Strong start

I think we had a great game against C.C. Sabathia. We made him pitch. The biggest thing was that we made him throw strikes and laid off the bad pitches, and for us, we just went out and attacked the pitches we could hit and laid off all the pitches we couldn’t. Guys had great at-bats and had timely hitting. That’s the biggest thing: timely hitting.

Our whole goal was to get him out of the game as quick as we possibly could, but sometimes, it doesn’t work because you’re facing such a great pitcher. Tonight, we were very lucky to work the counts and get the pitch count up, and basically we just battled and had great at-bats. We forced him out of the game, and that was the key to the game for us.


Of course, we had Josh going and he pitched another great game. The ball Travis Hafner hit might not have been a home run on some days. He hit it so high and so far that it just caught up in that wind. When the wind is blowing in, that ball is not even close to getting out. Tonight, the ball got out and you have to tip your cap. He’s such a strong guy, that ball went a long way.

But Josh bounced back and threw the ball well. I think the thing that hurt him was the long innings.

David and Manny are on a roll right now. They’re just having great at-bats. They’re seeing the ball real well and making the guys not try to do too much, and that’s the biggest thing with David and Manny — when they’re locked in, they’re not trying to do too much. They do a really good job of seeing the ball and just hitting the ball and getting on base and driving in runs.

As a lineup, we’re starting to get it going. I think when those guys get it going, it makes it easier and more stress-free for the other guys in the lineup. That’s the big thing right now, we’re having all the guys contribute on every level. When you get this team, from one through nine, hitting well, it’s one of the toughest lineups to face.

We need to keep the pressure on in Game 2. We have Schill pitching, and if he throws the ball the way he can, and if we can get to Carmona — our big thing is we want to get Carmona early and get his pitch count up and try to do as much as we can to get him out of the game quick — we’ll be successful.



    AWOSME! im soo happy we have won the 1st game!! we got lucky that CC wasnt on top of his game.. but still we(you guys) did really great and as always..(cy) Beckett was great! cant wait till tomorrows game.. ill be whaching it at a hockey game πŸ™‚ in the boths! it would be intersting.. cuz everytime something good happens you see everyone in the boths cheering! its pretty cool.. but anyways.. good luck! and good luck to Schil!

    ❀ Red Sox Girl ❀


    i was soo amazed by mannys 1st catch! i was like WOW! it was sweet.. like you said we were hitting really well tonight! thats what i like to see!

    ❀ Red Sox Girl ❀


    First and formost i have the sox number one always and foreva went to the last game of the alds and it was my first playoff game for me so many sox fans it was great tonights game couldn’t of went any betta especially on offense.cant wait for tommorow! Go Sox! number 1 4 eva!


    Hi Kevin!

    I just got in from watching the game with friends in Boston! Congratulations hon!

    Everyone was so impressed with the discipline you guys each show at the the plate and how every one of you forced Sabathia to pitch — he looked a little intimidated by Fenway too!

    I think it shows what a professional organization the Red Sox have become, and I think a lot of credit has to go to Terry and the other coaches for how well they’ve been able to maximize each player’s talents and integrate those talents into a team that works.

    Maybe sometime you could write about that experience and relationship between the players and Terry and how that’s helped not only you, but the whole team. I have enormous respect for the Red Sox organization and I think all of you have a lot to be proud of.

    What an awesome game and you did great Kevin! Hmmm, this reminds me that I still have to buy a #20 jersey! ^_-




    Congratulations Youk!! Tonight was great to watch; let’s keep it going for tomorrow πŸ™‚


    Great job Kevin, you guys looked awesome out there. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed this whole season that i havent seen from you guys in recent years is that you guys are having fun and enjoying yourselves. Seems like the chemistry is there and no one is throwing anyone under the bus or pointing fingers when things go wrong. Its more enjoyable to watch you guys play when you are having this much fun. Lets keep it going. By the way, I got some bets riding on this series, some money bets and some cooking bets with my coworkers and I cant cook worth a **** being that im in college and never cook. So i would greatly appreciate it if you guys could win. Kidding aside though, keep up the good work and tell Pap good job on the DHL delivery man of the year award.


    OH yeah one more thing, I live in Chicago and would love to participate in one of your events for Youk’s kids if you do one close to Chicago sometime, just keep your website updated i guess and ill be sure to participate when i can.


    way to go boys!!!!! what a way to start 10-3 awesome!!!
    stay focused, forget the hype about carmona, just relax and swing, you all have great ball “sight”, especially manny, he has the keenest vision since ted williams.

    keep up the good work and bring that trophy back to boston!!!!!! no matter no one can complain it’s been another great season here in the northeast. – a 4 -eva fan


    Kevin, Great game!
    Congrats to you and all the Sox!

    I felt, going into this game, that it was a must win to set the tone for the series. Well, you guys did it, and in fine fashion. What a dominate preformance! One quick question, DiceK, is he OK, I might have missed it but I would have thought that he would be the started in game two. Did I miss something or is this just Tito’s strategy for the LCS, different from the DCS with the Yanks?


    The Yankee fans watching the game with me kept hoping for swarms of insects to come and disrupt Beckett.

    Great game, 10-10 by Manny and Ortiz – WOW.


    You guys were amazing last night! The team’s patience at the plate was fantastic. It was great to see Manny taking those 0-2 counts all the way to get the walks to drive in runs! It’s like you guys have this terrific rhythm going and last night you made it look so easy. Hopefully you can carry this easy style of having a “ball” baseball throughout the rest of the postseason.

    Hey, for me it’s almost enough that the Yankees are playing golf right now…but bringing a hefty ring and a shiny trophy home would be EXTRA nice! Keep it up! Love you guys!!


    Great Job YouKKKKKKKKKK!!! Good Hitting thats what im talking about now schilling today come threw strong and we should look find going to cleveland!!


    Words cannot express the thrill of watching you and your legendary teammates play “the game”…the spirit of the Red Sox is IN THIS LINE-UP! Keep rolling!


    cant wait for tonight game!! its going to be good..
    Wearing the #20 jersie! = )

    ❀ Red Sox Girl ❀


    Hey Kevin, I don’t know if you read these comments but I wanted to wish you good luck. I’ll be rooting for you and your team. (This is Kevin Young by the way). If you do read this, you should e-mail me after the season, I would love to get a chance to catch up (you wouldn’t even be able to guess what I have become); it’s been a long time. Anyway, good luck and kick some ***.
    -Kevin Young


    Great game Kev! Keep the energy up, you all are playing great.

    How’s your wrist holding up? Saw the brace and started wondering.

    Regardless, great game last night – and good luck tonight!


    Hey Kevin, a great big way to go! You and the team heated up Fenway last night and we can’t wait to see you do it again tonight! We’re behind you. Best of luck!!!!


    I can’t wait for tonight’s game!I’m in Tempe, Arizona now and it truly is a red sox nation. I’ll be watching the game with about 100 other red sox fans at a boston bar out here in the desert, let’s get game 2 tonight boys, make us proud out here in arizona!

    -Maura of Lowell πŸ™‚

    P.S. I remember the days I cheered for you at the Spinners games in high school! Good luck tonight!


    Usually listen to game on the radio due to lack of cable tv. It was GREAT to watch you guys play! Keep playing fun ball and the Sox will go all the way! Good luck!




    YOOOOOOUUUUK, it’s 5:30 on Saturday and I’ve been watching the clock all day, I can’t wait for game 2 to start. You guys are awesome ball players, I loved watching you win game #1 last night, you were all did super. I loved watching your team spirit, keep up the good work!
    gooooooo sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dear Kevin: It was an awesome first win. The California Red Sox Nation group watched the game together–all 102–of us and we were loud and happy.

    One day–one win– we are using a hatch mark system here.

    Best of luck to you and the Team. Go Red Sox!!


    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry about the disappointing loss. You had a great At-Bat in the bottom of the 9th, and you guys did your best. I really blame this loss on ‘Big Game Curt’ and Tito not tightening the leash sooner. And of course, Eric ‘effin’ Gange.

    Kevin, I don’t know how much sway you have with Terry (probably not too much) but Red Sox Nation does NOT want to see Eric Gange on the mound in a Boston uniform ever again! (Please pass that on if you can sweetie!) ^_-

    Okay hon, best of seven right? And we all knew that the Indians weren’t going to go down like the Angels. You guys can bounce back! I have faith!




    hi youk, i was on break in the ninth of game in work, u had a great battle in the 9th inning, i thought that was going to be the winning hit, u hit the ball right on the money, but unfortunately it was caught, everyone in work, thought u had the winning hit youk. just keep up the way ur playing and the redsox will hopefully win this series youk. i still say the REDSOX will WIN the SERIES in 6 GAMESS!!!! STAY FOCUS LIKE U ALWAYS DO AND THE TEAM WILL WIN THIS SERIES!!! GO SOX!!!!


    hi youk, greetings from whitehall, ohio. a lifelong bosox fan who happens to be stuck here. just to let you know redsox nation all over the world is proud the sox and are not overly worried that you won’t bounce back against a good tribe team, you’re that much better. keep up the great job. paul dasilva & family


    Game 1 was awesome indeed and Game 2 was great until that horrible 11th inning. You have to feel bad for Eric Gagne. I know he doesn’t want the reputation as a spoiler, but he shouldn’t be put into clutch situations. Not this post season, especially. Every game matters now. I have high hopes for the rest of the series. The bats are getting hot, but the pitching has to keep up, too.


    Hey Youk,
    As usual you played awesome yesterday. It was a tough loss but I’m sure you and the team will bounce right back. I agree with the post above mine (jerrmich) that Gagne does not want the rep of a game spoiler but if he can’t be put in a clutch situation why is he on the pitching roster for the play-offs? Not to be mean but to be honest – Gagne has not performed for the Sox since they got him. I trust Terry’s coaching abilities but as an “arm-chair” manager I hope Gagne is NOT put back into a “do or die” situation. But again who am I except a huge Red Sox fan that desperatly wants to win the World Series πŸ™‚ GO SOX!



    Because of the TV networks, the LCS games are all in the evenings now, even on weekends. In your next blog, can you give the players prespective on day games vs. nights games in the playoffs and World Series? Do you care?

    Good Luck against Jake tonight.


    Hey Youk,
    Dont get discouraged, one game down is nothing for the Sox to over come. I know you guys will bounce back tomorrow. That SOB home plate upm did not do us any favors tonight. I almost came through the t.v. when he called a strike on Manny and the ball was so outside it almost didnt show up on the strike zone replay! It showed the ball almost touching the outter square around the strike zone! He made the same bad call a few inning later. I could tell by the looks on all the players faces they were down tonight.Even after V’s homerun I didnt see much hope for a win. So pleasssse Youk get these guys motivated again and give them back the “Sox Magic”. You are the only one that can do it. You are the “Magic” behind this team. Lets go out tomorrow and get a win!