No time to panic

You can’t be in panic mode. A lot of times, it’s panic mode in Boston, but we’re not in panic mode. We were in a situation a lot worse than this in the 2004 ALCS, and we won that. This is easy compared to 2004, when we were down 3-0 against the Yankees.

For us, we’re not in panic mode. We’re just excited to go out and win a ballgame tomorrow and get this series back to even.

So for us, we’re not down. I think we haven’t played our best game — that’s what we have to do. We have to get
back to how we played in the first game and come out and get those
timely hits and start rolling. We’re a dangerous team. We
think we can take the series if we can just put some runs together.


We didn’t hit in a timely manner and we didn’t get the breaks that we needed tonight, and we had our opportunities, we just didn’t capitalize on them.

We were hitting the ball good. It was just one of those nights when we just couldn’t put things together, and you just have to shake it off and move on to the next day and not worry about it. We’ve still got a long series to go. We have to come out tomorrow and win Game 4 and tie it back up.

There were a couple of pitches here and there where if they go our way, we may have a couple of baserunners and this and that. But they just didn’t. You have to deal with it.

Dice-K pitched well. He had good velocity. He had that one pitch to Kenny Lofton that just wouldn’t stay in the park, and J.D. wasn’t all that far from catching it. That was huge at the time.

We face Paul Byrd in Game 4. You just have to keep him in the strike zone and not swing at his pitches. When you get a good pitch to hit, you have to get it. He’s going to mix it up a lot. You just have to be patient, but also be aggressive.

I feel good with Wake on the mound. He can be dangerous. If he has the knuckleball working real well, it’s going to be tough. We’re excited to come out and play Game 4. It’s a new day.



    Wouldn’t you just know the ALCS would hold all the drama! I am very excited, as are all of RedSoxNation to see this comeback. Keep rolling!


    You all can do it. I know you can win the next game and the next and the next. Just know you all are amazing and beloved. You have the most loyal fans and that’s becuause you all are truly the best!…

    Astrologically…Mercury is retrograde right now. it turned retrograde on the 11th or 12th right after you guy’s first win. That means that there are some interesting forces at work. The best thing to do during Mercury Retrograde is to try to re-do, re-tart, re-use, re-set, rest, re-try, re-turn, re-flect, re-play, re-generate. The worst thing to do is to try to start anything new, or use a starting kind of agressive energy as the energy of the retrograde flows in the opposite direction. if you all can catch the flow that the retrograde is flowing in this will really help you all to win. this is astrological stuff so hopefully it makes sense. i got sort of concerned when i knew the retrograde was going to hit right after the first game of the alcs. but maybe my words can help you all to understand the energy of the retrograde so you can use it to your advantage. sitting back and studying what should be done carefully before doing it will help you all catch the flow. trying overtly to use any kind of aggressive pushing forward type energy to win will hinder you and keep you from the flow. so i suggest doing the former.

    I could be good to bring Beckett back in as he would be “re-turning”. In fact if you all can win enough games that you can “re-turn” to boston to finish the last game that could be very fortuitous.

    I hope this stuff is helpful and that you all read this blog before tomorrows game.

    Hey hopefully its still fun. Its a game but the majors are so serious and such big business its hard to remember how baseball is supposed to be fun. but maybe there is a way to still find that spirit of the game while you are playing.

    WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    I love you guys!!! And I love you, personally, even more for caring enough to post a blog and be positive right now! I have not, and will not give up.. Tomorrow is another day. It’s just like you said, you guys haven’t played your best game yet. My fingers are crossed, and I believe!!! It’s not over yet! GO SOX!!!!


    Hey Kevin, Here is more info on this Mercury Retrograde which is in Scorpio.

    The Key Issue

    The key issue here is one of focus. Mercury’s retro phase tends to bring unforeseen changes and blockages, but the aggravation and frustration that many of us experience during these periods is often due to our own inability to roll with the punches. Is this due to our ego-fixation?

    Mercury sets out to restructure our thinking processes and for many of us this is painful and frustrating. Moreover, these experiences reveal flaws in our internal organisation as well as our external planning, which can make us feel foolish and inadequate.

    “Consider slowing down and think about what is happening in your life; where you are going. Here’s an opportunity to gain insight into your own ego especially since Scorpio is the sign of transformation.”

    Monitor your thoughts. During this particular retrograde our minds want to latch onto an issue and process it until it’s done, no matter how uncomfortable. Therefore there is the likelihood of fixating and obsessing. However, we can also choose what to focus on. Contemplate re-evaluating your thought process and policing your dialogue, says Sette.

    The first step, which is also the hardest when you are caught up in the emotion of the moment, is to identify that you’re in a negative thought spiral. Next, infuse a positive thought into your mind. Scan the room for something uplifting. Take a deep breath and allow more positive thoughts to drift in. Soon, you’ll have established a positive thought pattern. This is when you can go back to the task at hand.

    Mercury retrograde, like any cosmic aspect, affects people differently, depending on where it hits their personal charts. Some people actually prosper under a retro Mercury, especially if Mercury is retrograde but otherwise well-aspected in their birth charts.

    When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s thinking is more introspective and we tend to think about issues and concerns which relate to the sign involved. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, people with this sign prominent in their charts will be especially prone to such introspection. There is little choice but to reconsider our personal views and opinions about life. We receive, however, an opportunity to gain insight into our own ego.

    Basically what this retrograde is about is letting go of the ego. If you all can do that I think the flow will return!!!!….



    It’s time to realize something. You can’t say you won unless you win. Crankee fans are still all over us and now Crankee fans that I deal with in NY are saying that if Cleveland is doing this to us, just imagine what the Crankees would have done. So even though the Crankees were eliminated, they still are saying that they have the better team. The only way to keep them quiet once and for all is to win the ALCS and eventually the World Series. Guys, please don’t subject Red Sox fans to this. Don’t power swing in Cleveland, it’s a different ballpark than Fenway. Small Ball is what will win at Jake.

    Good luck to all of us.


    Dear Kevin,
    It’s great to hear from you and your optimism for today’s game.

    My wife, Mary, who is an avid fan, “always says” when we win, not if we win.

    With your spirit and the spirit of the fans, good things are bound to happen.

    Maintain that postive attitude on and off the field. You are a credit to our community and to the game of baseball.

    God Bless,

    John A. Gianino


    Thanks Kevin for this blog
    and for really always working your hardest! I’m not in panic mode… I know you guys can do it!!! It definitely is a case of stringing things together. All the best to you and the team!!!


    Youk, thanks for the inspiration, I’m a little less stressed right now, but remember, you of all people don’t need to be reminded, but all that you need to beat the Indians is to work the count and throw breaking balls. My friend is the beat reporter for the Bisons, and he said last night, you could’ve killed Westbrook if you took 3 pitches in a row and waited for the high hanger.

    Keep it moving, come on now, ’07!

    -Ryan Fiske, Coventry, Rhode Island


    I admit that i am in panic mode. I believe we are going to win, and the time for losing is over. I would like to know what the mood is like in the clubhouse. Fans look at things from their perspective, but i am sure it is so much different from the players. You guys are awesome. Keep your heads up. The Nation is behind you




    Keep up the good work YOUK, and i hope that Knuckles (Wake) pulls through tonight!!
    GOOD LUCK TEAM – Go Soxs!!



    That’s a great attitude to have, and one that makes sense because a panic mode will only hurt anyone with whatever goal they have. As long as it’s kept in mind that it’s the best out of 7, there is nothing to worry about except for today. I know you all will pull through victoriously as usual. We’re all rooting for you down here between Dayton and Cinci. GO SOX!!!


    Was completely depressed this morning until reading your blog. Keep up the good work and remember that Montreal Canada is behind you! GO GET EM’ Wake!


    I just can’t get over how Gagne can’t get his control back. Maybe he should work for a vegas casino, they are always looking for “closers”. Let’s hope Wake has the knuckle moving well tonight. Aloha


    Youk and the entire Red Sox team, let me just say that no matter what happens I am and will always be proud to be a fan of the Boston Red Sox. We come out of the womb wearing a red sox hat and it never changes! – I can’t imagine what the pressure is really like for any of you- it’s not a question of talent or greatness – everyone knows the abiltity that each of you brings to the game- I have sat here and thought what could I possibly write that would help to inspire that “certain something” or to “light a fire”…there’s nothing to deep to say – I beleive that the the marketing crew for Nike states it best… ” JUST DO IT”.


    Hi Kevin,
    We all love you and we love Red Sox. I don’t think we are in panic mode, I think we are just sad. Sad about lost opportunities. You (Red Sox) should be winning all these games. You are strong and talented.

    If we were loosing in good fights, that would be understandable. Instead we are loosing dumb. And that hurts.

    Yankees were attacked by those “Canadian Soldier” bugs and lost. We are attacked by “Canadian Pitcher” and keep loosing. Time to get that bug spray.

    I also don’t understand “don’t look back” idea. You do need to look back and figure out what was wrong in order to successfully move forward. Need to learn from your mistakes. Yes, some of it is chance, but some isn’t. Like J.D. in line-up.

    Hope you can win tonight!


    Justin here from Cinci, OH. Tough luck about the Bengals the other day. Anyway, I’ve been a fan of the Sox since about ’99, and this may be the best all around Boston team I’ve seen in recent memory (including ’04). You guys can totally handle the Tribe. I mean, you came back from nothing to handle the Yanks, and they were a WAY better team that year than the this year’s Indians AND you guys are a much better team (especially in the bullpen) than in ’04. Just wanted you all to know that there are a whole lot of people in the Ohio branch of Red Sox Nation who are rooting for you guys. Keep battling!


    What are the chances of getting Tom Brady up there? We need to do whatever it takes to win tonight!!!!!
    Good Luck!


    Last night’s game was tough to watch. The home plate ump was all over the place. I think there would have been a few more opportunities to score if the strike zone would just stay in one place. We saw a lot of guys ground out on the first pitch. Youk, I’m glad that you always make the guy pitch. I feel bad for Dustin Pedroia. He was one of my favorite players this season, and we can all tell how frustrated he is. In the interest of the team advancing, it might be worth playing Alex Cora. Pedroia will have his shot at October baseball with the Sox next year.


    Hey Youk…

    You are very correct in everything you said. This is a ballclub that is not like the weak National League. You guys always know how to regroup in bad situations. No one here (Western MA) Springfield, Holyoke, Chicopee are not counting the Red Sox out. The only ones that stick it to my face are the Yankee fans or Red Sox fans that sounds like they watch the games but don’t and rub it in my face, so they can get in the bandwagon.

    The Red Sox will be fine with all their talent.

    Fans and media love to blame a single person when a game is a loss but remember what Walter Matthau said in the original “Bad News Bears”… “All I know is when we win a game, it’s a team win. When we lose a game, it’s a team loss.”

    So again…. enjoy the game, all will be ok.


    Finish it Youk! I have been a big fan of the Red Sox since I was about 10 years old and in particularly a big fan of you. You know how many times you had to go to the minors and came back up. You know what the team did in ’04. You know how to persevere. Persevere and FINISH IT!! There are a lot of fans out here that want it for you, but you are the guys that have to dig deep and decide that you are in the moment. It may come again. It may not. But the thrill of the moment needs to be there, right now!! Cherish it! (and patience at the plate!). Think Michael Jordan.
    I love you guys and my 5 year old son, Dante, knows most of the Red Sox by name and position. My daughter was born less than a week after you won the World Series in ’04 and she is a “Red Sox Princess” (that’s what her little pink hat says). That being said our family is pulling for you. Red Sox Nation is pulling for you and please Persevere like you guys know how and Finish it!!

    You are only 7 Games away and 7 can be a very lucky number. One game at a time for 7 Games. FINISH IT!!


    YOUK, best of luck to you and your fellow teammates. One game down, no time to panic and plenty of time to still kick ***…all of UMass is behind you guys tonight and for the rest of the season…let’s go SOX!



    Just know this. I lived in Boston for about 2 years (2002-2005) and have been a Sox fan ever since. You are so passionate about the game, and I can see how every pitch has a dramatic effect on you. I see hunger in your eyes, and how you want so bad, to be the hero. You want to save this series and tie it back up so bad, and know that I am screaming and rooting for you from my house, while everyone in Cleveland is booing. KNOW that all true Red Sox fans are watching and patiently waiting for the moment when you hit that homer again, and save the day. We all love and appreciate your passion for the game, along with the rest of the team’s efforts. We know you guys will come through, it comes down to a simple question: Which TEAM is a better one? Simple answer: The Red Sox


    You’re the man Youk! Just keep fighting off those pitches!! Make Byrd work!! Go Sox!!!


    All the cheerleading and optimism won’t beat Cleveland. The Sox players are not hitting and with Wakefield pitching the Sox will probally have to come from behind to win and that will require hits and runs!
    I have seen it all before; the Red Sox manager gives game two away because he wants to “save” his pitcher and the other team goes home winning and sweeps the sox!


    Bonjour Youkkk,

    I’m not in panic….yet !!!

    I love all this exitement about the game, thank you…

    I’m on vacation in the US, and all my evenings are in front of the TV to see the Red Sox, I’m coming to Boston at the end of the week. Hope to catch a winning game.

    Go Red,

    Anne from Beer/Chocolate Kingdom.


    The history of the Red Sox has many of their fans in panic mode. It’s the been there don’t wanna go through that again, drama. Despite that, the Red Sox are loved by their fans and by the city of Boston. We can take games 4, 5 and 6! We can do it! Let’s scalp those ******* in Cleveland!


    I never for one minute thought that I would experience a Red Sox playoff game with ease!! Being down 2 games is par for the course for the Red Sox. I’ve been a Red Sox fan for 30 years and know better than to expect an easy series. Go out there and do it–that’s all.


    You guys are doing a great job! No matter what happens this has been one of the best seasons and was a pleasure watching everyone kick butt! Go Red Sox!!


    Good Luck Youk! No panic neccessary. Be sure to ignore the cheers of the tribe fans and know that Red Sox fans everywhere are cheering you on!

    Go Sox!

    -Max from Vermont


    I’m not in panic mood, sure i was mad,angry,disapointed,and sad when we missed so many opportunities. but once i got some sleep and was getting ready for another day i thought.. Ok its behind, its another day,so what if we’re 1-2? we came back form 0-3! and Wakes on tonight!

    Even if we dont get past this series its still been great! And with a day or two i and everyone else will be over it, and it will be time to turn to hockey. Also the Rockies winning the WS!The fans,like people say,like to blame it all on one person,but its a team… Win together Loose together TEAM!

    (thats what my softball coach would say to us)

    YOUKILIS-I dont think theres much more you can do for this team! Anymore, and you’ll just be even more amazing then you all ready are! I forgot Coco played for Cleveland.. So when they were booing him i was confused! 🙂

    Anyways.. I’ve,my family,and my boyfriend have been Red Sox fans for a longg time! Me, ever seens i was very young.. When i could acually understand it..It mostly started when most of my family came up to New England from living in the South..(Arkansas,Tenessee,Kansas,Mississippi, those places.)We’ve never turned away! I’d have to say that one of the heardest and resent years of being a Sox fan was 2003. My dad said to me if you can withstand that when as of this moment you ARE a Red Sox fan! Well,best of luck to you and the team!Tell them The Ray family and Red Sox Nation is behind them 110% Like the 10th man on the field!

    This 07′ team is one, IS the best Red Sox team i’ve seen,yes even better then the 04′ team…If the 04′ team could get it done then i think is team can do greats things here to come, in the next 7 days.

    We Love You All,

    Red Sox Girl

    PS: (Not To Be Rude) to some people that think because they’ve been Red Sox Fans Longer: Being a Sox fan for 30,40,20,10,1,2,4 years, doesnt really matter.. the one thing that does it that we all love our team and will go threw anything for them!


    Youk, everyone keeps saying that since the last two games the Indians think you guys are pushovers now, easy to eliminate. You guys worked long and hard to get here, I say tonite go out there and show em who they’re dealing with and don’t let those **** white towels throw you off!!! Think champagne,cigars,celebration @ Fenway when you take the ALCS!! Youk, thank you,and tell Manny I love him and to fire up his bat for the nation!!!!! Go Get Em Sox!!


    Good Luck in game 4. It’s a little discouraging now, but we havent given up! It has been such a great and exciting year! Just a few more wins to go! GO RED SOX!


    I just wanted to say that I think you are what baseball is all about. It is so great to watch you play, because I can see tha passion you have for the game. I have all the faith in the world that you guys can win tonight. Go get em’ Youk!!!!!


    There are plenty of Red Sox fans in Cleveland cheering you on — my husband and I among them! Know that amid the Tribe’s hisses, there are plenty of people chanting “LET’S GO RED SOX, LET’S GO” and “YOUUUUUUK!”

    There have been some bad breaks in Games 2 and 3, but we still know the Sox can get the job done and head to the World Series. Good luck out there tonight!


    Youk…Im a Red Sox fan,from NY state..(grew up a “BASEBALL” fan& especially a “YAZ” fan!) Thats my Red Sox connection!I’ve been to Fenway 4 yrs in a row!!!
    Beat up on the this thing …so I DON”T have to listen to “YANKEE”fans babbling on& on!!!PLEASE!!!

    Its torturous listening to them!!!Keep taking those pitches…& I know you guys will get things clicking!!!

    Thanks for ’04…Lets do it again in ’07!!!! GO SOX!!!!

    Don from NY!!!!!!


    YOOOOUUK! we’re not in panic mode. i’m so psyched for the game tonight, seeing wake pitch. he loves us too much to let us down. just go out there and do what you gotta do. we’re all so proud.


    Not a good game last night, but not bad either… 4-2…

    I know you guys know how to just put it behind you. So, come out play like you know how!


    Kevin, I am always sure that you and this bunch will always give everything you have to win. thats the way it happened in 04, and it can be repeated now. the core is strong !you guys have savy, intelligence , heart and It is my belief you will do it all this postseason . go get em in gm 4,5,6 and even 7 if thats what it takes YOu have transformed into, I think, a terrific firstbaseman. one of the leagues best; and thats not easy, playing a solid first is well, a talent. keep it positive in there, win it for yourselves and for us, RED SOX NATION


    Hey Youk – Good commentary and great attitude! This game is a good stepping stone for Wake ( a great guy and great career Red Sox team mate) on the way to winning the ALCS, I’m sure you and the rest of the offense will find your way tonight. Since Dustin appears to be pressing a bit at the plate (while playing spectactularly on defense) it would be great to see Ellsbury take the lead off spot and perhaps give Coco a rest. There will be plenty of more opportunities for him ahead!
    And please console Dice K, he’s a warrior that the ump would not give the inside of the zone to last night. No problemo with him next game. Keep The Faith RSN!

    With you and team all the way,

    Doug & Barbara

    Solana Beach, CA


    Youk and the rest of the Nation ….

    I know Millar is in Baltimore now (tear drop), but lets all take a shot of Jack and “COWBOY UP!”

    The fact that the umpire was as consistent as an elderly woman dropping Ex-Lax does not matter.



    I heard Dice-K was really down after his start.. 😦 dont let him get down on himself.. he had a good start he just made a few mistakes that really hurt.. Let him know that no one is blameing it on him and that RSN still loves him with all their heart

    ❤ sarann


    and dont let him think he let his country down.. he didnt.. and if they think he did.. thats just really disapointing : (


    Lets do this, you guys are 2 good 2 let let this team take you down. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hey Youk & Team,
    Its almost game time and I just wantd to say a quick “good luck” and go out there are kick some Indian Booty! If you guys just go out and play “Red Sox” ball we will be celebrating a win toinght. Youk please keep the team fired up tonight (I’m sure Pedoria can also help you with that) and just do what you do best – play to win!


    Dear Kevin;Great commentary.
    Know we are all pulling for the team.Tell Big Papi that I pray every night for that knee and I am amazed as what he has been able to do this year. Tell Dustin he is the Rookie of the year and he is the best second baseman I’ve seen since Bobby Doerr.

    Dice-K–chin up–you are a fighter–get off the mat and fight another day. Soon it will all come together.

    This is a good team you can beat these guys. We are all behind you. Tell Drew to review his batting when he was really hitting; he will find the flaw.He needs to slow down at the plate.

    Enough of the motherly advice. Good luck to you all.Remember one game, one win at a time.


    Hey no reason to panic you guys are the best!!!!! We know you guys will do your best tonight GO SOX !!!!!!!!


    I know it can be done, I remember 2004! Beckett is going to be super, but what about every other starter? Wakefield did pretty good until that terrible 5th inning. There needs to be more offense, the HRs are a start. Your at bats are great, fouling off a bunch of pitches. I hope the whole team can feed off your positive energy. YOUK CAN DO IT!


    I really hope you guys DO pull off a win in this series. That game just broke my heart. I know you’re out there playing, while I’m sitting on my fat *** watching it on T.V. so I won’t criticize anything, but please please just get this team back on track somehow.


    Go get em Youk! We love you and are with the team all the way! No panic here! We believe. You all have brought us through an exciting and awesome season so just keep in up! Here in Napa loving you every moment!
    Karen, Barbara, Mike & Matt


    I am so angry right now. I’m sorry but I have to vent. I flew to Boston from LA over the weekend to see game 3 at Fenway. It was such an incredible game until Tito warmed up Gagne. WHAT THE *&%*!!!! Everybody and their mother knows he is the plague and yet Francona gets all Grady Little on us and puts him into a 6-6 tie. That was it. The turning point.
    You guys look beaten and uninspired…It ain’t 04′ boys….Sure blame the most expensive pitching staff who can’t seem to make it out of the 4th inning, or the fact that JD and Lugo are still wearing Sox uniforms…COWBOY UP and play like men. At least get beat like men and don’t roll over with your pathetic legs spread. You are a better team than this, so play like it.


    The end is here the red sox have done it again. Oh well there always next year I guess. Lets sign more of those good players like drew, lugo,gagne and lets not forget our great bullpen who can’t make thru an entire year without falling apart. We deserve the red sox in Boston. Oh well you all have a nice day. Cowboy Up


    Kevin: Congratulations on the Gold Glove, you earned it. You should have been the MVP of the W.S.! Cut down on your strike outs this year, and a batting title is within your reach. You use the whole field, like Carew and Gwynn. You deserve a batting title, now go out and get it!


    First…CONGRATS on the Gold Glove- we KNEW it was going to you :)…noone deserves it more.
    Thank you for making our lives better…you are one of the hardest working men in baseball and you have given more to RedSox Nation than you can ever imagine.

    Thank you for showing us what a true Sport’s Hero is…by not only being an amazing ball player, but by being an incredibly generous and kind human being…someone that we are so proud our kids look up to.

    We tip our hats to you and again, say with our deepest thoughts-

    Thank you!!!


    Congrats Youk – You played with Hustle from start to Finish this year and deserve a lot of credit for putting the Sox where they are!!


    Hey Youk

    I have been an avid fan of yours since the beginning. You really made a mark for yourself this past season and wish you the best.

    BUT withthat having met you in person for the first time when you shaved off the famous goatee with my kids and the fact that you would not even autograph my 8 year old son’s baseball appalled me. Knowing he was born a red head like yourself and the only kid there to see you as my daughter too. You will understand someday when you have children and how much they look up to sports people like you!!!!!!!


    Good afternoon Kevin,
    Glad to see all of the guys in Spring training. It has been a long hard cold Winter here in Maine. Baseball season just could not come soon enough. I have a new score pad and I am ready for the season.

    I just wish Doug Mirabelli would be able to catch more games this year. Jason doesn’t need to hog them all.

    Good luck this year,