How sweep it is!

It’s a great feeling to sweep the Angels. We played a great game today, swung the bats well, pitched well.

I think the biggest key to any series is to end it, and that was the key today. We came in not wanting to prolong it and just take care of things, and that’s what we did.

This was a phenomenal game for us. Curt Schilling was great. He threw the ball well. He spotted all of his pitches and got out of the jam that one inning, in the third. That was unbelievable. It just shows his heart and his dedication, and how great of a pitcher he is, to go out there and do that today. We’re so proud of his effort.

Schilling2_500_100707 Right after Schilling got out of that jam, Ortiz and Manny hit the back-to-back homers. That’s huge. That’s awesome for them, and they had confidence coming in and that’s what we needed, was those guys having confidence in their hitting. When those two are hitting, it makes our lineup that much better.

I think that we’re starting to click here. We’re pitching well, we’re playing our positions well and we’re hitting well. We’re getting timely hits. That’s a big thing this time of year — getting timely hits and playing great defense. But I always say that it comes down to our pitching. As long as our pitching is going good, this team is going to come out on top.

Now we’re going on to the ALCS against the Indians or Yankees, and we’re real excited. That’s one step away from the World Series. We just have to be focused and have to be ready to play Game 1. We have to be ready to win, whoever we play. We have a little rest here this week, but we just have to stay in game mode and be ready once we start again on Friday.

We’re just going to enjoy what we have right now with this victory and go home and prepare tomorrow. We can’t worry about anything yet, because today we just have to enjoy and celebrate. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up and be ready to get focused on practicing for the next series.

Well, it’s time for another long flight. Once we find out who we’re playing in the next round, I’ll be back on the blog to look at that matchup.


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    Congratulations, Red Sox, for making it to the ALCS. I never doubted it but to see you guys sweep the Angels was terrific and made my weekend. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait another day to see what the match up is. I confess, I’m hoping it’s against the Indians. Have a safe flight and rest well.


    Nice job and hopefully it won’t be the Yankees that you get, we don’t want another 2004 (knock on wood, hopefully not). Keep up the great work team!!


    Congratulations! Enjoy the celebration; you guys deserve every second of it. We are REALLY proud of you all! GO SOX!


    You better hope that Cleveland knocks out the Yankees ’cause you guys don’t match up so well against them.


    Great game and series guys!! Ignore the Yankee fans and enjoy the awe of Red Sox Nation!! I still don’t understand why Yankee fans insist on blogging in a Red Sox Blog??? We’re here because we love the Red Sox!! Why are they here????


    Congratulations Kevin!!! (And to all the guys!)

    You boys truly stepped up and showed what it means to play like a team, and Curt really showed everyone what he’s made of out there today – and I’ll admit that I’ve been down on Curt this year, and I was wrong. He was the only guy I wanted to see on that mound today and he was simply brilliant.

    I think you guys have what it takes to go all the way this year, but no matter what the outcome, thank you for such a wonderful year of baseball and thank you for what you all do for those of us who are members of this little family called Red Sox Nation.

    I love shouting ‘Yoooouuuuukkkk!!’ at my television everytime you come up to bat or make a great play at first! By the way, congratulations on your post-season homer in game one!!! Way to go Kevin! You rock!

    Rest up, prepare, and get ready for either Cleveland or New York! I know you guys are going to give it 110% and be great!




    Hey Kevin! Congrats on the sweep. You guys are doing an awesome job. Red Sox are the best and always will be! The fans in Red Sox Nation are proud of you all. Keep up the terrific job!


    Ortiz and Ramirez are clicking together for the first time all season. Baseball’s best duo!!!

    The pitching has been out of this world. Starting pitching and the bullpen. Francona has made all the right moves!!! Confidence must be sky high on the team and within the organazation. A well rested Red Sox team is nothing but a GREAT THING!!!


    I got to see you guys play in Atlanta this year (the 4-0 gem that Beckett pitched) while I was on my R&R leave. You guys look like you’re firing on all cylinders again – Congrats on the sweep! Those of us in Red Sox Nation who are deployed to Baghdad are pulling for you…even getting up at 0300 to watch the games! Keep it up!



    it is so amazing for a true basefall fan to get to hear from one of the guys on the fiel! Thanks, Kevin, for what you do as a member of the great RED SOX team from a loyal member of the RED SOX NATION…and thanks for this inside look at the game I love!!!


    Hi Kevin. I’m going a bit off topic for this but I needed to pass along a much deserved thank you to both you and Julio. A few months back my son gave you a picture to help Julio out of his slump, which coincedentaly happened within days. Today we received that photo back signed by Julio himself. There is nothing more special to a boy then to be noticed by his heroes. If there is ever anything I can do for you guys please let me know because no amount of thanks can ever be enough. You two guys are just one more reason that Red Sox Nation believes.

    Our love and gratitude,

    Rob, Beth, Ethan and Kassie

    Westfield MA


    Youk, you guys are sky high all right. From all of that alcohol and partying you’ve been doing. Celebrating an ALDS win over a team decimated with injuries? Come one now! It’s like 2003 all over again. The Sox did a awful lot of celebrating that year and then Aaron Boone sent them home for the winter. Haha!


    pwiner: U think we’re celebating to much? What about the Yankees Having a huge celebration on winning the Wild Card?? now that was over board!

    Great game! congrats on the sweep! it was awsome to whach!!

    <3Red Sox Girl<3


    jerrmich: I totally agree! why are they here?? Do they love us to?? lol i think they’re all closet Red Sox fans!!

    <3red sox girl<3


    Hey Youk, Papelbon looks like he has Down Syndrome. Did he play in the Special Olympics and work his way to the bigs? If so, that’s a great story, man!


    Great job on the sweep Youk, you guys really did a number on the Angels. Its good to see you guys all back in the swing of things, especially after all those injuries in September when it looked like this season was going to be a repeat of last year. Its awesome to still be watching the sox play this late in the year. And who cares who we play in the next round, what greater feeling is there than beating the Yankees? Go sox


    I am so happy for all I was in the ER Friday night and I was leaving unless I got moved to a room with a TV and I meant it and they did … I love eackh and every one of you.. God Bless


    Great job Youk! You guys are on fire. Bring on the Yankees for ALCS! I have so much faith in this team that I bet you that J Torre will be looking for a job this winter along with A-Rod!!!!


    real sox fans would rather beat the yankees on way to winning world series,,it will just be sweeter,,but,,we cant help it if yanks dont do their part,,the rules r simple,,,win,,or go home,,,we shall see my friend pwiner


    Dear Kevin;

    I have been glued to the T.V during the Post Season ( I’m retired, I can do this) and so far my Red Sox have the best pitching.

    The sweep was great but the Angels needed hitting all year and didn’t trade for it. They were over matched from the start.The Red Sox pitching and hitting was just outstanding.

    Please tell your team mates that for me, a fan since 1940 who has gone through all the highs and lows; this team is in a class all it’s own. I am praying for all of you reaching your World Champion goal.

    I know however you all must stay focus and stay the course of “one day, one win at a time”. (8 to go)Have good workouts this week and lots of good luck.

    You are getting your batting eye back, good luck.


    Well Youk, you guys get to play Cleveland on Friday. Should be a great series. pwiner must be crying in his beer tonight. Mighty Posada has struck out!! Go Sox!!!!!


    gotta give credit to former red sox catcher eric wedge on beatuiful job beating the power-PACKED NYANKEE LINEUP,,IM SURE U WILL HEAR BIG CHANGESNFROM George,,,but hes welcome along with my friend Paul winer to…lets go do some arm curls paul


    Congratulations and thank you for another great season of Red Sox baseball. Have a great week of preparation, and go get those Indians!

    Don’t overlook opportunities to take the ball the other way.


    Being a transplanted New Englander (born and raised in northern Conn worshipping the red sox) but living down in Louisiana the past 27 years has been hard. However, I did manage to take a trip up to Fenway summer of 04 with my brother and eldest son (plus a game here and there in Atlanta, Texas and Tampa Bay)I just can’t get enough! This year, however, I joined and got to see almost every game, except for blacked out ones and being deaf the audio broadcasts don’t do much for me! Anyway, even though our LSU Tigers are number one, I am truly a die hard red sox fan (founding member of red sox nation, too) that i truly wish you guys the best against the Indians. I’m also hoping the Dice-K can learn alot from Josh and Curt and pace himself, especially when he gets behind.

    Keep it up, Youk….your defense is awesome and your presence at the plate is great, however when you strike out we can read your lips :-). Say Hi to Curt for my 11 yr old daughter…she wears his number 38 shirt to death!


    Congratulations Red Sox!!
    Youk deserve a Golden glove for your nasty first base defense and Beckett should walk with the Cy Young award! I have no worries about the Indians seeing how we handled them in the regurlar season. GO SOX!!!!


    The only thing you’ve won is bragging rights. I think you would have been much better off facing the Yankees. Because the Indians definitely hav the pitching and the offense to hang with the Sox. It’s going to come down to the 3 and 4 starters on both teams.

    At least I made a friend on here. Bosox20ky, you’re an OK guy. Unlike that **** head Kevin McMahon who has been harassing me on my personal e-mail address.


    the yankees don’t have the offense to hang with the sox? the sox had a better record against the Indians during the regular season, and you might want to check Manny’s stats there as well.


    I think we would like to face the Yankees on the way to the World Series… But its not our falt the yankees cant get there! i guess Johnny wishin’ he was till with the sox.. lol.. we’re better without him anyways.. Even thogh i am a sox fan.. i give best of wishes to Joe Torre! the guy might leave beause stupid Stinbrner** is mad that he couldnt win! Hey they tryed their best.. i was amazed they even got THAT far.. and just to let you know.. The Yankee Fans on here.. yeah your not bothering us… BUt when u DIS OUR PLAYES AND SAY **** ABOUT THEM, U BEST BE EXCPETING US TO COMMENT! at least we dont say **** about your players… U Wanna know why.. because boston fans have class! and the ones who dont.. their not sox fans.. the yankee hater fans…


    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    now then… We have our work cut out for us… its not goin’ to be easy… but with the pitching.. the depth we have that Cleveland doesnt.. i think it could help us a lot! Im not sayin’ that Cleveland doesnt have good pitching.. they do.. they just dont have, well the depth.. well best of luck SOX!
    We love you tell the day we die!

    Red Sox Nation at its finest!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    Yeah, that’s why I can’t wear Yankees attire to a Yankees/Sox game at Fenway Park. Because I get food chucked at me and beer doused on me just walking up and down the isles. Yeah, Sox fans have class alright. You’re sitting on it! You try to act like you’re the best fans around. You’re no better than Yankees fans or Philly fans. And you get all cocky too. I mean, you people actually have a World Series all wrapped up this year. I hope Carmona and Sabathia shut your overrated ***** down. Then we’ll see how cocky you people are.


    hey.. pwiner.. go check out this yankee blog.. their dising on whise guys like yourself! ones that all they can do it care about how bad the sox are and how much they hate the sox…and how much they hate the sox fans and **** yeah thats not yankee fans thats sox hater fan.. we all know it… ive been to yaks staduim! its not a walk in the park! their swearing at you left and right ive had someone shuve me down thee stairs to my sit.. (they got thrown out) Ive had food thrown at me! yeah its not cool.. and im not sticking up for the fans that do that to yankee fans.. i hate the fans like that.. my best friend is a yankees fan.. she wouldnt even stick up for me at the yanks place when we want and i got food thrown at me.. im sticking up for the fans that have been there forever and are always behind the sox and mind their own biz.. i also want to a yankee sox game at fenway.. and their was NO sox fans yelling at the yankee fans or anything.. if there were it was because the yankee fans would start yelling at the sox fans…

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    hi pwiner how ru doing? sorry to hear that some stupid red sox fans did that too u, not all redsox fans r like that. only a few of the fans r like that and it rins it for u. i went to yankee stadium 2 times this summer, the yankee fans were nice to me, went to a white sox game and redsox game, they were nice to me pwiner, not all redsox fans r bad, only a few. again sorry for a few of stupid redsox fans for doing that, i would never do that to u pwiner. talk with u later, takecare, joe


    hi pwiner , i went to that white sox- yankee game where they both scored 8 runs in the 2nd inning, 1 hour just to play that inning, i could send u some pics of that game and redsox – yankee game to your email, if u want, u will like my pics.


    No offense sarann but if you went to a Yankees/Sox game at Fenway and did’t see or hear Sox fans giving Yankee fans ****, then you were probably feeling pretty good from all of the Budweisers on tap and didn’t notice.


    hi pwiner just sent u pics from whitesox- yankee game and redsox-yankee game on august 30, let me know how u like the pics, takecare, joe


    I’m sure you wouldn’t do that hockey. I’m not saying that all Red Sox fans are like that. But I know from experience that not all Sox fans are cordial and respectful at games either. It’s the same at every ballpark no matter what team you root for.


    Curt Schilling. God, I’m out of adjectives. One of the three best postseason pitchers ever to breathe. Christy Mathewson, John Smoltz and Curt Schilling. Smells like 2004. Everything’s clicking right now for the Red Sox. Seeing Papi and Manny locked in at the same time is like a religious experience. Possibly the greatest 3-4 combination in the history of the game (especially now that Andruw Jones forgot how to hit). The sun shines bright over Sox Nation. Go get ’em boys.


    and im not one of thoughs fan thats goin’ do to any of that.. i go to see my team play and cheer them on.. not to yell at fans.. like the hockey guy said it happens everywhere!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤

    Ps.. from what i saw i didnt see anything.. not sayin; that there wasnt.. i would pro. tell them to leave the poor yankee fan alone…


    and y the **** would anyone bother someone on their e-mail.. really no one should be doing that! who is it??


    Dear Kevin:
    Next time you sign in, I hope you can answer this question.

    When I was watching the last Yankee/Indian game, the sport casters kept talking about how the Indians ajust to pitchers during the game. They mentioned the use of technology–looking at film clips of their last at bat etc. My question is; Does the Red Sox do this? This seems new to me but I like the concept. Please talk about this. Would this give the Indians an hitting advantage during the game?


    Congrats, as much as I enjoyed 2004 I never really belived that the sox could do it unitl the final game of the ALCS. This has been the mosy exciting team since 67. Hopefully you guys can keep it up, right through the series. Just wish the Yankees had been able to take it to five games ans screw up whoever the winner would have beens rotation


    To answer your last question sarann, some guy named Kevin McMahon took it upon himself to e-mail on my personal address and told me to shut my mouth. I’ve never seen him post on this blog but I guess I touched a nerve.

    Honestly, the only reason why I came on here was to voice my opinion about Kevin Youkilis. Not to get into a war of words with Sox fans. I just don’t like the way Youk plays the game. He complains about pretty much every pitch, makes faces, throws equipment, etc. There’s no need for that. But people have lashed back at me. So, I ran with it.

    Just so people know, I’m not one of those bias, one-sided Yankee fans either. I don’t like A-Rod or Clemens. They’re both highly overpaid and bad for the game of baseball. I have no respect for the way A-Rod plays the game and Clemens is selfish and greedy. He should have retired 4 years ago. I’m a fan of the game and I voice my opinion. That’s all. No offense but if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. Just skip over to the next one.



    So, let me get this straight just so I understand you correctly; You say you?re a New York Yankees fan, but not a [air quotes on] one sided Yankees fan [/ air quotes off] because you don?t like Roger Clemens or Alex Rodriguez. But we can assume then that you?re just perfectly fine with Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada? Or basically just some other New York Yankees fan leaving comments on Youk?s Bigtime Major League Baseball Blog? Have I got that right so far?

    You complain that someone sent you an email message telling you to get lost. You complain that you can?t wear your Yankees gear to Fenway Park because Boston fans throw beer and pizza at you and try to trip you on the stairs, and to top it all off, you complain about the way Youk plays the game?

    Have I missed anything, or was that about it?

    In internet parlance pwiner, you?re what?s known as a troll, but that?s okay, we can deal with that too. Ms. Nina is a mother, and she knows how to spank a brat.

    On the subject of baseball, you haven?t got a clue ? and let me be the first Boston Red Sox fan to put you in your place. Kevin Youkilis is a passionate player who wears his heart and his emotions on the chest of that proud Boston Red Sox uniform; the kind of passion for the game that the Yankees seem to lack these days, but at least they?ll all get to work on their golf game now. Kevin Youkilis hasn?t made a single error at first base all season, he?s been a solid producer all season, and he?s a team player. It?s almost hard to remember sometimes that he?s only been in the big leagues for a few years because he plays with the confidence and guts of a seasoned veteran.

    Maybe if the Yankees played baseball with a little more passion, the way Youk and the rest of the Red Sox do, or the Cleveland Indians for that matter, the Yankees wouldn?t be riding the bus home right now, but let?s be frank here ? the alleged Yankees superstars are world class chumps. Maybe if Derek Jeter had worked on something other than his men?s fragrance line, like, maybe actually learning how to play short-stop, or, if A-Rod could actually hit the ball in the month of October, or, hey, I don?t need to rub it in? I?m not telling you anything you don?t know already, bokay?

    But on the subject of life, you?re even more clueless. You want to talk about ignorant fans? Why don?t you ask Carlos Ortez about how he was beat up and sent to intensive care by a couple of yahoo Yankees fans in Manhattan last week who got the raw deal?

    But you know what I really think? I think you?re a liar who has never even been to Fenway Park because the things you claim to have happened to you there, just don’t happen in the Fens — tickets, beer and pizza cost way too much at Fenway to get thrown out for some Yankees fan — and I think you made the whole story up just to try and get a reaction and start trouble here, just like a typical Yankees fan.

    And you just got pwned by a girl too, you whinny baby.


    ps ? Sorry for handing out a spanking on your blog, Youk. But it just had to be done.

    Good luck in the series hon! You boys are already champions!

    Oh yeah! Hey Kevin, why don’t you do a post or put a link up to your YoukKids site? Maybe once baseball is done for the year? I bet a lot of people would be interested! BTW: Your girlfriend is lovely!


    My wife and I have been Red Sox fans for since the 50’s. We’ve seen many great teams and some not so great teams. In our oppinion the 2007 Sox are better in many mor ways than any other (even the 2004 champs).
    Our advice is to continue to try hard and love the game. The reason why NY fails is they are too up tight and worry more about their money than why they take the baseball field in the first place.

    You bet my wife and I will be watching. But please, get more early leads – our finger nails are almost gone!

    LOVE YOU ALL – Tou are what baseball is and you all continue to be great role models for the young and the young at heart. GOD Bless and win the BIG one.


    Nina, I’ll bet my life you don’t even know what the baseball terms WHIP, OPS or OBP stanford. And don’t go and google it or call up your boyfriend or husband to ask him either. So, everything you just said means absolutley nothing to me. If you want to spank someone, go spank your “brats” or maybe even your husband. You’re just one of many who jumped on the bandwagon after the 2004 season.



    Yay! We’re moving on! I’ve been absolutely glued to the TV, when I’m not at Fenway going crazy. My seats are all in the bleachers for the post season, so hit one to me, Youk! Section 41 row 31, so you can aim :D.

    I have to admit, I’m relieved we’re playing the tribe instead of the yankees. I have lots of faith in our ability to beat the tribe, considering we won the season series, and their offense isn’t quite as explosive, though they have been having a good post season. (I’ve been glued to those games too. I even got transformed into a temporary tribe fan, but that’s all gone now.)

    How many times have you gotten hit by a pitch this year? 16 or something insane like that? They’re really out to get you :P. I applaud your dodgy-ness. I’m very glad your hand didn’t have anything seriously wrong with it, as a postseason w/o youk isn’t right. :D.

    I’ll be at the game cheering on friday (weather pending – new england ***** like that sometimes.) We’re gonna win! YAY!



    hi hockey, I heard you were sick in work the other night, I hope everything is out of you now. BTW, pwiner is an idiot.


    pwiner: i see where you coming from.. and yes a lot of red sox fans did lach on after 2004! and that really makes me disapointed! but anyways.. yeah YOUK does take the game really well heard i guess.. but hes a great guy.. just like the a-rod thing i have no respect for him on the field.. hes a discrase to baseball..but off the field im sure hes a great guy.. clemens.. dont even get me started.. he thinks just cuz hes old and **** he can hit any player.. thats y he hit pedroia.. or so im told by the media.. but who can believe them..really the guy just needs to get over it.. hes to old! hes already goin’ to be in the Fall Of Fame! i love the game of baseball and the red sox are my fav team but.. like you said im not a one- sided fan either… but youk is a great ball player.. and a lot of people dont like him.. but if you talk to any baseball players i bet they’ll tell you hes a great person and has a great love for the game..


    if a-rod comes to the red sox i will still have no respect for him.. what so ever and thats not cuz he a yankee..


    and theres nothing wrong with Jeter or Posada?? their awsome player! and great leaders for the yankees.. and yes ive been a fan for a longggg time so dont even start with that ****!


    Hi sarann,

    Yeah, I don’t know what her point was in regards to Jeter and Posada.

    I never said that you weren’t a true fan. I was just trying to explain where I was coming from. There are a lot of people posting on here that are just along for the ride. But I never said you were.

    Heck, I was going to stop posting but so many people don’t want me on here that I can’t leave now. I’m stubborn like that. 🙂


    hi pwiner, youk is an emotional player, there is nothing wrong with that, just like youk said in newspaper paul oneil of yankees who used to play for them was an emotional player like youk too, they play on yankee message board clips of paul oneil all the time. youk wants to get a hit all the time and win all the time , he shows his emotion on the field all the time. there is nothing wrong with that, alot of teams would love to have youk on the team because youk gives 110% all the time, pwiner, u have to admit that youk is a great first baseman. like youk says people r going to find something about you that they donot like about u. and i think people should see that YOUK is a great classy guy on and off the field, take it from me pwiner, youk is a great guy!!!!!!!


    Isnt it funny how after the yankees lost the series and we won ours they are still here. Yankees fans you should be ashamed, you had a terrible season and lost a series to a team that you beat in the season series 6-0. I dont think even if the yankees had come back that they would have had a chance the yankees were not very good this year and were awful in the postseason, and until they get players who can actually hit in october they wont win another WS.


    Am I in the right place>?..this is youk blog>?
    ahhh,,,it is,,,someone was telling me it’s HOCKEY’S BLAB?

    anyway,,sox hitters r gonna slam the indian pitchers,,I’m gonna say sox in 5

    hey hockey how r ya doing,,r u ready for the alcs? series we wont be seeing youk in the lineup in ariz or colorado,,Papi will be at 1st..but I think we got home field so he gets 4 starts


    hi bosox, yes, the american league won all star game, so sox will get home field advatage all the way thru. i am ready to cheer on the SOX TO WIN A WORLD SERIES TITLE THIS YEAR!!!!


    Hey mphamod, did you watch the season at all? The Yankees were not very good? They won 94 games this season and put some serious pressure on the Sox down the stretch. I don’t even know why I bother arguing anymore. There aren’t very many knowledge worthy baseball fans on here.

    Oh, and that Cleveland Indians team that the Yankees lost to, they didn’t win 96 games for nothing themselves. So, I wouldn’t pencil the Sox in the World Series just yet.


    Dude, you’re awesome. I, we, all love you and YOU’RE dedication. What i really agree about is the confidence thing you talked about with papi and manny. its totally true and i think that confidence radiates to the rest of the lineup and the pitching staff. Thats the key if you ask me (poet and know it). Thats what we need to keep. See you tomorrow!!


    Has anyone noticed that the Indians have sighed all their key players to long term contracts? No matter what the outcome of the ALCS the Sox will have to deal with the same young, and improving, team next year! I think Theo et al should take a page out of Shiparo’s book and sign the core players to long term contracts to add some stability to the organization!


    WOW,what a great game!

    Sox with Josh on the mound looked like the superior team tognight! Keep up the pressure, going into Cleveland 2 and 0 is the best way to control and dominate this series, of course you know that! Congrats to you and the entire Nation!


    Got to get the team motivated. They look terrible and their bats are awful. YOU GUYS WENT THIS FAR – SO NOW GET BACK ON TRACK AND ON TO THE WORLD SERIES.