Play for the day

I think the biggest thing you’ve got to do is, you have to go out there and scrap and play like there’s no tomorrow. I think sometimes you can be more of a dangerous team when there is no tomorrow. For us, we’ve been in a lot worse spots. We’re down 3-1 now, but we were down 3-0 in 2004.

Youk_1We just have to go out there and play for the day — just go out there and play as hard as we can and not worry about yesterday, and we’ll just play for the present.

For us, we want to take a plane flight home on Thursday night and play a game in Boston on Saturday. We think if we can get to Boston and play, we have a good chance. We have Josh on the mound in Game 5. There’s nobody we’d rather have out there.

We have to play like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t. You have to go out there and give your all, give it 100 percent. You have to battle. It’s going to be a dogfight out there. We have to go out there and find a way to get back home.

I think a lot of times you’re a dangerous team when you have nothing to lose. For us, we want to go back home. We just have to try to win one game.

What can I say about tonight? It just wasn’t our inning. You lose ballgames when you can’t stop rallies. I had that foul ball down the line that I couldn’t come up with. I slipped a little, and Dustin and I sort of bumped into each other. If we could have come up with that ball, it would have been big. But we didn’t.



    I keep my faith in you, Youuuuuuuuuukkkkk, all the Red Sox have the heart for get out of this and comeback in Fenway, in thursdays game i belive in Beckett and the way is come pitching bringing the straingh to advance.


    We believe in you & the team, Youk!!! We’re cheering out here in San Fran. It’s been great reading this blog and following the season that way too. Good luck on Thursday. And GREAT homerun!


    I believe you guys can overcome this situation and go back home to get the final title!!


    Yooouuukkk ~ thanks for your blog!! You and the rest of the team are all AWESOME players!! I’m lifting up good thoughts for Thursday night’s game and I do believe you will get back home for Saturday night’s game!! GO RED SOX!!! God bless!!!


    Hi Youk,

    Yes I would like you guys to play like they no tomorrow.

    I will be in Boston tomorrow and I would like to see the passion and great chemestry you showed me the last season. I have faith…

    Go Red…

    Anne from Beer/Chocolate Kingdom.


    I’ve got a suggestion for tomorrow’s game – SUBSTITUTE THE INDIANS’ PLAYER’S FACES FOR THE YANKEES’ FACES! Maybe that will give you the INTENSITY to win Thursday’s game. I am such a RED SOX fan, I can’t believe you guys are in this position.

    JUST VISUALIZE THE YANKEES’FACES OUT THERE IN THE FIELD!!!!! Thanks for the blog, it’s been very positive and I’ve got it posted on my office door @ work!


    Cindy (in Maryland,but born and raised in Boston)


    Hey Youk.

    You guys did great this year.

    Just go out there and have fun.Thats what my softall coach always said!! I play 1st base and I know how tough it is! Just do ur best guys!


    I believe in the Red Sox they will do the America Dream.They have been in worest position then this.Lets all think back to 2004 they were down 3-0 this time there down 3-1.Lets win tommrow and bring it back to Boston.Good luck Red Sox we are all routing for you.



    This year my husband and I introduced our 7-yr. old grandson and granddaughter and our 5-yr. old grandson to the Red Sox. They’re being really good so they can get extra time up at night to watch part of the games. I call them every morning to let them know how it went. You all have a whole Oklahoma family cheering for you!!! Go Red Sox!


    I keep the faith in the BoSox!

    Lake Hopatcong’s one and only true RedSox fan.


    Youk remeber we Believe in 2004. We still do. You guys just got to relax and play your game the way you know how. Just go out there relax and have fun. Just play ball. We in connecticut know you can do it. We Believe.


    Keep the faith! As we saw in 2004 its not over till you win 4. You guys have the talent and the experience to get out of this hole. Hope the skipper makes some needed changes! One game at a time!


    If there’s a team that can do this, it’s you guys. Listen, Youkie, we’re all behind you, rooting for you and the team every second and every pitch. Wake pitched great until that 5th inning yesterday, but it doesn’t matter. It all comes down to Thursday night, and we’ll be there rooting just like there’s no tomorrow. Leave it all on the field. That’s all we as fans can ask.


    i was wondering if the red sox plan on trying on thursday? the amount of scared at bats taking place the last two days has killed me. is the crowd that intimidating?i expect jd drew to be scared but not the rest of the team. everybody either is afraid to swing or trying to win the game on one swing. why dont coco crisp, j.d. drew, and julio lugo ever try to bunt their way on? in fact why do they even play? this is nothing like the 2004 team, that team showed actually guts and heart after getting embarassed.


    It was a tough loss last night but our faith never waivers deep in the heart of Red Sox Nation. This is where the team really shines when your down 3-1. And we’re all routing for you guys.

    Keep Playin Hard Youk!

    Keep the Faith Red Sox Nation!



    I have faith YOUK!!
    Keep that faith for the team as well!!

    Let’s try to get out there and score a lot for Beckett for all he has to do is pitch good which he has been doing!!


    keep playing as hard as you guys can out there!!


    Youk…is there anything you can do about Manny’s ego? He made a fool of himself out there after his homerun. There’s no room on this team for that. It’s embarrassing.


    Youk..what’s going on? where’s the magic we all felt in Game 1? where’s the confidence coming off the Angels sweep? You guys can’t just go down like this now..Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves..relax, have fun, don’t obsess over feeling that you HAVE to hit it out every single time..Sox nation is behind you win or lose but never ever quit on us..the lineup has quieted down..there’s no way we’ll win like this..Rally the troops Youk..Come out Thursday like men on a mission..You can do it…We believe in you…We believe!!


    Another thing..Why can’t Terry give Jacoby a chance? Drew is obviously just not in this series..Give the kid a chance..he did so well..he gets hits, he gets on base, he steals bases..he’s a road runner out there any way?..try something different? new set of eyes…



    Never give up. Fight, FIGHT TO THE DEATH. This is clearly a battle, and we can’t just lay down and let the Indians walk on us.

    IT’S ON NOW.

    #1 Indiana Fan (From Boston)



    Just relax and have positive thoughts. When you relax and are care free all will turn out right. Tell the boys, relax, have fun, and remember it is only a game.

    May from Bar Harbor, Me


    I do have faith in my Sox no matter what others say except why does Terry keep the lineup the same way game after game? If the guys are not hitting, why not shuffle the lineup? And please give Jacoby a chance at post season. He could be the spark that ignites the Boston bats, JD is not doing the job so Jacoby can do worse? And why not put Cora in at short? Lugo is not hitting either. We are down 3-1. Now is the time to try anything. Hopefully Beckett will come through again and we will be headed back to Fenway. remember 2004 down 0-3? I vaguely remember finally winning it 4-3. Miracles do happen and it wasn’t so long ago.


    Here’s an idea too – make sure Varitek talks some good smack when Lofton is up, and then get Becket to bean him. Lofton’s so cocky… I’d love to see you guys shut him up. Heck, it seems the entire Indians’ team is pretty cocky, so … shut them all up! You guys can do it. And by the way, good homer… you did what you could. No worries on the missed catch. I think you scared Dustin when you screamed though!


    Youk- forget the past, there?s only tomorrow, and the day after that… All you need to do is concentrate on winning a 3-game series! You can (and will) do it!! That’s the mentality. William Feather once wrote, ?Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others let go?. Youk- please share this quote with the team in the locker-room tomorrow. I live by this philosophy, and it works. Best of luck tomorrow! Tom Fox


    KEEP THE FAITH! LETS GO SOX! Thanks Youk for blogging and keeping the nation in the know with your thoughts. Scalp the Tribe!!!!


    Youk- I meant a 3-game win streak, that’s all. You just need to go on a 3-game win streak, but one game at a time. Do you feel it? – Tom


    The red sox can’t do it give it up, the indians are an overall better team. Take a look at the overall picture what team always comes through in the clutch, the TRIBE. Come on Indians lets bring the world series home to cleveland and youklis try putting a bucket on that big head of yours because the helmet just don’t work.




    Hey– please stay in touch especially after the Tribe’s loss this Thursday night. And then again after Saturday’s loss, and again after Sunday?s. I want to hear your banter as it fizzles with each successive loss. It will be good to compare your braggadocious (look it up) tonality from today to Sunday night. Okay, bucket-head?!


    We have faith in you, guys. Each and everyone of us Red Sox fans are watching and cheering for you.

    Go out there and win those games.

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    We believe in you and the whole team! Keep your hearts in it- the Red Sox Nation is behind you!



    I have been a die-hard for some 45 years and I believe the Sox can still pull this out. If we get game 5, then I feel we can win at home. I feel we are missing something by not having Lester start, and this was proven with his performance last night. Let’s go guys and let’s get one for the fans.


    COME ON, YOU GUYS HAVE 2 MUCH HEART 2 GO OUT LIKE THIS! ITS NOT OVER YET! YOU GUYS WILL DO THIS! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for the reassurance Youk. The three homeruns were amazing and it felt like the team was waking up and ready to comeback from the 7-0 deficit, even though you didn’t get all the way there the intensity was certainly present after the 5th inning. I just hope you guys can bring that intensity tomorrow and come back to Boston so I can come see you play at Fenway on Sunday!


    LOL to Cindy…substituting NYY faces superimposed on the Indians!

    Of course, you can do this, as everyone knows, it has been worse and the result=the World Series !!!!

    Here’s to the RS, RSBatuibm Fenway, and Boston!


    Even down 3 games to 1, there is still a reason to be optomistic. We have Beckett going tomorrow which has to make even the toughest critic feel good. When game 6 rolls around Curt’s record in big games still speaks for itself even after his last start. Youk, can someone on the team PLEASE explain to Manny how deplorable his actions were in admiring and celebrating his home run last night. It’s an embarrassment for all die-hard Sox fans.


    You have been playing great all season and deserve the Golden Glove. The nation is behind the team and I hope that Beckett’s next performance will be what the team needs to win this and move on to the big show. On another note..did you get to see the picture of PAP with a bud light box on his head…priceless. Good luck Youuuk. Go SOXS


    To be the best you need to beat the best. The Tribe is going thru the Evil Empire gauntlet of NY & Boston. Even Clint Eastwood would be smiling after these Tribe wins – and who knows maybe even Sandra Locke

    Go Tribe !!!


    To be the best you need to beat the best. The Tribe is going thru the Evil Empire gauntlet of NY & Boston. Even Clint Eastwood would be smiling after these Tribe wins – and who knows maybe even Sandra Locke is too. All these homers – bullets from you, Manny and Ortiz and the tribe is still driving like Clint in the Gauntlet – the job is almost done.

    Go Tribe !!!


    Hey youk
    I think that this is a 25 man team, and only 5 of you are doing what it takes to win(Papi, Manny, YOUK, Lowell, Beckett) and the rest of the team is not doing anything, starting with crisp, drew, lugo, pedroia etc, why cant terry give ellsbury a chance, also use cora since he is more experienced, i just hope you guys get on a roll and fight your way into the series, GO RED SOX


    This should teach all involved for Boston or New York. This game is about TEAM, not money. This game is about 1-9 working together, not relying on a PAPI, MANNY, YOOOUUK, A-Rod, Beckett, or any big money player to carry you. Instead, it is about a bunch of men coming together as a team to accomplish one thing, to WIN! Colorado vs. Cleveland is coming because its about TEAM, not superstars or money!


    I’m a Cleveland Indians fan born and raised. I respect you Sox. You’re tough. But you’ve shown yourselves to be a gang of individuals–even arrogant egos.

    You curse and throw your helmets and look like the bunch of spoiled over-paid chumps you are.

    The Tribe is a team and that’s why they’ve come together and done what need’s to be done and you guys keep coming up short.

    How many other games do three back-to-back homeruns still end in a lost game?


    Hey, you should be the one to know about team, but I’d like to educate you on ‘teams’ a bit. A-Rod isn’t on the Red Sox. K knucklehead! You do know that PAPI, MANNY, YOOOUUK, and Beckett are so I’ll spare you an inkling of credit.


    Ok guys here is the deal.Win one.Yes just win one bring the team home.Josh is fully rested and you go to Sabathia in game one.Just win thurs night thats all Red Sox Nation will ask for win one bring it home then anything is possible this series is not over.By the way to everyone i moved to Colorado a year ago a Peabody MA native.I mean I have seen band wagoning but i swear everyone in this state has traded in all the Broncos gear for Rockies like instant transformation.


    Hey DSK guess what go back to yr little Indians site and talk yr smack no one wants to hear it we are all being positive here bye.


    Yooooouuuuk, you’re my hero! I’m totally in enemy territory in the Big Apple, but I’m not afraid to wear my Sox hat because you guys are the best! What you said about playing like there’s no tomorrow is so true. Take it one game at a time, I KNOW you all have it in you! As sox fans, we know how to handle disappointment, but we also know how to hold out until the very end and fight as hard as we can! Keep up the amazing work, and pull together like you guys did in ’04. It is about being a team, and I know you’ve got it in you! Thats why you see Red Sox hats in Yankee territory, because it is more than just a bunch of players, it is a NATION!


    All we hear on ESPN, FOX, or read on is about the big name player like an A-ROD who I know is not on the SOX or another big name player like PAPI or Beckett, Yooouukk or MANNY! We know all about Manny-He sold us out for money! He is all about himself, not TEAM! The best TEAMS will win, not players. Colorado and Cleveland have the best teams and will face off against each other. 2007 is the year for the ROCKY Mountain ROCKIES and the ROCK’N’ROLL TRIBE!


    In reply to the comment on Lofton from “4crap@care”:
    You are confusing experience with cockiness.Lofton has been in more playoff games than all the players on both teams combined.

    The cockiness last night was from Hot Dog Manny Ramirez.Imagine raising your arms and watching your home run while still at the plate!

    How embarrassing.Maybe if it had been a walk-off that act could be justified.


    Hey drl1 if you havent noticed the real sox fans out here have already expressed that what Manny did was uncalled for so all Indians fans can give that a rest now thanks.


    Hey sent this same e-mail to another Tribe fan but didn’t hear back ’cause they’re probably scared that 2004 is looming in the shadows. Anyway, please stay in touch especially after your TEAM’s loss this Thursday night. And then again after Saturday’s loss, and again after Sunday?s. I want to hear your banter as it fizzles with each successive loss. It will be good to compare your braggadocious tonality from today to Sunday night.


    i have so much faith that the team is going to come back. Tomorrow is the start of the comeback, and then its time to come back home and finish this!
    Go Red Sox <333333


    no matter what, i was still super proud of you guys last night.

    we’ll take care of them at home, i believe baby!





    Lofton has experience, you’re right. But … he’s still arrogant, and that’s all there is to it.

    And actually, I have no problem with what Manny did – he always does that! He’d do it if he was playing against his own team. Being happy about a homerun is not the same thing as being cocky and thinking you’re better than everyone else. Besides, I think a lot of it was just trying to raise team spirits, which I think you’ll agree the Sox needed at that point.

    Anyway, did you see Lofton when he got struck out? Thought he deserved some free calls from the ump. That’s arrogance right there.


    “YOUR HAS NO CLASS!!!”I dont understand that statement.You make no sense go back to New York hippie.


    RED SOX ARE DISGRACES TO BASEBALL!!!! You have the #1 dirtbag in left field. The rest of the no class team thinks they are owed something all the time. When was the last time you saw a red sox player not slam a bat or throw his helmet across the field when making an out???…. NEVER!! CAUSE THEY ALL ARE THE DEFINITION OF NO CLASS!!!


    You looked like a girl trying to catch that foul ball last night! Keep up the good work girlie man!


    Good luck Your Red Sox need to play TEAM ball-not like a bunch of overpaid egotistical individuals. I will let the TRIBE show this again on the field and talk later. Peace, my friend.


    Playing hard and hustle are great but playing smart wins games!when the red sox manager took out Pabelbon in game 2 and gave the game to the Indians that was DUMB! The Indians went home winning and continue to winWhat is Papelbon being “saved” for next year?


    Look how pathetic all you Indians fans are!”RED SOX ARE DISGRACES TO BASEBALL”.what is going on here the Red Sox had the best away attendance in baseball.Kevin Youkilis is a girlie man.You guys are just truly pathetic.Yankees fans at least can sometimes come up with credible stuff to talk about.I think the whole city of Cleavland forgets that we have been batteling New Yorker for the last ohhhh 100+ year find some better material Cleavland very weak stuff try a bit harder cmon now.


    Wow how in the world can you Indians fans know so little about baseball.Do you watch the games when you are there or just read the paper?Why did they take out Papplebon in game one?If you really need to ask that question then you have no clue whats going.


    RED SOX should make Manny captain. Since his behavior and attitude and great hustle are what you Dirt Bags are all about!


    See now another poor example of knowledge from “Dirt Bags” very clever im hurt.If you knew anything you would know that Manny as told by his teamates past and present say he is one of the hardest workers out there during practice.”yeah thats right we talkin”bout practice.

  65. is a sad man. Or better yet, he’s the real “girlie-man”. Probably 5’5″ and 145 lbs (soaking wet) but sure has a lot of punch hidding behind his computer screen. Go back to tipping cows when your Tribe flounders through Sunday night.


    funny… : ) those Indians for funny.. they really think that its going to bother us.. we have to put up with New Yorkers… and u guys dont come anywhere close to that! and you ohio fans… sorry but from what i seen you guys write you dont have any idea about baseball… and Manny.. you should know.. he does whatever his wants when he wants.. get over it! and so what if a player throws their helmet and bat down.. it just shows that they go out there to win and acomplish something instead of not caring! ? why are you saying Youk is a girlie man? So what he missed a ball.. who the **** cares.. everyone makes mistakes! Just like your second basemen who could get that ball in game 1! and seens you took it apon yourselfs to post about our team and about the fans.. be ready to hear it from REAL BASEBALL FANS! who have gone threw just about everything for our team…

    YOUK!- your awsome.. no one is blameing you for not catching that ball.. you made it up with he homer.. well some of it : ).. its ok we still love you!

    I love how the cleveland fans say we’re the Dirt Bags.. Their prob. geting that from win Trot was with us and he was the The True Dirt Dog.. lol and so you guys are calling Trot a Dirt Bag too… because no matter what Trot will always be a Red Sox inside!: )

    Red Sox Nation Is Alive!



    Hey Youk:

    I am at my friends computer and read your blog and he told me to type what I had to say to you. I want to tell you a few things if you will take the time to read.

    My girlfriend is in the hospital and told me to tell you she is cheering for you guys. You are her favorite player and she will be wearing your number come game time. And she will be when you win the World Series as well.

    I would also like to tell you something else.

    It may seem stupid to some but I have faced alot of adversity in life. I have illnesses which I have to battle everyday.

    I was at a point when things seemed lost a number of years back.

    Not only was I battling my illnesses which I will do for the rest of my life, but I broke three vertibre in my back.

    When I saw what the Sox did in 2004,it gave me courage and I told myself I could do anything.

    I bucked’ up and went through a scary back surgery and then

    rough rehab and it is A-ok now. I still battle my illness’ everyday but I know that you can accomplish anything if you are determined.

    Again it may seem stupid to some but the Red Sox give people hope. I fought back and I fight everyday.

    When I look at what the Sox have done and what they continue to do, it let’s me know that as long as you dig deep inside, you can do anything.

    Tell the team that you have people that you don’t even know of that believe in you so much. Believe in yourselves and you will do it.

    It matters not what anyone says. You know this.

    It is up to you and the team. You guys CAN do it and you WILL do it.

    Get out there and do it.

    Win the ALCS, and go on to win the World Series.

    Get out there and DO IT!!!


    haha, when i stop in New York on my way to DC..(some of my closest friends and i care going to DC to see all the sites.) me and my friends are going to wear Red Sox shrits.. Tek Lowell Manny and YOUK.. cause well they have all had run ins with the Yankees.. : ).. it should be fun..

    just thought i would put that in there : )

    Sox Girl


    Ok im gonna start this off as nice as possible.Some of you Indians fans are jumping over to our page posting lame comments.So I am not here to post lame comments I hope Cleveland has more to offer than “girlie man”and calling us “dirtbags”.So for the real Indians fans I have this to offer.Are you the least bit concerned that Beckett can win tomorrow and bring the series back to Boston? Just posted this on the Indians page hope we can get some intelligent responses


    Youk, I was a little upset with Manny celebrating his homerun the way he did. What ever happened to the modest superstar? He didnt win the game with his run. Seems selfish to celebrate personal success while the team is down. Though I love my Sox, I cant help but be impressed and a little jealous of the team mentality the Indians have. Kick Manny in the *** for me. Lets go Red Sox!!!!


    One more thing Youk…

    You are absolutely right about being dangerous when there is no tommorrow.

    There is nothing more dangerous, and there is no team as dangerous as the Red Sox.

    Get out there and WIN THIS THING!



    I would trade JD Drew for Trot Nixon and 30 used hypodermic needles from a crack *****!

    It is sick. I have as many RBI in the ALCS as Julio Lugo, JD Drew and Coco Crisp combined. Bobby Kielty has hit Paul Byrd very well. Where was he? Jacoby Ellsbury is sitting. Huh?

    No intensity. No desire. No cowboys.

    I miss 2004.

    And Cleveland’s [VERY] poor man’s imitation of Michael Jordan, LaBron James dont even like the Indians and yet in one month you slobs will pay $400 a ticket to watch him.

    Just remember this. Game 3 Manny is up with Ortiz on 2nd. 3-0 count. Westbrook misses horribly inside and the ump calls strike one on what was confirmed as ball 4. Next pitch Manny hits into a double play. That was the ball game.

    But why should we expect anything classy to come out of the mouth of anyone from a town that brought us Albert Belle.

    You’re a *********!


    Hmmmm what happened to Cleveland did they all run back to there own site?havent seen a post in a few maybe i will go back over there and battle with them.All ive gotta ask is “whos comin’ with me!!”WHOS COMING WITH ME”!Cmon were going streaking!thru the quads and up to Jacobs feild!!


    Youk, You ****. Shave that ***** off your face. The Indians catcher is a better first baseman than you are. What a bunch of overpaid, spoiled *******. boston fans were running their mouths all week, and now they have to eat crow,


    By the way I don’t see anything wrong with Manny celebrating the home run.
    He did nothing that was vulgar and there is nothing wrong with celebrating a home run.

    You people forget that you need to get a team rowled up and give it a boost.

    Plus it can hype a team up.

    Nothing wrong with it at all.

    In fact I think it was great.


    Earlier I said Ortiz was on 2nd. I am sorry, he was on first. Thus inducing the double play.

    Oh and for you tools who are calling Boston fans this and that … Come on up after the St Patties Day Parade after we have been drinking for 8 hours … find the first Irish looking dude you see and try saying that.

  77. – I’m with you kid, but won’t be able to get on-line till about 9PM. What Tribe Blog do I need to crash? Oh, and check back later tonight because I’ll be back to bash soon.


    Red Sox, Id like to invite you to a conference on abuse to women. I figured since the Tribe have smacked you ******* around you could relate. It will start next Sunday and runs for a week. You will Not be doing anything else then, so please come to Bostons Abused ******* night. Later losers.
    P.S. I would normally never make a post like this, Boston fans started it on our sight.


    eballe: your funny… take a look at his stats.. also.. you try being in a division with the yankees.. just cuz u beat them then doesnt mean u always will.. and being the underdogs and finally proving that we are a VERY good team 2004,now 2007.. this team and fans have been through a lot.. and this year we have every right to brag.. my friend for a Cleveland dan has nothing to say because she knows that the Red Sox have been through a lot.. and dont take it out on YOUK! and im sure he doesnt give a **** what u say..

    ❤ Sox Girl


    jwilhelm, Pretty scary threat. If you girls in Boston hit like the ****** on your baseball team, I would have to throw my face into your hand to get punched. Bostons full of white trash mouth running ****-********.

    GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yes maybe that last post was my fault but Indians fans that are coming out here have no knowledge of the game.Not saying that you are all like that but the ones coming to this site today are quite boneheaded


    agin.. us sox fans didnt start anything.. we’re not ones to start.. we only finish! : )


    Manny is getting scalped Thursday!!!!

    No more mop on top!!!!



    Yeah, you finish alright. You finish Thursday night. Once again, Sox fans started this after game 1 on the Indians sight. Now you eat crow losers!!!!!!!!!!

    Your tears taste sweet like honey!


    : ) still pretty sad.. and no we’ll be finishing at Fenway when we get your sorry ***** back there.. what sight.. ive looked at all of them they have nothing.. let me know which on..


    P.S. Youk

    If you read my post then would ya do me a favor?

    Tell Manny, Papi, Beckett, V-tek and the WHOLE team what I wrote and tell them all I said hi and the we believe the team!

    The Red Sox WILL go on and win the 2007 World Series!


    That is so true they can “barley”dish it but they run away from harmless words.Is the day really gonna be that bad for them to read our responses to the **** they post out here.


    Are you mad yet?

    Then you know how I felt after looking at the Red Sox fans trash our sight after game 1. My work here is done.

    Youk, no offense, I actually think you are a **** of a player.


    First of all … you said earlier that, “I wouldn’t make a comment like this, but Boston fans started it on our ‘sight'”

    You meant “site.” Spelling and grammar check is a wonderful thing.

    The Indians are playing very well. If you read what I have written I am very critical of the way Boston is playing. I am a former college player and a current coach. They are playing uninspired ball.

    But how hypocritical is this:

    You all bash Manny for putting his hands in the air after his homerun, stating that he is cocky and arrogant. Well what does it say about you all coming on here gloating?

    Also, it in no way was my comment a threat. It was more or less an open ended invitation. And about your “white trash” comment here in Boston. We are known for the Boston Pops, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Revolution. Cleveland has the movies Major League 1 and 2 as well as Drew Carey.

    Advantage Boston.


    eballe posted”they can dish it but cant take it”.Or are you asking me what southpaw means?It means left handed pitcher.


    I could not agree with you more. Leave it all on the line and take it to the max. You guys got this one, just pull it together and you will get a victory. -GO RED SOX!


    Manny sign with the TRIBE! “No!” says Manny. I want to go where they win…2004 World Champs! 2007…BOSTON “Trot, hit the road! We can’t afford you!” C’mon aboard and join the TRIBE where we could still use you, Trot. Okay says Trot! Bottom line…Money will not help you win an ALCS or World Series…TEAM selflessness will. We’ll take your Trot and give you Manny. Instead of watching solo homeruns and treating them like Grand Slams, we will take the heart of a Trot, the youth of Kelly Shoppach and your former bench player Eric Wedge and play Team Ball over Me Ball any day and all the way!


    I’m from Cleveland so I’ll bite. I’m not sure why Indians fans feel the need to post slanderous (and incoherent) comments here. Yes, Manny’s actions warranted some comments, but he’s been my favorite player since he first appeared with the Indians in ’93; I’m ashamed as well.

    As for Beckett, he’s a definite threat, but we’re hoping C.C. settles in at home after his intimidating Fenway start. The Tribe is on fire, no doubt, and this magic feeling has been missing for a decade – that’s tough. We’re fighting the best teams in all of baseball with a team of faceless players. But we’re finally being recognized and given credit. 1 through 9 you never know who’s night it is, which is pretty exciting, you have to admit.


    Thank god someone has knowledge well put mapswin i give you props its been lame comment after lame story from Cleveland this afternoon.Your whole Post I cant agree with more.


    We all have faith in you guys. All year you guys have been the best in the league. The bats will be there if you are patient. Go back to what worked and things will work out. I will be routing along with all of Red Sox Nation tomorrow night! GO SOX!!


    I never heard so much ******** in my life,why don’t you go to church and light a candle,lets see if that dosen’t work, lets try voodoo.

    What a sad bunch,the nation, have manny, hit another meaningless homerun and lift his arms higher,wow back to back to back real impressive if you win. I beiieve Fri is the last game the little whiners will play till next season and all you little girls and boys can get excited all over again, in any event the BIG CHOKE is here again.


    Hi Youk As a Red Sox Fan since I was a kid, and seeing the Red Sox lose several very important games at the last at bat I know very well what you are up against. But 2004 changed everything. I appreciate your ability to recognize your role in this (the foul ball) but that HIgh fastball crushed to right center was way more important. Remember if we lose we lose a game…..not the season. This was one of the most exciting seasons Ive ever witnessed for the Sox and you and I should be very proud of our effort. Play hard, try your best and enjoy the moment we are all very proud of our team. Also just so you know… favorite things about the red sox are (in no particular order) NO DWIs, NO Adulters, NO Excuses, MAny thank their higher power in public, NO steroid/drug abusers and the team lets you be who you are be it dorags, dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, yellow hair, tattoos, go-ties, necklaces, and all the charitable things the team does all year long….unlike teams slightly south of you where hair is cut, tattoos are hidden, they do endless VISA commercials, cheat on their wives in public, abuse steroids and need liver transplants later in their alcoholic lives. Long live the Red Sox for using their God Given talents to their best ability and sharing their gains with other less fortunate. No go Kick Tribe ***!!!!! YankeeH8R in Texas


    Youk If you read my posts (and I don’t know if you have or will)

    But if you did…. My girlfriend again says to remind you that you are her favorite player and she will be wearing your shirt for the rest of the games.

    I ask that you tell Manny hi and that he’s my fav, I’ll be wearing his shirt!

    Tell the rest of the team we love them as well and we KNOW you guys will do it!

    Win the ALCS and win the World Series!


    Tribe fan here. Yes some of those comments by Tribe fans were uncalled for. But Sox fans did make some pretty rude posts after game 1. I am not here to talk trash. I just wanted to say the biggest mistake the Sox have made is taking Wakefield out last night. He had our guys scratching their heads. We got a couple of hits and they pull him. Should have left him in. When he was taken out I said “Bad move, the Indians are begging for a fastball pitcher right now.” But Im glad he was pulled when he was, otherwise 2 or 3 runs max. that inning. Go Tribe!

    Thanks Terry.


    Great Blog Youk!!! Just wondering if you sent it on to Lugo, Crisp and Drew!! Common guys you can ALL do this!! We have the experience, we have the team. Show us you’re having fun and let’s bring this back to Fenway. Thanks Lester for a great job!!! GO SOX!!!


    it wouldnt be a choke! it would if we got sweeped! and ok we get it you guys are sad that Cleveland let manny go.. we get it.. and just cause you dont see it doesnt mean mannys a bad person.. so what if manny put his arms in the air who cares! lots of players do it.. like sosa.. he does it worse! and just cause mannys on the Sox team where everything is takin’ overboad by everyone couse they always see it.. and btw… we didnt trade Trot for Manny..


    cleveland fan.. u dont know Wake like we do.. when he has on bad inning its over for him.. cause they figered him out.. if we didnt it would have goin’ worse


    I think Cleveland fans are upset at Manny cuz they don’t watch him more. If you know Manny, you know that’s just how he is … he does it almost every time. It’s not like he did that just for the Indians’ benefit – don’t flatter yourselves. He just enjoys hitting homers. And especially in a game like that, when you’re down so badly, some celebrating is called for, I think. I mean, it’s not like he started break dancing on home plate. He just put his arms up. Lay off the guy, already.


    Kevin, every day i am proud of the work and dedication that your skills and atitiude have inspired in your team, and all of RSN. You and the guys have had an amazing season, and its not over yet. I know that each member of your team will give it his all, and somewhere a hero will emerge. BELIEVE.


    Let me take you all back to the 1995 World Series. Manny being Manny got picked off 1st base. I remember Manny. He used to play right field for us and jog to the ball. He never hustled! He never acted like he cared. He never sacrificed himself for the rest of the team. We finally have a team like the 2003 Marlins that can win and beat the BIG BOYS by playing TEAM BALL!


    im sorry.. but cleveland dont know manny like we do… Peole change! so what he wasnt blessed with speed..if he wasnt a good player then why would we want him? AND WE DO PLAY TEAM BALL!!!! how the **** do you think we got this far.. not from manny and papi and people getting homers all year.. you cleveland fans wouldnt know that! cause you know NOTHING about the red sox and their players and there history.. to us your just another really good team that we need to get past to get to the BIG GAOL.. we have won what the fans wanted most and that was the divisin.. now we are HOPEING to get another world series.. yes we know cleveland is really really good and have have a lot of talent.. just go away.. we’re sick of it already.. and just dont lisen to the other sox fans that think its fan to be rude the the cleveland fans and team!


    I am just a 53 year young gal who lives for the Boston Red Sox! I live in PA but was fortunate to attend 4 games this summer in Boston and 2 in Baltimore when the Sox played there. I even was able to see Papelbon, Pedroia, and Lowell at a Boston restaurant this summer after the Red Sox blasted the Yankees. I want you to know, Kevin, that you have so many fans all over the world and that we are pulling for you 100%!!!! I watch every single game on television and just cheer for you guys all the time. We are not giving up here in PA- good luck on Thursday- we will be infront of the TV in our Boston jerseys, as always! Go out there and win- we know you can!!!!


    Is it just me, or does this blog post sound like Nuke LaLoosh’s notes on Crash Davis’ speech regarding what to say to the media?

    A better blog post could have been written by a random cliche generator.


    ***I BELIEVE!!!***
    Red Sox all the way!!!


    Thank you so much for your posts it’s also wonderful to read all the other supportive postive comments(and ingnore all the negative) I love the Red Sox and I know you can do it, keep on hitting it out of the park!

    ps….I’m counting on seeing Papelbon dance all night soon! Will you be joining him Youk?


    Oh, and one more thing. When we were in Boston this summer we were trying to decide which players name to get on our jerseys we were buying. We couldn’t make up our minds because we love all of you!!! Someone should make a Boston Red Sox shirt with ALL the players names on one shirt- then there wouldn’t have to be a decision!!!GO SOX!


    Just wanted to check the comments to see if anyone commented about pedroia’s attempt to knock the ball out of the first baseman’s glove last night. Nobody did. Not surprised because red sox fans are a bunch of hypocrites. When ARod did it you people cried for a week about what a bush league play it was. Your guy does it and the SILENCE is deafening.


    And who was on the 2003 Marlins team? Oh yeah… Lowell & Becket! Maybe Manny didn’t hustle for you guys because your supposedly amazing team didn’t inspire him to do so. Or maybe it’s because everyone was always picking on him. Anyway, us Sox fans like him plenty.


    Hey, JWilhelm:

    “Spelling and grammar check is a wonderful thing.”

    “Also, it in no way was my comment a threat.”

    Spelling and grammar check doesn’t catch it all, does it? Heeeeeeere’s your sign.


    First of all, I think blogging is pretty lame and it in no way reinforces, augments, or justifies the level of dedication we all clearly feel towards our respective teams.

    That said, the Red Sox did have the best record in the league. However, it was an honor they shared with the Indians. That’s called a push, Sox Nation.

    Second, the Indians’ bullpen, through game 4 of this series and including the ALDS, has put up spectacular numbers while shutting down the 1st and 3rd ranked offenses in the AL…a 2-0 record with an ERA 2.08. Meanwhile, Gagne is looking thoroughly washed up while collecting his $4.5 million dollar salary (Epstein is a wunderkind, right?).

    Also, I grant you Pap is pretty filthy and I don’t particularly enjoy it when we have to face him in the bottom of the ninth, but a closer is only valuable when he has the opportunity to close; and the Sox, as a team, have not been able to put him in that position. The story line of this series is the complete supremacy that Rafael Betancourt has displayed over the same three or four batters that comprise the real power in your line-up. And it doesn’t hurt that he isn’t a prima-donna that puts a ceiling on how many consecutive innings/games/days he can pitch…man up little guy, this is the playoffs.

    Lastly, and this is really the main reason I posted this, how can you possibly condemn Lofton for arguing a borderline strike 3 after the ump had been inconsistent the entire night for both teams, and then defend Manny’s bush-league showboating after hitting the last of the back-to-back-to-back SOLO home run’s? If it were a grand slam, go-ahead, or game-winning shot, I could have dealt with it, but that was just bush league, plain and simple.

    And before you post it, I’m really sick of the whole “Manny being Manny” excuse. Bottom line, the guy is a veteran who has hit A LOT of home run’s who knew EXACTLY what he was doing. “Manny being manny” isn’t a compliment if Manny is being a complete *******. Rent “Bull Durham,” learn how to keep your head down and not show up a pitcher; act like you’ve been there.

    Best case scenario: Game 5 – Manny comes up in the top of the ninth, 2 out, nobody on, Indians lead 7-2, C.C. closing out the series and SMOKES Man-Ram in the back with a 97-mph heater…show a pitcher up, and you pay the price. They all know these unwritten rules of baseball, he should expect it.


    Roll_Tribe: Good comments. However, Manny is safe until April. No one wants to get suspended for the World Series. But just wait until the first time these teams meet in 2008.


    RED SOX fans can say/blog what they want but the truth of the matter is the RED SOX Definitely Have ZERO Class!!! Its all about class and every team in MLB has it but the Dirtbag Red Sox!!! Remember in post season you play as a TEAM, not individual no class dirtbags! One last thing… your sad team actuaully paid for Eric Gagne!!!!! GO GO GO NO CLASS DIRTBAG LOSERS!


    Dear Dirtbag Youk,
    If you read this please go learn how to have some class!


    People With Class


    lol… ok cleveland fans… no matter what you say its not going to change our minds.. so you might as well stop.. and its funny how you say we dont have class.. i like that one.. both teams have class.. i bet if this where any other team you would say the same thing.. its pretty funny.. i kinda hope youkilis stops blogging so that he doesnt have to see the REALLY low class of fans..


    Funny, I hope he stops blogging because a random cliche generator could put out a more original entry.


    Roll_Tribe.. not all fans (Red Sox Fans) think the same.. we could have just as much as an argument as all the fans could with the yankees


    You all can keep on hating … and I’m sure you will be even more after we’ve taken the ALCS.


    I hope he stops blogging because he should be practicing on how to have class and win as a team!


    I had no idea people on these blogs sank this low. How is it that so many enjoy so much low-brow trash talk? (Apologies to those who have actually tried to be intelligent and respectful – Tribe and Sox fans alike) It is a lot more fun over at I think I will go back to where the animals act more humane and there are no humans acting like animals.


    It’s funny just how defensive Indians fans are — almost like they know they’re not going to win this. It really is as simple as winning 1 game at a time (just like in ’04). Becks won’t let us down tomorrow so the series shifts back to Boston, where our boys will NOT be beaten. Schill (Mr. October) will be looking to make up for his last start, so you’d better bring your “A” game or else you’ll be lucky to get a hit. Then Daisuke will have a chance to earn that fat paycheck and thrill his loyal fans as the Sox clinch in game 7. Believe, Nation. Believe, Sox. We just need to win 1 game 3 times.

    LET’S GO RED SOX! ! !!!


    Sarann0826, I have no idea what you are saying…is that like a triple negative? I mean, I’m a pretty smart guy, but I can’t really decipher that one.

    Also, can you stop crying about the Yankees?? SoxNation seems to have a very love/hate correlation there. You talk trash about them, sure…but it’s comparabale to a pre-pubescent girl talking smack about her older brother. Ya dig???

    After all, from what I’ve seen on this blog, SoxNation relies pretty heavily on the rivalry with NY, and their thrilling sole victory against them, to define their own plight as the buy-low-underdog-pat-on-the-back-feel-good-story team that fair weather fans just love to root for (Cubs, I’m looking in your direction as well). Which begs the question: What would you be without the Yanks? How would you find self-worth if not at the hand of the mighty Yankees?

    And please, for the love of baseball, please stop acting like the Sox are a blue collar team. Just because you pulled off the most improbable comeback in the history of sports and now have a sudden cache with wealthy thirty-somethings that enjoy purchasing pink Red Sox hats for their trophy wives, does not hide the fact that your payroll is nearly equal to the combined payrolls of the three other teams in the LCS.

    Further supporting the argument that you are becoming more reminiscent of your Oedipal oppressors with every passing year…imitation is the best form of flattery.

    Me? I’ll take a team with substance instead of flair…teamwork instead of showboating…and wins instead of excuses.


    roll, i don’t get how you can say the Red Sox have no substance, no teamwork and excuses as opposed to wins. I don’t care if you don’t like them… that’s totally fine. But such comments are without objective evidence, and have no purpose other than to be a punk. Your team has its problems too. Lofton’s at least as cocky as anyone on the Sox, I saw Peralta put his hand in the air when he hit a homer, and various other things. It’s Major League Baseball… every team will have its issues. Don’t act like the Indians are exempt.


    Hey Youk…I hated the thought,that there was no game on wednesday night…
    but maybe it will give you guys a chance to take a collective deep breath as a team,relax,& come back with Beckett & let him pitch us back to Fenway….hearing the home crowd…will get EVERYONE…pumped!!!! You guys all hit the ball HARD last night…it was just AT people…Keep the faith…it WILL happen..theres NO rolling over..on this club!!!


    REVEL IN IT..let it pump you up!!!Ride THAT wave…it means VICTORY!!!!


    GO SOX!!!!!GO SOX!!!!!GO SOX!!! Don M


    Roll tide, yeah the Sox have made some high-priced (and not necessarily, well thought out) acquisitions over the years, but we can afford to make mistakes. I’m glad you are so passionate about your Indians (lord knows someone should be!) but you’re out of your league fighting with the most loyal troupe of fans in the game. Where the Jake gets empty fast when the Indians have a few lean years, Fenway continues to sell out even when our team is not as hot. Therefore, we have a little cash and can afford to test our some of those players you couldn’t even dream of.

    However, we still are developing a strong core of players. Pedroia, Lester, Ellsbury, Buchholtz — you’d better believe you’ll still be hearing those names when your flashes in the pan have long since faded into obscurity. And, believe me, those who do amount to anything will jump that ship the first chance they get. So enjoy the next five years.

    Substance and style — you’ve got to love it. Go Sox!


    we would be great without the yankees! and im not TALKIN’ trash about them.. ok.. seens when did clevelands fan become so rude? the red sox arnt “in the hands of the mighty yankees” im not acting like the Sox are a blue collar team either.. you came up with that on on your own..and yes it was an awsome comeback and yes we where the underdog before that! Just cause we pay a lot of money doesnt mean we’re not a good team.. we have really good players and so does cleveland.. its not my falt they spend money.. i know this is proving what u said but.. Thoe.. said that because we have to keep up with the other good really good teams in our divsion we had to spend some money to get who we wanted.. that also doesnt that our player are just there for the money.. i would ahve more to say i just not feel like fighting with something someones says when i dont even care!

    and btw i dont appove of sox fans wearing pink soxs hats and apparel..



    Wow, there is a lot of passion here for both our teams. Truth is, Cleve has out-played us Nation – they look like they want it more. Drew, Crisp, Lugo have yet to show up, Pedro(oya) looks scared. Our big 4 can’t do it all. We need 5 more players to step up, including you Youk. I am a diehard Sox fan, have been for 30 years. I believe in this team and the Nation- don’t listen to the nonsense coming out of Tribeland-the most politically uncorrect team in sports-I mean how can you take anyone serious that still degrades the people that we stole from and raped and killed? Talk about white trash-how about Just WHITE!


    Anthony, unless you are literally the Last of the Mohicans, I really don’t want to hear your liberal guilt trip.

    I’m assuming you’re American and living in America at the present time, and if this is the case, save your hypocritical rant for someone who will buy that load ’cause it ain’t me, pal.

    As for the Tribes players that are apparently all “splashes in the pan,” come on now buddy, Victor Martinez is the best catcher in the league. Last year his knock was throwing out base-runners, this year he’s a top 4 guy percentage wise. Peralta’s upside is enourmous, as you know all too well. C.C. and Fausto? The best 1 and 2 combo since Schilling and Johnson for the D-Backs in 2001. Asdrubal is a star in waiting. Marte is a star in waiting. Gutierrez is…how should I say…a star in waiting. Sizemore is the best centerfielder in the league and Ben Fransisco, who has barely played yet, is going to be a huge bat in the next few years. Not to mention Hafner, Betancourt, and Perez. And with the exception of C.C., they are all signed long term…good luck to you and your rapidly depreciating line-up and grossly inflated payroll.

    At least we can all agree that pink baseball hats, in support of any team, are an egregious transgression against all that is good in sports.


    I’m one of the previous, respectful tribe fan posters, but flash in the pan? Who is to say your own young players are anything more? Only time will tell, and that’s not something either team can predict.

    If anything, the angry posts come from Tribe fans who incredulously cannot believe that we are still underestimated. ESPN, the so-call “experts,” Chip Caray on TBS (“here come the yankeeees”…that was really neutral). In the beginning, we liked it, loved it even, that we were barely mentioned, because everyone wanted the Boston/New York rematch. But its winding down to the Series now, have you noticed us yet??


    Roll tribe, you don’t have to be Native to see the blatant disrespect your organization perpetuates. Justify all you want, your mascot is hateful and wrong. And if that makes me liberal-then sign me up for national health care, *** marriage and legalized pot.


    I didn’t say anything about the nature of the logo, I simply stated that if you are so offended and moved to means, then check your own living situation. Realize you are living on the foundation established by European imperialism as well. So, you got that going for you, which is nice…


    yeah thats TV.. stupid brodcasters who think they know everything.. baseball fans knew from the brgening that cleveland was out there and doing very well.. bothe of our teams are very good.. pedro.. (Dustin Pedroia:))i feel back for the poor kid… guy.. its his 1st postseason.. he seems alittle nervous.. even if the red sox postseason does end tomorrow.. thats OK we had a good year and a great run at it.. there next year.. when the team chould be getting even stronger.. so lets stop all this PLEASE! both teams are very good teams..


    Any organization that lets a dirtbag left fielder urinate behind the Green Monster during pitching breaks has no class starting from the top!!! Get Some Class You Dirtbags!!!


    sarann-I feel for your sentiments, but that attitude doesn’t fly in the Nation-this year is what counts, not next year. We didn’t lead the majors all year just to lie down now. Fight we must, win we must. Go Sox!


    there is a toilet back there. Remember there are actual humans changing all those numbers…


    Kevin- They call it a game of inches and yesterday’s game proved the saying well. The fifth inning mishaps especially.
    The Red Sox Nation has been through this many times but we have never given up with out a fight. We want the game to come back to Fenway so Thursday’s game is a fight to the end.

    I want everyone on the team to have fun–live in the moment–slow down every bat—slow down the game– the momentum will change.

    Good luck to all.

    It has been a great series for the fans to see two very well built teams go at it. The sports media wanted the traditional NY/Boston match up and I’m glad they didn’t get their way. I have enjoyed the series.

    Kevin; whatever happens–you have our support–it has been a great season for you and you should be content with your play and contribution.

    Thanks to the team also.

    Go get them and have FUN.


    The city of Cleveland isn’t exactly the center of the universe. Isn’t it time for urban renewal!


    Say what you will about Cleveland, but if it’s good enough for a certain Mr. Robert Goulet, it is most definitely good enough for me…yeeeeah, Goulet



    Ever notice the blatant disregard for the Irish community carticutured by the hateful mascot presented by your own Boston Celtics? Pot, kettle, black?


    Roll-tribe i’ve enjoyed reading most of your blog entries..but don’t reduce yourself to the level of some of the ignorant red sox..and indian…fans.. you are too intelligent for that– on Manny, alot of us red sox fans cringe at his antics..and be assured that the mgmt of the red sox is aware also..they have continually tried to trade him.. but alas, the guy is one of the most gifted hitters ever–and somehow he gets away with it.but does he really? he is in NO way as popular as Ortiz…. but I also assure you..that the heart and soul of the red sox are guys like big papi , youklis, varitek..the latter two being examples of guys who bust their humps day in ..and day out.. for the team… Cleveland has played great, and the big difference in the series I Think.. is that cleveland has capitalized on its opportunities..and the red sox have not… last night being a prime example… the indians scored no runs and had 2-3 hits in 8 innings… and got 7 in one… pretty amazing…..


    Hi Sarann how ru doing? u have to believe in the RED SOX!!! WE all hope they will come through on thursday night!!! JUST BELIEVE SARANN!!!!! red sox have come back before and hopefully they will do it again, just take one game at a time, come home and our fans will be cheering very loudly and we will win both games, the REDSOX JUST HAVE TO GET A WIN ON THURSDAY SARANN AND EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER< BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!


    Boston IS Irish ooooooooooooo
    cmon now….you are really defending the use of Indian caricatures in sports???


    What a crazy place! I read to see what Youk and fans are thinking and feel a part of the team. Why all the venom? When push comes to shove, it really is only a game – an expensive game, but still a game. Whether Manny is as nice or deserving as David Ortiz or who is the “heart and soul” of the Red Sox is immaterial. This year, each individual is one of the team (remember, there is no “i” in team?) and are therefore my team. Undoubtably the team will be different next year and yet they will stil be “my” team.
    The Indians are simply playing a very good game against Boston these last three games. We’re good, they have been better. I can’t help but admire the way Cleveland has found a way to get around our best efforts so far. It will either get better or it won’t. Tomorrow is another game, next year is another year. The slate always starts clean.


    hockey:i believe i believe! dont worry : ).. just getting sick of the Cleveland fans.. no matter how much the “good” sox fans try and make peace they still have to go and dig below the belt.. atleast we’re “nice” to say we respect them and ****.. but till deep deep deep deep down inside i have to say i have sorry.. : \.. it at this moment seems hearder to over come then 04.. also im doin’ good.. VERY TIRED! longg day.. getting ready to go to DC..

    Red Sox Nation Prove To Youk YOU are here for him and the team!

    ❤ sarann



    You’re walking a very weak branch. I grew up in Boston and it is definitely NOT Irish. There are various ethnic communities scattered throughout the Greater Boston area and the Irish are well represented. But to say Boston is Irish insults East Boston, Roxbury, JP, Roslindale, West Roxbury and the entire Back Bay.

    I, of course, am not upset with the use of the Irish caricature (even though I am Irish). And I am equally NOT offended by the use of any other caricature that appears in sports, including Chief Wahoo. I do have some Irish friends, though, who are offended by the Irish cartoon character along with the Lucky Charms guy. Go figure.

    Just because a few people who happen to be (so-called) native americans are offended by the cartoon doesn’t make it offensive…especially when it was not designed to offend.

    The vast majority of (so-called) native americans that I’ve discussed this with are totally indifferent to the issue.

    There is an argument to be made for the legend that the Indians were named for Louis Sockalexis who was one of the first (so-called) native americans to play the game. He played his entire career with the Cleveland Spiders.


    You’re right, tlee, I am extremely intelligent…but you know, I’m also devastatingly handsome…sooo, y’know that’s pretty sweet for me.

    But anyways, I’m not too upset about anything taking place in here; a blog is a blog. I was just pissed Manny chose that point to show up a pitcher. Even for him, that was low and he deserves to get plunked, straight up.

    But, you’re right about him being an extremely gifted hitter; his pitch recognition is nothing short of phenomenal and is, by a large margin, the best in the majors. This in turn basically gives him carte blanche in the Nation, along with his pivotal role in 2004.

    Just the ignorant fans defending his actions…it’s slightly insulting to baseball fans everywhere. Claiming he has that right because, “he likes hitting home runs”?? That is ridiculous. You say he’s the hardest worker, studies film, and shags doubles off the Monster regularly, well that may be true, but that was just really unprofessional…even for him.


    Hey dskinsey –

    Thanks for sharing the article by Bob Ryan – it is a nice one. And I share a lot of his feelings. If we didn’t win it this year, I wanted it to be the Indians. You guys are also long-suffering, and we know what that is like. I’m having a hard time believing the venom here- it’s not like the Indians are the Yankees! They are an exciting club that is coming together at the right time. I am so glad the we, and the whole nation, did not have to endure another Sox-Yanks match. The rest of the USA must be sick to death of us!

    I miss the days when we were the real underdogs surprising everyone. As much as I love to see the Sox win, I really don’t want this team to turn into another NY – buying championships. I would love to see guys like Ellsbury get the chance to bring back that kind of spark. I’m not ready to roll over and play dead, but I gotta say that the Indians have impressed me and I sure hope they beat the Rockies if they make it to big time. Cleveland has been waiting a lot longer than the Rockies have even been in existence. That said, let’s hope Josh brings it all back to Fenway after tomorrow night –


    Yes, that article by Bob Ryan was very entertaining and, hopefully, prophetic! It reminded me, somewhat, of Leigh Montville’s style of writing. Whatever happened to him? He was, by far, my favorite sports hack.


    Cleveland Manager Eric Wedge said “Its not about who we play, where we play, its how we play.” I agree. Cleveland will win as long as they play their game. They have done this 3 games in a row and will do it again. So bring Beckett, Schilling, Lester, Delcarmen, Wakefield, Tavarez, Manny, Papi, Youuuuk and whoever else and we shall be left to see how each plays and may the best team win. Good Luck to the Sox, thanks for Trot! Let’s Trot all the way back to Boston if we have to but let’s Trot all the way to the World Series. It’s how your team plays 4 out of 7 times that decides it. So far, its Cleveland 3 Boston 1. Let’s not forget 2004! We will not take you for granted. Trot will help his team to get to the Series. All we need is one more! By the way Kevin, who resembles Trot for your team? They will do what they must to reach the Series. Trot’s new team! The Tribe! Hopefully, it will be done in 5. We’ll take 6 or 7 if we have to! They will play hard and win one more. See you tomorrow, Beckett and Kevin! We will do what we need to to help achieve the goal of World Series 2007!


    Well put, mlbtribe.

    I wonder who it will be that gets to the great, inpenetrable Beckett first. I predict it will be Garko, Peralta and Lofton. And than the walls will cave in for the BoSox. Meanwhile, CC will pitch into the seventh when Rafael (of the Perez persuasion) and Joe will finish things up.

    And Manny will not be plunked! At least I hope not.


    What you guys are forgetting is the typical Cleveland Indian fan is a hard working member of America’s working class.

    For 30 bucks you can get a box seat and a hot dog and enjoy what remains of America’s pastime before it was ruined by the greedy owners in New York and Boston that try to buy the World Series.

    Every real lover of baseball should be an Indians fan.

    Let your kids watch the game…and let them root for David against Goliath. That’s what America is all about.


    “Man, you know, I’m happy to do something special like that,” Ramirez said. “I’m not trying to show up anybody out there. I’m just trying to have fun.

    “If somebody strikes me out, and shows me up, that’s part of the game. I love it. I like to compete. When people strike me out, and show me up, it’s all good. It’s no hard feelings.”

    Even as an Indian fan, I’m with Manny on this one.

    The writer of the other Blog (Garko) actually said that he didn’t blame Manny for his celebration because Garko himself was blown away by the distance of the shot.

    So let the controversy end and tell local Cleveland radio personalities and news correspondents to shut up.


    So this is what has become of the baseball fan. I guess I should have expected it, people can’t stand anything going against their ideal way of thinking. Of course when it does go that way they become obnoxious gloating pigs. I feel sorry for the average fan who just wants to enjoy the game.

    I love the Sox, but if this is a representation of its Nation, I don’t want to be a part of it.

    Don’t you Indians fans think I’ve forgotten you, you’re just as bad if not worse. This is a game, it’s supposed to be enjoyed but from what I’ve seen here over the past couple of days makes me seriously question the nature of humanity. You’ve brought me to a new state of thinking and for that I thank you.


    “[If winning the ALCS] doesn’t happen, so who cares? There’s always next year. It’s not like it’s the end of the world.”

    — Manny Ramirez

    Nice comment. Sounds like a guy you’d want to be payig $20 Million a year. You can keep him, Sox Nation.


    We are part of the Red Sox Nation here in, Tulsa Oklahoma. I have been a fan for over 30 years. We came to Boston this summer and this team has the same heart as the 04 team. Keep your head up and I know you all can take it back to Boston.

    Being at Fenway and the great city of Boston for the first time was a great experience. Watching you all play live you can see the passion that each player has for the game and this team. GO SOX!! Take it back to Boston.


    As an Indians fan, I would like to apologize for the words of some of our “fans”. Apparently playoff fever has gone to their heads.

    To be honest with you all, the way I’ve seen the red sox play this year, I’m kind of worried about tomorrow night. If your boys want it bad enough, it will happen, they’ll get that win.

    So I say good luck and may the team with the most heart tomorrow night…oops tonight :)…win!

    ps. kind of keep manny in check…that move was soooo cocky


    I love all the comments from Cleveland about “buying” a title. Maybe if you guys went out and supported your team by attending games or purchasing a hat, you could afford to recruit and keep talent. I drove through Cleveland this summer and saw a sign offering two for tickets to Jacob’s Field. Sad.


    I have been a red sox fan for fifty years,they have always come up losers,except for a few good years.

    They would’t pay enough for a better player,but constantly knocked the yanks for doing so, and cried when they lost. They now have an owner who will pay for better players, so get quality players who can catch and HIT!

    Why is drew still out there when we have someone who will do a better job, and lugo, who is not getting the job done either,varitek,so he can call a good game, he only gets a hit once every 30 at bats. This team is going nowhere but home. Oh Beck will win, and then what,it really is sad, another good season gone bad. You know the old saying ,theres always next year. Lets hope we get a real center fielder also.


    It all starts tonight guys. The Rockies have done their part, and put out the welcome mat. There are many of us here who have been waiting for the dream series with the SOX here in the rockies. You know you have it in you, so kick these Cleaveland butts and come on out! Don’t forget to dress warm. My daughter says it snowed pretty good in Aspen yesterday so bring your skis and hang out for awhile. Good Luck from the biggest RED SOX fan in Colorado Springs. RED SOX FOREVER !!!


    Back on the short bus, Pesky.

    Since Jacobs Field has been around (1994), here are the total attendance figures:

    Boston: 35,380,900

    Cleveland: 37,536,908

    Check your facts before you go exposing yourself as an arrogant Boston fan.

    The real money in baseball comes from TV contracts, and that’s why the Red Sox have the money to spend more than $143 Million on their payroll, to the Indians’ $61 Million.

    Just another case of Boston fans being so wrapped up in themselves that they remain blind to the fact that there’s actually good baseball elsewhere.


    You tell them, Bill!!! I’m a big Yankees fan and although your team sent us packing for the winter, I hope you do the same to those overrated Red Sox! I’m so sick of listening to Red Sox fans who know absolutely nothing about baseball. They just jumped on the 2004 bandwagon and now they think that they can win it every year.

    Sorry Red Sox Nation! The Clevland Indians aren’t the pitching deprived Yankees. And Kevin Brown will not be taking the mound!


    I’m here in Aspen, CO. The fair weather Rockies fans are coming out with a vengeance and it sickens me. They want us…bad. Plus, who cares about a Rox/Tribe series? bo-ring. The Sox nation is as strong in the mountains as it is all over the world – and it is all season long…not just when our boys are winning. We’ve been down before and we can rise up again. Beckett, my man, bring it baby! I know you will. Then, rip through the rest of the series and get your warm RED SOX on and ready for the Rockies.


    Boy, you Sox fans can’t even get two sentences written without showing that arrogance.

    To answer your ridiculous question, there are millions of people who care about an Indians/Rockies Series, including thousands of visitors to this page.

    What better indicator of the health of baseball than the teams whose payrolls rank 23rd and 25th to meet in the World Series? In a season in which the 25th-ranked team ripped off 20 of 21 wins and the 23rd-ranked team took down the top two payrolls (Yankees and Red Sox) in the playoffs?

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a series for you Sox fans, who can’t see past your own backyard. Rather, it would be a series for lovers of the game, who appreciate an indicator of such a strong game.


    Arrogance? Ironic that’s coming from some ***** Indians fan that feels the need to go to Youk’s blog and muck it all up.

    Go to your own team’s blog and spew your junk there.


    No matter what happens tonight, all of us in Red Sox Nation love you, Youk, and all of your teammates.

    That said, I believe in this team – you guys have heart and intensity, and it’s time to let that shine. You are all excellent, focused and committed players. Let’s get out there tonight and show everyone what we’re really made of!



    Too bad for all you Redsux fans. I can finnaly walk around San Diego and not have to see a bunch of fair weather fans with their beat up Redsux hats on good luck next year!!!


    The hats are beat up because they’re worn all year long. Maybe you can “finnaly” go back to school & learn to spell, too.


    Its not just the hats that are beat up, did you happen to hear your boy Man-ram? He sounds like a real Jack@$$. how do 3, 4, 5 hit over .300 and you chowderheads still find your selves on that slippery slope to a long snowpacked winter?


    That’s just Manny being Manny, man! I love long snow-packed winters. I love Manny, too.


    I remember the last time you were in this position, well almost this position. I went out the commons, to Chers, and had beer. I had several discusions with other patrons and spoke to them about how you could still come back and win it all. At the time they thought I was nuts! Well, that act of establishing the confidence needed to accomplish your task is just what the doctor ordered. Its like catching lightening in a bottel. I here their going to have severe thunderstorms in Cleveland this afternoon. Maybe you can go out and do just that, catch lightening in a bottle. How ever you want to look at it, the thing you and the Sox need is to regain you confidence. I know its an elusive thing but you can, you MUST, do it. Good Luck!


    Billbillat bill… get real on the attendance question. Boston sold out EVERY home game and averaged 101% of capacity for the entire year.. Cleveland ? 65.6% capacity for the it is clear that you Cleveland fans are not supporting your team throughout the year..just in the playoffs… your team ranks 21st out of 30 in attendance–and this in a year when you win your division? pretty sad… more info on the popularity of the red sox..the red sox averaged 38,500 fans on the road this year.. cleveland averaged 29,400 on the road–on this measure, you were 27th out of 30.. no wonder the advertisers are throwing up.. at the prospect of a cleveland/rockies World series..they will lose their shirts.. right now, the NLCS had a 2.8% ratings share..the ALCS is at 5.8%(up from last year).. this is mainly due to the red sox.. not the indians… all of that being said.. i tip my hat to Cleveland..they have outplayed the Red Sox and maximized their opportunities..but let’s hope you guys support them better next year..they deserve it.




    Fair weather fans ? I been a RED SOX fan probabaly longer than you haved been alive bozo. I was in the bleachers in 78 for Bucky Dent day. I remeber Yaz as a rookie. You may know about fair weather out there in San Diego, but you have no clue about what FAM LOYALTY really is. Go watch your Chargers, maybe they will give you something to cheer about instead of whining on this blog.


    Youkilis, Please pass on advice and well-wishes from lifelong members of the Red Sox Nation who attend an Adult Day Health Program in Boston: “We’re thinking about you! Win for us! Good luck! Play to win! Do your best! We need to get back to the World Series. Tell Papi we love him. Do your best – we are counting on you! GO RED SOX!!!”


    TLee, the argument was about revenue, so that’s why I based the number on total tickets sold and not upon percentage of capacity.

    The fact is, that over the past 14 years, there have been more fans in Jacobs Field than at Fenway Park. You can put up any other number you want, but let’s stick to the original reasons why those numbers were relevant.


    ummm…what’s the seating capacity in Cleveland? 43386 And in Boston? 36108

    hmmm…I wonder where the revenue difference comes from. Retaahhd!!


    and yes…43386 is greater than 36108. Thanks for today’s simple math lesson, however convoluted you made it…attempting to spin the BS in your favor…


    Again, this has nothing to do with capacity. Let me ask you again, which number is greater:

    Boston: 35,380,900

    Cleveland: 37,536,908


    Billbill.. yes there have been more fans in jacobs field over the last 14 yrs.. but since 2001, it is a completely different story.. Cleveland fans are very fickle… and they do not support their team on a consistent basis..and on the revenue front, there were 700,000 more fans in Fenway this year than in Jacobs field..that translates to ALOT more addition to the TV revenue– Cleveland fans did show up more often this year (average at home of 28,400) versus the previous year 24,400.. but again, this is a good indication of my point.. the Red Sox fans are much more loyal..last year we did NOT make the playoffs, and we still sold out every night…


    That’s fine, but we’re not attempting to measure some nebulous concepts like “fan fickleness” or “total support.”

    The argument originated by one poster pointing out that if the Indians wanted to increase payroll, maybe fans should attend the games. That is why the numbers I gave were relevant.

    Again, I’m not attempting to measure “fan loyalty,” just butts in the seats.

    You would have a valid point if you contended that equal attendance figures net more money for Boston. They do, since Fenway Park tickets are the most expensive in baseball.

    In any case, the attendance question only came into play because this particular poster said, “Maybe if you guys went out and supported your team by attending games or purchasing a hat [you could spend as much on payroll].”

    Obviously, this poster did not know that Cleveland has drawn more fans over the years, and obviously does not know that all team apparel purchased under Major League Baseball Lisencing gets placed into a pool for revenue sharing. So yes, Sox fans, every time you buy a Red Sox hat, some of that money goes to the Indians, and the Devil Rays, and even the Yankees!


    and last point billbill.. . in the 2006 year when your fans came to jacobs field at the rate of 24,400–you ranked 25th out of 30th… this , i would why your payroll is so low.. poor fan support… get out there and go to games..


    i have to respond again.yes, our tickets are very expensive.. take those expensive tickets ..multiply by 700,000 more fans(2.9 million in fenway this year.. 2.2 million in cleveland) … and how much more revenue did boston get… due to fans attending.. oh is even bigger.. since our average ticket price is higher…maybe my math is different here in boston than cleveland?


    no bill were saying that we get no extra revenue from fan support.. we get tens of millions more in revenue..due to our LOYAL fans going to support Boston.. you ranked 25th in the league in 2006… sad.. you are UP to 21st in the league now in 2007 when you made the playoffs.. even more sad…


    Kids – this is about baseball. Bill – we have more money than you. Stop cryin. Who cares why…it just is. And, even if your team started playing like champs, we’ll still have more. Get over it. Clearly you can’t, which is why you waste time pushing buttons on an opposing team’s blog – and is, in my opinion, pretty lame. But then, you’re an Indians fan – I guess you gotta take stabs when you can.

    Play f-ing ball. Stop whining about arbitrary figures.


    Thank you for telling me what I was saying. “You would have a valid point if you contended that…” isn’t making a point for you? I had no idea.


    SORRY BILL, JACOBS FIELD IS A BIGGER PARK, THEN FENWAY, THAT IS WHY U HAVE HAD MORE PEOPLE GO THE GAMES IN THE LAST 14 YEARS!!!! get the record staright why don”t u!!! cleveland indian fans r fair weather fans, they have not stuck by the team all year round, red sox have!!! CAN”T BEAT THAT!!!


    sorry bill, i go to about 30 games a year, I BET U DON’T, WHERE IS YOUR LOYALTY TO YOUR TEAM!!!!!!


    If Fenway expanded to 50k seats, they’d all be full…every night, every game, all season, win or lose. It’s one of the perks of being the franchise in the greatest baseball city in the world.


    It dosen’t matter who’s field is bigger, its about the win,and youk and the rest of
    them just can’t do it,take a real good look at them, their beatup and have nothing left.

    What was it youk said (Let Cleveland beat the yankees) He thought it would be a cake walk,surprise, surprise.

    Lets make them a banner to hang on the monster,THE BIG CHOKE 2007. I’ve heard some of us say we got what we want ,we won the div title, add another week to the season the yanks would have won. Let’s count our blessings.


    yeah.. rmiddleton.. your right.. ESPN said that cleveland my whole the all time record.. but within a year its going to be boston.. because they said we stick to our team.. win lose and they dont care how bad they are.. they will always be a fan..


    As I said before, I hope those outstanding attendance figures bring you comfort this winter, Red Sox fans. Meanwhile, your hubris will help distract your attention from focusing on yet another Red Sox post-season flop. But boy oh boy what an attendance percentage!!

    You can keep that garbage, I’m going to go ahead and stick with the wins.


    how many times has cleveland had a FLOP! let me know… not every year can be the year…


    yeah alot of players say if we dont win this or that then its not the end of the world.. because its not.. and to them its also about their familys.. to them its not their life.. but their crear..


    Terrific counter, sarann! The Indians do not win the Series every year. Wow, you really took me down a peg or two. Give me a minute to catch my breath from that devastating blow…

    Man, that was brilliant…you truly are a juggernaut of historical baseball statistics.

    Check out how many Division titles teach team has won respectively in the last 15 years or so, it’ll blow your obviously formidable mind.

    Also, every team goes through extended periods of depreciation that inevitably takes attendance levels down; it’s cyclical…remember when the Royals were the class of the A.L.?(Yeah, me neither.) But arguing whose fans are more passionate is an exercise in futility.


    P.S. – On off days during the season does Fenway host like gigantic screenings of “Fever Pitch”? Possibly a Jimmy Fallon bobble-head day? Man that movie totally shoulda won some Academy Awards.


    OK roll tribe, you finally said something I agree with. Arguing with an idiot will get you no where, so put your stats where the sun don’t shine. I wonder if we’ll be seeing your meaningless little words of wit in this blog after the SOX send the tribe home for the winter ? IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.




    Taking the team at their word, it appears everyone will play for a win tonight. Whatever happens, it has been a great run!

    The Sporting News-( New Yorkers at best) didn’t write well about the team this year so certain sports writers will have to eat their unkind words.

    I have confidence in this team and can’t wait till tonight’s game.

    Best of luck to you all. Have fun and a good time

    On the scale of things in life, it is just a game to be enjoyed. Some of us forget that!


    Nothing speaks to a fans knowledge of baseball like pure, unabashed and unfiltered blind faith.

    Good luck with all that, you nutty little lemmings.

    Did you know that Travis Hafner’s family crest is a picture of a barracuda eating Neil Armstrong.


    The poor excuse “That’s just Manny being Manny” is really getting old. The guy is a ******* plain and simple. He quits on his team, plays when he wants to play, and makes ridiculous comments like “if we don’t win it this year, oh, well!” The Red Sox front office has nobody to blame but themselves for letting this idiot do whatever he wants to do.

    You can keep Manny’s offensive numbers. I want someone who’s going to play every day and give 110%.


    Dear roll tribe –

    Anyone who can use the word “hubris” in a sentence has got to have some smarts. So why are you acting so stupid? You are so angry! You should be happy you are up 3 games, but you are over here posting hate mail to Sox fans. Get a life!


    I ‘ll take that as a compliment, as the idiots didn’t choke in 2004, that was a baseball team. Now we really have a bunch of dits, that will be on the golf course next week. BE nice I’ll be nice.Call me a name I’ll do the same. Tune in tonight ,you don’t want to miss this one,


    Nothing hateful about what I’m saying, sport. Just rustling the collective feathers of RedSox Nation, no harm in a little competitive banter.


    Hey Pwiner44,

    You obviously did not read Manny’s entire quote.

    Only the part that said if we dont win. Read the whole thing and maybe you will learn more.

    As far as you saying you would take someone that plays everyday at 110%… are you a complete idiot?

    His numbers say that he plays 110% everyday.

    How the **** would YOU know if he gives his all everyday?

    And then you say he is an idiot for doing what… raising his hands when he hits a homer?

    Sorry but I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    He is not doing any dances or doing anything obsene.

    Showing enthusiasm on a homer is what you need to get your team pumped, whether they already are or they need help doing so.

    He quits on his team?

    Dont see what you are saying there… Is it because he left the Indians? So what?

    Ballplayers move now days… that is the game, sometimes I don’t like it but EVERY player does it.

    He plays when he wants to play?

    Don’t get what you are saying here either.

    Your whole post was pretty much garbage and had no weight to it.

    Why don’t you ask the Sox how much they like Manny themselves? Read and you will find out. The teamates love him too, and not just because of his numbers.

    You post made no sense.


    To add to that.
    I think it is ridiculus to say what Manny did after the homer was wrong?

    Just because they are behind he should sulk?

    Like I said before enthusiasm can help a team.

    He did NOTHING wrong and as a matter of fact I think it was the perfect thing to do, and would be for ANY player.

    ESPECIALLY when your team is down in the game.




    We believe we can win and go on to win the World Series, and we WILL!!


    Every post season game (Fox & TBS), the announcers have made a point to talk about Manny’s dedication to the game and to the technique of hitting. They mention that he’s one of the first guys at the game, watching video for hours, perfecting his swing…whatever. What’s great about Manny is – he’s not out there TALKING about how hard he works. He goes out, has fun (god forbid), smiles and laughs, hits the shiz-nit out of the ball…and not for nothing, plays an pretty darn good fielder. When he talks to the media, half of it is intended to cause a ruckus. I imagine he laughs after saying most of the stuff.

    That’s Manny-being-Manny and I love it. A happy-go-lucky jack-***, maybe…but he’s earned it.


    Middleton, your comments should be null and void based strictly on your use of the “word” shiz-nit.

    And what Manny did is most definitely considered a bush-league move. He has hit a ton of home runs in his career and the most in post-season history, so don’t tell me he didn’t know he was showing up Lewis.


    Awww…you no likey when they tease you? Did you tattle on your friends as a kid, too? Grow a sac, buddy. You don’t like celebratory homers, don’t throw em where we can hit em.

    Go take your tampon out.


    by the way…i’m the whitest of white girls around, so yeah…I can bust out the shiz-nit when-evah!!

    word up homie.


    Kevin, not gonna lie man, I think you have the most annoying batting stance in all of baseball. I’ve heard a lot of your former teammates hate playing with you. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be booing you as usual again in the stands tonight. Have a fun ride back to Boston thanks for letting your team be our punching bag. Maybe you could go play some golf with Giambi and Arod this weekend.


    If you WANT IT bad enough, it is yours. It all comes down to the team who can see and feel themselves as the winners. BELIEVE it Red Sox and it belongs to you already. You will be home soon. Victory is already yours.


    I don’t know how the ladies roll in your 40+ slow-pitch softball league, but in grown-up baseball, what Manny did is tantamount to doing a cartwheel after hitting a home run.

    But thanks for reinforcing my negative stereo-type of Boston fans. Keep buying those pink Sox hats, little lady.


    I loathe pink Red Sox gear and I’m not even at the 30-mark yet, honey. But don’t worry, I’m way out of your league.

    I’ll send Manny the memo re: trying to protect your weak emotions after smacking one out. Try not to cry if he doesn’t listen.


    Wow yeah, you Tribe fans are real mature. Not trying to defend the Sox fans who are fighting back, but I feel real sorry for the real fans of the game who are just trying to support their team.


    Wow, yeah, you Tribe fans are real mature. Not trying to defend the Sox fans who are fighting back, but I feel real sorry for the real fans of the game who are just trying to support their team.


    Hey whatever let’s you sleep at night, sweetheart. Be sure to give Man-ram my regards in fantasy world.

    It’s still 3-1, let’s not forget that, mmmk pumpkin?


    Sell outs dont matter,,,sox will draw regardless how many seat their park holds,,they r competitive all season long,,,indians?,,,what have they done lately?…when they win a world series then we will tip our caps to them,,,the red sox r not dead yet ,,so beware of putting your feather in your mouth Indian fans,,,that drum beat sounds like its fading,,,this maybe last game at the jake till april<><>


    Good luck, Sox fans…all jokes aside. This game should be one for the ages, the two best pitchers in the league…an explosive home crowd…the underdog story, this will be great drama.


    Red Sox Fans Also Have ZERO Class!!! Go get a video camera and tape the teams signals playing against the *** patriots. All Red Sox Fans Should Go To ****!


    Tribe, was that supposed to be an insult? Go back to your own team’s blogs, we don’t need ignorant people here.


    Learn to write in an actual language.
    Also, you know that key to the right of the “z” key? That should be used as well.


    HEY COILD< YOUK”S teammates all say, YOUK IS A great guy and i know that of matter of fact coild!!!!!!!! YOUK IS A GREAT GUY AND PLAYER AND YOUK IS VERY CLASSY!!!!!!!


    Youk still has no class…. Chien-Ming Wang should of popped him in his fat head




    WHAT A BLAST YOUK!!!!! KEEP IT GOING YOUK AND RED SOX!!!!!! we will win tonight, lets go red sox lets go red sox lets go red sox!!!!!!! WAY TO GO BUD!!!!!


    believesox07, you and rmiddleton have been writing nothing but gargage on this blog. You’re both stinking up the joint!!!

    Now that Beckett the punk is out of the way, all Sox fans can do is hope and pray!!! HAHA!!!


    You started it off tonight for the whole team. You truly are inspirational!! We love you in Providence!!


    Youk, I love you! Thanks for being such an awesome player! I’m rooting for you here in Texas! Go Red Sox!


    Great hitting tonight Kevin.. you are the MAN… and it was encouraging to see JD Drew hitting/getting a walk; Lugo–great job with the bunt… game could have been 12-1(Lowell’s ball foul by 2 inches)… Beckett–unreal .. simply unreal–he has locked up the cy YOUNG… and lastly.. Lofton–a chump with no talent…


    wow, what a game. bet this board will be minus a few (dia)Tribe fans. Even with the amazing ballplaying of WHOlio Lugo-boy he did everything to try and ****up this one didn’t he? Crisp can’t even bunt….Jacoby Ellsbury anyone???
    Nice outing today Youk-way to bounce back.

    Go SOX!


    Thanks Youk for doing this blog and for keeping the fans in mind. In the end you’ve played a great year and it’s no shame in not winning but can you do that after winning the World Series? Also tell Terry it really is time for Jacoby Ellsbury to take a few turns at the bat. I love Coco defensively but Jacoby can do the clutch hitting that the Sox desperately need right now. Also, please let Gagne have a rest. He doesn’t need any more blows to his ego right now.


    Thanks Yooouuukkk? for a terrific year. It?s been a blast to be a Red Sox fan in 2007, win or loose tonight!

    A friend just sent me this poem.

    Our Father, who art at Fenway…

    Baseball be thy game,

    Thy kingdom come,

    Playoffs need to be won,

    On Earth, then on to the Cask ‘n’ Flagon.

    Give us this day, a perfect Papi,

    And forgive us our losses,

    As we forgive those,

    Like Eric Gagne.

    And lead us not, into desperation,

    But deliver us from any losses.

    For thine is the Power,

    And the Glory,

    To beat the Indians,

    Forever and ever…..the Yankees s??k.