Getting a lead was big

It was good to get the lead tonight and build a little more confidence on this team. I think that was a huge factor, just trying to get ahead and trying to get some runs on the board against C.C. I was glad I was able to help there, with that solo homer in the first.

Getting on the board first is huge when you have Josh Beckett on the mound pitching gems. Sometimes all he needs is one run. Getting that one run was big, and then we were able to add on.

I think once we were ahead, 2-1, guys were definitely more confident, but also, guys knew that we needed to get more runs. This is a great Indians offense, and they can get back in the game with one swing. For us, we were just excited to get those runs across in the seventh and eighth. That was huge for us.Youk_2

What Josh is doing right now is great. You wish he could go out there every day and throw the ball, but he can’t. He’s throwing the ball well, and we’re exited to have him on the mound pitching, because he’s dangerous out there. It just seems like he’s locked in and throwing his pitches where he wants, and ‘Tek is calling a great game. We’ll take him any day of the week out there.

Game 6 back in Boston is going to be great. I think the fans are going to be a little bit more confident. It seems like it was a little bit of panic mode while we were gone, and I think it’s huge for us to go back and get the momentum going in our favor and for us to win a game.

We know we’re still facing elimination, so we’ve got to win that game on Saturday.

We’re fortunate to have Curt Schilling on the mound in Game 6. He was definitely the guy that helped get us through 2004, and we’re hoping he comes out and throws a great game. If he can throw a great game and we can get a couple of runs across for him, we feel that we can hopefully win that ballgame and push it to a Game 7.



    I have a great feelings about the comeback in the Fenwey, the momentum is complety yours, Go Red Sox!!!! Go Schilling, and Go Yooouuukkkkk!!!!


    Way to get things going! Winning 2 in a row now is definatly possable! Good luck and thanks for a great season! It’s been a great time to be a sports fan in Boston!


    Youk, Beckett was awesome! You had a nice shot for the first run..get some rest…your going home…
    now FENWAY’s the place thats gonna be ROCKIN” !!! Great game guys…GO SOX!!!!!!!!

    Don M


    We Believe It to Achieve It! Positive Mental Imagery Red Sox Nation! The skills, the talent, the hunger, is all there! One game at a time! We believe!


    You’re having an amazing postseason, Youk. WOW! We’re really excited for you and proud of you guys. Great job last night!


    I’ve only got one thing to say “TROT TROT TO BOSTON……”. Ask anybody from Boston to finish that childhood saying we all grew up on as we were bounced on some family member’s knees!
    Ironic isn’t it that now Trot has to come BACK to Boston.

    Cindy from Maryland (born / raised in Boston!) WAY TO GO RED SOX – LOVE YA!


    I think I fell in love you with all over again…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I’m with Donna – it’s all about BELIEVING because BELIEVING makes its so! I’ll be sending lots of positive energy and love vibes from Virginia Beach to Boston on Saturday. You guys have the biggest hearts in baseball. GO SOX!!!


    YOUUUKKKK!! man you guys did awesome!! know I told some of my friends yesterday morning that I had woken up feeling so positive. At 7 am on my way to work I sent them a text message saying simply..”I believe I believe”…You guys have hit the nail on the head..Positive energy..let the players feel it..we feel guys are the ones that have to do the work but we’re right there behind you..pushing you..rooting for it for yourselves! do it for your loyal fans! do it for Boston!!!…this weekend is going to be out of control!! I don’t know if my heart can take it! :]


    “Believe It To Achieve It”???? That isnt stupid at all…jesus, how lame was that line?

    Youk, there is nothing better than watching you foul off 5 pitches in a row, then RIP a line drive to center field and watch you go into the dugout and break something.


    Great game Youk! Send Josh Beckett and the rest of the Bo’Sox my regards.

    It’s terrific to see the fire and ‘never quit’ attitude in the Red Sox. I’ll be there Saturday to watch Schilling put out the Tribe’s campfires.


    Love watching your lightening speed on the bases! Your disipline at the plate is paying off, and the team’s confidence was readily apparent as the game progressed last night. Thanks from not only me, but from all of the members of the Nation out here in New Mexico!! Sandy in NM


    Great way to start the game. You guys all seem to be having fun out there and you all look nice and loose. Take 1 at a time. Good Luck


    Last night, you all showed that heart and intensity I knew you had. Way to bring it home! Let’s keep this thing going – Red Sox, you are the only only only!


    Way to go Youk! Nice bat last night. My wife just got me your jersey for an anniversary gift (10/15) and I’m wearing it to work today beaming with pride!

    Keep up the good at bats and awesome defense… If the bottom of the order picks up, you get Schilling being “Schilling” and Dice being “Dice” in their big game rolls, you guys should roll at Fenway….

    Then just introduce the taste of the Rockies to the Budweiser beer garden….


    Yoooouuuukk! You were awesome last night. I was a little afraid for you when Josh Beckett threw a 100 mph rocket to first base to get an out. But you caught it! Me, I probably would have taken it right off the head or chest, and need to be carted off the field with a contusion.


    It amazes me that Lofton steals as many bases as he does. I mean, with that big mouth of his open and flappin all the time, you’d think the wind resistance would slow him to a crawl.


    Great Game last night YOOOOUUUK! I loved the home run in the first inning! I was on the edge of my seat all night watching the game! I love you guys and im so glad we get to bring it back to boston WORLD SERIES HERE WE COME!


    Great team win Youk! Now it’s time to go home to where the magic never ends…No towel waving, no drum,…just Sweet Caroline, Dirty Water, and Tessie and 37,ooo plus to back all of you! Curt’s turn to put us on his back and carry us onward! Keep it goin’…


    Great job last night. The Nation slept a little easier last night. You are fully confident you will not have another team celebrate at Fenway


    G-R-R-R-R-R-E-A-T game last night Youk! Great job all around. As for pitching … Beck’s the man!

    BTW … where did all those loud-mouth, cursin’ Tribe fans that were on this blog yesterday go? Where are they now? Hmmmmm … perhaps they’re all changing their pants.

    Flip da bat all you want Kenny … Manny will be raisin’ his arms and doin’ that special trot at least one more time!

    Curt’s got it tonight … Fausto will be sent home packin!

    GO SOX!


    Youk… great way to start of the game. You rewarded the faith we had in you guys. I know you can keep it up on Saturday back home. Just listen to the fans, and let that sound carry you to victory. 🙂 Oh, and let Schilling help out a bit too!


    Once again Sox fans show their lack of class on Ryan Garkos Blog at Making many rude statements. I notice that no tribe fans have done that here to Kevins page. I know most boston fans are not as ignorant, but the few that did post did not represent you well. Good game last night Kevin. Go Tribe.


    So you did it.You went out there played hard and yr bringing it home now.I am so confident you guys can take ’em Saturday and Sunday.I will be home on monday and I want you all to still be there getting ready for the world series.


    boston fans have no class!!!
    where are you at soxnation@yahoo, I don’t see you making any encouraging remarks for team. grow up *****!

    kevin, good game your team really needed you in there.

    but don’t get too comfortable cuz the TRIBE is coming!!


    Great homer Youk!!! Nice playing by everybody. What did the Man Ram say about who cares if you lose the series? Does he really not care? What did Josh Beckett say to Lofton to get him all fired up?


    hey is a quote from one of your fans on our site… it follows…

    I’m a Cleveland Indians fan born and raised. I respect you Sox. You’re tough. But you’ve shown yourselves to be a gang of individuals–even arrogant egos.

    You curse and throw your helmets and look like the bunch of spoiled over-paid chumps you are.

    The Tribe is a team and that’s why they’ve come together and done what need’s to be done and you guys keep coming up short.

    now..let’s see.. did I see Sabathia throw a bottle of water in frustration? did i see another batter (i believe it was cabrera).. smash his bat down when he struck out at a crucial time? i would never call Sabathia or Cabrera an ‘overpaid chump’ I would call them fierce competitors fighting for their team.. just like Youklis, Pedroia and others… so please stop taking the high road..and stop abusing the other team’s players, mr tribe fan.. I think the INdians are a great team..and I think Boston is also…


    You(k) are the MAN! How important is that homer early on for the team? I think it got everyone focused – good to see Pedroia back in his precocious mood! I heard that MLB is going to outlaw Beckett from pitching more than one start a month…and give the opposing team the right to forfeit.
    No bashing the tribe, now – great baseball needs two great teams. This is a BoSOx script all the way and the tribe deserve some props for their play!

    As predicted, JD is quietly getting it together…quality at bats (with the walk) and solid contact!

    I like a Lester start and Dice K out of the bullpen with Beck available in game 7. Let’s get that game 6 first…


    For decades, Red Sox fans have been some of the most cynical fans in all of sports. With all of the disappointments in our club’s long histroy it was understandable. But 2004 changed that.

    After the 19-8 drubbing in game 3 of the 2004 ALCS, I had all but given up on any hopes of a Red Sox comeback. But you guys scratched and clawed and won game 4, and then the rotation was lined with Petey for game 5 and Schill for game 6, and all of Red Sox Nation started to believe in the impossible.

    This year, down 3-1, I don’t think anyone ever gave up hope. They know the character of the veteran leadership held over from the ’04 Squad, and they know that these Red Sox don’t roll over for no one. Let’s get the bats boomin’, get the crowd cheerin’, give Curt some runs to work with, and give ’em a game 7 in “That Old Green Church of Baseball on Landsdowne St.” if I may borrown a phrase from Steven King.

    And I agree with the last guy about starting Lester in game 7. The Indians have a lot of good lefties in their lineup, and he looked good in relief in game 4.

    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Youk- Great game last night! LOVED the homer! Everyone in the lineup got a hit.. but coco.. and every player got on base at least once!

    thats what i like to see! keep it goin!

    Tell Schil we believe in him! now go out there and show them what we’re made of!!

    ❤ sarann


    Youk, way to get things rolling last night. You guys finally returned to playing Boston baseball. I think the baseball gods are smiling on you all right now. One more game. Just remember to play one at a time. We love you guys no matter what. Thanks for a great season either way, and here’s to hoping that it doesn’t end any time soon. Good luck!


    I was reading here on how someone felt good about last nights game..I had that same feeling! Of course it was a nailbiter, but that is post season, that’s what makes it great baseball!
    I’m so proud to be a REDSOX fan, you guys truly stepped up to the plate, and if we don’t make it all the way [which I’m feeling we will], you can certainly hold your heads high as you played AWESOME all year long. It’s a blast and I can’t wait until next year already.

    See you guys when you get home and YO INDIANS…bring it.

    –RedSox Renee–>


    It’s all about the big Mo..and I credit you for the good start Thursday. I appreciate your efforts playing ball and you are easily a player any fan can root for. Probably unnoticed was all those low throws to dig out at 1st last night. I really feel good about the Redsox chances now. Sock ’em Sox.


    Congrats on the homer Youk!
    Could Papelbon be any gayer? All the Sox have is Beckett. At least you were able to get 2 wins from him. It is over after Fausto dominates on Saturday night!!! Go Tribe!!!


    rippinmics2003, check out yesterday’s blog, if you care to see calous Indian fan remarks. I can’t wait for my SOX to come to COlorado. The welcome mat is out boys.


    first off, i’d like to say great job youkkkk, what a way to say!!!! IT’S NOT OVER YET!!!! we’ve been there and done it before, I BELIEVE you guys can go all the way! good luck.i live in OHIO, but born in Mass. and have to hear rude comments from indian fans, who are not true fans of the GAME! thanks for you guys playing hard everytime out.


    Play smart and you’ll create the same situation you had in 2004,would love to see it happen again! GO SAWKS


    Great game Youk! So what if Manny doesn’t run or slide-he Hits!
    Glad to see Pedroia getting hits. He is going to be a star.Beckett is Cy Young material 4 sure!

    Mr. Manager please bench Coco Choko and let the kid play center field but I don’t care is yugo ever hits – he is a great SS!

    Hope schilling has something left. Pap is well rested but even Gagne could of “saved” last night’s game.Lofton should of been ejected for charging the mound from first base. Cleveland has shot their load and Boston will win in 7!


    Was last night’s game some crazy sort of playoff game that counts as more than 1 in the win-loss column?? No?? Oh ok, so we all agree that the Indians still lead the series. Sweet, I was just checking.

    That said, momentum, as any player in baseball will tell you, is the next day’s starting pitcher. Schill is clutch and that absolutely worries me, but the prospect of Dice-K isn’t really weighing on my mind.

    Our bats are incorrigible and our team consistently picks each other up…game 6, and possibly game 7, will be great. Big ups to Sox fans who can discuss baseball in a civilized manner. Good luck this weekend.

    Also, did anyone catch Pap’s dance after the Angels series? Wow…that was sorta cool…(awkward silence)…at least don’t do the dance in spandex, man!



    Dice-K kinda scares me too. But, I think if we see game 7, we’re going to pitch any and everybody we can…perhaps even a short-rested Beckett for an inning if need be?? yes/no?


    Wow Beckett was great last night, but do not get your hopes up. Fausto will invade fenway and close it out. Get the visiting clubhouse ready *** fans because we will be pouring it up saturday night. Schilling ***** and it is 2007 not 2004 so don’t give me that ******** about him being another big game pitcher, he is not. Go tribe!


    hi roll tribe, yes i was at game clincher against minnsota for division clincher where papelon and youk did great dances!!! hopefully i win those 2 tix tonight for game 6 on saturday!!! nice and warm here for october!!!!! goping to be very loud on saturday and i think the red sox will be all pumped up by the crowd noise. sorry going. LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!




    Dear Kevin;

    It was a great game. Everyone was focused and remained cool through out the game. Manny was right but tell him the next one he hits, please clear the Monster seats. Umpires calls this year have been to say the least “awful”. I’m not for instant replay in baseball for balls and strikes but for plays like in this game as a fan I would like it. (Make sure the yellow lines at

    Fenway are in paint that glows )

    I have never lost faith in this team; My friends here call me a fanatic but I just know you all can pull this off.

    I wish I could be at Fenway in person but I will be sending energy over the waves.

    I hope the Fenway faithful are really loud and stay positive throughout the game. They are all the tenth player on the team and should work those vocal cords.SO WORK THEM!

    Best of luck from the California branch of the Red Sox Nation. Stay in the moment, have fun and win!



    You all did such a great job and we in the Midwest who profess our support for the Red Sox salute each and every one of you. It’s not easy being a Red Sox fan in the heart of Cardinals and Royals country but we do stand fast for the team….in the stickers we display on our cars, the office decorations and logo shirts and I can tell you there are a LOT of us here. Seeing and greeting another Sox fan ( as I did this morning at a local coffee shop ) is like finding a long-lost friend and the team logo is like a secret handshake….

    Yeah….Red Sox baby !!


    youk is having a great alcs,,,but manny is hitting close to 600,,,so hockey,,we all know youk is ur boy,,but there r others who r deserving ,,,youk is defitnely lighting the fire in the 2 spot,,great series for him,,,go youk,,,and all others,,lol


    hey kevin i jus twanna say u have herpies and that ur beard grosses me out u have a small **** josh
    is the biggest **** ever i jhate go tribe u p.s. u have grease pubes with carrot nips in ue butcrack hair


    I’m psyched about the game tomorrow! Would give anything to see you guys at Fenway, but I’ll have to settle for a bar in Texas! You rock. Let’s go RED SOX!


    Awesome job Yoooouuuuukkkkkkk.
    Red Sox Nation Still and always BELIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Good luck to all of you. Enjoy the game. I hope the players on your team lose however. May the best team represent the American League. I have to stand by my team, GO TRIBE! However, Youk, you have been a tremendous competitor.


    Hey,I’m a ci fan. Wanted to say this rivarly really makes October special.Some of the comments are over the top in both blogs~both teams make BB
    fun to watch. Go ci.


    Have you guys realized that the only pitcher you have is Beckett and your bullpen is horrible besides papplebon. Francona is scared to death to put anyone from the bullpen in unless he absolutely has to. How can you win a championship when you have no bullpen??? Schilling washed up and Dice K has now failed twice in the postseason, our next two in Carmona one amazing outing and one good. Westbrook one amazing and one bad outing, lets see what happens, GOOD LUCK and I mean that.


    Great game! I feel in my gut that the momentum is going our way. Our hearts are in it. I think we are so fortunate to have Terry Francona, who shows such respect for and confidence in his players. I like that the lightheartedness (like the noise in the bullpen!)dillutes the tension. I thank God we have owners who are very UNLIKE George Steinbrenner (sp?)Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow. -jill


    Hey Youk, great job coming out and showing up the indians in game 5. You guys are going to win game 6 & 7 at Fenway for sure, i can feel it. Keep it up.


    Somebody said that our bullpen is horrible… That actually made me laugh out loud. Thank you for posting that. We all now know that you haven’t watched any baseball all year. Man, that was really funny to me.


    Can you guys feel it? We fans can. Time to get it done again Curt – Red Sox Nation turns its eyes to you. And we know you’ll take this thing to Game 7. Let’s keep it going boys – we believe in all of you 110%. GO SOX!!!

  56., I was meaning to compare it tp the Indians which you cant and if you think you can then obviously haven’t watched all year, INDIANS BULLPEN-redsox bullpen


    spoolin83—check back here when game is ova,,,see how mouthy you will be when the tribe is sent back to their tents with their feathers between their legs,,indian bullpen blew more saves than sox,,,borokowski>?,,he is a 50-50 shot,,,like i sid,,check in again when games r done,,,,


    YYYYOOOUUUKKKK… You and Dustin showed how the top of this line up can really ignite a 3-alarm fire. You guys start the ball rollin tonight and you’ll buzz saw right through tomorrow. Lets go boys…2004…2004….2004 all over..Also, check out dead centerfield during the game. A co-woker is in Boston and is gettting engaged during the game….Go Sox..Got to go Watching Fever pitch to get all Syked up..


    Actually, spoo(m)in … if you had been watching ALL YEAR, you’d know the Sox bullpen was number 1 in the majors this year while Cleveland was somewhere around 3rd-5th. (Not that it matters when you’re competing against NUMBER 1.) So, I believe (correctly) Red Sox ‘pen > Indians ‘pen.

    With the lineup starting to click (and hit) and being back at home, you’d better believe this series is over. Sox scorch tonight 6-1 and tomorrow 8-3. Let’s go Sox!


    All you people make me sick, with the, we love you, we believe. Oh Shill please do good tonight, we need you. You should all watch fever pitch again, so you will remember the feeling. These are the same red sox we have had in Boston for the last 86 years. We won’t see it again, for another 86 years. I know lets buy shill some ketchup for the game, maybe it gets him excited and he just might win.Bigger payroll same type players. Get your crying towels out your going to need them.


    Thanks Yooouuukkk? for a terrific year. It?s been a blast to be a Red Sox fan in 2007, win or loose tonight!

    A friend just sent me this poem.

    Our Father, who art at Fenway…

    Baseball be thy game,

    Thy kingdom come,

    Playoffs need to be won,

    On Earth, then on to the Cask ‘n’ Flagon.

    Give us this day, a perfect Papi,

    And forgive us our losses,

    As we forgive those,

    Like Eric Gagne.

    And lead us not, into desperation,

    But deliver us from any losses.

    For thine is the Power,

    And the Glory,

    To beat the Indians,

    Forever and ever…..the Yankees s??k.





    THE TRIBE HAS WOKE UP A SLEEPING GIANT!!!!!! LETS GO RED SOX!!! lets go red sox!!! lets go red sox!!!!!


    YEAH BABY!!!!! YEAH BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO RED SOX!!!! HERE WE GO RED SOX!!!!!!!




    Great hustle all season only if all ballplayers had your intensity. I have this idea that red sox fans and possible media,management personal could pass out white towels to all fans entering Fenway Park for game 7 Sunday so that all sox fans could wave them as indian batters were at bat so as to give sox pitchers an advantage like indian fans did for team in Cleveland. I believe that was an unfair tactic being used and Boston should return the favor. Go Dice-K and Red Sox on your way to World Series and to Colorado.


    I’m really glad for JD…I just had a feeling (stated in an earlier post and originally during an earlier blog). He’s a great player with a tough personal situation – Francona is simply among the best at sticking with his guys (Torre being another great one)! The media and the **** they’ve written…IDIOTS.

    BTW Youk…heads up base running hehehe… sorry. bad pun…

    I hope a couple of my other “feelings” end up being sage-like.

    Nice job guys!


    Calm it down hockey,,the faithful are worried you ”blab” every 2 mins is gonna jinx,,,seems like ya pick youk mvp every game,,,,but u forgot pedroia,,drew,,,and SCHILLING this game,,lol,,,we all know u wanna be youk’s guy,,but its a team,,,youk IS having A GREAT LCS,,no doubt about it,,so lets hope the dice can stick a feather in the indians cap and send them back to Ohio,,,


    I see the big mouth indians fans got quiet after game 6,,one more game,,ru that worried?,,ahhh,,,the Dice is overdue to throw a gem,,the bats have come alive andDrew’s grand slam was a memory of the 04 idiot’s slam [damon] for the few who forgot,,lol,,pedroia and youk r getting on and setting the stage for our big bats,,any1 care for a feather>?…LOL,,GO SOX


    why yes, i do care for one… lol great game! Sox DREW frist blood! JD grand slam was awsome! its nice to see im FINALLY smile.. it was great to see people other then Papi and Manny “getting the job done.” With that.. if Cleveland fans are going to complan about Manny putting his hands in the air then we’re or im going to complan about your catcher basicly walking around the bases when i was a solo homer and it didnt do any for you..



    that was a classic Fenway *** kicking. What??? Did you hear that Nation???? Oh, I thought it was the “tribe” talking…I was wrong.

    GO SOX!


    Welcome back JD, Schil and Lugo
    manny, you’re just wicked awesome.

    Game 7- Fenway- priceless!

    Go SOx


    Congrats Sox. I never lost faith that we would be in Boston for game 7. Youk – you are the spark plug behind this team, Drew – absolutely love you, Sheilling – you make the over 40 crowd proud, Pedoria – (lil man) you have redefined the term rookie, V- you are the brains behind the Boston train, Ellsbury – you have stepped up to the plate and will not doubt be one of the greats, Manny, Big Papi, Lowelle – you three are the Red Sox icon. I love this team and am so proud to be part of the Red Sox Nation. As for the Indian fans I only have one thing to say… You just woke the sleeping giant and we will show no mercy. By the way we dont need to cheat with the waving of the white towels to distract your pitchers – and do you still think you will be celebrating in our “cramped field” now??? ITS ON!


    One more guys! Make them Indian fans, and Kenny Lofton, shut up! Welcome home to the Nation! GO SOX!!!!


    GOOD LUCK RED SOX!!!! will know in a little while if i get a tix to game, hope so!!!!! KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!


    Amazing game last night! I’m in VA Bch and I started watching the game at Applebee’s (I know, I know) When JD hit the slam I was the only one losing my mind, everyone stopped and looked at me. I said “JD just hit a grand slam you guys, JD F’IN DREW!” Nothing, silence….. I had to get out of there, freakin weirdos! Great game! Onward and upward! Love you Youk!


    Good game last night. You guys are going down tonight. It will probably be a 15 inning affair because both teams are so great. This in my mind was the World Series because the Rockies DO NOT stand a chance against either club. Why do Red Sox fans talk funny? Go TRIBE!!!!!


    The team that wanted to win game #6 the most….DID! You Red sox are amazing. You played like you wanted it, you did awesome! Way to go red sox!!!!!!! Now who wants to win game #7 the most??????????????
    we do….we do…..we do….I KNOW THE RED SOX CAN DO IT! I BELIEVE!


    and one more thing…
    good thing Beckett pitched that last game in Cleveland, it would have broke their budget to fly Dice K’s ex all the way in to sing!!!!!!!! Beckett did his typical superb talented perfect pitching job!


    ***i can’t wait for tonight!


    Must be nice to have the game handed to you by the umpires. Nothing Cleveland can do at this point matters.

    It’s understandable, one must understand the sickening amount of money to be lost if the small-market Indians face off against the unknown Colorado Rockies.

    It ain’t gonna happen.

    All it takes is for the umpires to call anything close for the Red Sox and shrink the strike zone until the pitcher can throw nothing but fast balls down the middle–just like they did last night.

    The more Cleveland protests, the worse it will get.

    Cleveland fans, take your towels and put them over your head and call it a season.

    Baseball is as corrupt as every other sport in America.


    Phenomenal! Just one more game to go boys – Keep us rolling!! Youk, you were a joy to watch last night, as you are every game. So glad JD came through – I’ve been waiting for him to do something special like that. Another classic Curt Game 6, and now, it’s time for Dice to show us what he’s really made of. We all know you guys will do this. You all showed grit and determination last night, and didn’t lose any intensity, despite having a pretty comfortable lead -That’s why we fans believe in you so much; our Sox never give up! LET’S GO RED SOX!!!


    Youk, you deserve a Tony Award for game 6. It was absolutley beautiful when you took one in the ol’ melon during the run down. Contrary to the game analysis, I do believe you tried your best to get in the way of the throw. Then when you sold the impact by flaling to the ground like you had just been in a gang fight was hook, line, and sinker. Not every player has terrific speed, rocket arm, or good dancing skills so “gamesmanship” is key.


    Youk, you play awesome, now focus in tonight, one more step to the world series, please show the same straingh for Dice-K, i hope he pitching fabulous, all team, all Boston Red Sox, deserve the victory.


    You ROCKKKKKKKKKKKK, Youk!!! Go ahead, massacre the Indians. Just wondering, what exacting happened with Paul Byrd and the HGH, the *****? GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hey Youk!!! Canadian girl here signing in to congrats you and the team for such a great thrill series. Game 5 was impressive! What a way to hustle! Game 6 was incredible! What a way to burn those Indian pitcher’s out! We are all routing for you on the West Coast in Kamloops B.C Canada.
    P.S…LoL…next time some smart *** wants to bring in an ex-girlfriend to sing on behalf of the opposing team, I hope I’m there to put her and the team to shame! (Show them how us sexy canadian women defend our sox!)lol…anyways we believe, and know you’ve got what it takes to put those indians to rest! Looking forward to watching more celebration dancing after tonights game!



    WHAT A BLAST YOUK!!!!!! youk is M.V.P!!!!!!!! ANY QUESTIONS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    WTG Youk…WTG Sox…Rockies next, awesome game! Great one two punch in the leadoff, you guys are why were here!!!!!! Ive officially lost my voice, but I’m sure it will be back for game one!…Go-sox!


    nEXt gaME!! The rockies!!!

    WTG Youk!!!!! And then, 2007 World Series Champions!!!!!!!



    RED SOX NATION!!! I was watching the game tonight at a bar (I live in Chicago) and just about everyone there came to watch and cheer on the redsox. Its funny, Im from California, moved to Chicago, and love the redsox, when people ask me why I love the redsox I just say redsox nation, point proven tonight. Heres a question, do any of you live in Chicago and would like to watch a world series game with another redsox fan? If so email me and lets get something set up. By the way, Youk you guys did great and once again you came up huge, liked i said in a post recently, i was glad the redsox gave you a chance to play fulltime last year and I knew you were a huge cornerstone to the team last year, just like you were this year and will be for many, many years to come. Bring on the rockies, LETS GO REDSOX!!!


    Way to go Red Sox!!!!Loved that Millar threw the first pitch tonight. I miss him! My husband and I will be cheering you guys on Wed night from Apple Valley CA with a Sammy Adams in our hands! – Youk what can I say.. your fans know who the real MVP was for this series! I am glad that Beck recognized you. I wish we could give MVP to all the Sox player because everyone did their part to get us to where we are. Now lets go take it to the Rockies!!!!


    Youkkkkkkk…You guys have been playing phenomenal!! I wish I could be at Fenway on Wednesday, but my fiance and I are showing our support out on the west coast 🙂


    YEEEHAAAA!!!!!!! Bring it on!!! I’m ready to see you guys aboard them ducks!!!! Whadda you say??? Get your life jackets out and head out to the banks of the river charles!!!! Buh bye Kenny!!!!


    Youkilis 🙂

    Beautiful performance during this series.

    No one has to tell you or your teammates to focus on those Rox because they are going to be a fight, just like the Indians. But I have my faith in this team, and I know we will finish them off. I don’t make predictions: “Sox in 5, Sox in 6, etc.”

    I know this team will finish off the Rockies with a full-on pursuit of excellent pitching, bats, and the guys who own the end of the game like no one else.



    Youkilis 🙂

    Beautiful performance during this series.

    No one has to tell you or your teammates to focus on those Rox because they are going to be a fight, just like the Indians. But I have my faith in this team, and I know we will finish them off. I don’t make predictions: “Sox in 5, Sox in 6, etc.”

    I know this team will finish off the Rockies with a full-on pursuit of excellent pitching, bats, and the guys who own the end of the game like no one else.