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Wow. I never realized I?d get such a huge response, especially on my first post. It sounds like most of you liked the name ?Yooooouuuuukkkkk? so it?s officially a keeper. Anyway, it?s great to get another reminder that Red Sox Nation is out there behind us in numbers. Not that it surprises me, though, because we probably have the most intense fans in the game. There?s something really special about the relationship between the fans and the Red Sox.

Ortiz200We?re in a stretch of Interleague Play right now. It?s nice to see some of the other teams and players and stadiums. But we?re not at full strength when we play at NL parks, so in that sense it?s a difficult situation for our club. We have three of our middle-of-the-order guys to fill two lineup spots when there?s no designated hitter, leaving someone out in each of those games.

When we were in Arizona, I sat a game, played third base for a game and played first base for a game. I thought Tito did a great job in making sure that each of us play two out of three games and each of us got a rest. As a younger player, I can?t ask for more. David and Mike Lowell are established veteran players. Those guys are owed the opportunity to play if they want to play, so I?m just glad to get in the games.

We have another six games at Atlanta and San Diego coming up so I?d expect we?ll do similar juggling of the lineup. Part of the equation has to be whether we?re facing a left-hander in a particular series. If we are, that?s the obvious day for David to get a rest. If we?re facing three right-handers, that makes the puzzle a little more difficult. Our club usually finds a way to put a pretty good lineup out there, so I?m not too concerned about it.

Bonds200jpgThis weekend the Giants are visiting us. I?m sure there will be a bigger-than-usual media turnout with Barry Bonds coming to town, but we always have a big media contingent, so adding a few more won?t make a difference. It?s just another day at the ballpark for us. We played against the Giants and Barry a couple years ago, in my first season. It was a lot of fun playing against someone of that caliber. It should be even more fun this year as he?s counting down toward becoming the home run king.

One thing for certain is that Barry will be hearing from the fans at Fenway Park, just like all of the opposing superstars who come to town. At Fenway Park, it?s about the Red Sox winning and the fans know which guys have the best chance of getting in the way of us winning a game. It?s going to be loud and exciting.

In baseball it?s a compliment to get booed by the opposing fans. As a player you take it as a badge of honor to be told "you stink" by the other club?s fans. My first year or so nobody told me I stink, but this year I?m beginning to hear it more and I take that as a compliment. When you?re doing well or part of a club that?s doing well, you tend to get heckled more.

I?ve also got family and friends in town for the homestand this weekend to help celebrate Father?s Day, so this is shaping up as a fun weekend all the way around. My mom and dad (Mike and Carolyn), some cousins and friends from college are all here in Boston. I?m fortunate to be able to stay close to the most important people in my life.

It can get a little hectic with a big group here but they?re really considerate about giving me the space and time I need to prepare for the games. My parents have always been there for me. They travel a lot to come see me, like Mother?s Day and Father?s Day. Everybody who meets them tells me they?re the greatest, but I already know that.

They?re not staying with my girlfriend Enza and me this time. We only have one extra bedroom in our townhouse. So since my cousins and everyone are in town, too, they?re all at the hotel so they can hang out together when I?m not around.

Until next time?.

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    There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get voted in the all-star game by the players know. 2 red sox first baseman in an all-star game, nothing better than that.


    yeah, youk good luck with being on the player’s ballot. i’m sure you’ll get voted in because you definitely deserve it! 🙂 keep up the great work!


    Youk, thanks for keepin’ it real. Great post. Keep swinging the golden bat so you can get booed some more, lol. Are you sure that the opposing fans aren’t shouting “Youk”? They sound pretty similar, hehe.


    Yo, wuts up man keep up the great work! ur swinging the hottest bat in the majors right now keep it up and u will b in San Fran in July!
    u have turned in 2 my favorite player on the sox because of the way u hustle on every play! Later!


    AHHH You rock. I’m the biggest papi fan ever but you should be in the allstar game an he should play backup r whatever. right now u are hitting consistently and papi isn’t. and papi can’t play first as well as you.not many can
    (i still love you papi!)


    Youk, I’m so pumped you have a blog too now! You’ve been my favorite for the past two years, at least, and you definitely deserve to go to the All-Star game! Keep working as hard as you do and you’ll get booed by any opponent you come across 🙂


    Hey, Youk did you hear us in Arizona?? Everytime you came up i heard Youuuuk


    Hey Youk – you stink. (I’m dead this weekend, as a Sox fan and a Giants fan. My support is based on the standings, though, and since the Crimson Tide is beating the snot out of those filthy Yanks, the Giants need me more – here’s hoping for the Jints to take two out of the three, and for the Yanks to get swept in a pummelling by the Mets!)


    Nothing makes me smile more than to hear the “Yoooooouk” call at away games. I love knowing the RSN is nationwide. I’ll be watching faithfully online in Florida. Can’t wait til you guys play in Tampa! I happened to be in Boston this past weekend, and ventured past Fenway, even though I knew you were playing in Arizona. I miss that park. (Domes do *nothing* for me.) It was my first time seeing the 2004 World Champion banner — and it made me homesick like crazy.

    Here’s to another multiple hit game for you tonight! Go Sox!


    YOOOOOOUK your the best man I love getting a chance to watch you play it seems everytime your up something good happens keep it up Youk!


    Hey Yooouuukkk, You are one of a few that stills plays the game with the enthusiasm a little leager plays with and it pays off, keep up the great job and good luck with the allstar game Jay B.


    Youk, it’s good to see a Cincy kid doin so well in the majors. How was it goin up against fellow ’97 Cincinnati grad Aaron Cook? Well you two keep up the good work and good luck making the All-Star roster.


    Brother…we gotta do something about the beard…my husband is trying to copy it!!! But he can’t keep it too long (dept. regulations). Regardless, love the blog. I got some good pictures of you from a game in May! Feel free to email me for them, they’re all yours. Keep up the great work and don’t forget HAVE FUN!

    GO SOX!


    Hey Red Sox, WAKE UP OR ELSE IT WILL BE HERE WE GO AGAIN. T-minus 7.5 and counting!!
    We need a spark, Youkie cant do it by himself, and where’s that pitching? is it possible are staff is over rated, that they only looked that good because our bats were hot.

    Send help not coco and lugo!



    Seems like you’re having fun, enjoy it while you can, you’re a lucky guy.

    The media is comparing you to Boggs. I think you adjust better to pitchers.

    Interleague play at home should be renamed “Happy Hour at Fenway”. You guys shouldn’t be losing to NL scrub teams like the Rockies.

    Take your time, focus, pick your pitches and keep grinding it out bro.

    I’m doing my 25 write-ins to get you in the All Star game, you deserve it.

    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!


    Where would the Sox be without Youk??? I feel more confidence seeing him at the plate than anyone else this season. I hope Youk is on the All-Star team and I hope he makes a boatload of cash soon because he has put out BIG TIME for the Sox!!!


    Youk! I love it that you have e a blog! It’s awesome to read & get a glimpse on the inside of the Sox. seems like the Sox are going through a bit of a rough spot. A little worrying, but no problems, you guys’ll fight through them!!

    Here’s hoping we see you on the All-Star team!! Have a great Father’s Day weekend with your parents, family & girlfriend! here’s hoping for some runs against the Giants tomorrow!!

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    Good luck this coming weekend/week. I hope you have fun with your family and friends.

    PS: Josh still owns, even if he is nine and one. You win some, you lose some.


    Congrats. on the blog buddy. Youk. you have to pump up club house man…we are not playing some good ball lately. Keep up ur good hitting and this time do break joe dimaggio hitting streak…keep it up!!!

  20. Amy

    Good luck this weekend, Youk… And I really would love to see you on the All-Star team, you REALLY deserve it. Enjoy your weekend with your folks and your g/f! All the best 🙂


    Youk! I miss the days of being able to see you play with pawtucket at buffalo! Going to Cleveland to see you guys next month – can’t freaking wait. Enjoy Fathers Day, bro. Hoping for a Youkilis jersey this yr for fathers day, myself! Nothin’ like RSN!


    Youk! You and the boys need to keep up the great work, the most enjoyment I get over here in Iraq besides talking to my family is to watch a RED SOX Game. Kick Some ***


    Kevin – you are the best player not listed on the ballot. I have been following you since the Moneyball days, attending Pawtucket Sox games with you at third. Anyway, my wife, Gina Fiamingo, attended Sycamore High with you in the mid-1990s. She came to a couple Paw Sox games when she moved to Massachusetts after college. She said she could believe you had made it to the majors just because of your dedication and talent. I hope this post finds you well and I wish you all the best in the home stand.


    hey Yooouuuukkkk! I have to agree with many of the other bloggers- I am a huge Papi fan, but in this particular situation you deserve the first base position on the all-star team. Keep up the good work and maybe the rest of the guys will get back on track too!!!


    Hey You(k),
    It?s awesome that you have the dedication to the fans by doing the “blog” thing. One thing that I really love about being a total Red Sox freak is the relationship between the fans and the players. It makes you authentic and inspiring, which is really what baseball should be like. Moreoever, the Internet makes it easier to connect. I say that Ted Williams probably would?ve been a big blogger too. 🙂

    Saw all the games at Arizona and the fan base was incredible?felt like coming right out of Fenway. Good luck in the AllStars?I?m voting you in!



    You’re kickin some a** buddy. Keep up the great work and hopefully you get written into the All-Start Game.



    I am driving from NY just for the game on Sunday, so please make it a good one, will ya? It’s hard for us Sox fans who live in the Evil Empire…even when they’re so many games behind us. I am sitting in section 5, so send a homer my way.

    Enjoy the weekend with your family.



    Wat up Youk!!! hope u make the AL all star lineup this year cuz u deserve it man!!! im votin 4 u!!!


    Hey Youk! You are doing a good job. Keep up the hard work! Good luck this weekend and enjoy Father’s day.


    You’re doing a great job on the diamond so far. You definitely deserve to play in SanFran. Keep up the good work!


    Youk – hey, it’s great that you’re taking the time to do the blog! Good luck with the All Star ballot, you definitely deserve to be there you Dirt Dog!!! I’m giving my nephew your autographed baseball card for his birthday, he’s gonna be over the moon! Keep it up, we love you in the Nation!!


    youk-you’ve been my favorite player ever since i saw you in your first game, and in this blog you seem like a great guy. I may be a girl lol, but your my number one role model. Red sox nation loves you for all the great things you’ve done playing for us. Have a lucky week with the giants and w/ father’s day.
    love you, youk !


    I just want to say i have been a huge fan of yours ever since your 1st Big League at bat. You are my favorite player and it is great to see you tear the cover off the ball. Keep up it man, i can’t wait to see you in the All Star game. We love you in the Nation buddy, keep it up!




    My name is Tristan Ryan and i am 13 years old and i live in Orlando Florida! I am an all over die hard red sox fan and im always up to the news on red sox status… my friends think im crazy when i talk about the red sox cause im obsessed lol. I’m so excited about this new blog! And its a great chance for fans like me to actually talk to these future hall of fames players *cough* you *cough* lol. Well so far this site has been running well and i hope to see more! oh and remeber how i said i live in Orlando well every year when you guys come down for spring training my whole family goes down to watch you guys play and when we were watching you guys warm up we saw you and you were doing this interview right on the feild haha i thought it was funny! And we took so many pictures haha if you want to see just ask lol! well i have to go so Talk to you later! bye=]


    Youk! You’re so modest and humble about your awesome-ness. I can’t wait to see you and the other guys in San Diego for all three games, and then I’ll see you guys again at my first Fenway game when you take on the WhiteSox in July. I must say, now that I’m married into this RedSox Nation, I am so much more passionate about baseball. Red Sox fans are indeed way more intense, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

    Oh if you can, tell Jonathan Papelbon “Mess with the best, Die like the rest”

    Good luck with everything.


    Yoooouuuukkk! Fantastic! Great to see one of my favorite players speaking to the fans. I’ve been a fan since the 2004 season watching you go up and go down to AAA and I was extremely impressed with your intensity and playing. The Greek God of Walks! Great to see the man that MoneyBall and Billy Beane think so highly of. Thank you Kevin for being a great player and being a true professional.

    PLay Ball!


    Okay – I’m a chick, so I need to address the obvious gossip factor here first. I thought you and Enza hadn’t actually admitted to dating and were “just friends”? 🙂 Hmmm… Okay, now that’s out of the way… 🙂

    Yes, you have definitely earned a spot in the heart of Red Sox Nation as one of those “go to” guys. We feel a sense of “oh good, Youk’s up” when you’re playing. We know you’re going to produce something – and if you don’t, you’re going to work **** hard to try to!

    One of the greatest things about you – and many of the other players on the Sox is that you seem so down to earth and so grounded. It doesn’t seem like many of you have succumbed to the whole “rock star” type of mindset that alot of professional athletes have.

    Anyway – great game last night…good to see the bats come alive again. Lets get the Yankees back in the double digits! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts….



    From Empyreal Environs this morning:

    Dustin Pedroia was unstoppable with the bat last night, going 5-for-5 with five RBIs. He fell a triple short of the cycle; if he had Kevin Youkilis?s wheels he may have been able to stretch his eight-inning double to the left-center gap into a triple.

    Just some fuel for the fire. Keep up the good work ( ;


    It is GREAT to see a major league ballplayer with the passion and intensity that Youk shows. Keep up the hussle and we be watching you in the All Star game


    Hi, Youk! I have been enjoying reading your blogs. It’s fun to get insider scoops on things with the team! Question, though…..when in the world do you have time to do it?? LOL!! I can’t imagine any of you have any free time until October!
    Anyway—please rest assured that the Red Sox Nation is alive and well here in Western Connecticut, but if the Yankees get any closer to us, it’s gonna make it tough for me to go to work every day!! LOL


    You are an outstanding example of what a Red Sox player should be – positive, aggressive, multi-talented, and an all around good guy! Please don’t change! I want to send a comment to Mike Lowell, and I can’t figure out how to contact him – perhaps you can share this with him. I had him on my fantasy team, and had to trade him – at the time he was hitting .233. As has always been true with Red Sox players whom I have selected, he then took off, and has been outstanding. I just want him to know what triggered his offensive surge, and to apologize for selecting him in the first place. I do try to avoid jinxing Red Sox players!!


    Hi Youk,as an avid ball fan from the uk,you are leading my fantasy side very well indeed.I hope to get over to boston and meet up one day.Keep up the good work,and “Go Red Sox!!!”


    Yooouuukkk…. your the man. Thats all that needs to be said. I remember watching you when you played for the Sea Dogs, and I’m pumped I still get to watch you everyday!


    Youk, this is my first time commenting on anything, but you are worth it! I have enjoyed watching you since you first played at Fenway and your parents were there to watch. From that first time you became my favorite player. I am not one to wear tshirts, but my husband bought me my first Red Sox shirt with your name on it last year! I wear it proudly and love watching you hit em! Keep up the good work, Kevin. PS. my oldest son is about your age and he finally trimmed his hair down on his chin. He had one of your beards for a few years, and he looks much better. Maybe you should try trimming it closer, it may look great!! Just a suggestion, Youk! Good luck and hope to see you play in person some day


    Youk, you are awesome!! Good luck with getting on the All-Stars. I add your name in everytime I vote. With the year your having you should definetly have the opportunity to be there. Keep up it up.


    Met you in Spring Training, and you were kind enough to sign a ball for my girlfriend and I. Thanks again, and thanks for taking the time on the blog- It beats the b.ball talking-heads on tv, and gives us a player-perspective we’ve never had before. Stay dirty, we love your hustle!



    I just posted on Alyssa Milano blog, she asked fans to vent on their team, I had to told her, sorry no complains here; The Red Sox are doing just fine; And you play the best baseball ever, thank you:

    I will be in Boston in october, anything left of the season for a European fan who crosses the big Ocean, one a year???

    Thank you for a great game and passion ;



    Hey Youk, here’s a fans point of view for ya. It’s Monday June 18 and I’m staying at the Holiday Inn up the street from Turner Field…yup the Nation took over the hotel. Since all three games are night games I’m touring the outstanding Atlanta sights. I was at the Atlanta zoo today, saw some elephants, rhinos, zebras…Oh yeah, and over 100 Redsox fans. Once again this year we are here to represent. I was here last year for the 3 game series and we outnumbered the Braves fan 3 to 1. We will do it again this year. See ya at the park!!


    Youk, thanks so much for doing this blog, it’s great! I love watching you play every day. Red Sox nation here, representing in Pennsylvania. I am so disapointed you guys aren’t playing in Philly this year. Whenever you do I go to all the games. I did get to Boston, though this year to see you play the Braves. Anyway, I’m so happy for you, the year you are having. I knew you had it in you. I did my write-in votes for you for the All-Star game. Hope you have room on your hand for your second World Series ring. One more thing, please consider shaving your beard, I think you are sooooo handsome without it. Good luck on the west coast!


    P.S. My parents named their cat Youkilis.


    Yoooouuuuukkkk!! I just wanted to give a sincere thank you for doing this blog. It’s so nice to hear what your favorite players think about through out the course of a season.

    This is my first time commenting on a blog and I’m glad it’s for you. You have done so much for us in Red Sox nation and we are VERY thankful! I’m representing VA, at least for the time being, I’ll be back in Mass. for good in July and hoping to catch a game or two before you guys make it to the post season 😀

    You are such a positive, energetic, and aggressive player. It’s amazing how you contain so many great qualities. I hope you stay in Boston for a long, long time. We love you Yoouuukkkk!

    P.S.: Good luck on making the All star game. Both my girlfriend and I put you in as write in’s 25 times..You have our votes



    Okay Youk!! I always knew you were a special player and so this year I added you to my full time fantasy roster instead of picking you up as a bench player at the end of the season like I have been doing the past couple of years…Your first week you helped me score almost 400 points in my heaad to head league and I have been tearing it up ever since….then you got hit in the head by those **** yankees and so I had to bench you so I could get more points from else where…can you please have some one bean A-Rod and Jeter in the head next you play them so that those guys stop hitting so **** well! Great job this year…hope to see you back in my active line up real soon!


    Youk-I love watching you play! You play hard all the time and give the game everything you have. Your batting average is a testament to your hard work. And my, your defense speaks for itself. My son wanted to make a poster saying “youk, I’m your brother”. You are his favorite player.
    Last year I wanted to make a poster saying “Loretta, you’re my mother”. We wanted to hold them up at the same time–but alas-we chickened out. (my mothers name really is Loretta but I know you are no relation)

    I hope you make the all star squad. You deserve it.


    Love the blog, and glad you stuck with the name. You guys are looking great against the NL. This weekends series should be a good one. GREAT pitching match-ups!


    Yoooooook, great blog dude!!! There are some guys that are just meant to play for the Red Sox and you are certainly one of them!!! It seems like the team is out of there funk but of course the season is very long!!! San Diego will be rough, that starting pitching they throw at you is tough!!! Good Luck against those guys this weekend!!!! I wouldn’t think too many runs will be scored in that huge yard!!! Keep up the good play and at least Red Sox fans appreciate your play and the national scene should see you on display in S.F. at the All Star game!!! Good Luck the rest of the way and keep up the good blog going!!!


    and it’s back to 10 games 🙂

    keep up those bats out there, youk!!


    Looking good at third last night in Atlanta Youk. Me and a couple of New-Englander transplants are driving down from L.A. for the Saturday night San Diego game, can’t wait to root for our Sox!


    Youk, dig the name for the blog. But, hey, what’s with the “kkkk”? If you were a pitcher, then I’d understand, you know? Wouldn’t one “k” suffice phonetically?

    Anyway, keep up the great play, man. I’m excited to watch you become one of the best in the game.



    Great blog! This has been an exciting season and I enjoy each and every game. There were a few nailbitters I got fingers to prove what I am saying), but that’s the fun in being a Sox fan. You have brought a lot of life to the club and it is exciting to watch you step up to the plate and do what you do! What the All-Star Ballot results will show is that fans of Boston agree! BTW, who have ou been training with on the track? That was amazing!


    Youk – as an old line Sox fan it’s a pleasure to see you go from up and down – minors to to bigs & back – to a valued mainstay on the team ! I hope you will find a way to join the immortals like Ted and Carl someday.

    Growing up in Greater Boston and taking the Green Line from Brookline to see sox games with Rico Petricelli, Yaz, Lomborg, Luis Tiant, Fisk, Scott, Dewey Evans, Tony C., Rice, Ecke, & many others who mean a lot – was a highlight of my youth. A time when AL pitchers batted, back in the day when there were only 9 American and 9 National League teams – and the Red Sox were more often than not in 7th, 8th, or 9th place. We had the curse, the Yawkee’s, the most wonderful ballpark on gods green earth, and occasionally the Sox began breaking out and winning in the late 60’s. Though it took about 40 more years to finally cash in. While a coupe hundred miles down the road (as always) Mantle, Maris, Ford, Munson, Howard, Reggie Jackson, Catfish, Goose, et al were tearing it up – year in and year out.

    It is a difficult yet amazingly loyal history that of the Red Sox fan, who are all pure Bostonians, and what makes the forged steel essence of today’s “Red Sox Nation”. Evolved from the trying and painful past decades, my dad of the Ted Williams era, myself of the Yaz era, & passed to my sons of the Nomar, Ortiz, & Manny era. A religion moreso than a sport -that’s what you’ve gotten yourself into in Boston and witn Bostonians wherever they may reside around the world who are true believers.


    Kevin –

    Great to see you online! This has been a wonderful season so far, and I can’t say enough about the job that Julian Tavarez has done.

    Keep playing hard.


    Hey Youk,I enjoy watching your style of play. Keep doing what you’re doing and good things will happen as you already know, I’m sure. As far as naming the blog,how about ” Youk’s Kooks “. It would be an honor to be considered a Youk’s Kook.


    Thanks for the hartd work. I have been following your career and made a point to catch you every time you were in town(New Britain Rock Cats). I saw you in the Eastern League All-Star game and, truth-be-told you had a walk. At that point I did think you were Greek. But then to find out you were a Romanian *** makes me have pride not only to have you on the Red Sox but to have our faith represented in such a positive fashion.

    Keep up the good work!


    Kevin –

    Great blog. Really appreciate your work ethic and effort. Thank you so much, for your work on the field and off.

    As a member of the tribe, and knowing the outreach evangelicals are performing in professional sports, was wondering what services and outreach are available for non-Christians? Thank you for being someone my kids can see working hard, enjoying his work, and succeeding; and can also say, “He’s Jewish, too!!”

    You have been our write in candidate! Keep up the great work!


    Hey dude, I apreciate watching you play , your a rare talent, a real legit five tool guy. Your a dirt dog. get us too the championship. Go get ’em beast



    was awesome to see you & Papi play the corners here in the ATL. i was on the third baseline for all three games. i’m sure you recognized me. i was that guy screaming “Yoooouuuuk!” oh wait… that was half the crowd. go Sox!


    It looks as if your helmet fits you differently (in the back) than others’ do. Yours looks as if it doesn’t cover as much of the back of your head. Am I imagining that, or do you wear a different style? If so, why?


    Youk! Keep those badges coming, you get better every year. Congrats on your hit streak earlier this year as well. By the way, my roomate the yankee fan doesn’t like you, so there’s one more badge for ya my friend. Go get em Youk!


    Youk, Love the blog. This is fun for the fans. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Just wanted to say you are the best and we enjoy watching you play. We are from NY and my licence plate says “Youuuuuuk”. Im getting quite the reaction, negative as you would expect.***** Yankee fans. I love it. It is so easy to take **** when your team is 11 games on top. Keep up the awesome effort. We will be in Fenway on July 1st to cheer you and the Sox on. You guys rock!


    I’m just now watching the results of All-Star voting and am deeply disappointed that – so far – you haven’t been voted in. That’s a travesty! Hopefully you’ll be the fans’ final pick. You certainly deserve to be there. You’re already the MVP of the Red Sox, in my opinion.


    Kevin- I don’t mean to hog the board here, but I just wanted to suggest that you post to your blog a little more frequently.


    Youk–has anyone suggested that you back off the plate 6 inches? I know it’s hard coming back after being out, but even before you were hit, it seemed like pitchers had begun to realize they could beat you by going inside. Let’s face it, even when you’re hitting the ball, it’s coming off the handle. Move off the plate, and let them beat you by getting the outside corner. In the meantime, you’ll have more time to get in front of the inside pitches, and I think it will help you see the ball better. It will take a little getting used to. But at least give it a try during BP and see if it helps. And don’t take my word for it–get some film of George Brett, and even Lowell. Where are they standing? It’s just easier(and safer) to make pitchers beat you on the outside of the plate. (While you’re watching Brett, at least think about the advantage of a level swing, too)