We stuck together

It’s unbelievable. It’s a great feeling to come out here in Game 7 and play so well. I’ll tell you what, it was unbelievable for us to win here at home, and a lot of people doubted us, but we didn’t doubt ourselves. That’s the biggest thing. When you believe in each other, you can go a long way in life.

If you ask me what the key to this series was, it was just sticking together. There’s a lot of people that are negative, and there’s a lot of people that doubt us, and they want to get on the bandwagon and say we can’t do it. You know what? We proved everyone wrong. We did it in 2004 and we did it again now. Maybe one of these days, people will start having a little more faith in us.

We have to play for each other. It’s a business, both in the media side or other sides, where people might write bad things about you. You know what? Just take it and go with it, and take out all that aggression on the baseball field.

This was a tense game tonight, but when Pedroia hit that home run, it was huge. That was the biggest thing for us. We’re just excited to put those runs across. Hey, we added on. That’s what we wanted to do, extend our lead.

I know the Indians are taking a lot of heat for not sending Lofton on that hit down the line in the seventh, but that sign the ball hit is not usually there. Usually, that ball kicks right to the shortstop. That’s one of those things I think third-base coach Joel Skinner prepared well for; that was actually a good call on his part. It just didn’t bounce his way, and we were very fortunate he held him up. Nine out of 10 times here in Boston, guys get thrown out trying to go to second or going home on balls hit down there.

We get the double play right after that; that was just huge. We were so excited to get back in the dugout. That was the biggest turnaround of the game.

I had a good series swinging the bat, but I don’t mind flying under the radar. I’ll fly under the radar any day of the week. That’s just how it is. I’ll fly under the radar as long as we win.

To me, I’m just excited to play this game. I’m very blessed in life to be able to play this game. I’m very blessed the Red Sox have stuck with me. That’s the biggest thing for me — the Red Sox have confidence in me and that’s all I need, for somebody to have confidence in me to let me play this game, because I love to play it. I give it 100 percent every day. I’m all about just having a lot of heart and playing the game.

I’m real excited just to go to the World Series, but I’m just trying to enjoy what we have right now and I’ll just prepare myself for that first game at Fenway on Wednesday against the Rockies.


  1. penwhale@gmail.com

    A team picks each other members up when they’re down. You guys did a wonderful job and that’s why you guys are now in the World Series.


  2. nansidd-sox@yahoo.com

    I had the chance to go to the first playoff game of my life tonight (and I’ve been a fan since ’64) and it could not have been sweeter. Great job – everyone was in it, a team working together. You made my night. Congratulations, it was fun seeing you all celebrate on the field. Thanks for the fun, the great season, and go get those Rockies!

  3. diavolomaestro@gmail.com

    Youkkkkkkk! Congratulations for a monstah ALCS. You may enjoy flying under the radar, but you’re a true Red Sox Nation hero.

  4. kttref@aol.com

    Congrats Youk and the rest of the team…you guys stuck it out and did great. Good luck in the World Series – we’ll be watching!

  5. joseph.harrington@gmail.com

    You’re a fun player to watch, Kevin. And you’ll always be welcomed with open arms into any park inside the Red Sox Nation. Your attitude is exactly why you’ll never be forgotten by true Boston fans.

  6. jesssinclair@aol.com

    CONGRATS !! I knew that you guys could do it. We never lost faith in you. Keep having fun and playing great baseball. Looking forward to the World Series and a lot of tired days going to work and it is ALL worth it. You are a master at first base Youk, long way from Portland, Maine…but still love watching you !!!

  7. edhmurphy79@aol.com

    Hey Youk,

    Congratulations. You guys made me a little nervous but it just makes it all the more sweeter doesn’t it. Plus, goin 7 games kinda gives those Rockies some time to cool off. I was so happy that Dustin had such a big game tonight. That look on Papi’s face when he came into the dugout after his home run was like watching someones big brother witness his younger sibling do something great. I could joy on everyone’s face that he came through. I think of him as our Eckstein. I tell you man, watching you, Dustin and Jacoby play make me very excited about Red Sox baseball in the next couple of years. By the way…way to use your head, literally, in game 6. That was some quality “heads up” baseball. Well, Thanks to you and everyone else in the organization for making it so I can continue to see some more SOX games this year.

    By the by, I was so glad to see Kevin Millar out there with you guys tonight and I’m happy he got to share this with you. Maybe you can get Trot to throw out one of the first pitches in the Series.


    Eddie Murphy

  8. pigbob@iwon.com

    Just one question. How much did you guys pay the umpiring crew to get the calls on your side. It was sick.

  9. bostonredsox908@yahoo.com

    YOUK! Congrats to you and the whole team! Everyone gave 100% tonight. My mom (age 80), my husband, my 8 year old son and I, all stayed up to watch the game. I love how my family can enjoy the Sox together!

  10. avolcek@cox.net

    Pigbob… poor little Indians fan. Besides Lofton getting thrown out at second, what kinda calls are you talking about? And in case you forgot Skinner is your guy… if you wanna be mad at someone. He had to make a judgment call, and he ended up being wrong, but it’s a tough call like Youk said.

  11. ryanfiske17@yahoo.com

    Well Youk, what happened, did I tell you guys that all you needed to do was take pitches and throw breaking balls, or what?


  12. knplamondon@yahoo.com

    YOOOOOUUUUUKKK!knew you guys had it in ya…never doubted for a second. LET’S GO RED SOX!!!!

  13. j_donnelly83@yahoo.com

    Youk, I’m so proud of you guys!!! Thank you so much for all that you and all the other guys do. We love you! Can’t WAIT for the Series!!!!

  14. steven.c.chandler@us.army.mil

    Awesome! I was at Spring Training this year and I felt it then. This team and all 25 guys are winners! Congrats Youk on a great series.

  15. slwhitfo@hotmail.com

    Congrats to Youk and the Red Sox. I am soooooo happy!!!! I just love the way everyone was able to contribute; and what Beckett said last night when he accepted the MVP award was just great. I can’t wait for Wednesday! Congrats again!

  16. habk24@cox.net

    Hey YOUK!

    All last week I’ve been takin’ **** from so many people here at work … I stuck with y’all in the midst of all those who were saying they’re gonna fall … thanks for shuttin’ them all up!

    Bringing Millar in for the ceremonial 1st pitch was awesome! RSN will always love and appreciate KM …

    Wednesday is right around the corner … the excessive days off (and the snow) is gonna cool off the Rocks!

  17. macchiavello13@yahoo.com

    YOUK, I just want to say two important things about what you wrote 1) Sox Nation NEVER doubted, the doubts where in the media and talking heads that can’t dinstinguish between their thoughts and those of producers and editors and 2) Besides Josh’s name I only heard YOUR’S mentioned as a possible MVP candidate, and deservingly so; they had great stat breakdowns about what an increadible hitter you are when the Sox need you most (your ave./OBP through may and then in the postseason). I just want you to know you are noticed and get far more respect than you may realize, which is understandable because of all the amazing players we have at the moment. That is a VERY good thing! Anyway, I have been a part of this nation from the first time I put on a globe or watched a game and Sox fans NEVER stop believing, not when everyone thought we where crazy. Unlike Cubs fans who are fans despite the losses, we are fans because we believe and because there is no quit in us there is no quit in YOU. So thank you for rewarding us with your amazing play, and above all for leaving it all on the field.

    Andres Macchiavello

  18. tcondron@yahoo.com

    Greetings from Cincinnati and Sycamore High, where my daughter attends! You’re making the hometown folks proud, Youk. I’m so glad you play for a team with passion, one that cares about winning. Congrats on a fantastic series, and best of luck against the Rockies. We’re behind you, Youk. Go Sox, and go Aves!

  19. richdrew98@comcast.net

    Youuuuuk!. Many contrats to you and the rest of the team on the win last night. You hit it right on when you talk about it being a team effort. Right up to the last pitch. Coco comes in and makes a great catch ending the game. Everybody on the team is there for a reason, everybody has their strengths, everybody contributes, everybody wins!!! Can’t wait til Wednesday. Keep up the great work!!

  20. believesox07@google.com


    WAY TO GO!

    Alright Red Sox!

    You never gave up, and neither did we!

    All I can say is WOW!

    Keep up the hard work and keep playing like the true champions you are!

    The Boston Red Sox will win the 2007 World Series!

  21. podsqd@mtaonline.net

    Congrats from Alaska! I watch every game I can and this post season has just been terrific. There is quite a Red Sox Nation community up here and we are cheering as loud as we can. Keep up the good work and by all means, drag this season out as far as you can. We love it.

  22. powrbabe@speakeasy.org

    Way to hold it together as a team and find the right energy that works with the mercury retrograde! it goes direct on November 1 so while you all play the world series you are still under the retrograde energy. but you all have been so humble and have such a great attitude and are such amazing players which is why you all were able to find your groove again and why you won the ALCS and I believe will win the world series too. Congrats and best of luck to all of you! I am sending you lots of good luck!!!…


  23. cudjoekrew@aol.com

    Thank you Youk for an outstanding effort! Thank you Youk for posting this blog!
    Thank you Youk from Red Sox Nation in the Florida Keys!

    Great team work by the best in baseball – THE BOSTON RED SOX –

    We did the PapDance all 9th inning! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  24. cpennington13@hotmail.com

    Youk – Great series! Stay locked in, you and Pedroia are the key to busting it all open! Good luck and I’m looking forward to the Series. Watch out for the ol’ Hamilton boy!! Congrats!

  25. nwolfson@swbell.net

    Kevin, CONGRATULATIONS from Dallas, Texas! Thank you for being you — you are an outstanding baseball player — you play hard, you care about and respect others and also yourself, and you put your heart and soul into the Sox team. The teamwork is awesome. I’ve always loved the Red Sox, and you are my favorite. Best of luck in the World Series. I know you will be successful!
    Norma Wolfson

  26. l_marie_bigelow@hotmail.com

    WTG Youk…WTG Sox…Rockies next, awesome game!It’s Canadian girl here, congrats on that great one two punch in the leadoff, you guys are why were here!!!!!!Ive officially lost my voice from screaming with joy, but I’ll get it back for game one!…lol…Go-sox!

    Posted by: Lisa

  27. mavandect@yahoo.com

    See possitive thinking does work. Wonderful series. When or loose, a true Red Sox Fan will never doubt the team. It is a team sport not one player does it all and that includes the fan.

    Next stop is the World Series and we fan will be right there with the team. Rember, A team effert, have fun, relax, and think positive. We all can do it, one game at a time.

    May from Bar Harbor, Me

  28. washman1@adelphia.net

    Hello, from NY, Youk. You are the man!!!! Thanks for all you do. You said it best, you love to play this game and you give 100%. Well, it certainly shows. Thanks for the great series and looking forward to the WS. Tell all the guys we are all so proud of what has been accomplished so far. You guys just never give up! Now, go pound the Rockies!!!!!!

  29. hjy200606@gmail.com

    Congrats from Taiwan!!! Youuuuuuu and the all team have done a great job.
    It has always been my most enjoyable moments to watch RedSox play baseball, either at Fenway or on TV. I became a RedSox fan when I studied at Boston in 1990. Since then, RS has been in the center of my heart. My two sons have also become RS faithfuls since last year, when we spent seven months in Mass again. RS are now part of our family life.

    I simply could not wait for the coming of Oct 24 night. Well, it will be the morning of Oct 25 in Taipei.

    Let’s go, Red Sox!!!!

    2007 World Champion!!!!

    JY from Taipei, Taiwan

  30. mcottril@kent.edu

    First off, congratulations. You beat a tough ballclub. I’m a HUGE Indians fan and as hard as it is to say this: you guys played well. However, I can’t help but think that a lot of this team (not you)is made up of egotistical premadonnas. I mean, for one, your left fielder doesn’t even care that you’re in the World Series, he simply stated that on Fox. That’s why this loss hurts even more for me. The Indians were full of young guys who played their heart out, ran as hard as they could (unlike Manny) to catch every ball and reach everybase. I know Manny’s only one person, but, its kind of a slap in face that he says he doesnt care if he’s there or not. I mean, all our guys wanted it beyond belief. It’s kinda like a millionaire winning the lottery on his first try while a poor guy looses everytime he plays. Also, Ortiz is simply an ******* and so is Beckett. Good luck against Colorado, you’ll need it. Sorry but, they have my full support.

  31. tamishumate@hotmail.com

    Congrats Red Sox! We never questioned this team, EVER!
    While my Husband sat in shock last night when Kevin Millar threw out the first pitch, I thought it was awesome! I love that he still supports the team, no matter who he plays for. Only true Sox fans can understand the love and hate we have with players who have left the team, How do you Hate JD for leaving, But can Love KM after he left? You just can, you just do, Thats part of being a Sox fan.

  32. jwilhelm@bgchr.org

    I am sick and tired of people who will start an email like, “Congrats on a great series, but your team is full of ego-maniacal jerk offs.”
    Yes, Manny said it would not be the end of the world if the Sox lost. Controversial? Yes. But it’s true. We have people dying in a war in Iraq and we have kids, in this country, who cant get proper medical attention. I wanted the Red Sox to win like none other. But at the end of the day … it is a game and I am sure the sun rose in Cleveland, just not a pennant. And everyone who says that Manny is cocky … have you seen Kenny Lofton, ever? And one more thing, Garko does that champagne taste good?

  33. jwilhelm@bgchr.org





  34. pwiner44@msn.com

    Youk, MLB should get a urine sample from you. Because you are not that good and neither is your team. And I wouldn’t ramble on about how the doubters should start believing in you because you haven’t won anything. Last time I checked, nobody was crowned World Series Champs yet.

    Too bad you won’t get to play when you go to Colorado. No DH buddy boy! So, Papi will be taking your position at 1B. You’ll have some time to get the HGH out fo your system.

  35. jwilhelm@bgchr.org

    Winer is whinning …. ok, we are talking about HGH with a Cleveland fan …. Have you read the Paul Byrd story yet.

    Enough said ……..

  36. twistedsistah11@gmail.com

    Congratulations to Youk and the Red Sox, a well deserved win over a tough opponent! On to another World Series victory!

  37. jwilhelm@bgchr.org

    He’s better than Pronk.

    He [Hafner] had more strikeouts in THE LAST 2 GAMES THAN THE INDIANS HAD RUNS.

  38. kate7950@hotmail.com

    Youk, you and the boys did an awsome job last night (I was there routing for you guys from the 3rd base line!) As soon as you hit that homer off the coke sign everyone in my section was like we’re going to the world series! But thank you Youk for an awsome season!

  39. marybeth.keller@gmail.com

    Many Congrats! What’s a few sleepless nights when we still get to see you play! At least the knot in my stomach has settled down (at least until Wednesday)!

    We never stopped believing!

    Forever Faithful! That’s what makes us Red Sox Fans!

  40. pwiner44@msn.com

    I’m not and Indians fan jwilhelm. If you were on here during the season you would know that. Nice of you to jump on the bandwagon now.

  41. larsfun@aol.com

    Shouldnt that be pweiner? What a jerk…. go read Ry Garko’s blog and check out the RS fans congratulating and wishing the Indians players and fans well you punk. So you come over here to vent malicious ****. what a jerk! Grow up loser!

    WTG Youk you the man………

  42. mikarp12@yahoo.com

    Kevin, great job last night. Congrats to all you guys… The Rockies are in for a long 4 games!

  43. ritan12@gmail.com

    You guys are soooo hot you’re making Southern Cali burn baby. Congrats on making it to the World Series. The Nation never doubted. Gotta get ready to pack for an evac!

    Rita from San Diego, CA

  44. surfer1130@gmail.com

    Congrats on going to the World Series!!!! And Kevin Congrats on the job you did in the series. I think anyone who watches the game can see that you play every second of every game at 100%. That is huge to the team. Thanks for another great series and season, and good luck in the World Series.

  45. jwilhelm@bgchr.org


    I dont care where you’re from or who you like. And just some FYI my friend, I have taken the T to Fenway many, many times.

    Wallaston Station as a matter of fact. Im not jumping on any kind of bandwagon.

    Anyone notice how Fox was playing Cleveland Rocks last night going into commercials?

    And if McCarver were as smart as he thinks he is, wouldn’t he be managing?

    And Joe Buck is still p*ssed because the Red Sox took it to his Cardinals in 04!

  46. ottey75@hotmail.com

    I told my friends and family Day 1 in April..I said my motto for the Sox this season is “We got this!!” I felt an umnbelievable peace and unrelenting feeling that no matter what happened “we got this!!”..I won’t lie..there were those few times I wanted to kick the tv in and was so angry at losing..but I understand we aren’t the only good team out there..and you know what? it’s so much sweeter a victory won that is fought for so hard with all the strength, tears and sweat you are able to muster…Sox..We got this!! Let’s go bring that trophy back home!! Where it belongs…You guys are awesome!! Incredible..Thank you for 2004 and 2007..A lifetime of memories for me that will stay with me forever..Red Sox Fan till the day a die and in the afterlife!! :] Let’s pound those Rox!!

  47. mcottril@kent.edu

    Here we go Rockies, here we go! Hey Manny, so what if you guys lose the World Series. It’s not the end of the world, right?

  48. tcmartin0204@yahoo.com

    Hey Youk,

    Just because other teams may not have noticed you does not mean that you were flying under the radar. Members of Red Sox nation have know all year how great you are!!

    It was nice to see everyone step up and take the swings when it was most needed! You guys are the Best! Can’t wait to see how you all do on Wednesday. Thanks for the great times and the hard work! Way to go!!!!!

  49. habk24@cox.net

    I agree with ottey75 … except that I’m not thankful for just 2004 and 2007 … I’ve been a fan ALL my life (1958) … so thanks for 1958, 1959, 1960 … and ALL those years between then and now! It’s the down years, the heartbreaks and tears that make a season like ’04 and ’07 so exciting and special.
    Thanks Red Sox … like Manny, win or lose, I’m ALWAYS a faithful fan!

    To all Tribe fans peeking in to this blog … you were tough to beat, you fought hard … you’re day will come (although I prefer it not to be at the expense of a Sox championship). Certainly, if you’re playing against the evil empire … then I’ll be a Tribe fan!

    But for now (and always …) GO SOX!

  50. fe_liming@msn.com

    Dear Kevin;
    Your blog has represented the Team well. Thanks for a job well done.

    The Red Sox proved that Team Work rules out in the end. What a game 7! I am a retired teacher and last night I received a call from a former student who remembered what a Red Sox fanatic I was. He told me he never forgot my sermon on team work. He asked me if I had talked to the Red Sox about that because they really play as a team.I laughed and said I wished I had that powerful connection because I wouldn’t be at home in California but at Fenway celebrating.

    I share that with you because I have been a Red Sox fan all my life and in the past we had lots of stars and super heros but always missing was the team effort. That change happened in 2003.

    It is fun watching all of you play and seeing who will it be tonight. Dustin was awesome! You Kevin came to life with your bat! Pitching was very good.

    Please tell your team mates how proud we all are of them. You all played hard and were confident you could do the job and you did.

    Now off to the World Series–dress warm; it has snowed in Colorado. Best of luck to all of you. Looking forward to another hard fight but with your team spirit I’m confident in the outcome. Like the other fan I put a bet on you guys in June at the Wynn in Vegas for the pennant and World Series. Just one more goal to reach now; that’s confidence.

    Go Red Sox!

  51. fiji2@hotmail.com


    I have to say that was an amazing game last night. The passion…the energy…the team spirit. I was in Europe for the past 10 days and it was killing me to not be watching all the games. I would wake up at 3am every night in a frantic effort to check the scores online. I arrived home yesterday in time to see the big win. You and the team did not disappoint! I now live in Evil Empire country so wins like this make my day to day encounters all the more special 😉 We love you. Keep up the good work and grab that world series championship! What the heck is a rockie anyway???

    S. Kerrigan- a lifelong fan

  52. jade4953@aol.com

    I have to admit, I had my doubts, in a panic on Friday, I asked a fellow RSN member, what are the Sox to do? He said: WIN THREE GAMES….and you did, OMG. contrats!

    You said:’

    That’s the biggest thing for me — the Red Sox have confidence in me and that’s all I need, for somebody to have confidence in me to let me play this game, because I love to play it. I give it 100 percent every day. I’m all about just having a lot of heart and playing the game.’

    Now I understand…these are the keys to success.

  53. ccarls@juno.com

    Congrats! The Boston Yanks Soxs are going to the show.

    You, your team and your fans have become what you cried about for years.


  54. mrsx0mccartney@aim.com

    congratulations!! i’m a huge phillies fan, but i also love the sox..i was hoping it would come down to you vs. the phils but since that won’t happen, I HOPE YOU GO ALL THE WAY! i can’t stand the rockies so i’m hoping you destroy them 🙂 you had a great series and i’m proud of you all!! and you are soo 100% right..people need to start having more faith. keep doin what you’re doin!

  55. ecirphr@adelphia.net

    Been great fun watching you and Pedroia play this year – defensively and offensively – anything’s possible. Congratulations on the big win!!!!

  56. rmiddleton@aspensnowmass.com

    I’m a die-hard Sox fan who recently transplanted to Aspen, CO. We have 2 local “Sox bars” here and a pretty decent representation of Sox nation. Even though we’re facing the Rockies, I have a feeling Sox nation will be loud & proud here in the mountains as well. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of my team – we promise to keep the faith, no matter what. Dress warm, boys!!

  57. sarann0826@aol.com

    WOW! awsome game last night.. i have to say you made me very nervous at times.. but i had no dout you and they guys would pull through! MAN! Talk about Dustin! AMAZING! he did great.. it was nice to see him get that homer.. not only just for him but for the team.. that REALLY helped!Also what a play by Coco to end the game that was great! And i never get tired of seeing pap go crazy! congrats! Can’t wait till the WS! It should be great!


  58. buyachamp@yahoo.com

    Open Letter to Selig:

    Amazing how most every year either the Yankees or Red Sox represent the A.L. in the world series. Wow, those clubs must have something very special. How else could you explain such a dominating recoed for these clubs? The fact is they are better clubs, no doubt about it. Thats because they spend 3x,4x,10x as much as the other teams do on players….because they can afford it while others cannot. I dont know about anyone else, but I am sick of two teams loading up on all-stars and acting like they earned their titles. You earn a title when you compete on an even field and then prove to be the best. M.L.B has turned its back on all cities except Boston and New York. The media talks of the “super teams” as if they are special and come through when the going gets rough, what a great story! Thank God the NFL has a salary cap, otherwise we could look forward to the Patriots and Jets squaring off in the AFC championship every year to see who will face the Giants in the Superbowl. MLB, you are the only sport without a salary cap, and your sport will never be “fair” to all teams/cities/fans until you do. Just imagine how great it would be if Boston and NewYork had to build their team with the same amount of money as the KC Royals. There has never been a “dynasty” in baseball, despite popular belief. There will never be a true dynasty until a team earns it, not buys it. Go Rockies…yeah right.

    M.L.B needs a salary cap!!!

  59. chelle1141@aol.com

    Congrats to the entire team of the Boston Red Sox. As great as Beckett was (and will continue to be), I really thought you were the ALCS MVP. I am so glad the Pedroia of April didn’t stick around…can’t wait for Wednesday!!!!

  60. troybowden@bellsouth.net

    Congrat to you and to the 2007 ALCS CHAMPS the RED SOX. Now bring home the WS 🙂
    GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!

    The Red Sox dream team Dustin and Youk and you can add Drew. The Red Sox lights out Manny, Papi and Lowell.

  61. nansidd-sox@yahoo.com

    I am a Sox fan since ’64. I’ve been through the ups, downs, heartache, and triumph. With money and without. I’m thrilled we won, and no matter what you are paying a team, they still have to do the job in order to be the champs.

    That said, I agree with buyachamp that MLB needs to level the playing field. The last thing I want the Sox to do is become the latest incarnation of NY with the payroll situation. I think we are so busy crying about how much more money NY has than we do, that we forget that we no longer play David to their Goliath- we are like Goliath and Goliath, Jr. to the rest of MLB. At the same time they don’t get it that the first thing we have to do is win the division before we get to do anything else. How would anyone like to have to compete against the Yankees payroll the way we do every year? Talk to Baltimore, Toronto, and Tampa Bay. I feel a lot worse for them than anyone else.

    But I did like ’67, when a most improbable team surprised the nation. Long gone are those days unless some changes come to level the playing field. But the victories would be so much sweeter.

    Congratulations to Cleveland for a great run – I wanted you guys if it wasn’t us!

  62. jwilhelm@bgchr.org

    How pathetic must your life be to create an email depicting how the Sox bought a championship.

    You were beat by Pedroia, Youk, Papelbon and Jacoby Ellsbury. I believe they all saw time in Pawtucket.

  63. superman7292@hotmail.com

    To that stupid indian fan…kid u are F****** pathetic to have made two emails *********** or buyachamp) u would not have said any of those thing if the indians won….so get ur facts straight or shut the F*** up…RED SOX F***** UR INDIANS UP FAIR AND SQUARE

  64. habk24@cox.net

    Ok fellas (non-gender specific) … yes, it’s true … we have a large salary commitment to our players. But … are they supposed to just roll over and play dead because they make too much money? If the market in Boston can afford to pay their players, I say pay ’em what they deserve and let ’em play … they sure better perform though! Case in point, Dice-K cost how much? Are Boston fans thrilled with his performance? Most I talk to say he’s driving us up a wall. $50+ million … we expect results! The point here is that I agree with nansidd-sox … they still MUST perform!

    How many million $$’s less do the Tribe players make? Doesn’t matter much … if they were meant to win they would. Or does Cleveland want to get in on the act and put up the extra $$ to get the prime-time players.

    While we’re on the subject … why is the salary cap an issue anyway? Why are we paying these players so much? Because, through their agents, that’s what they’re demanding. So don’t blame MLB, don’t blame the owners, put it on the backs of those on whom it ought to be – the players themselves … and it isn’t just Boston. Take A-Rod, for example. While in Seattle, who was the highest paid player in MLB? While in Texas, who was the highest paid player in MLB? Did he produce results in Seattle? In Texas … or even in NY? The salary just get’s ’em on the team. I thankful that at least our (high priced) players produce results. Cleveland should likewise be proud that their players (regardless of salary) produce positive, enviable, results.

    Hmmmm … as a Steeler fan, I have to ask: given there’s a salary cap in the NFL, why is it that the Patriots are just about always there in the post season? Except for the Colts, they’re the only unbeaten team in the NFL and they’re expected (based on stats and performance) to go all the way. They’re a team with a lot of stars. Point? Salary cap or not, ownership will find a way to gain an advantage and get the players they need to bring home the trophy – look at who the Pats picked up in the off-season.

    Salary cap may make a difference up front for a few short years, but in the long run, you’re right back where we are right now. Great teams will always be tagged as “cheaters” (in some way) because the losers can’t handle losing – or at least their fans can’t handle it!

  65. scathrall@verizon.net

    Congratulations!!!!!!! We always knew the Baseball Gods started wearing Red Sox in 2004!!! You all played an amazing ALCS series…never a dull moment! Now kick some Rockies butt…GO RED SOX…

  66. granular_serene@yahoo.co.uk

    Nice work Youkie – you were a one man wrecking crew out there. The whole team did RSN right. We’re all proud of you, and we’re all behind you, all the way to the top!!!!

  67. tpaul@raex.com

    CONGRATULTIONS! Red Sox are awesome! this is going to sound funny, but… last night for your game I was wearing Kevin Millar’s t-shirt he mad up! you know, COWBOY UP-RED SOX & on the back it says, CURSE THIS! and when i saw Kevin Millar throwing out the first pitch!!! IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!

  68. caroletedesco@yahoo.com

    Congratulations, Youk!

    I’ll be at Game 1 on Wednesday, and I can’t WAIT.

    Great job, and thanks for such an exciting series.

  69. grantish93@hotmail.com

    Congrats on winning the pennant Kevin, You guys CAN bring home the Worlds Series

  70. rckdds@yahoo.com

    First of all, Congrats…Second, I hope the Rockies kick your ***! Cleveland did choke…sad to see two of the best pitchers in the league struggle, Hafner whiff, and on and on. We are a young team, and this expierence will help. You Boston fans are true blue, as is Clevelands. Now as far as all the talk about “buying a championship” there IS truth in that. Look at what Hunzinger did with the Florida Marlins in 97, so do not be ignorant, it happens…Ever see Milwaukee in an ACLS lately?…Regardless, congrats…P.S. Mannys a ****!

  71. therestofus@yahoo.com

    If Red Sox fans were on the other side of the fence (low salary) you would understand. Its not an excuse for losing to the sox. The sox should win they pay10x the amount on players as Cleveland and many others. They should be better and they should win. Just curious, would sox fans be against a salary cap? **** yeah they would, because then they would have to earn it like everyone else(-Yankees), not just purchase a championship team. The numbers dont lie. Funny that you people complained about the Yankees doing the same thing. Sorry to make you face reality, although I doubt you will. Go Rockies! Rockies have a snowballs chance in **** of winning. Guess they will just have to save up and buy a team.

    P.S.- The only reason your players play for Boston is because the Yankees dont want them and noone else is dumb enough (or rich enough)

  72. jlzd@aol.com

    I Believed…..Love you guys!!!!
    My boys made me get a tattoo on your famous Mother’s Day come back, and of course my first and only tattoo is RED SOX!!!!!!

    Go Sox

  73. dx2rocks@yahoo.com

    Maybe you guys should stop b*tching about having a low salary and help your team make more capital.

  74. austin1@maine.rr.com

    Youk, congrats to you and all of the Boston Red Sox. I never once stopped believing. You played like a champion throughout the entire ALCS. You gave it your all, never gave up even in game 2 when you lined out to (Sizemore I think?). You gave the team a jumpstart with the first inning homerun in game 5, and have been a shining star throughout the series. Having been a Boston fan for a number of years, I hope you and the Sox can really give Colorado a run for their money in the 2007 World Series. I would absolutely love to see the Red Sox win the World Series during the year I graduated High School – as would every other Boston fan who was a Senior this year. Show those Rockies what you’re made of – and never once give up on yourself.

  75. rmiddleton@aspensnowmass.com

    So sad, you poor Indians fans. Still bitter…still idiots on another team’s message board. After our ’03 choke, I was embarassed and I walked around with my head down for days – certainly didn’t gripe about why it happened. We lost, plain & simple. You guys need to accept that fact and move on. There’s always next year. We outplayed you, now shush.

  76. soyelrudo@fastmail.fm

    Kevin and everyone else, congratulations!! Magnificent!! Enjoy it today, and get ready to crank up the emotions and intensity starting tomorrow. Hey, I wonder if Colorado will have to start intentionally walking the power-hitting Dustin to get to, well, you…!! If that happens, you’ll just have to deal with it..! Everyone here in Ecuador (well, at least me) is rooting for the Sox all the way in the Series.

  77. rob@kaleidodesign.com

    Youk, some may have doubted the Sox and, I must admit, I was pretty frustrated after the Game 4 loss and turned off the TV…but…BUT…I never gave up on you. I tuned in to the next game…and the one after that…and the one after that…and was rewarded for my faith. I knew that if Beckett could put up a ‘W’ at Jacobs Field that the tide would turn in favor of the Sox and you guys proved us all right (and some of us wrong!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for playing with heart…we can all see it…and I’m so glad you had a great series. Congrats on winning the AL pennant; a job well done! Now go out there Wednesday with your best foot forward and take the steps needed to win the WS, this year as a f/t position player. How exciting for you! As always, GO SOX! We love you guys!

  78. sawyerbrown1@comcast.net

    Hey Youk, I became a fan in 86 when I went to college in Boston, Fenway was my stop….I started believing then and have never stopped!! You guys have thrilled us for years and continue to do so,on the field, and off you are a class act!!!! Good LUCK, but you won’ need it b/c you have talent!! And team spirit like no other team in basebaseball!!!!!!

  79. dowdyfamily@sbcglobal.net

    A BIG congrats to all of you for believing and achieving! We never lost faith in you guys, we just knew that once the Sox were down 3 games to 1, it was going to have to be “slow and steady wins the race.” And look at the stellar results…2007 AL CHAMPS!!! I’ve been a Red Sox fan since I was a little girl back in the late 70’s, and my husband and four kids love you guys, too!!! Now it’s on to the World Series, and this time around, YOUK is in the starting 9…how cool is that? You have certainly earned it. All the best to you and all the guys…Don’t Stop Believin’! P.S. You are co-MVP with Beckett in our book!!!

  80. jeff.brannon@sbcglobal.net


    Congrats on a great LCS and good luck in the Series.

    “Take one down” (a championship that is)


    The Boys of SlumpBuster

  81. emiller2007@excite.com

    As an Indians fan, I’d like to say hats off to a great Boston team. You guys are a great organization and I would like to say thank you for the respect that you have shown Cleveland. Good luck in the World Series!

  82. zigattysadieswa@aol.com


    you are a hero! congradulations! i never lost faith, my friend! and i still won’t

  83. jerrmich@msn.com

    Congrats Youk and gang! Great series! Both teams played their hearts out, so what’s with the sour grapes? Anyone who doubted that the Red Sox deserve to be where they are should watch the last three games of the ALCS. I can’t believe that pwiner is still whining over the Yankee-choke!! Go cry in a Yankee blog. There will be plenty of shoulders to cry on there.
    Go SOX!!!!!!!

  84. ko6cr@msn.com

    Congrats Red Sox on a magnificent win over the Indians. I love you guys and anyone who doesn’t can go post on a different blog! Youk you are one of the most humble players in baseball and I know your day is coming when you wont be flying under the radar. I know you dont need the recognition but your fans would like to see you get it. Good luck on Wednesday, I will be cheering you on. GO SOX!

  85. pmjones@cfl.rr.com

    Youk, Your blog touched my heart. U r playing for all us who ever played baseball and wanted to b u!
    I t was a team victory with the rookies and Varitek, Yugo and the pitchers coming thru the last 2 games. With such a team effort and Youk’s infectious spirit and hustle, the red Sox will win the World Series! Thanks; team

  86. unstable_gal56@yahoo.com


  87. erjj4@aol.com

    Congrat’s Youk, Great game, great plays. Thank you all for your dedication (born and raised in Boston) now reside in calif, but still a die hard Red Sox Fan. Remember Youk and all of Red Sox Nation
    “If the Lord brings you to it, He will bring you through it”. I see the faith of everyone of you Red Sox players_____Great Team Spirit___Go Red Sox… World Series Time………thanks again for such an exciting series, you guys are all so exciting to watch……

  88. shaiyne666@yahoo.com

    As a die hard Indians fan there are no two teams in baseball I despise more than the Red Sox and the Yankees.BUT, hats off to you guys for a great comeback.It was a series to remember and definately one for Cleveland to learn from.Look forward to facing the Sox again next year,its allways a great battle!! Good luck in the WS.

  89. red_oliveira@hotmail.com

    After began the game 5, to many people belives in the Red Sox, in the world exists positive and negative persons, but its important the huge heart with you playing, your bat its like a thunder, greats homers.
    I see the game 7 in the job, but I cant do anything, after the Pedroias homer, and Papelbons eight inning everything was fun.

    Congratulations, i never doubt of any member of the Red Sox, Im proud of be a Red Sox fan.

    And now i sent you all positive energy for the World Series.

    Thanks Yoouuuuukkk for this great Series

  90. cworonicz@yahoo.com

    No matter where I have lived, I have never forgotten where I grew up. A die hard Red Sox fan and have really enjoyed this season. I have a brand new grandaughter and she and I watched Thurs nights game together and the first thing I told her about was “YOUK”.
    Great job guys

  91. dnickers@us.ibm.com

    Yooouk, Let the dogs out, Youk! Youk!

    Always giving 110%, so I am not surprized you led the charge.

  92. sanhoule@yahoo.com

    One more day to wait! What a great extended season for RSN! It was great to see the whole team contribute to where you all stand right now! No matter the size of their wallets, ALL the players have their hearts wrapped up in the team! As do all of us fans. Kevin, you were a STAR out there and with your dedication, I’m sure you will continue to be. The whole RSN will be right there at the plate with you on Weds. Batter up!

  93. ragar2@insight.rr.com

    Wont be watching the series this year. Tired of RedSox and Yankees. Baseball has lost its credibility. Benn a royals fan for 36 years. Dont think Ill ever see them in world series again. The Royals cant afford to compete with high salary clubs. But I guess as long as New York and Boston are happy that all the matters. Enjoy your murder of the Rockies, they cant compete with your salary either, its just not as obvious in the NL. I wont be watching.

  94. gregoryboone@csi.com

    Youk and Sox Fans-
    Congrats on a great season, a great comeback in the ALCS and your bid for another World Series title.

    I came over to read your blog from Ryan Garko’s. I was disgusted at all the negative comments from RedSox and Indians fans there and wanted to see what it was like here.

    Thankfully, it’s a little better.

    While I love my Tribe (and think we had a great season and a great ALCS), only one team can win and you guys did it fair and square!!

    There are players I like better than others (on BOTH teams) but most of all I love THE GAME, and fans on both sides need to remember that when they’re posting on these blogs and try to keep it all in perspective.

    Youk— you are one weird lookin’ cat and I hated you during the ALCS—–but only because you didn’t play for my team!!!!!

    Great job hanging tough down 3-1 and coming back to win it all. Not an easy task.

    Sox fans—- show some respect (as many of you have) for an incredible group of young players from Cleveland, who knocked off the dreaded Yankees and gave you guys a series to remember!

    Good luck in the Series, and watch out for the Rockies—-they’re the real deal too.

    I swear to God, I think they’ve forgotten how to lose!!

  95. debsyota@crosslink.com

    Congrats Youuukkkkk and The Sox on a fabulous come back. Everytime Fox 5 would go to a commercial break they would play the chant song “Cleveland rocks”. Even when we were playing in Fenway. That really pissed me off… but I guess we showed them, didn’t we? As for the sore losers posting nasty stuff on your blog… it’s just sore losers. Rock On RED SOX… Let’s climb to the TOP OF THE COLORADO ROCKIES!!!

  96. cdhornbeck@monad.net

    You under rate yourself Youk. I yell and cheer at the top of my lungs when you are at bat because I have faith that you will get on base. To top that, I love it when someone grounds a ball over near first because I know that you will get them out. Dude, your fielding % is simply amazing. YOUK Da Man!

  97. steiner111@aol.com

    YOUUUUUUUUUK…you SUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKK. The whole Boston team is comprised of a bunch of jerks who are now exactly like the Yankees. They buy all their talent. I used to root for them b/c they would take on the yankees with class and try to de-throne them. But then they realized they had to be like them to beat them. So now their are 2 east coast bullies dominating the sport…as they should be with $150-200 millio dollar pay roll. Just makes me sick that my tribe, who did it the right way, lost to a bunch of pricks. You honestly think we are cockier than you? PLEASE!! It’s ridiculous and makes me sick. And the only reason tribe fans are coming over here to this blog is b/c of the **** you are saying on Garko’s blog.

  98. cdhornbeck@monad.net

    Youk, don’t take Steiner111 seriously. You do not ****. The Indians are a great team, as are the Yankees, and the Sox, and many more in the MLB too. Frankly it reads apparent that some of the crowd here do not know how to show respect when and where it is due. It isn’t just about the money in baseball, it is attitude, performance, and sheer luck that propels one team over another. What if the situations were reversed for example and the Indians had the 150Mill payroll and the Sox didn’t? Keeping the players in the same positions would probably still wind up with the same results and the reasoning behind that are the numbers, not the dollars. Things might have been a lot different if Travis Hafner had hit the ball in the ALCS, same in reverse if Dice-K had been on his game in game3. This was a 50/50 shot on either side and baseball fans just need to come to terms with that. Like we have been saying in Boston for a long LONG time, maybe next year Steiner.

  99. kimmagowan@verizon.net

    Congratulations Red Sox and Youk! I’ve been a fan since I was 10 yrs old and now my 10 yr old daughter is a huge fan. As far as all the talk about salaries, egoes,paying off the umps, ect, quit whining! I felt a little bad for the Indians Sunday night after their loss, and the reason why? Because we’ve(RSN) been there many, many times before! We know what it feels like(Anyone remember 1986?)! The Cleveland Indians are a great team- who wasn’t cheering for them to beat the Yankees?
    Does sucess come from high salaries, or do high saleries come from sucess? The Red Sox earned the American League Championship with persistence, heart and playing baseball well. Like the motto of the show “Survivor”- “Out wit, out play, out last”- that’s what it took. Way to go, Sox!

    Looking forward to Wednesday night (though my heart and blood pressure welcome the break:) ). Hoping I can buy another Red Sox World Series Champions T-shirt!

  100. rob8569@yahoo.com

    It’s the funniest thing listening to all of you Indians fans whine about pay roll. If that was really what mattered, you would have lost to the Yankees. And guess what? If your team actually had the financial resources the big market teams have, then what would you say? BTW, how big is the team salary in last years WS opponents? All money is is resources, you still have to play the games. A team with money can be better prepared for winning but it won’t make wining happen automatically.

    If you really want to know why the Tribe lost, it’s because CC and Fausto are evidently not big game pitchers, the heart of your order slumped, and Westbrook isn’t that good and was completely rattled at Fenway, just as Carmona was. Westbrook typically fires first pitch strikes all day long. How many times did he do that in Game 7? Not too many. Carmona can only pitch to one side of the plate, and he missed nearly every time. The Sox lost because everyone that wasn’t Youkilis, Manny, Papi, or Lowell were basically a hole in the lineup. Once they started hitting, look what happened. The Indians were also getting lucky in those games they won. Could you not feel the momentum turn in Game 5 when the Indians began botching plays and not getting calls that they probably would have in Games 3 and 4?

    Face it, the Sox were better, and it’s extra painful to Indian fans because all of you f-o-o-l-s over there in the land of the eternal loser opened up your big fat mouths with a 3-1 lead and prematurely proclaimed yourselves the best team. Get over it, you guys will do great next year. And take it from a Sox fan who has gone through plenty of what you are going through now: It makes that first WS victory all the more sweet.

  101. steiner111@aol.com

    Youk, don’t take me seriously either. If you look up a couple spots, I wrote an entry that was wrong. I wrote it right after I went to Garko’s blog to see what my fellow tribe fans were saying and what I read was a bunch of degrading things Sox fans were saying to us…making fun of us. And while I’m sure some of it was deserved ’cause there are tribe fans out there that were probably making fun of sox fans when we were up 3-1, it made me angry and that’s when I wrote what I did. It’s not me and I apoligize. Just made me mad when they were laughing at victor for choking up after our loss and calling us loserville. I know I can be a sore loser and I’m working on that. I just really thought this was our year…finally…and seeing you guys just win it a couple years ago and also being good in every other professional sport just makes me a little bitter. But hey, what can you do about it. That’s sports. It’s a business, you guys have more money so you use it and get better players. I just have to accept that it will always be harder for us to win than other big market teams. I just really love this group of guys and wanted to see them suceed so badly, but it wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully you realize that most of our fans, including me most of the time, are good people and I hope not all of your fans are like the few that are posting on our blogs. I assume you aren’t…just crazy fans hoping their team can find a way to win. Good luck guys. Hopefully we’ll see you next year.

  102. gahill98@yahoo.com

    From a 1994 Graduate of Sycamore High School to another. I graduated w/ your brother Scott and have been following you since your 1st Homer in Toronto. I grew up in Cincy a Die-Hard Sox fan when everyone else was a Reds fan. Watching your passion and excellence on the team I grew up rooting for is amazing. I’ve seen you play twice in person and look forward to many more years of you in a Sox uniform. Congrats on making it to the Series. What was great was watching the home-grown kids (you, Pedrioa and Elsbury) win Game 7. This organization is blessed to have such an amazing All-Around Player as yourself. Say “Hi” to your brother Scott for me and maybe I can catch you in Cincy sometime. If you remember Vicki Taylor she says “Hi” also. If you read the Globe my son was feature in the paper last Friday. His name is Boston. How’s that for Die-Hard!

    Take care and Good luck tomorrow.

    George Hill

  103. sarann0826@aol.com

    Your right not all Sox fans are like that.. every team has them.. We just seem to have a lot more cause we are defending our team so much more then any other team..I’m a Sox fan.. im nothing like that.. i have a best friend that a Yanks fan and a friend whos a Blue Jays fan and i have respect for them.. they can go for any team they want to.. i really dont care… i thought i was really sad when your guy was crying.. it made me feel really bad.. I bet you revery fan on here has been or is going through what you are.. wanting your team to win soo madly.. and stuff.. we.. or i understand..Most Sox fans are really nice people and are welcoming to everyone.. its just when people jude us without knowing it on everyones nervous.. and ill bet you that when this series gets started rookies fans will be on here to.. and everything will go crazy again..Most Sox fans are family who have been fans for a longgg time and its getting passed down in the family.. New Englanders love their sports teams.. and for the most part they’ll stay New England sports fans forever…

    Best of luck in years to come,


  104. bosoxmoxie82@yahoo.com

    I knew you guys would come through. Thank you for another wonderful Red Sox moment (which were few and far between when I was a little girl. I still remember being dragged out of bed for Game 6 in the 86 Series. We all know how that turned out. . .)

    You, (Mr. Breaking Post-Season Records!) and this team, are something special. I can’t wait to watch another amazing series, and I know that you all will continue to play hard, with big hearts, and make us fans proud.

    GO SOX!

  105. truth4@yahoo.com

    2006 Salaries


    Team Payrolls Top 50 Salaries Average Player Salary Player-by-Player

    Payrolls and average salaries for the opening day rosters of the 30 major league teams. Figures were obtained by The Associated Press from management and player sources and include salaries and pro-rated shares of signing bonuses. In some cases, parts of salaries deferred without interest are discounted to reflect present-day values.

    2007 Team Payrolls

    No. Team Payroll

    1. New York Yankees $ 189,639,045

    2. Boston Red Sox $ 143,026,214

    3. New York Mets $ 115,231,663

    4. Los Angeles Angels $ 109,251,333

    5. Chicago White Sox $ 108,671,833

    6. Los Angeles Dodgers $ 108,454,524

    7. Seattle Mariners $ 106,460,833

    8. Chicago Cubs $ 99,670,332

    9. Detroit Tigers $ 95,180,369

    10. Baltimore Orioles $ 93,554,808

    11. St. Louis Cardinals $ 90,286,823

    12. San Francisco Giants $ 90,219,056

    13. Philadelphia Phillies $ 89,428,213

    14. Houston Astros $ 87,759,000

    15. Atlanta Braves $ 87,290,833

    16. Toronto Blue Jays $ 81,942,800

    17. Oakland Athletics $ 79,366,940

    18. Minnesota Twins $ 71,439,500

    19. Milwaukee Brewers $ 70,986,500

    20. Cincinnati Reds $ 68,904,980

    21. Texas Rangers $ 68,318,675

    22. Kansas City Royals $ 67,116,500

    23. Cleveland Indians $ 61,673,267

    24. San Diego Padres $ 58,110,567

    25. Colorado Rockies $ 54,424,000

    26. Arizona Diamondbacks $ 52,067,546

    27. Pittsburgh Pirates $ 38,537,833

    28. Washington Nationals $ 37,347,500

    29. Florida Marlins $ 30,507,000

    30. Tampa Bay Devil Rays $ 24,123,500

  106. steiner111@aol.com

    I guess I just struggle a little bit with the payroll issue and whatnot. And I?m not asking these questions mockingly or anything as a Tribe fan. I?m just honestly curious what you as Sox fans think. If the roles were reversed and we had your payroll and you had ours, wouldn?t you question that issue even the slightest if the final outcome was that your team lost? I mean wasn?t that always the case with you and the Yankees all those years? I obviously understand it?s not all about that and that you still have to go out and make the plays, but can you blame us at all for bringing that up? We did beat the Yankees, but still, in the end, wouldn?t you want to have the money and doesn?t that give a team a better chance since normally the best players ask for the most money and not every team can afford them? Also, one of the mean spirited Boston bloggers on Garko?s blog referred that it was all our fault that our payroll wasn?t higher b/c we didn?t buy enough memorabilia and don?t go to the games. I guess I don?t completely agree with this b/c overall I would say Boston is just a wealthier city?am I wrong? You have the large financial district and whatnot and Cleveland is a bunch of hard-working blue collars. I?m not saying people in Boston don?t work hard by any means, please don?t get that out of what I?m saying. But wouldn?t you say that Cleveland is a hard city to live in compared to Boston and maybe we just don?t have quite the financial means that you guys do? I know it has a lot to do with the owner, but maybe we just can?t afford to buy as much stuff as you can or go to every game. I wouldn?t say that means we aren?t good fans. Just curious what you think. Thanks guys (and gals).

  107. eccalgal@hotmail.com

    A little levity to lighten the mood:

    A Red Sox Prayer:

    Our Papi, Who art in Fenway,

    Hallowed be thy team.

    Thou kicketh a**,

    On our home grass,

    as you did last week.

    Give us this year, more shiny rings,

    And forgive us our talk of curses,

    As we forgive those who talk of curses against us,

    And lead us not into extra innings,

    But deliver us from choking.

    For thou art the Schilling,

    The Beckett, And the Dice-K,

    Forever and ever… Damon is a qu***.

    GO RED SOX!!!

  108. marybeth.keller@gmail.com

    rob8569 you are so very right about your analysis on why the Indians didn’t beat the best payroll in Baseball! it isn’t about the payroll! There is a reason baseball is 162+ games it is to prove you are a worthy champion. It is about the wherewithall to make it through the whole season and still be on top! It is about teamwork, unity, and heart. That is what seperates us (The Red Sox) from the Yankees! The Red Sox were never about a bunch of grandstanding super-egos, they were about a bunch of guys who loved playing the game to the best of their ability. We love the Red Sox because they love us back! They give us emotion and drama and sheer excitement with every pitch and every batter that steps into the box. We live and breath every play and hold our breathe everytime the umpire takes too long to make a call. We buy new televisions because we throw things at this one when things go terribly wrong (especially when the bad calls cost us the game!)…but all in all…it is just having the Red Sox blood running through our veins. Its the only way to explain it and the only way I would ever want to be!

  109. jrids@insight.rr.com


    what you said makes no sense. You say it isnt about payroll? The more money you spend, the better players you have. The better players you have the better your record will be after 162 games. Baseball will never have a “true champion” until all teams are on an even field. The Yankees and Red Sox have an edge before the games even start. Its not because they have better coaches, facilities, cities, or fans, its because thet spend more money to buy better talent. Its not the fault of Boston or New York fans, its MLBs problem. Baseball is the only sport without a salary cap. Dont take it personal. But imagine that the Red Sox org. could only afford 50 million per season (thats average). Meanwhile the Yankees spend 200 million, who has the advantage? No team should have an advantage before the season even starts. You have to look at it from all perspectives. Its easy to ignor when you are one of the

    wealthy/talented teams. But it ***** for Florida, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Kansas City.

    Play a decade in their shoes and you would certainly understand.

  110. pmjones@cfl.rr.com

    The Red Sox opponents in the world Series r the Colorado Rockies who r 25th out of 30 major league clubs in payroll amount. So much 4 the theory that higher payrolls = better teams!

  111. amarige022@comcast.net

    Hmmm. I don’t necessarily think payroll is the issue. The Yankees – case in point. It’s the team that makes the difference. You can spend all the money in the world, and if there’s discontent amongst the players or between the players and management – you don’t have a “team”. I’ve always said that I think that has been a defining issue between Boston and NY in the past 3-4 years. That being said – that doesn’t mean that payroll isn’t an issue in general within the MLB because we all know that it is.

    Youk…you’re engaged?! Wow. 🙂 But I digress…

    Great series!!! It was tough, nerve wracking and at times – frustrating. But you all pull together and that’s really what matters. Your bats come alive at the right time – and the heads and hearts always stay in the game. I think the quote that circulated through the media from Manny was a good one…the read between the lines I got on that was “relax, and enjoy playing the game”…

    Looking forward to late nights to come! And hoping to score tix to a game 6 or 7 if it goes that far!

    Hugs and Kisses to ya — Even if you are engaged. 😉


  112. ccarls@juno.com


    When is your ace in the hole Mitchell going to leak some info on the Rockies to give you guys a little edge?

    Never mind if the player has a tumor in his head just.


  113. richwizl2@juno.com

    I’m a Red Sox fan of 50 yrs. and I totally understand Tribe fans’ frustration. We used to come up with good blue-collar teams but always fall short (or get cheated)when we had a showdown w/ NY. Yankees fans would laud it over us, call us losers, chokers, etc.; that’s why we hate them. It bothers me when I see some of these band-wagon Sox fans lauding it over other “have-not” teams, now that we have new ownership that is willing to enter the arms race vs NY. Don’t turn into those same ****-bums like Yankees or Eagles fans! A few teams have managed to slay the giants but, overall, a big payroll helps alot and, I do wish there was a salary cap in place for MLB. It’s strange to me, now that we have such good pro sports teams here, how everyone hates us now. Don’t fan the flames, Sox fans, by being arrogant. We aren’t any better than anyone else so, just enjoy it while it lasts because the Clevelands and Tampa Bays will be on top some day.

  114. sarann0826@aol.com

    you’re engaged!!! 😦
    lol no.. im happy for you.. shes really pretty!She seems like a nice person..

    ❤ sarann

  115. dx2rocks@yahoo.com

    Those of you who are still whining about your team losing because of the salary, the White Sox are what? the fourth or fifth highest payroll? And the Dodgers aren’t too low either. If it really irks you that much start going to more games and buying more merchandise so your team can afford better guys.
    Cleveland played great this series, they really did, but they weren’t playing their best when it really mattered, that’s why they lost. Not because the Sox have a higher payroll, they just got hot at the right time. Now then, let’s get Tampa Bay hot for a while, it’s their turn to shine.

  116. reg.block@lpsd.ca

    Way to go Youk and the rest of the Sox! After 2004, I had faith that you would be able to come back. My son and I will be cheering hard for you on Wednesday all the way from near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Red Sox Nation lives here too!
    Bring home another World Series! All the best.

  117. jeffcap1@juno.com


    On behalf of your fans, commentators, reporters – anyone who you refer to reading between the lines of this latest blog – that doubted you and the team, we apologize. And yes everyone is your friend now that you pulled it out, and you’re thinking “how many of them would be glad-handing me if we lost the 4th game?” Too true. I know that ***** and the audience “out there” off the diamond can seem viscious, petty, negative and down-right rude – and still call themselves “fans”, yup, I imagine that ***** from time to time.

    Might help to think of us as family. I know my dad loves me but runs me down sometimes. I know my sister loves me but she owes me money. People are like that. In the end they love and support you, but **** you off too. The “Red Sox Nation” is your family, and that family’s support has spanned more than a century rooting for a team under trials NO OTHER fan base can boast short of the Cubs. We live and die with you, it makes us a little nuts – and the best fans in baseball, the best fans in any sport.

    It blows my mind that there is anyone in this country who would dare to say anything about recent Sox success other than – “well done!” Some say we bought these championships, that we paid the umpires, that we got lucky? – they got no case. For 85 years through blood, sweat and tears and a fan base that DESPITE that historic losing streak GREW in number, crafted a winning way that brought us to this point. Where we are now is the culmination of those hopes and dreams. If you could watch the comeback in 2004 against the Yankeees or this comeback against Cleveland and think for a second ANY of it is contrived, you’re not a baseball fan, and you missed a piece of human history.

    Anyway, Youk we’re behind you and the rest of the Sox, and looking forward to seeing you again in the WS. Go out there and kick some tail, go out there and have fun, go out there and win. We know you can do it. We’ll all be here beside our televisions, radio’s and computers – sitting with our father’s and sons, mothers and daughters, grandfathers and grandmothers – following every pitch, wringing our hands and silently, earnestly, willing each of you only the best. Its what we’ve done for generations, its what we’ll continue to do.

    Hopefully, magically you’ll feel some of that, we believe somehow it makes a difference.

    Congrats on winning the ALCS. GO SOX.

  118. cpoync@gmail.com

    The Payroll argument is flawed…

    Teams’ infrastructures (farm systems, successful draft picks) make better teams than budgets. CLE (Cabrera, Gutierrez), AZ, CO, and BOS (Papelbon, Pedroia, etc.) got to where they did as much due to their young players and the farm systems.

    Congrats to Cleveland on their excellent season. I agree with Mgr Wedge–the ALCS will prove a good (albeit hard) learning tool.

    And Go Sox in the WS.

  119. bosox20ky@aol.com

    awww,,,poor indian fans calling us no class,,,we didnt blow the 3-1 lead,,your boys did,,,so get that feather out of your *** and take the loss with class

  120. tlee6565@aol.com

    hey steiner111… as a red sox fan, i can understand your frustration with the salary issue.. my view is ..it is a valid point. here is my post on Garko’s blog..

    hello again from a sane Boston red sox fan–let’s try this.. if you are a reasonable person, not given to profanity..like alot of red sox and cleveland fans.. just ignore their posts.. read the good ones.. hopefully mine is one.. Cleveland, you have a **** of a team..and yes it is great that is mostly young eager players–it is great to watch them.. but it is also great to watch young players like Pedroia, Youklis, Ellsbury, Clay Buckholz(from our farm system who threw a NO-hitter but didn’t get to play in the series.. watch him next year!) along with great veterans like Ortiz, Lowell, Shilling, and yes..even Manny Ramirez… so.. .a great memorable series.. .i’m so glad the last game was tight..either team could have won… we got lucky and pulled it out.. just make sure you guys do NOTHING but support guys like Carmona..Perez..Sabathia..Bettancourt…etc.. they are amazing pitchers… and will be even more formidable next year.. and I”m sure Hafner is suffering over his lack of production–it happens to all great hitters… now we go to play the Rockies.. it should be a great series—- and remember,.. ignore the negative/nasty posts.. focus on the positive..there is PLENTY of that to go around….

    so you can see that i’m a rational person..and I think your frustration with the salary issue is a valid one.. teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees can spend tens of millions more to get really good players..that is what makes Cleveland so special this year.. they did it mostly.. the hard way..with great young talent… and sadly, they will have difficulty keeping these players for the long term if teams like the Yankees/Angels/Red Sox come calling with big contracts…hopefully the nucleus of great players will be in Cleveland for a few years. your attendance will pick up (it already went up pretty significantly this year)..and you can hang on to them..you certainly made for TWO great series this year..beating the yankees with amazing pitching/hitting..and coming ever so close to beating the Red Sox….good luck next year..

  121. laj536@aol.com

    I first saw you Youk in Ft. Myers last year and I was so impressed. You not only played a flawless first base, you took the time to sign my Red Sox hat. You will never know how much that mean’t to me. Not too many players take the time to pay any attention to us fans. I was so very proud to tell all the people I know how well you played first base this year. Who else can claim an errorless season at first. Thankyou for such a great season. So glad you have been able to get your hitting back to where you want it. Love Ya xo

  122. ciarrai75@aol.com

    I’m a big fan and I love reading the blog, so I want to say thanks for giving us the inside scoop on your experiences during such a fantastic season. One thing bugs me, though: how can a person who has 38,000 people screaming his name every time he steps into the box or makes a play, feel that he ‘flies under the radar’ or complain that people doubted him and his teammates? It’s gracious to appreciate that you’re appreciated.