop acting like you’re in little league and throwing your helmet, bat, and whatever else is around when you strikeout looking on a pitch right down the middle.


    Here’s your change to prove your a star, stop crying and taking strikes down the middle of the plate, and hit the dam ball. Be aggressive, and not a passive hitter. Remember the works ” Never Again” and made your people proud.


    My husband and I are huge fans and want to say CONGRATS on winning the division title and GOOD LUCK in the playoffs. We live in hostil territory (outside of L.A.) but will proudly be flying our Red Sox flag on Wednesday. GO SOX!!!!!!!!


    yooouuukkkkk u r the besthope we can won game 2 good luck in the game hope u hit good not a homerun but get RBIs or singles about who is most faster u or dustin i think dustin my rookie of the year jajjajajaja!!!! good luk


    do you want it enough?

    that’s the ONLY question between winning and losing. do you want it enough? looks like they do. i thought you guys did. please show me you do.. you’re better than this. and you should have backed up wakefield with a freakin run. not to mention dicek.. are you guys in there somewhere?


    forced to live in new york.. i get cat-called when i wear my sox hat in my own neighborhood.. please win. so they have NOTHING to say. thanks. rooting for you


    Thank you for being such a gentleman about sitting out tonight so Big Papi can hit. I’m usually an Astros fan, but y’all are my post-season team. You’re doing great! Keep it up.


    youk, my man,
    well deserved. that’s huge. i got into a debate the other day with a family friend who claimed “youk’s not an everyday player. i can see him platooning next year.” well my no-longer family friend, this dirty dawg with the measty goat just won one of the most coveted awards in all of baseball, the “gold glove.” i wouldn’t want anyone else completed the 5-6-3 double play next year. rock on man. been with you since the beginning.


    4-6-3 sounds better.HA. anyway, enjoy the off-season, but i already can’t wait for spring training- YOOUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKK.


    Congratulations, Kevin, on your Gold Glove Award. No one could have beaten out perfection!