Putting a tough loss in the rearview mirror

Was this a tough loss? Sure it was. But you can’t dwell on it. It was just a bad inning, and youjust move on. You can’t worry about the past. This is the playoffs. You
can’t worry about what you did in your last at-bat or your last time on the
mound. That’s the wrong philosophy. You just have to put it all aside and give it all you’ve got when you go out there on the field the next day.

It definitely would have been great to go 2-0, but for us, we did some things well. We didn’t do the other things well. But hey, we battled and played hard and played tough. It just didn’t go our way there at the end.

I had a chance to win the game there in the bottom of the ninth inning, with Jacoby Ellsbury on second, but I hit a line drive to center field right at Grady Sizemore, and he caught it. Not much I can do about that. I saw it go right to him and Sizemore is a great center fielder.


It’s just one of those things — you do everything right and it doesn’t always pay off. There’s a lot of luck involved in this game. You go out there and try to do everything the right way, and sometimes that’s how it works. It’s better to be lucky than good sometimes.

When you lose, it doesn’t matter — one run, 10 runs, 20 runs. A loss is a loss. In the end, for us, it would have been nice if we could have gotten in the run with our big guys up in the 10th, but we just couldn’t. The ball just wasn’t bouncing our way. It happens sometimes.

Trot is a tough out. We know better than anyone that we don’t want to see him up there in that situation. He found a way to get a big hit for his team there.

It’s 1-1, but I think we’re looking real good. We have full confidence in all our pitchers and our ability to win. This one just got away from us. We could have easily won this game. Now we just move on. It looks bad on paper, the score, but we were one swing away from winning.


  1. bozbow@comcast.net

    Well said Youk… You’re playing amazingly well and there’s no doubt what the outcome will be.

    This just makes things interesting…


    Sox Fan for life now living in Philly

  2. mikemcc423@verizon.net

    I think we’ll be O K . We just took one on the chin . Refocus and go get em . Great season Youk.

  3. amaxfield@gmail.com

    Very true, Youk. You guys did a lot of things amazingly well and it just wasn’t our night. We’re proud of you guys!

  4. margel@dental.upenn.edu

    I am glad to see the team’s confidence really shine through this entire year. Last night was a tough one, but you guys are all hard-nosed players who will pull through with authority and confidence! Go bring the fight to them in Cleveland! From another sox fan in Philly!.

  5. lynnith28@yahoo.com


    I was so excited to have you up in the bottom of the 9th…great at bat, too. No body can say anything to you because you did your best and your hit just happened to go right to someone.

    I was pretty disappointed in the lack of crowd support you got during that at bat though. I thought Fenway so pretty quiet. But rest assured, I was yelling loudy and cheering you on from my house!

  6. matoodles@aol.com


    Congrats on your induction into the UC Athletic Hall of Fame.

    Continue success throughout the playoffs. You can not hit the ball any better than you did in the ninth.

    Your So. Florida family

  7. junior.stpierre@snet.net

    im glad to see the team has full confidence, and it was not a bad whole game it was a bad inning, big deal put it behind us. we’ll take it from cleveland,i think, good luck from another sox fan from milford,ct

  8. floridadeals@cfl.rr.com

    I have been a red Sox fan for 60+years and have watched the evoution of pitching go from common sense to “by the numbers” coaching. In the past if a pitcher was throwing well and getting batters out u let him pitch until he was NOT getting batters out! Taking out a winning picther because he is labeled a closer or set up man is dumb and replacing him with a known loser is dumber!

    A pitcher is a pitcher by any name and if he is throwing good and feeling well let him pitch. Never mind about the next game; win the present grame.. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

    It’s not rocket science; if your pitcher is rested and throwing well like Papalbon was saturday night let him continue to pitch no matter what his pitch total is. He is young, strong and talented so use him. he can NOT win sitting on the bench!

    signed; Hates to lose DUMB!

  9. floridadeals@cfl.rr.com

    A right handed first baseman, such as u Youk, should try standing to left of first base and catch the pick-off throw from the pitcher and sweep down to first base to tag the runner instead of reaching across his body.
    this position puts the firstbaseman in a better defensive position and closer to the runner and with one motion the right handed first baseman can tag the returning base runner quicker without getting tangled up reaching across his body to tag him.

  10. avijit.datta@colorado.edu

    no matter what they’re saying today, you guys played your best. Like you said: a loss is a loss. Move on and bring it to them in Cleveland. Keep the faith.

  11. jcorsi216@hotmail.com

    Well said Youk. I have no doubt that the Sox will defeat the Indians but………

    Tito has got to put Gagne on the shelf and keep him there. He is killing the Nation with every outing. It would be a shame to lose the series because of him!! Shut him down.

  12. sarann0826@aol.com

    hummmm.. that was a really tough loss.. but like you’re saying we just need to move on.. Gagnes a good pitcher and all i just dont think hes doin’ i just think hes doing… well horable for us.. we need to shut him down and hope he can improve for next year.. if he’ll be here.. well good job last night YOUK.. you did your best.. like someone one else said i was dispointed by the lack of cheering at fenway… Lets move on and get ’em in Cleveland.. Keep the faith alive!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤

  13. ltedeschi2003@yahoo.com

    Tough defeat, but you’re right, Kevin – it’s behind you now. The Red Sox have what it takes as you’ve all proven throughout the season. Stay focused, keep the positive attitude and know that your fans are behind you 100%!

  14. charles.g.dionne@us.army.mil

    It was a great game until Gagne came in!! Seriously, he needs to be shut down. He was a great pitcher, but just not that great in a Sox uniform. Anyway, lets get those bats/pitchers hot and win the next 2 in Cleveland!!!


  15. gosox101@comcast.net

    Good luck tommorow night man. Tell Gagne to keep his head up and that it wasn’t his fault that we lost.

  16. bread8919@gmail.com

    hey youk, don’t feel bad about a missed chance, both of you guys (BOS & CLE) played great. oh well, just put it behind you and move on.

  17. Arielle

    Great at bat last night, Youk. I’d say it was probably the best at bat of the night. This is a great team, and you guys are going to pull through in Cleveland and either win it there, or hopefully come back here and win the pennant in Boston.

    Good luck and use bug spray in Cleveland



  18. kmorissette@tampabay.rr.com

    As a native Cincinnatian and a new Red Sox fan (Married Into It!), I was so excited to see you on this team. Thank you for taking the time to blog, even though you are undoubtably trying to stay focused on the task at hand. You are having a great season and you make us very proud. Chin Up!!

    ~ Kat

  19. melissavilla@comcast.net

    Youk, WE LOVE YOU!

    You guys played hard and did your best…that’s all you can do. Like you said, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

    Keep the faith…you guys are ALL winners in our book!

    GO RED SOX!!

  20. sarann0826@aol.com


    no matter what happens the rest of this postseason. we did awsome and this is a season and postseason so far that will be remembered for a very long time! what ever the out come im proud to call myself a Red Sox Fan..and will hold my head up high when wearing a sox jersie!

    Red Sox Nation Love You ALL!,

    red sox girl

  21. jerrmich@msn.com

    Youk!! Too bad about that at bat. You hit it hard and it might well have been the winning at bat!! I agree that luck plays a big part in this game. Hopefully the luck will be on our side for the rest of the series. Both teams are awesome and you guys have been playing your hearts out. Good luck on Monday!!!

  22. pharma_mgr@hotmail.com

    I’m wondering what effect, if any, the weather had on BOTH starters – It’s not like Carmona had a good night either.

    I was actually thinking about Lester before Sat night – would it be better to have hime come in after a short outting for a starter (i.e. Schilling’s 4 2/3)? It’s just a guess – not a second guess!

    Finally a predicition – Gagne and Drew are going to come through when least expected! I actually see much better at bats from JD even if the stats don’t show it yet. I just hope his personal struggles are resolving. I think he needs some consideration. He’s a great ball player in a tough situation.

    Fianlly, when Manny’s NOT being Manny…who is? And, for that matter, who is Manny being during that time? Hmmm

    I like our chances – patient intensity works well for you guys!

  23. madrewt041@verizon.net

    I agree with hockey, youk should continue to play the way he always does and we will win this series. hockey and the whole red sox team are very good friends. everyone loves hockey at work especially the people in the outfield. keep it up youk and hockey and we will prevail.

  24. dsmythia@comcast.net

    I think tonight is going to be your night.

    May the Irish luck of Red Sox Nation SOUTH be with you and the rest of the team.

  25. leonard.bryan@comcast.net

    gosox101,I’m confused by your statement. Could you please tell me what game were you watching?

  26. bosoxfansince82@yahoo.com


    What a gut wrenching loss, I thought we had that one. But oh, well, we shake it off and get ready to play again. Besides we got Dice-K going, and he’s a big game pitcher, as long as he can settle in early. Westbrook’s good, but the beantown bombers will take care of him. I guess we wont have to worry about bug’s when it’s 40 degrees at game time! Good luck and Go SOX!

  27. jclynburke@aim.com

    Hey Youk.You guys ar totally good.Don’t let it get you guys down.Just think about tonights game and think about playing good!And just pray that we don’t have the bad bug luck the Yankees did! 🙂

  28. sarann0826@aol.com

    good luck tonight youk..
    thats all everyone was talking about in New England today.. the Red Sox beating Cleveland.. uh..yeah just incase.. bring and wear LOTS of bug spray!! : )


    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤

  29. snmaccord@yahoo.com

    Very well put. It is definitely a more interesting series now, but as this season proved, no matter how “interesting” things got this year, you guys always come through. THe Nation, as always, is with you.


  30. dragonflies41@aol.com

    I’m glad to see you guys are working together as a team..that may seems silly to say but you’ve gotta have that chemistry in order to make it…and you’re all doing awesome Youk….hang tough and pull this out…

    Dedicated Redsox fan living in NY yankee land (very tough but willing to stay with SOx for always)

  31. redsox_13@msn.com

    Hey Youk! Just wanted to take the time to wish you and your Teammates good luck tonight!

    Keep the Faith!


  32. sarann0826@aol.com

    did any of you guys here about the pictures that the Cleveland fans are going to hold up at the game?? its pretty funny!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤

    Red Sox Nation!

  33. shannonmillerfan@yahoo.com

    Sorry to not kiss butt but learn to hit when we have someone on third and it would not have been a loss.

    A lot of us fans of the Red Sox feel that you, Tek, Pedroia, JD, and anyone not named Manny, David or Mike Lowell are not pulling your weight.

    The Red Sox CAN’T WIN if only 3 guys are giving an effort.

    I’ll be waiting for my death threats but at this point I don’t care.

    Losing I can take but when you see a lack of effort from guys like you is something I am unable to swallow

  34. sarann0826@aol.com

    OK! shannonmillerfan: you can shut up! youkilis does pull his own wieght.. and i think your on your own on that on! He hasnt had an error at 1st he as been amazing! and be happy he didnt strike out! if you dont care anymore then your not a true sox fan! TEK: he does alot for our team! why the **** do u think hes the captian!?! He is an amzaing catcher and he basicly runes the game game but there! Pedroid: Hes an AWSOME rookie! What much can u ask of him.. its his 1st year! and if he not pulling his own wieght then y the **** is he the top player for rookie of the year??!! Also hes the hardest player to strike out in the mlb.. also if it wasnt for him buchholz could have said bye-bye to his no-no..! JD: ok you can give that guy a brake hes played hes played in the NL.. He may not be having an AMAZING year but he’ll come around.. so think before you say something!! if anyone on here is with me plese say so!

    i<3you youk! and u do pull your own weight!

    all that matters if that Red Sox Nation LOves YOu A lot! as well as Tek Pedroia and yes JD!

    ❤ Red Sox Girl ❤

  35. shannonmillerfan@yahoo.com

    No Youkilis does not pull his weight and you are an out ofr control teenager.
    I am telling it like it is and EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW feels the same way.

    Being a Red Sox fan (you know before the pink hat crowd such as yourself took all the tickets so I have to sit behind a poll) the Red Sox get discussed a lot by fans everywhere and no one thinks he is pulling his weight. In fact they think he is not even trying.

    Sorry if butt kissers can’t handle the truth but as a Red Sox fan for over 30 years I will say what I feel.

    Youkilis doesn’t love Red Sox fans. In fact he has said time and time again he hates that they bother him at all.

  36. shannonmillerfan@yahoo.com

    Bye the way swinging at a ball as it practically walks across the plate is NOT pulling your weight.

  37. kcafferty@keysnews.com

    Good luck tonight, guys! I’ll be watching every pitch!

    — A Transplanted Bostonian living in Key West, FL

  38. kristavictor@comcast.net

    As a sox fan for my 34 years of life I have seen many bizarre moments with our team We in sox nation need to believe in the effort heart and savy of this bunch. any thing is possible, ANYTHING !!! remember 04 I say sox in 7 because weve done this

  39. ko6cr@msn.com

    Shannonmillerfan please go post your comments somewhere else. This blog is for intelligent basebal fans only. You dont have to be a Sox fan but just one with knowledge of the game. Even a Yankee fan would disagree with you that Youk, Tek, Ped are not pulling their weight! What games have you been watching anyway? Ask any Mariner fan how mad they are that Seattle management let Tek get away. He is the smartest catcher in BOTH leagues and it’s a BONUS that he can play offense? How do you think rookie pitcher Buchholtz got a not hitter? Well thats a no brainer for someone who knows baseball! As far as Ped goes… well that goes without saying. The kid is awesome. If you want to be honest, as much as I love Manny I have to say he doesn’t always pull his weight in the outfield. All Sox fans love the triple threat trio (Manny, Ort & Low) but what you fail to recognize is that Youk now makes that trio a foursome. He is just as good as any of those players and I think he plays with more heart and intensity (not taking anything away from Ort, Manny or Low). You say he doesn’t like to be bothered by Sox fans so explain to me why he is the only player with a blog? How old are you anyway? What do you have against the color pink??? I have been a Sox fan for the past 20 years (and yes I do have a PINK Sox hat) and I love and support every player on the team – with the exception of Gone-yeh (spelled incorrect on purpose). Now if you want to talk about a player not pulling his wieght that is the ONLY name that comes to mind. BUT I have faith in Tito coaching ABILITY so there must have been a good (God only knows why) reason he put him in the game on Sat. So please go post on an Indian blog…I’m sure they will welcome your comments. This blog post is for all TRUE RED SOX FANS.