Bring on the ALCS

I think we’re just really excited to just get this going and finallyplay a game on Friday night. It should be a great ALCS. Two great teams —
the Red Sox and the Indians — two of the best teams in baseball right
now. The winner goes on to the World Series. For us, we’re just
excited to get it going and try to win a ballgame.

The Indians have their two big guys that come out there in Sabathia and
Carmona. They’re going to come at you and try to pitch well, and they
have a good lineup with good young players. They’re a team that is
young and has some veterans on the team to help them out.

They are one of those teams you can’t take for granted. They have a lot
of young talent that is up and coming in the Major Leagues. They aren’t
established names yet. One of the reasons the Indians have had so much
success is because of the guys they’ve brought up through the Minor Leagues.
They’ve done a great job with it.Dice

The Indians have those pitchers in their rotation, but I think we do
also. Not just Beckett and Schilling, but also Dice-K. I think a lot of
people count him out. He was our Game 2 starter in the last round; now he’ll
pitch Game 3. I think we have three and even a fourth with Wake. In
these series, the No. 1 is the big guy, because he’s going to pitch a
lot. For us, we’re trying to jump on C.C. tomorrow, and get a lead and
get him out of the game as quickly as possible. You don’t want guys like
C.C. to stay in the game long. You want to get them out as soon as

Manny and David were both red-hot in the last round, and it’s harder for the
pitcher when those guys are both hitting and getting on base. Sometimes
when those guys get on base, the pitchers think they can rest, next
thing you know, he leaves the ball over the plate for one of the guys
behind David or Manny and they do a lot of damage. That’s a big key. If
those guys get on base, we have Mike Lowell and J.D. behind them to
drive them in.

I have one playoff series under my belt as an everyday player now and
I’m ready for this one. I think it helps, but I take it as any other
game. I just see it as a game. I don’t put too much pressure on it. I’ll
just go out just like in any other game, and play every pitch and be
ready for every pitch and not take one pitch for granted. Some people say
that’s a flaw of mine — that I get too excited for the whole year. But
these are the times when it pays off. It seems like a normal game.

We’ve had a few days without a game, but we’ve been here at the field
every day. We’ve been facing live pitching and doing the little things
here and there. It’s come quick. The days go quicker and quicker as it
gets near. For us, we’re excited and we just want to get this all
started and come out with a "W" in Game 1.

Guys on the team are excited just to get on the field. There’s so much
media around right now and in the clubhouse that people just want a
game situation to get here, so we can answer questions about something
relevant. I think the questions are getting a little old. The media and
the players don’t get along a lot of the times anyway, so four days is
getting even a little more frenzied than usual around here. I think
it’s a little stir crazy on both sides. For us, we want to get this
game started.



    Youk, do you even read anything on this blog? I don’t you do. How about your wife? Does she read this thing? I hear that she’s a hottie! Do you argue, shake your head, make faces and throw things when you don’t like the dinner she cooks? You know, like you do when you do like a strike call. Or, when you thought you beat out a throw to first base?

    As far as your comparison to Paul O’Neil, not even close. Paulie got fired up at himself when he struck out. Not at the umpires. O’Neil was fierce competitor and wore his heart on his sleeve. You’re just a big cry baby.


    I agree completely with you that being psyched all year about the game definitely has it’s pay-offs. It’s important precisely for the reason you’ve mentioned – it makes these post-season games easier for you, mentally – but it’s so great, as a fan, to see you and your teammates giving it your all every single game.

    Thank you for continuing to play such a great season; it’s been a pleasure to watch you.

    Good luck tomorrow!


    Im a big Red Sox fan from Brazil. Even though baseball is not a popular sport here, I watch every game and I am a big fan of yours.

    Good luck on the ALCS, I know youll rock!!!!!!


    Hmmm. Do I count Dice K out? No…. But do I get that “oh yeah, no problem” feeling when he’s pitching? No. But, lets see what next season holds for him. He’s very inconsistent for my liking right now; but so was Josh last season – and look at him now. I just don’t want to see us (aka YOU GUYS) get into a bind if he’s left in too long. It’s pretty clear when his game is off, you know? Anyway…

    Best of luck for tomorrow, you’ve been having a great post season thus far – and looking forward to a fun Round 2. 😉


    I have to agree that this is going to be a fantastic ALCS facing the Indians. There is so much talent on that team, both young and old, and with the pitching that is coming (from both teams) it should be exciting. I still worry about Dice-K a bit; I still shudder thinking of Pedro being left in a little too long. But the Sox fielding is better, and that’s what can carry the team through in a pinch situation.

    And, Youk, stay amped for every game. It keeps you sharp, and it can relieve some of the pressure that I’m sure you guys feel for the times that it counts. It’s been such a pleasure watching you and the guys play so well this season and through post as well – keep this girl smiling!

    best of luck tomorrow….


    i agree with what your saying.. but still every time Dice-K takes the mound i worry about him staying in to long and not being able to get out of a jam.. like the game i want to.. when he was pitching vs. the jays.. the 13-10 win.. that game was CRAZY! i thought it was never going to end! but i was very releved that we could get that win!.. you know something.. thoughs Jay players arnt very nice.. they keep like laughing at the sox fans that wanted the ball then they would like trick us… but thats besides the point.. well good luck tomorrow! cant wait! its going to be awsome.. even if we dont win.. yes i said it! even if we DONT win.. i know…

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    i have a Question.. what are they doing in that picyure you have up there??

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    Hey, Youk – I’m a lifelong Sox fan transplanted to the midwest. My son is a UC Bearcat alum and we got a kick out of seeing you introducing the team the other night. We’ve got four generations of diehard Sox fans out here and we’re all looking forward to seeing you guys take the AL Championship. One of the best things about having the Sox in the playoff is we finally get a chance to see all the games on TV. (It’s tough living in a NL town.) Good Luck!


    boston has a good team, but not good enough. Indians win in 6, but i look forward to a incredible series.


  10. Christopher

    Youk, great blog you sweaty man. I am a huge sox fan from rhode island. I have been watching the games on rather then NESN beacuse i am deployed to afghanistan right now. you guys need to go out there and win this series for all us sox fans in the sandbox right now. cant wait to see beckett and sabathia tommorow night it is going to be one of those classic fall matchups i think. i am a little nervous about Fastau although i know schill will turn in a great performance, it;s october baby. Go Manny Go Papi, and i love ya youk. GO SOX


    ya!! i’m so excited ya’ll won the ALDS. I have to admit i’m a little bit more nervous about this series than i was the last one but i am still confident you guys will get it done! you are all playing great! have fun tomorrow! ps. a reply would make my year!


    hey youklis im a 15 years old red sox fan i see all of the redsox game. i hope redsox can go to the world series please try your best and way for your pith and always be patient like you always do.thank you!!


    hi youk, ur playing great this year and u will win the gold glove, u deserve it!!!! just play the way ur playing and the rest of the sox and the RED SOX will come out on top of this series!!! GOOD LUCK!!! GO SOX!!!!!


    Hey Youk, Life long RedSox fan here now living in Oklahoma. The RedSox Nation is alive and well out here in flyover country. Good luck, take no prisoners, but take another World Series. If it’s not in the cards this year my motto is..ABTY! Anybody But The Yankees!!!! Go Sox!!!!


    hi sarann how ru doing? just saw in sports, bobby kielty was joking around when taking that picture, thought u would like to know sarrann, takecare sarann, GO RED SOX!!!!


    Hey YOUK. Me and my buddies had a sign for you at Sunday ALDS… they almost didnt let us BRING IT in becasue the girl working security said “You can’t have a sign with the word kill in it.” well she was set straight and they let us threw.. Allthough they took several of our brooms.. But they counldt take the sweep. Anyway, wicked excited about your McFarlane figure in MLB series 20. Im gonna buy you and put you right between Papi and Tek. Good luck buddy and lets hope for a strong season next year, like you had this year. Every morning up untill the allstar break there were two names in the box score – Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis.


    Good luck brother! You know we got your back!!!

    Do me a favor – Tell Mikey Lowell some of us girls like his salt and pepper hair!!!



    You and the guys worked so hard all year to get this far. No matter what happens — and I believe you guys are going to go all the way — you’re already champions to Red Sox fans. First place in the AL East since May, winning the division, sweeping the Angels, and think about what a great year you’ve had too! Not an error at 1st all season, great average, even better on base percentage, 83 RBI! A great mid-year hitting streak! You’ve got a lot to be proud of already hon!

    It must be tough being in that media bubble and having to deal with reporters, especially when they’re ‘looking’ for something controversial in a series with Cleveland because the New York Yankees were rightfully eliminated early and now they’ve got nothing to talk about, so they start asking stupid questions about Trot Nixon and a bunch of other nonsense just to try and make a story where there isn’t one — and you guys just want to play baseball!

    Kevin, don’t change a thing about yourself or how you play the game or how you show your emotions. There’s a reason the Fenway faithful all scream “Yooouuukkk!’ in unison – and that’s because we love you just the way you are. So don’t even waste your time addressing anyone who calls you out on something so silly and absurd. There’s a lot of jealousy in the world of baseball fans Kevin, so just shrug it off and play the game your way.

    Now go play your heart out, have fun, and remember that Red Sox Nation is behind you all the way! You guys are the classiest act in baseball! Sox in 6!



    ps – and I have faith in Daisuke! You boys are going to rock with The Monster pitching at The Jake!


    hi nina.aoki how ru doing? i agree with u whole heartly about youk!!!! youk should play the game his way and he is a great classy guy!!!!




    Hi Youkkk….a quick message from England….

    Great blog and of course we will win the ALCS, probably in 6.

    I have no major concerns about DICE K and Tito’s decision to rest him towards the end of the season paid dividends in the ALDS.

    As for pwiner44’s (hello i’m a disgruntled yankee) cry baby accusation, to coin an English phrase, is just PANTS….You play hard and obviously hate to lose (where’s the problem). It’s usually us Brits that are accused of sportsmanship and a polite way of winning!

    I’ll be watching every game on MLB.TV (until the early hours) so have a great series and keep on keeping on…


    Youk, it is great to see how well you are doing, and what a fan favorite you are! Ok, maybe a little of that is because you have a cheer that is really fun to yell at games… but you are also the player who comes through when your team needs you. Good luck!


    hi sarann, how ru doing? i am sorry sarann, mike timlin took the picture not bobby kielty, takecare, GO SOX!!!!!!


    Yoooouuuukkkk!!!! I think its great all the energy and excitment you bring to the game. I’ve been a Red Sox fan since the early 70’s when my Mom & Dad brought me to my first game. Ten years ago I watched my beloved Red Sox Just give up it seemed after they won the ALDS. I remember hearing about Mo Vaughn ripping into his teammates about giving up in the later innings when they were down a few runs. That’s not you guys!! It hasn’t been for a long time, (10 yrs). I know that all of you will play as hard if not harder this time of year, and I love all of you for what you do for us, your fans. I wish you and the rest of the 2007 ALDS Champs the best of luck. GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!! Jill


    Youk…The guy before me obviously has no clue on what the **** he’s talking about! But Good luck in the series, make us Sycamore grad’s proud! Keep doing your thing and playing hard! Go Sox!!!!!


    Hey Youk!

    I love reading players’ blogs — can’t wait for tonight. I’m a Tribe fan – thanks for being respectful and I’m sure it’s going to be an AWESOME series, exciting for both teams. My prediction is Red Sox game 1. (But I’m not sayin about the rest of the series).


    Hey Kevin,
    I sure admire your spunk and work ethic. We are proud of you out here in upstate NY, where we take the grief from all the Yankee fans, but you guys never let them get ahead! Now its work hard and play your best. We will be proud of you guys no matter what. Get some hits, and play like you always do.

    From Chris from New England in New York


    im good hockey443.. Thanks… i was about to say. that doesnt look like bobby.. : ]
    How do u know that??

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    nina.. OMG i totally agree with even thing your saying!!

    Red Sox Nation love YOUK no matter what!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    oh.. haha.. thanks 🙂

    YOUK! game one down.. now its on to game two!! Shils goin’ to be Awsome!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤


    Just a note about pwiner’s comments about comparisons with Paul O’Neil: it was a NY Times sports writer, Jack Curry, who compared Youk to O’Neil. He seemed to think the comparison was worth noting!!

    “As much as Yankees fans like to disparage Youkilis, he may remind them of one of their own. Watching Paul O?Neill play for the Yankees was captivating for some of the same reasons. Like Youkilis, O?Neill often showed more emotion in one game than some teammates showed in a season.”

    (from NYT October 5, 2007)


    i agree with a lot of what you say kevin, all of your teamates go out there all this time and give it your all, that’s what brought you all to the playoffs and that’s why you’ll be american league champions for the season